The modern mind is fixated upon the phenomenal world and its experience of it. Thus myth is dismissed as mere childish explanations and uneducated speculation.

In such a perspective, there is no understanding of the role myth plays in human life or even comprehension of what myth actually is. This perspective does not eliminate the activity of myth in the human endeavor; it merely places the workings of myth out of the sphere of recognition and consciousness. Myth thus becomes a poorly understood aspect of human behavior, one that continues to function despite ignorance and denial.

Ukraine’s far-right Svoboda party hold torch-lit Kiev march

Myth is the means by which mankind provides meaning and a narrative to life.

Myth continues to function as the single most powerful galvanizing force in the psyche.

Society, and this includes modern society, organizes itself around a guiding myth. All societies develop and employ mythology, and it is the myth, far more than any actual event, which determines the veracity, reputation, and light in which the society is seen.

A clear example is the myth of the free man in American society. His freedom is, mythologically, superior to the forces which seek to control him. This freedom is the reason for jealousy and mimicry seen around the world, and it is what sets America apart from the myth that supports the rest of the world.

As a guiding myth, this is the framework for Americans to make sense of their journey, and to understand their experience in the world. This myth is well received in America because it has been adopted by the majority of the people as a functional condition of their existence.

In the broadest sense, myth encompasses any endeavor that involves a meaningful purpose. Thus myth is crucial for the direction of a society, the establishment of shared goals, and the narrative through which to make them accessible. Plato understood this thousands of years ago, that the proper use of myth has a directive and unifying force within society, and that myth can be employed to both illustrate great truths and to explain them.

Myth continues to function in politics, in the consciousness of the people, and in the assumptions of a society. In a very real sense, the first myth of a society is that which establishes itself as an entity in the wider world, nationalism. The nation as a group that communicates identity and a purpose are indeed mythological. It was said, upon the political, economic, and military developments that finally unified Italy, that the next step was to make the people Italians.

Nationhood is thus an assumed identity with a story and a meaningful experience, with perhaps the most critically-a destiny and at least an implied future. Thus, the founding of any nation must include its founding heroes, its own ideology, and its own unique identity. All of this is functional within the umbrella of myth.

Humanity, however, must live in this area of existence, and here, there is no light without dark. The forces that manifest in this world have their own direct complement. With each action comes an equal and opposite reaction. Just as there is a unifying and conflict diffusing element to myth, so there also is a corrosive and destructive side to it. Corrosive myth has long been used to subjugate certain groups, to force them to provide necessary wealth and treasure, to harvest the energy of a people and rob them of it, so that this energy can be used by others for purposes not necessarily in keeping with the needs of the harvested.

The destructive aspect of myth assumes its own propriety and often mimics the appearances of wholesome myth. The two can easily be distinguished, however, for while correct myth energizes and explains, dark myth bankrupts and blames. Dark myth is well represented in today’s world. Like the poison of a parasite that first immobilizes its prey, dark myth demonizes entire libraries of symbols, perverts the meaning of ultimately genuine concepts, and denigrates the efforts of men to build society. No better example of a dark myth exists today than the Nazi.

The Nazi myth today exists independent of any historical reality. It is indeed a myth, for it functions to both sanctify and identify its official victims as members of their own unique group, with a status above criticism and examination. This function of dark myth recently came clear as a certain Hollywood actress compared her condition to the condition of the sacred victim of Nazi myth. She was quickly punished for her transgression. The sacred victims of the Nazi myth are extremely jealous of their rarified status.

The Nazi myth is historic largely due to the rejection of evidence and fact in its development. Nazi myth did not arrive out of whole cloth from the bowels of WW2; it was carefully crafted through the decades to include the themes of vengeance, punishment, and the sacred victim. Current Nazi myth did not fully arrive on the scene until decades after WW2, as the magnification of certain elements of the narrative wasn’t fully in place until decades after the war.

Reichsparteitag. Der grosse Appell der Politischen Leiter auf der von Scheinwerfern uberstrahlten Zeppelin-wiese in Nurnburg. Grand review by political leaders on the searchlight-illuminated Zeppelin field in Nuremberg. September 1937. (Office of Alien Property)Exact Date Shot UnknownNARA FILE #: 131-GR-164-2WAR & CONFLICT BOOK #: 984

That the Nazi myth functions as a control mechanism in modern society are beyond dispute. That it is the single most important factor in the construction of the sacred victim complex is also beyond dispute. The Nazi myth is a powerful justification for the brutal occupation of Palestine by a Caucasian people with no genuine historical roots in the area. Thus, more than any other recent myth, the Nazi myth continues to have gigantic and unprecedented ramifications in the world today. This alone would make the Nazi myth an object worthy of study, yet the manner in which the myth is used to link into nationalism, and the fictional creation of independent identity for political, organized crime, and military objectives clearly places the Nazi myth in a class of its own.

