by Jack Heart

People keep asking for footage from the trenches, well here it is. Click the link to citation 4 the footage Johnson has of the Russians incinerating 3 Ukranian columns is anathema in the West and hasn’t even been reported – Jack 

Steve Bannon’s War Room is reporting that Italy’s government shall not last another twenty-four hours. Prime Minister Mario Draghi announced that he will tender his resignation Thursday night. Others are reporting on social media that millions of Italians are in the street actively hunting their globalist tormentors who had been impersonating politicians. Draghi, who much like the Biden mess, has not been elected but installed. He will no doubt be making his escape in Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko’s five hundred- and seventy-eight-million-dollar yacht which Italy seized a few months ago along with another seven hundred and sixty-three million in assets belonging to Russian citizens.

In the Netherlands the massive backlash against the government’s certifiably insane attempts to cut back farming to reduce livestock flatulence continues. Let us not forget that three hundred and fifty years ago the Dutch people ate their Prime Minister. (1) The Netherlands current prime minister Mark Rutte is rather sickly and scrawny looking but no doubt, his boss Klaus Schwab will make a robust meal.

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Besides Italy the unrest in the Netherlands has triggered massive demonstrations in Germany, Romania and Hungary. In an effort to preempt a breach like that in decorum England’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already resigned. French president Emmanuel Macron would do well to follow his example considering the fate of King Louis XVI. France is seething over “millions of uncounted Le Pen Ballots found ‘spoiled’ in ‘rigged’ French election.” (2) Even “as Macron’s critics in parliament questioned his close relations with Uber and business lobbyists after an international media investigation revealed details of his conversations with Uber executives when Macron was France’s finance minister…” (3)



It is not hard to imagine that much of this is being financed by Vladmir Putin. What goes around comes around and West is now being served up a healthy dose of their own color revolutions while their proxy forces in Ukraine continue to take a relentless beating from a Russian force one third their size. Russia reports 47 officers of the Ukrainian Air Force were liquidated by a missile strike on a housing complex for officers in Vinnytsia. Rumors are flying that the complex was a NATO decision making center.

Real intelligence expert Larry Johnson, featured in our July 5 post-independence brief asks“how long can US officials continue to bullshit themselves and pour expensive weapon systems into a rat hole? The speed of Russia’s advance appears to be accelerating. There are reports today that Russian forces are entering the outskirts of Seversk, one of the key strong points of the new Ukrainian defensive line. If true, the Russians are likely to achieve a strategic breakthrough in the Donetsk.

What the gullible reporters and the morons who staff the CIA and DIA fail to comprehend is that Russia’s tactic of systematically destroying the air, armor and artillery assets over the past three months appears to have achieved Clausewitz’s culminating point–i.e., the point at which a military force is no longer able to perform its operations.

Ukraine, notwithstanding it numerical advantage in personnel, has yet to mount a significant offensive that has pushed the Russians back and kept them at bay. That is reality. The reality for Ukrainian troops is a nightmare. Here is a video of Russia attacking three columns of Ukrainian troops trying to launch an attack on Kherson in southern Ukraine… [to view Larry’s stunning footage click citation 4]” (4)


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Jack Heart Esoteric Evolution is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.


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  1. “Dear” J.H.
    Thank you for your reply. But I will never write to your e-mail. I am controlled by the Italian government and perhaps also by… and I do not want to involve you as the authors disappeared from V.T. I would like, therefore, to summarize. I say: I barely mean Italian and I believe that neither, and I assume, do you mean the language of Shakespeare (which I owe a lot to Italy, like “Romeo and Juliet” or “the Merchant of Venice”) I to write you this and, the one before, I used a translator that offers the bastard Google. With my little knowledge of English I make corrections. What “effort”, which you envisage, does it entail to do the same? It is not a criticism but a dialectic that hopefully lacks moderation or censorship. And above all of courage.

    • Don’t worry about me beppe. Italians, the very best at it, tried to kill me for years. The most fearsome of the Djinn tells me I will die from a car bomb when I am a very old man, she couldn’t even kill me. I’m not an old man yet and it’s not my time. You got something get in touch with me, I’ll give you a secure email and I will rub their faces in it, that’s a fact…

  2. The fog of war is finally beginning to roll back. The media in America has evolved onto a criminal enterprise dedicated to confusing the public for a price. The American ship of state is truly a political Titantic that is taking water. But Captain Biden refuses to send out an SOS. Putin is really sitting on top of the world.

