Internet Censorship and the Tyranny of Woke Intentions

Why Jordan Peterson Is Right About Elliot Page's Breasts


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For many years, Cat McGuire (watch her above on this week’s False Flag Weekly News) was one of New York City’s sharpest and most energetic left-wing activists. In 2016 she brought me to the Left Forum to explain Why Noam Chomsky Is Wrong About 9/11.

Traveling to the Left Forum in NYC to attack Chomsky is like going to the Vatican to diss the Pope, so I should have known we were asking for trouble. Cat soon found herself in hot water with other Left Forum organizers. The following year, the Left Forum bought me a plane ticket but then canceled my speaking engagement and banned me and other 9/11 skeptics. Cat and some like-minded colleagues responded by organizing The Left Out Forum, which took place in the same building, just down the hall from the people who had banned us.

Cat, after feeling increasingly “left out,” finally just left the left. She had plenty of reasons. But by far the most important was the plague of mass formation wokeness that has led to the left’s neo-Stalinist embrace of censorship.

The woke censors fancy themselves nice, thoughtful, tolerant people, and view their victims as hateful bigots and misinformation-spreaders. They think they are defending “historically marginalized groups” and protecting people from dangerous ideas. That, of course, is very close to what Chinese Communist Party censors think. Twenty years ago, maybe even ten years ago, nobody could have imagined that Big Tech would jettison the Enlightenment ideal of free speech and become almost indistinguishable from the CCP.

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The latest Twitter censorship scandal provoked this darkly amusing headline:

Mainstream media won’t repost the “hateful tweet,” which makes it hard for readers to understand what got banned and why. So I found Peterson’s pushback video which includes a shot of the tweet and the rules it supposedly violated.

It seems that some actress named Ellen “call me Allan” Page decided to have her breasts cut off in order to enhance her claim to being something she obviously is not: a man. That, at least, is how I (and presumably Peterson) would describe the situation.

Twitter’s woke censors, however, disagree. They think people have the right to pretend to be whatever gender they choose, of a potentially unlimited number, and to force others to pretend to believe them. Mutilation and hormone-poisoning are welcome but optional.

And they think schoolteachers should push this view on children, and convince them—even behind their parents’ back—to get mutilated.

The vast majority of people where I live, rural western Wisconsin, think the woke brigade is certifiably insane. I suspect that at least half the US population tends to agree.

But the Internet commissars think Peterson’s tweet might hurt Ellen Page’s feelings. They view gender pretenders as a “historically marginalized community.” They just want to protect these folks from hateful bullying.

Speech whose only purpose is hateful bullying may be indefensible, even when it is Constitutionally protected. But Jordan Peterson’s “hateful” tweet is a mordantly witty contribution to a debate on a topical issue with significant public-policy ramifications. Throughout the history of First Amendment jurisprudence, judges have consistently noted that it is the most “offensive” speech that deserves the most protection, and that the purpose of the First Amendment is to enable lively debate on the issues of the day. Even the most extremely offensive speech, such as obscenity and pornography, can be protected if it has redeeming social or artistic value. And the kind of redeeming social value that the First Amendment is designed to protect is, above all, the “offensive” but provocative contribution to a serious public debate on issues related to public policy.

I realize the courts have ruled that Twitter can flout the First Amendment, and traditional American principles of free speech, as much as it likes. If it wants to censor one side of a debate in order to ensure that the other side wins — or rig its algorithms to make sure one political party defeats another — that’s perfectly legal.

Those court rulings, like the gender pretenders and their defenders, are certifiably insane. By destroying free speech as a fact if not as a theoretical ideal, the internet oligarchs will ultimately force the angry majority to take up arms and win the debate militarily rather than verbally.


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  1. Can’t figure out how Foundational Black Americans (FBA) are responsible for this one, but I’m sure someone here will “enlightening” me…

  2. I used to avoid the gender benders like the flat earthers on Twatter. Personally I can’t take them seriously. In fact I can’t take twitter seriously anymore. You know the social media site that claimed that they were the “free speech wing of the free speech party”. They are more Orwellian than Orwell’s 1984. Being banned from twitter to me is a badge of honor.

  3. I think you are to kind to them Dr. Barrett, they came after you (and I) with a sawed-off shotgun. The tide is changing quickly now, and I for one will return the favor. You’re a good man Dr. Barrett or you’d still be on Patreon. I for one have subscribed to your newsletter.