In order to better understand the modus operandi of Nazi myth, we need to have a closer look at a far older mythic construct, nationalism. Nationalism is a very old mythic construct, dating back thousands of years. Nationalism, in the mythic sense, is the story of a people with a similar path of descent from the divine, or semi-divine origins, to the current condition. The purpose of nationalism is to create a unique identity, a unique experience, and the expectation of a unique future for the group that falls under the auspices of that myth. A natural example here is the myth of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome.

In recent years, the venerable myth of nationalism has been under direct, sustained attack in the west. Modern social engineers have sought to destroy it and supplant the themes of shared heritage with a globalist setting. These efforts, while effective against the very young, quickly become awkward and absurd when applied to a larger milieu. Globalism cannot command the mythic power of the divine, or even semi-divine origin, because globalism features shadowy operators in behind-the-scenes criminal activity to achieve its hegemony. Due to its own very nature, globalism is a failure upon the mythic plane. Nationalism cannot be artificially scaled up to global proportions. This truth is obvious, even amongst the purveyors of sacred victimhood, as they themselves loudly proclaim their right to their own state, their own nation, regardless of the consequences to others.

Some might wonder if the current effort to promote gender confusion, self-mutilation, and rampant homosexuality has its own corresponding mythic base. After all, to the casual observer, several features of the mythic seem to be in place. One quickly observes the overt attempt to adopt a personalized version of sacred victimhood, identification as a group, and a violent mocking of the feminine principle as the in-your-face features of “woke”. Thus, identity as a unifying feature seems to be present, behavior that sets the group apart is definitely in place, and an ideology is featured, consistent throughout the group. Yet the so-called woke agenda is missing an essential quality displayed everywhere myth is present, one which we heretofore have not discussed, mythic thought.

A 180ft-wide crop circle cut in a Nazi swastika-like design has mysteriously appeared in a field in Wiltshire, southwest England, sparking conspiracy theorists (unsurprisingly) to speculate about alien involvement.

Perhaps the salient feature of mythic thought is memory. Memory is commonly understood as the recall of events and responses one has witnessed or participated in. Yet as numerous studies have long since revealed, eyewitness testimony is indeed the most subjective of all recall, the most susceptible to wide variances, and the least reliable. The question here is whether it is a memory that is functioning at all. However, the memory we speak of is not from the experience of this incarnation. We refer to the memory of origin itself, which lies beyond the confines of the mind, and personal experience. The memory of origin is the recall of the previous step to incarnation. It is the inexplicable wisdom that is not rooted in the personal experience of the person.

All true mythic structure derives from this memory. It is the echo that makes the archetypal world intelligible, and it involves forces that are far beyond personality, preference, or predilection. It is this memory that carries with it the recognition, the harmony, the fit that one achieves with specific mythic traditions. It is the explanation for why Europeans are so moved by Norse mythology. It reveals the cascading waterfall of emanation science, which we have previously covered and recognized as a mathematical fact.

The “woke” and their agenda cannot harmonize with that echo, simply because their origin and activity are not represented upon the archetypal plane. Their origin is of a lower order, and thus their reality only exists as a reflection in the material plane. In this, they share directly with the globalist transhumanist neo-communist agenda they participate with. In more direct terms, the crude energy they devour for their motivation is the realm of the parasite, and the parasite is a lower-order manifestation alone.

Such a posture is absolutely intentional from this globalist cabal. There is no interest in attaining virtue through participation in higher forms. Their current agenda seeks to cut itself off from the greater cosmos, to go rogue from a higher power, with the intent of becoming the gods of this material existence.

In this, the distortion, mockery, arrogance, and addiction to the terror that characterizes the modern west are merely emblematic of a perverse ambition built upon massive ignorance. Ignorance, like parasitism, is a by-product of manifestation.

