E. Michael Jones: “The Ukraine War Is Going to End in 2023—and the Russians Are Going to Win”

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In the special New Year’s Edition of False Flag Weekly News I asked E. Michael Jones if he had any predictions for 2023. Here is a condensed and edited transcript.

Kevin Barrett: Last year at this time we were going from 2021 to 2022. And little did we know it would be the year of going from the virus to the Russians.

So what’ll it be this year? An alien invasion?

E. Michael Jones: I don’t know. It seems that everything–there’s a Latin saying motus in fine velocior, “things speed up toward the end.” So we don’t really get breaks from crises anymore. It’s just one thing after another. The COVID thing obliterated the huge crisis before that… And now we’re back with a war in the Ukraine. Who knows what’s going to happen? But I’ll make a prediction. The war in the Ukraine is going to end and the Russians are going to win it. And whether that leads to American troops on the ground and World War III and nuclear war is something I can’t predict at this point.

Kevin Barrett: 2022 was the year that nuclear war became a thing. And I don’t think that’s a good thing. It’s back to the duck and cover drills! The United Nations is telling us that nuclear war is likely again. And the mainstream media is telling us which parts of the United States are going to get blown up if there’s a full scale thermonuclear war. And New York City is putting out a nuclear war PSA telling New Yorkers to stick their heads under their desk and then between their legs and kiss it goodbye, as it were. Like the old hippie notice said.

So, Mike, what do you make of this comeback of nuclear war, which was really hot when we were kids in the early sixties? And then it kind of faded out. It became less trendy and hip. And now, hey, it’s a thing! And I wish it weren’t.

E. Michael Jones: I was a teenager in high school during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Long lines at the confessional back then. And this is far worse. I trusted John F Kennedy and Nikita Khrushchev a lot more than I trust anybody in the Biden administration. There’s a sense of recklessness pervading Washington at this point, a sense of recklessness that seems to be heading toward nuclear war. I think the first step, the preliminary step, is going to be whether American ground troops are going to be placed in the Ukraine. Obviously, there are troops there now. They’re the ones that are in charge of those himar missiles batteries. But are we going to have a Vietnam style invasion of American troops when Bakhmut fails? Bakhmut’s going down. It’s inexorable. The question is, what is going to happen at that point and who’s in charge? Who’s in charge at this moment? I don’t know. I can’t answer this question. I just have this sense of complete recklessness coming from Washington and the feeling that there are no adults in the room anymore.

Kevin Barrett: It sure seems that way. Well, in New York, it appears that the mayor, Eric Adams, is in charge. But if thermonuclear missiles start raining down on New York City…Manhattan is a pretty small, heavily populated place. As The New York Times points out, it’s game over, baby. There’s no place to hide in New York. This whole thing is insane. But that’s pretty much true everywhere. So, yeah, it does seem like there are no adults in the room. There are only neocons in the room. Maybe we shouldn’t have let them get away with 9/11.

2022 was the year that Russia was always running out of weapons. From March, Putin was running out of munitions all the way through December 26th: “Russia is running out of missiles.” There’s story after story after story that Russia is always running out of weapons, but they never quite run out. They must be keeping some in reserve or pulling some out of their whatevers. I don’t know.

So let’s just get your take on the larger issue, Mike, of of how and why this war took over as the big issue of 2022.

E. Michael Jones: Well, a war is a big issue. But the other point is that I have never experienced such shameless warmongering propaganda as I’ve experienced now. And I have to say, the English are even worse in this regard than the Americans. Shameless propaganda! From the ghost of Kiev to whatever it is now, the Russians are always wrong.

Kevin Barrett: Don’t forget the heroic martyrs of Snake Island.

E. Michael Jones: The Martyrs of Snake Island. Putin is dying of some type of disease. He keeps dying at the same time that Russians keep running out of weapons. So basically, all you can say is that they’re saying the exact opposite of the truth. What they’re really saying is that NATO is running out of weapons. NATO has the supply chain issues, not the Russians.

Kevin Barrett: And Biden has health problem worse than Putin. He’s probably falling down the stairs and soiling his pants. That doesn’t sound like Putin. That sounds more like Biden.

E. Michael Jones: It’s got to the point where all you have to do is reverse what you’re reading in the paper and realize that everything they’re saying about Russia is true of NATO.