  4. Putin has destroyed the main illusion, that there is supposedly democracy in Europe. In fact, in Europe, the dictatorship of the United States, which, through careful continuous preparation and financing of the manual leadership of European states, manipulates the European community. Feeding and educating their future power lackeys on their territory, they train them at home, push them into the power elite of the European Union and finance from their own sources. There is no question of any freedom of speech, opinion, expression of will, independence of the media. The hegemony of the State Department both in America and in Europe is evident.

  5. Russia considers that the US should pay for the pandemic after the complaint that the coronavirus escaped from one of its laboratories
    Jul 6, 2022 12:56 GMT

    • Way more than that, the US intentionally attacked first China, then shortly later Iran with bioweaponed viruses. Iran attack in a covert retaliation for Iranian ICBM missle strikes on two US airbases in Iraq.
      Wuhan outbreak the “cover” for Iranian covert attack.
      Russians were the only ones to send hundreds of bio-suited scientists into super infected Northern Italy to study just where it came from, and I am sure they figured it out; it came from Iran outbreak, not China, and originated in USA bio warfare labs, and was intentional attack on Iran. This is what morphed continually and spilled into rest of world, Italy was first victim since very similar to Iranian genetic traits the virus was engineered to attack.

  6. Covid, gender and transgender, UKR, climate are all children of the same “Mother”.
    In 2011 I participated in a presentation of a book that bordered on Gender and Transgender issues. I didn’t care about the author. I just wanted to see how far they went. Part of what I had to say I told him there. I made a report and sent it to a blog that dealt with these issues. He immediately replied that if I gave him permission he would publish it immediately. I gave it to him and he published it with a challenging presentation. 5 days later the power came and ordered the blogger to cancel. The conclusion of what is written is
    «… talking about these things I used the image of the pack.
    We will all be less defended because the herd logic of power (as it happens in ethology) chooses the isolated elements and when we are all isolated we will all be weaker and prey (sexual, labor, organ replacement merchandise… etc) of the Satanist pack of Power… that he will pick up depending on his taste, appetite or steam maneuverer who does not want to breakers».

  7. There’s really a pinnacle at which you max out what’s left of even the alternative media. I mean those who have not been suicided like Victor Thorn, Tracy Twyman, Michael Piper, etc. Well, technically, Tracy, a happy mother, and wife decided to hang herself in her garage write after explaining the Satanic symbolism used by the Rothschilds and other high-level bankers.

    Everybody is basically scared shitless, and won’t talk anymore, so you have to get extreme channels. One of them is Milab victims and reading their reports.

    The stuff I get from these reports is what I term absolutely f**king insane, even by my standards.

    I don’t even have a basis, or a ground point, to analyze a lot of the info.

    However, I can tell you this much. The ‘woke’ agenda is deliberate, and it’s part of human enslavement policy 101. By creating a cultureless, genderless society, control of the population is much easier. They have test farms allegedly for surgically altered humans run by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. They pick fruit all day, sleep, and repeat. Automatons. From there it gets crazier.

    Also, there are gender surgeries of Hollywood actors from a young age and grooming them for the masses, etc. All done in milabs. Then you get into cloning, and from there it gets into reptilian tech. I wish I had more of a ground point for a lot of this, but I have none. Just reports from kids and people now missing who were MK ultra victims or maids in charge of cleaning the ‘fruit farms.’

  8. “The vast majority of people where I live, rural western Wisconsin, think the woke brigade is certifiably insane. I suspect that at least half the US population tends to agree.”

    Don’t let Mr. Duff catch you speaking such heresy Dr. Barrett! He might start the Duff digression technique. Something like: “Kevin, Kevin, you’re not rich. You’re not rich Kevin. I am rich.” Dr. Barrett: “Well, what does that have to do with the conversation on woke intentions?”. Mr. Duff would be like: “Kevin, Kevin, you were not over in Vietnam Kevin…”

    • Mr. Duff: “Kevin, you are a moron. I have secret information that I can’t share but will just say the opposite to save for a big bang later. Heh heh.” Anyone can learn the art of deflection at Trump University.

  9. Holy Moly, Kevin. You start out with a headline about how COVID-19 is a US bioweapon, then give us a sad chronicle about some lesbian getting a boob job. Talk about bait and switch!

  10. Sooner or later, Heterosexuals, we will have to encourage ourselves to “come out of the closet” and show the world our heterosexuality, even at the cost of being marginalized by some lyrics of “LGTBXYZ……” ++++. In the meantime, I accept the phrase “you can remain silent, anything you say may be used against you in a “gender” court. Meanwhile… “Silence is health.”

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