As to the question of why this current phenomenon has such a grip upon people to the point that it obsesses the west, it has to do with adherence to the lower order of things, the ignorance that gives shape to modern ambitions, and the rite of passage that mankind is currently traveling through. Certainly, the sacred power of choice fuels much here, from bio-weapon injections, to agitating for WW3, to the suicidal tendencies observed across the leadership panorama of the west.

Returning to the realm of the mythic and searching for an illustration of mythic action in the world, brings us directly to the primary zone of focus for all current events, Ukraine. Ukraine illustrates how the myth of nationalism is dependent upon a shared vision, in order to galvanize a people. Ukraine also illustrates the activity of dark myth, where destruction and devastation become the inevitable by-products. Last, but not least, Ukraine illustrates the activity of the latest manifestation of the Nazi myth, as it is cynically applied by the west and its operatives.

Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler

Ukraine, in its current iteration, is most definitely a product of the west, and especially the USA. The various threads and influences trace back to the earliest post-war years when the newly minted CIA set up shop there and never left. However, the largest single event that turned Ukraine into what it is today was the Neocon coup lavishly funded by the US taxpayer. It was after this event that Jewish leaders in Ukraine began using the “Nazi salute”, and the elevation of Ukrainian dissident Bandera into a hero of nationalism began in earnest.

This promotion of mythic Nazism was at least partially due to the fact that Bandera was a German collaborator during WW2. The end of the conflict saw the Red Army pushing the forces of the 3rd Reich out of Ukraine via a series of bloody battles, whilst Bandera returned to Ukraine to wage a guerilla war against the Soviets, which the NKVD eventually brought to an end.

The symbolism and military strength of WW2 Germany maintained its’ own underground popularity in Ukraine, even after the demise of Bandera’s war, as rag-tag neo-Nazi groups across Ukraine trained with arms, attempted to revive Slavic paganism that doubtless bore little similarity to the ancestral practices, and vocally dismissed communism.

Despite such social movements, which included music, philosophy, and an effort toward an identity separate from Russia, Ukraine was and is faced with the fact that it cannot lay claim to an identity devoid of Russia. The fictitious nationalist claim actually derives more from an accident of history, than any genuine unique identity.

Ukrainians parade during WWII

Perhaps a useful analogy might be found in examining the claim for a separate nationalist destiny with the American state of Texas. Despite Texas’ brief flirtation with independence soon after its founding, Texas cannot claim a legitimate history independent of the Union to which it belongs. Like Texas, the destiny of Ukraine is defined by the destiny of the larger society that it participates. In this sense, a Texas, or Ukrainian history becomes a subset of a wider history.

Statehood for Ukraine was never taken seriously during the heyday of the Soviet Union. It was in no way implied to supplant the authority of Moscow, and in fact it never did, until the fateful day of the collapse. Without the USSR, the junior partners that administered to the “republics” suddenly found themselves to be the highest forms of government left standing.

Thus, the “nation” of Ukraine, its borders, and its territory were not the result of the raw will of the people. They were not forged in the fire of conflict that ignited the struggle toward an ideology, or even an idea of what it meant to be Ukrainian. Rather, Ukraine had nationhood dropped directly into its lap, a sort of default position that almost no one had anticipated would occur. This was exploited shamelessly by the orchestrators of the Maidan coup. Just as the reinvented myth of Nazism became prominent in the post-coup Ukraine, so too did a radical nationalism rise, nationalism which paradoxically, panders to the west even today.

That the Nazi myth is far away and different from historical truth is easily demonstrated. Yet what is rarely noticed, much less discussed, is the inescapable fact that the primary shapers and promoters of modern Nazi myth are Jewish. We can clearly discover this to be true, as Hollywood churns out an endless array of Nazi themes, as certain Jews have themselves observed that there is an entire holocaust industry, as Jewish leaders set up a system of payments to Israel, which some might call them reparations, or aid packages, that are still shipping wealth out of their respective countries generations after the close of WW2.

The Nazi myth is, of course, never-ending. The further away in time, the world travels from that point of origin, the more the lies and bombastic claims grow. How it can be even passing moral to force the descendants of a target group to continue to pay in blood and treasure for an event of incredibly dubious historic veracity is a case for study in itself. For our purposes here, it is enough to illustrate that the Nazi myth is in fact a Jewish one.