Kevin Barrett: They even tried to blame Russia for bombing the Nord Stream pipeline! For years, every American leader has been screaming “this pipeline must not stand. This pipeline cannot happen. It must not happen. We will make sure it doesn’t happen!” And then, oh, it blows up. And it must be Putin that did it.

E. Michael Jones: Yeah, you can believe that, can’t you? This guy Sikorski (who thanked the USA for blowing up Nordstream) is a complete lunatic. But he did everyone a big favor by spilling the beans with this tweet:

He’s married to Anne Applebaum, one of those ladies of the neoconservative persuasion. So he’s firmly involved in the American propaganda machine, urging the Poles into a frenzy of Russophobia. When are the Poles going to wake up to realize this is not in their interest? When are the Poles going to wake up to the fact that if you’re an ally, if you are the best ally, the most important, wealthiest ally of the United States in Europe, the United States is going to attack you and blow up your pipeline, destroy your economy, and expect you to go along with it.

Kevin Barrett: And some of our viewers right now are paying high gas prices thanks to this, the world’s worst ever act of ecoterrorism, the worst single release of global warming causing substances into the atmosphere. But for some reason, the ecofreaks who dominate our mainstream media don’t seem to care.

E. Michael Jones: Well, look who’s in charge in Germany. Who’s the foreign minister? Annalena Baerbock, who is a Green.

Kevin Barrett: Why do the Greens love blowing up gas pipelines and creating the biggest release of greenhouse gases in history?

E. Michael Jones: I just saw a member of German parliament standing there across from Annalena Baerbock saying, “Why aren’t you looking into who did this? It’s now months later and you’re still not telling us who did this. Why? Why are you unconcerned about all this methane instead of cow farts?” You’ve got a huge amount of methane coming out of the pipe and no one’s talking about it.

There is a complete crisis in Germany right now. It’s a nation of sleepwalkers who are walking toward their own extinction and they can’t seem to wake up.

Kevin Barrett: It sure looks that way to me, too. Not sure how to explain it. Well, in terms of predictions for 2023, I guess it’s down to a sort of a neck and neck race between you, Mike, and Russia’s Medvedev, in terms of who’s predicting a worse war in 2023.

But Medvedev is saying that he thinks there’ll be a war between Germany and France next year —I don’t know how that’s going to happen—and a civil war in the US that could lead to Elon Musk becoming president. Well, Elon Musk becoming the chief twit was almost better than having him become president. I suppose the White House would be a logical next step for Elon. However, I do think that Medvedev may be smoking something when he’s making these predictions. What do you think?

E. Michael Jones: I think that’s absolutely crazy. I think what’s going to happen is that either it’s all or nothing: Either NATO goes and completely conquers Russia and breaks it up and turns it into insignificant vassal states; or, if they don’t do that, NATO collapses. It’s one or the other. These are precisely the types of apocalyptic alternatives that are circulating in Washington and are leading to this type of recklessness.

They should have abolished NATO in 1991. Now it’s led to this war and it’s going to be do or die. And I don’t think the will is there to support NATO. If you look beyond Frau Baerbock you see all kinds of demonstrations in Germany about “make peace with Russia, get out of NATO.” If you look at Twitter, there are all kinds of hashtags. One of them is #AmiGoHome. Another hashtag is #MorgenthauPlan. Princess Gloria from Thurn und Taxis is saying that the Greens are now fulfilling the Morgenthau Plan, which was when Henry Morgenthau, the secretary of state under Franklin Delano Roosevelt, tried to starve the Germans to death. This is circulating now. At a certain point, it’s going to catch on. Because NATO can’t sustain this. They can’t attack their main ally and then demand suicidal allegiance to an agenda that’s going to destroy the country. I mean, is anybody that stupid? Not even Germans are that stupid.

Kevin Barrett: You have to ask yourself, how did it reach this point? As you said, if NATO had been dissolved and Russia had been brought in as an equal partner after the Cold War, we wouldn’t be in this position. But now we’re in this crazy position where either side is afraid to back down. It’s a game of chicken. And whoever loses loses everything. The Russians can’t afford to lose, and they’ve got all those nuclear weapons to make sure they won’t lose, because if they lose, that’s the end of Russia. Russia ends up looted and broken up and destroyed. But if the US loses, then there goes our empire. So I guess in this game of chicken, frankly, I would think the Americans would swerve first because losing your empire isn’t quite the same as losing your country. Russia would be utterly annihilated as a country if it loses. And that would not happen if the US lost its empire in Europe and ended up having to become a normal country. So it would make more sense if the US loses.

