E. Michael Jones: “It’s the End of the World as We Know It”


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Kevin Barrett: Welcome to False Flag Weekly News, the weekly news show that’s been telling you that the world is about to end for eight or nine years now. And now that it finally looks like it really is ending, we are looking like prophets… Here we are with Dr. E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars, the perfect guy to bring on the day after the world ended, or at least the world as we know it. How are you doing, Mike?

E. Michael Jones: Good. Kevin. Good to be here.

Kevin Barrett: So…Inflation is out of control. They’re printing so much of it to throw at Zelenski in Ukraine that there’s really not much left for the rest of us. And what there is isn’t worth anything.  Then there’s the stock market implosion, air travel has been canceled, gun sales are soaring. It looks like the apocalypse.

Do you think it’s partly because they printed too much money?

E. Michael Jones: Sure. It’s partially because of that. But it’s going to be a replay of the seventies, too, because the sanctions against Russia have now caused soaring energy prices, which also happened in the seventies. So it’s the perfect storm. All of these things are coming together. So it must be God behind it. How else could you explain something this good? The Democrats steal the election and then they put a person in power who will bring about the end of the American empire.

Kevin Barrett: Who but Allah could have planned something like this? Well, I thought Allah was responsible for putting Trump in there to end the American empire. But I guess it’s a two-act scenario.

Okay, so the stock market is totally blown up. Your air travel is all canceled and everybody’s flocking to buy guns. I guess the silver lining to this dark cloud is that although your investments have disappeared, you can take your air travel refund and buy a gun.

E. Michael Jones: Yeah, and as long as they’re not buying toilet paper, who cares?

Kevin Barrett: Well, I don’t know. Guns and toilet paper. I guess if that’s all that’s left out there, we’re kind of in trouble.

E. Michael Jones: That’s the infallible sign of an economic panic when the toilet paper disappears from the shelves at Walmart.

Kevin Barrett: That’s right. And then the guns disappear, too. And the stock market disappears. And your travel plans for the summer all disappear all at once. Was yesterday the new Black Friday? Can you say Black Friday or is that politically incorrect? Let’s call it Transgender Friday.

E. Michael Jones: I saw yesterday on Yahoo that the Ukraine is also winning the war. So what else do we need?

Kevin Barrett: Oh, it’s a good thing Ukraine is winning the war because we’d be in serious trouble if they weren’t. Zelensky’s happily playing his piano and all’s well with the world.

E. Michael Jones: By the way, Zelensky’s bagman got arrested in Serbia with $200,000 in cash and jewels.

Kevin Barrett: That picture that we showed you of that money, laundry is pretty realistic, actually. But it didn’t show the jewels. And I guess they grabbed the money-laundering bagman after Zelensky and Nancy left the laundromat.

Okay, let’s fast forward two slides here up to more good news.

No, that’s not good news that Tony Fauci has AIDS, I mean, COVID or whatever it is, whichever disease he screwed up, he got it himself. “So let this be a lesson,” says Tony Fauci. “If only I’d been vaccinated eight, nine, ten or maybe a couple of dozen times, and I’d worn five or six masks instead of two at all times, I might have avoided this awful fate. So let that be a lesson, folks.”

E. Michael Jones: Yes. By the way, he also won an award in Israel. They gave him $1,000,000 for defending science. So the science looks as if the more times you got vaccinated, the more you wrecked your immune system and the more you will be dependent on (vaccines) and you will get one disease after another. So let that be a lesson to you all out there. Science is real.

Kevin Barrett: Science is real and Israeli dollars to Fauci prove it. Actually, it looks like Fauci’s got a mild Omicron variant, so even though he’s in his eighties, he appears to be doing just fine, although he’s a little short of breath because now he’s wearing a dozen mask instead of just two.

E. Michael Jones: He’s got two. I can see two right there. The oxygen is not getting to his brain now. That’s what that look on his  face tells you.