It is important to understand this, because if one realizes that it is Jews who have turned Nazism into a myth, one with more than a little resemblance to Barnum and Baileys’ enterprise, then it becomes simple to recognize why the Neocons, who were the primary orchestrators of the coup, and mostly Jewish, would find it a great opportunity to promote the Nazi myth in a post-coup Ukraine.

In fact, one could say this fruit merely fell into their gaping mouths, for conveniently enough, the man crowned with the condition of Ukrainian independence, Stepan Bandera, and chosen as the de facto father of Ukrainian nationalism, is widely seen as a strong participant in that burgeoning business of modern Nazi myth.

All at once, we can now see that the so-called “color revolution”, promoted throughout the west as a democracy initiative, is in fact something else entirely. We can also understand that a very important reason exists for a strident denial of the deployment of neo-Nazism in Ukraine, because the confluence of conditions whereby the Nazi myth was so convenient as a tool for control in Ukraine, threatens its continued deployment across the west as a tool of political, social, and economic repression.

The activation of ultra-nationalist ideology in Ukraine was imported by the same cynical forces that demand payment for victimhood that no one in the modern world is guilty of forcing on them.

Their own fantasy of victimhood delivers for themselves a sacred status beyond reproach and one which is replayed with nauseating frequency. Concurrently, these imported myths of Nazism and nationhood have ignited a war by which countless thousands of innocents have already been killed or wounded, with many more casualties guaranteed.

Ukraine is being destroyed by this descent into the cynical manipulation of myth, and Russia herself will be forever changed by this conflict.

Myth is the single most powerful organizing force in the human psyche. By its very nature, it is mutable, capable of creating meaning wherever it appears. Yet when myth is manipulated for purposes that surpass mere cruelty and used as a force to paralyze and harvest the efforts of a people, then that use of myth is evil indeed.

Perhaps in a better world, the Neocons would throw their efforts into removing the poisons they inflicted upon a once proud people. If America was truly being led by Americans, they would do what they could to curtail the escalation of conflict, and instead of sending long-range missiles, send a delegation ready to listen to both sides. There is no advantage to mankind for this war in Ukraine to continue, as it, in fact, threatens the survival of the entire human race.


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  1. @SouthThunder230
    The last Western Kultura was the peasantry with its homogeneous System of rites and beliefs. Industrialism is not Kulture but alienation, and in England, where it first took hold, there was Luddism.
    Fascism and Nazism are not Kultures but social engineering (Kurt Lewin and later Tavistock).
    That the Nazi elites had myths and beliefs this does not authorize to say that the parades and rallies reflected those myths and beliefs, just as Freemasonry, the “clean” and the Satanist, also has its rites and beliefs but this does not authorize to say that the people know those rites and beliefs. In Italy (and then in Germany) during the 20 years of fascism (and before the war) there were “Fascist Saturdays” where everyone had to go, from age 5 to 60, and where they were indoctrinated. That, and nothing else, is why there are large rallies and parades (whether in Italy, Germany or UKR).
    Has the Kultura disappeared? Of course not, and each of us has our own fears and beliefs of which we are unaware. The Manipulators under the orders of globalism and/or the elites are like “Sorcerers” who have studied and know our fears and beliefs deep in our unconscious. Fascism and Nazism is alive and present and has the “democratic face,” that is, without the Nazi-fascist hierarchs to instill fear.

  2. There is maximum confusion here between the concept of kultura and massification. Without more to add, this is the least I feel like saying.

    • beppe you have said too much. I am only wrapping my head around massification. Reading Eotuos on the subject goes very deep. To understand that concept and confuse it with “kultura”? would take more intellect than I can muster. This massification concept is very relevant to the issue mass mind control.

    • No, there is not massive confusion between attempts to orchestrate behavior, or even simply to understand it, and the culture in question. culture itself should be an organic manifestation of a people. If it is not organic, but rather contrived and manipulated, then it does not generate from authentic cause.
      That which is organic is unto itself, consistent and holistic in its approach to life. That which is contrived attempts to mimic this characteristic without success. In short, culture is an expression.
      Mass behavior, is almost always referred to regarding some type of crisis, however this ignores routine mass behavior upon which societies are constructed.
      Mass behavior is a characteristic, not an expression, thus they are unique from each other.
      Both mass behavior and culture arise from a mythic basis, as it is the myth that provides meaning and cohesion for the expression and behavior itself.