  3. Artillery has been the God of War in Russia since 1945. And so it is still. In Russia, there are simply crazy stocks of shells for cannons, so it was decided to suppress the Ukronazists with shelling. 50 thousand shells on average every day for Ukrainian troops. And so we can continue for a long time. Yesterday, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu visited the front line. An order has been given to launch a massive and brutal offensive on all fronts. Giant columns of modern equipment (tanks, armored vehicles, terminators) moved towards Ukraine. Putin said: we haven’t started yet. Now let’s get started. Stop wasting time. The diplomatic jokes are over.

  4. Analysis of recent NATO propaganda reveals that the AFU and Azov are striking civilian targets and claiming them as military which has caused Russia to shift their attack to 3CIs that are located in urban areas giving the Fake News media the chance to project by claiming that the Russians are indiscriminately bombing civilians which the Ukrainians have been doing since the conflict started in 2014. Also according to RT :” Ruslan Onishchenko, former commander of the notorious Ukrainian Tornado battalion, whose fighters were convicted of torturing people in Donbass, has reportedly been released from jail and may join the fight against Russia. “ Giving more credence to the fact that the Russians are denazifying Ukraine no matter how much the western tries to spin it.

    • Yea Adair but it’s difficult for them to spin the strike at Vinnytsia, the sculpture of the fighter plane that adorns the building is burning on the front lawn. Check the video link, I don’t know if it was by luck, or the Russians planed it that way…

  5. That’s a pretty tight and total job on the Ukrainian column. Meanwhile Russia’s column sat for week unmolested outside Kiev. Incredible to think so many in the West still buy the crap that Russia is or even can lose. The BBC did their best to get the number of dead Russia troops by having people on the ground counting graves at all cemeteries are were very disappointed in the number. I’d say if they had any idea of true Ukrainian losses their sorrow will worsen by several orders of magnitude. Ukrainian losses have inched up to upwards of 1000 some days it’s been rumoured.

  6. I read that in Italy there is that Draghi will resign. But in Italy there has been no movement to demand his resignation. Even less a dozen blogs to do so, including an author on VT spy of the Italian government. They were all praising Draghi, the best of all possible governments (if you know Voltaire’s Pangloss). Were it true why he resigns? I read that you are Italian American and if you know Italian and spoken Italian (and if you confirm) I can immediately attach a link on Draghi and Mattarella that is on FB.

  7. Mike Kay – “Russia paused their special operation, and once more openly requested the hostiles to meet with them at the negotiating table. Rather than take the time to secure a future for the Ukrainian people, who are after all, really are the Russian people, the hostiles urged a counter offensive, and American weapons are being intentionally deployed as terrorist tools.
    Meanwhile the black market is surging in weaponry and ammunition, and there is a report that Russia actually purchased a missile system with missiles for a price that would anger the corporate suppliers of the US “defense industry”.
    The Ukraine has taken this opportunity to forge an alliance with Poland, the most on again and off again of Slavic “nations” which essentially is going to further embroil the west in a war they have already lost.
    Result? Russia, and it’s offer of the negotiating table, ignored.

    • The EU had recently prevented Russian foreign minister Lavrov from meeting with Serbia in Serbia, so the Serbs went to Moscow, upon their invitation.
      The Serbs had this to say concerning the Ukraine, and the hostiles, I paraphrase…
      The removal of Ukrainian military forces from the Donbas region is now in the final stages. Upon completion of this goal, Russia will be open for negotiation one last time. Should the hostiles decide to remain hostile, Russia will then unleash Hell on Earth.
      If anyone thinks this is hyperbole from the Serbs, I would suggest you quit watching videos of Ukrainians in dubious tactical engagements, filmed for western consumption, and realize that in 8 years the NATO trained Ukrainian military could not pacify the Donbas. Russia and allies, however, are almost entirely successful after just 5 months, which include rather lengthy pauses to open the door to the diplomatic option.
      The west, the hostiles, obsessed with their delusions, and determined to call them reality, aren’t bringing on the great reset, they are rolling out the red carpet for their demise.”

  8. the triggerwarlock that killed gadaffi has been stripped of his powers… that means the wannabe warlocks he installed will go through the same thing…

    theyll be put through the things they have put a lot of other through…and will be living through a hell of many many different layers. so… dear vt readers… this is the time to clean up your act if you havent allready.

    aionaibh ri cheille

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