Kevin Barrett: I think he’s had a little brain oxygen shortage going for a while. He seems so random in his statements. Some of them have made sense and some of them have seemed completely crazy. And he says one thing today and the next thing the next day. No wonder people don’t trust the authorities anymore. And speaking of not trusting the authorities about COVID, how about the suggestion that the vaccine injuries and deaths may be a lot worse than the establishment tells us? Indeed, they could be a factor behind this inflation and stock market crash because of reducing labor participation. And here’s an ex-BlackRock manager Edward Dowd speculating that vaccine injuries are a big part of this economic crisis. Of course, he adds the Russia sanctions that have taken out Russian wheat, energy and fertilizer from global markets, and the Biden shutdown of fracking to further tighten our energy supplies. Peter Schiff, he says, is wrong saying it’s all about money printing. But frankly, as you said, Mike, I think the money printing is part of it too. But I wonder how big a factor the vax injuries are — relative to Long COVID, which may be another factor. For whatever reason, workforce participation is way down and that obviously is partially driving inflation.

E. Michael Jones: This proves a fundamental tenet of economics, which is that labor is the source of all value. Everything is labor: money is labor, capital is labor, it’s congealed labor. Karl Marx said this because it’s true. Because John Locke said it, because Adam Smith said it and because Pope John Paul the second said it too. Because it’s true.

Kevin Barrett: And E. Michael Jones said it.

E. Michael Jones: And I said it too. So dammit, it’s true. But but the point here is that we have a culture, as Mr. Schiff tells us, that is based on the opposite of labor, which is called usury. And this group of people believe, like Shylock, as he said in the Merchant of Venice, that his ducats could copulate faster than ewes and rams. That’s what the people on Wall Street believe. That’s why they’re fixated on money and that’s why they don’t care about labor, and that’s why they destroy the American economy through their outsourcing scheme, shipping the jobs to China and crippling the manufacturing base of the United States, which is the source of wealth.

Kevin Barrett: I think you’re onto something there. Mike. And Shylock, with his hot little ducats, was probably wrong.

(Read the rest of the 10,000-word transcript, if you dare, at my Substack.)


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  1. “The Democrats steal the election and then they put a person in power who will bring about the end of the American empire.” did it or didn´t it happened? It doesn´t the so called Trump coup attempt legit?

  2. “ I think you’re onto something there. Mike. And Shylock, with his hot little ducats, was probably wrong.” 🤣 A very astute observation Kevin. BTW Merchant of Venice is one of my favorite Shakespearean plays.

  3. These “conservatives” are hilarious. God put Trump in power??? A satanist like Trump. Besides, God doesn’t orchestrate events like that. He gave us free will and is waiting for us to learn the lesson of paradise lost which is: if you don’t CHOOSE to do My will, you must suffer the consequences until you learn that His laws are the only ones perfect for us. The first law being to LOVE each other because love does no harm (scriptures verbatim). Even so-called “woke” people like Barrett believe this crap. When I told them that what God wanted “americans” to do was repent from the harm they have wrought on the world, he rejected that. Thats what has always happened to real prophets; they are rejected and marginalized because oooh nooo…WE ARE THE GOOD GUYS…BALONEY .. WE ARE ALL SINNERS.

    Krrrrazy Republicans….in bed with satanic banksters for decades and still running their filthy mouths. Disgusting.

    • The great Sikh masters listed the five deadly “sins” in order of ease to overcome as Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment and Ego. Being the most difficult, Ego is the cause of most human misery. Gandhi showed what could be accomplished when Ego is overcome. Few other leaders have accomplished that. Most of us hitting our keyboards as a means of implementing change suffer from the same Ego as we wallow in negativity.

  4. Hi Kevin, your show hosts many interesting guests, but none so interesting as E. Michael Jones. I’m deep into the process of reading all of Dr. Jones’s books, some twice. He has a fascinating understanding of man and society, with the gift of language to share his knowledge. Bravo to you for doing your best to bring to the public so many disparate minds. Too bad there isn’t a way to travel in time and interview Father Augustin Barruel. For now, E. Michael is a fair substitute. Peace be with you.

  5. “This proves a fundamental tenet of economics, which is that labor is the source of all value. Everything is labor: money is labor, capital is labor, it’s congealed labor.”