  3. I was first introduced to studies on mythology and it’s importance to understanding culture. Certainly the Nazis Myth ranks #1 in the 20-21 Century psyche . And it is a fact that a certain Tribe benefits greatly from the exaggeration and memorialization of the horrible events of WW11 as it pertains to and affected said tribe. Because a group understands the effects and power of myth and utilizes it to their advantage should be of no surprise. I have a sense that of the few who read this, that one could be left with the inclination that Hitler and his handlers are benevolent beings. Much as Putin is being Mythologized. We do have a tendency toward Hero Worship. Very interesting article Mike and Jack. One other point I took from this. The weakness of liberalism and the strength of conservativism does not make one philosophy more righteous than the other. ‘Woke’ hive mind or ‘Nazis’ nationalism are extremes of thought that meld into this mythology you write of. Elements of conservativism and of liberalism are essential to good governance when actively and fluidly assessed.

    • I meant to mention Joseph Campbell introduced me to the study of the importance of mythology.

    • Campbell only scratched the service. Does the myth of heroic return really mean anything in the modern world? Every individual must be their own hero. The worship of the ancients is a waste of time.

  4. So how do we deprogram otherwise intelligent persons who are so brainwashed by the “Nazi Myth” (written in ballpoint pen, of course) that they refuse to even consider facts and logical arguments that even only chip away at the edges, much less those contradicting the whole? 4.3 – 3.9 = 6.0 of course is beyond them.

    • You don’t worker, you get in the head and the rest will follow, unless they are too infected, in which case they have to be euthanized. We must change the biblical adage of thou shalt not suffer a witch to live among you to thou shalt not suffer a transhuman cyborg or their bacterial agglutinations to live among you…

  5. Left out of this excellent ariticle is the meaning and definition of “nazi” from the Russian perspective and experience.
    A nazi to Russians is not exactly one who is hyper nationalisitic,
    Nor is a nazi defined as one who rounds up and kills jewish people, or homosexuals, or gypsies or communists foe that matter too. Although all this is a part of the history of the nazi.

    A nazi to Russians is one who kills Russians, because they are Russians. Pretty simple.

    This sort of a Russian nationalistic view of what a nazi is. And this view comes from experience.

    I lived in Belarus for a few years, got a “taste of it” there just what it is they refer to by “fascistas” (nazis)
    I have mentioned this in comments gere a few tunes already, might as well do it again.

    The real nazis in 2022 are jewiah, homosexuals, US politicians, western media, billonaires, rock stars, etc etc etc…now “all walks of life”
    The new “woke nazi” movement eh.
    Everyone can be a nazi now, killing the Russian is all it takes to join the party..

  6. When you set aside the mostly baseless myths that link humans around the world, you are left with an embryonic void of sorts. Step into that void and find the truer bases for our incarnation. It has little to do with the mindless physical and psychic destruction being perpetuated on the basis of national myth. But, fear is the strongest and most confusing human emotion that is used by the myth makers to preclude true spiritual revelation. Know thyself!

    • Myth can only be a central organizing principle in human consciousness. The modern mind replaces myth at it’s own peril, because no other function exists to fulfill it’s purpose.

  7. You have a gift for sure, Jack.
    I don’t have the energy left to get even a fifth of the way through this piece today, but your ability to make the salient point right off the bat, lets me say this;
    Yes, this world is full of myth; whatever bullshit it can get people to believe.
    That’s why Pontius Pilot asked Jesus, “what is truth?”

    • Yea but this thing ain’t exactly burning up the hit counter Elvin, you guys on here are the only ones left at VT that read stuff like this. My old 10-thousand-word essays that got 10 thousand reads and hundreds of comments would have gone over like a led balloon with this audience. I’m doing a private piece, “Illuminati” only, I’m almost done. Got some house cleaning to do then I’ll blow off a few news briefs for VT and the general audience for the weekend.

  8. “Perhaps in a better world, the Neocons would throw their efforts into removing the poisons they inflicted upon a once proud people. If America was truly being led by Americans, they would do what they could to curtail the escalation of conflict, and instead of sending long-range missiles, send a delegation ready to listen to both sides. There is no advantage to mankind for this war in Ukraine to continue, as it, in fact, threatens the survival of the entire human race.”Amen Brother Amen 🙏

    • Right. The paradox that in Russia we geel no problems. I live in Russia, i know what I’m talking about. At least we have plenty of organic food, pure water, lumber, mental, gas and oil. We are like cockroaches – we will survive everything. So, what’s the difference – i eat a bread and you chew your debit card or computer chip. Etc… We will win! I’m not talking personally about you, Sir.

