FFWN: In Which I Apologize to E. Michael Jones


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An Open Letter to E. Michael Jones

Dear Mike,

I apologize for offending you with my barbed jokes about the stories “Pope kisses Holocaust survivor’s Auschwitz tattoo” and “Archdiocese of New York to segregate vaccinated, unvaccinated parishioners.” My intention was not to ridicule things Catholics hold sacred. On the contrary, I was using gallows humor of the “it only hurts when I laugh” variety to express feelings of pain, horror, and absurdity at the way Catholicism/Christianity/monotheism is being degraded by the events reported in these stories.

Dark humor can be easily misunderstood. Sometimes it accidentally invites misunderstanding. And I understand why Catholics are sensitive about all the ridicule directed against them and their faith, most of it coming from the usual suspects in the culture industry. Such people have no sympathy with Catholicism and Christianity in general. Their jokes incite triumphalist laughter at how low the Christians have fallen.

I may be Muslim, but I don’t share that anti-Christianity. On the contrary, I pray for the return of Jesus the one and only Messiah, and I pray for Christians to succeed in purifying their hearts and restoring their faith. When the Pope endorses Holocaustianity, or churches segregate the vaxxed from the unvaxxed, I am horrified, just like when an Islamic religious authority endorses Holocaustianity or a mosque buys into COVID propaganda.

Since my job or calling or whatever you want to call it requires me to focus unrelentinglys on the darkest and most evil stuff going on in the world, I regularly use gallows humor as a kind of catharsis: If I couldn’t laugh at this stuff, I would go crazy. So please forgive me for laughing in a way that could easily be misinterpreted as ridiculing your faith, when it was really a cry of pain at what is being done to your faith, and mine.






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