    That idea is so 19th Century, Michael. The 20th Century proved that the money-changers Jesus threw out of the Temple have morphed into AI profit algorithms like what controls the hedge funds. They have no use for labor whatsoever and probably no use for humans as well. That’s why we have galloping global warming, horrible plandemics, and best of all… nuclear warfare. All of this will reduce the human population to a few mating pairs like it did around 70,000 years ago. Of course if you are one of 50 million US Christian Zionists you think the Earth was created exactly 6025 years ago and the Sun is its planet this only means that they’ll be raptured up to Heaven shortly, so no problem.

    • “That idea is so 19th Century, Michael”. Your’re correct that AI computers, such as the one Black Rock, are now dominating financial decision maker’s every move, but such machines can never replace the human spirit, the soul, and therefore they will end up consuming their self. Maybe, no, definitely we need to return to a morals-based society where money was based on the value of what a man produced. If that’s the 19th Century or before doesn’t matter, that is what Mr. Jones is talking about today. Who would you rather listen to: Yuval Noah Harari or E. Michael Jones?
      Just an afterthought: Is Russia being viciously attacked because it declared itself to be a Christian nation with Russian Orthodox Christianity the state religion? There’s still freedom of religion, but the state recognizes Christianity as its foundation, and its laws will flow from that. Alot grows out of such a decision, that includes the value of its currency. The USA would be right to follow Russia’s lead and reclaim our Christian heritage, the natural next step would be to outlaw dual citizenship. “By their deeds you will know them”. Matthew 7:16.

    • I’m a Lutheran, Joe, but no way do I want a State Church in the USA like there was in Europe, where the State Church always set up some form of inquisition or pogrom. I follow the Jesus of the Sermon on the Mount where you are not the judge and you love your enemies and do good to those who hate you. There’s never been a State Church that advocated that and there never will be.

    • I totally agree I’m glad the Founding Fathers made this a secular republic with freedom of religion enshrined in the 1st Amendment. They saw what happened to Christian Theocracies during the Reformation.

    • I’m a traditional pre-Vatican II Catholic (unlike the Modernist Vatican II heretic but still very bright Dr Jones, who I’m sure would never have called God “Allah” 20 years ago) and I used to believe in theistic or creative molecules to man evolution over billions of years like most mind-colonized Catholics, but then came to see that it was not only contrary to scientific evidence but also contrary to what Christians have always believed from the beginning, at least until about the mid-20th C. I found “Cataclysm from Space, 2800 B.C.: The Cause of the Biblical Flood” (on youtube, etc.) to be very enlightening. Uniformitarianism is a modern myth. Catastrophism has all the evidence on its side. The earth appears to be less than 10,000 years old, but there will be no Rapture, a novel idea which was only started in the late 1800s.

      Separation of Church and State is actually a great evil unless the Church is anything other than the Church Christ founded, i.e. the traditional (pre-1958 enemy takeover) Catholic Church. Read some of the papal encyclicals before 1958. Much divine and human wisdom contained in them. See the scholarly Fr Denis Fahey’s small book, archive.org/details/FaheyDenis-TheKingshipOfChristAndOrganizedNaturalism1943

    • Our govt., all the 3-letter organizations, and all the churches except the “underground” traditional Catholic Church independent of enemy-colonized Rome, are controlled by pseudo-messianic Talmudic ideologues who want to kill 90% of the world population and enslave the rest. And the “Messiah” they’re awaiting is the Antichrist. Before the Catholic Church’s structures were taken over by them, including the papacy in 1958, Fr Denis Fahey wrote about them accurately in the book I linked.

      BTW, I thought Lutherans were supposed to believe in the literal interpretation of Sacred Scripture, or is that just for more traditional Lutherans?

    • Most Lutherans believe that a literal interpretation of the Bible is idolatry as it elevated a creation of human hands which didn’t even come into being until the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD to the realm of the sacred. It is by the Holy Spirit that we understand sacred texts. That’s how the early Church looked at it and that’s how I look at it.

    • I cannot remember a single person that saw 7 Catholics and 2 jews with 0 protestants on the US Supreme court as a problem when I brought it up during Kavenaugh. Myself, I see that not a single Chief Justice has a clue about the upbringing of more than 50% US citizens who claim religion as protestant, is represented on this important court. Not included is the newest judge.

  6. Shakespeare and his ghost writers were supposedly “anti-Semites”. What did they know that we don’t. Apparently, quite a lot.

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