    • Don’t get me wrong Andrew. I’m cheering for you Russians and the Alliance for taking down the DS and the NWO but honestly I prefer peace over war. BTW I’m reading Tolstoy’s War and Peace again. You have some great writers over there Andrew.

    • Andrew in order for you to really win and not just buy an uneasy truce you cannot stop at the Polish border; you must go into Europe and liberate Germany. The French people will take care of the rest on the continent, but you will have to invade and conquer Great Britain, Canada and the United States. You will of course have help from the indigenous populace, I for one can think of nothing I would like better than leading a bayonet charge through DC. We are looking at the mother of all wars but in the end, we will win, and Russia will go down in history as the savior of the Human Race just as predicted in prophecy. The future belongs to Russia the only question now is will she be bold enough to take it…

  9. The so called Nazi myth is a psyop designed and manufactured in Britain since 1943 to crush the german mind after their military force is crushed on the battelfields. This psyop created a complete set of lies to separate the Germans from their history, their ancestors, to split the families apart, turn the young against the elder, to leave every single German in a state of confusion and self-loathing for a guilt that’s made up. The downside to this is, you cannot just tell the lies to the Germans. You have to tell the lies to your own people. In fact, you must make the whole world believe these lies. Every appearance of truth must be buried under new lies. When the truth emerges, all the work is for naught. If the truth breaks ground, the German could wake up from the anesthetic again. And everything would have been for nothing.
    A friend told me, that his father said to him: “Stick to the truth. Because when you lie, you always have to be sure who you told which lies. And when you mess with the lies, you’ll come off as the liar you are.”
    Do they need an AI to keep their many lies under control?

    • America and Great Britain always vilify their enemy’s, but they have really outdone themselves with the Germans. The tragedy is most Germans believe the baseless lies about WW II and have become very comfortable being sodomized in history by that always noted scholar Schlomo. One of the commenters said it well, the history of WW II has been written with a ballpoint pen if you know what I mean. The Anglo-American Empires greatest fear has always been a Russo-German alliance and if the Björkö Treaty had been signed before King Edward blackmailed the Czar WW I never would have happened and consequently neither would WW II. We would all be living in a very different and better world, the Americans and British too, who never got anything anyway out of the blood they shed for their oligarchs…

  10. German “Iron Chancellor” Otto von Bismarck:

    “The power of Russia can only be undermined by the separation of Ukraine from it … it is necessary not only to tear off, but also to oppose Ukraine to Russia. To do this, you only need to find and nurture traitors among the elite and, with their help, change the self-consciousness of one part of the great people to such an extent that they will hate everything Russian, hate their own family, without realizing it. Everything else is a matter of time.”
    “The Russians, even if they are dissected by international treatises, will just as quickly reunite with each other, like particles of a cut piece of mercury. This is the indestructible state of the Russian nation, strong in its climate, its spaces and its limited needs.”

  11. Brilliant Jack.
    Why are the Ukrainians “condescending” to Banderista Nazism?
    – Easy… remember the “Holomodor”. –

  12. I lived a lotta places…but recently granada/spain…4 yrs…I hadda morroccan/spanish girlfriend…
    We obviously went everywhere …quite frequently the Moors/moroccan section…for drinks, food etc…
    It was amazing to watch the waiters who spoke arabic immediately assume that they had a hidden intimacy
    with my partner…to the extent of almost hostility towards me.
    I got the drift it was almost tribal…and that she had “fallen” and needed help.
    She wasa berber on her mothers side/spanish father.
    I explained to her that muslim/islamic religion wasa force of occupation by the arabs….
    Her original “religion” was pagan…berber.
    The arabs had so infested the morroccan community that being a muslim was normal.
    The lady has degrees/not stupid…
    yet she was very undermined with the undercurrent of thought that she was one of them.
    Tribalism is where your myths begin.

    • So in Ukraine, a large mass of the population opposes itself to everything Russian. For various reasons. Propaganda, TV, personal hostility as a result of the current military operation, narrow-mindedness, ideological personalities. There are also Ukrainians who do not dislike Russia, but are afraid to suffer from their fellow tribesmen and special services. Therefore, there is a continuous hatred of Russian people and the Russian language in Ukrainian social networks. This was not even in the USSR in relation to the Germans after the Second World War.

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