E. Michael Jones: There will be a big cheer. If NATO collapses, you will hear the cheer all the way over here from all of the oppressed people of Europe who have been vassal states to this empire to the point where it doesn’t make any sense anymore. So obviously the determination of the Russians to protect their own country is going to outweigh the determination of anybody in NATO, because the Germans, the Europeans see this as obviously not in their interest.

Kevin Barrett: That’s how it looks to me, too. So that’s the bottom line reason that your prediction that Russia’s going to win this thing is true: It’s that they have more skin in the game. Ultimately, they have all their skin in the game. And the U.S. has only half its skin, because the empire aspect of us is only half of what we are. We’re also a republic, and we can keep that and still lose this war.




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  1. Russia is playing the war of attrition. The more they pour into Ukraine, the more the people of Europe suffers.
    The only way to persuade the minds of the people is impoverishment and this will resonate amongst those who’ll suffer most.
    The EU will die because it has failed, people will come to realise that this only serves as an appendage for NATO and the cabal elite. The EU has betrayed all it’s members, it has no value or real purpose.
    Even stupidity and ignorance has a threshold, once it becomes apparent, you’re unable to feed your child, or heat up your house, or you have lost your job because there are no more industries, the mould is set and the discontent will turn to rage.
    It’s was true yesterday and it is true today, YANKEE GO HOME.

  2. Kevin, E., interesting connversation. If the Russians need to be tough to clear out the sex criminals and mass murderers, we should morally support them. I’m glad to know that both of you are on the side of peace. Looking forward to seeing either of you in a video of a peace demonstration.

  3. Is a hard rain gonna fall … there was a president named J.F.K. while now there is the one named Biden and before these if instead of Trump there was H. Clinton the atomic war problem would have been anticipated. No one thinks anymore … and there may be a casus belli like that in “Dr. Strangelove.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hETHHRJGv0
    The American people think themselves Aristotelian Democrats (society composed of free men to command slaves) are in truth themselves slaves to the silopsism of the American Dream.

  4. The AngloZionist Empire has been at war with Russia for centuries. Only now has the decision been made to attack Russia with nukes. There will be some 9/11-style pretext but the real “powers that be” have decided that a complete reshuffling of the financial deck is in order. They have profited from the rise and of all empires in the past so this is nothing new for them. About the rest of humanity they couldn’t care less.

  5. Quote- I mean, is anybody that stupid? Not even Germans are that stupid.-unquote. I am a German. The Germans are not even that stupid. No, they are even more (worse) stupid. Instead to imprison all US staff in Germany after the blow-up of Northstream, we are the most ridiculous country on the planet. After the Anglo-Americans unleashed 2 WWs over Germany, we are a country of cowards electing useless bolshevic politicians without any education as Bärbock. Watch the movie “Downfall” (Der Untergang) with Bruno Ganz as Adolf Hitler. Hear what Goebbels is talking to an offficer. https://youtu.be/5fg8y0Qyx-4 “I cannot feel any compassion with the German people, i repeat, I cannot feel any compassion with the German people. The German people (Das Deutsche Volk) has voted it’s own fate. We never enforced the German people to follow us.” This counts for the current German government, too. Putin knows the Germans. Germany will only change the sentiment, if the majority of Germans suffer a lot. Only a long war in the Ukraine will bring Germany to it’s knees, begging for cheap russian oil and gas. Only a failed Germany will break out of Nato. As long as the Germans have enough food, nothing will happen. So the Morgenthau Plan, Fürstin Gloria is talking about, would bring us Germans salvation from the cow-tormentors overseas in DC.

  6. The AngloZionist Empire has been at war with Russia for centuries. Only now has the decision been made to attack Russia with nukes. There will be some 9/11-style pretext but the real “powers that be” have decided that a complete reshuffling of the financial deck is in order. They have profited from the rise and of all empires in the past so this is nothing new for them. About the rest of humanity they couldn’t care less.

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