…by Jonas E. Alexis

In 2008, Jewish scholar Norman Finkelstein made the bold claim that “Israel has to suffer a major defeat” in order to join the civilized world. Why did he say that?

Well, Israel has never followed international and universal laws when it comes to politics and wars. Israel does whatever it pleases when it comes to wiping out civilians and innocent people.

In his recent work Gaza: An Inquest into Its Martyrdom, which is published by the University of California Press, Finkelstein takes the Israeli project in Gaza by the balls by producing one document after another showing that Israel has committed crimes in Gaza—crimes that would put people like Ted Bundy or Ted Kaczynski to shame.

Finkelstein writes:

“The Gaza Strip is among the most densely populated places in the world. More than two-thirds of its inhabitants are refugees, and more than half are under eighteen years of age.

Since 2004, Israel has launched eight devastating ‘operations’ against Gaza’s largely defenseless population. Thousands have perished, and tens of thousands have been left homeless. In the meantime, Israel has subjected Gaza to a merciless illegal blockade. What has befallen Gaza is a man-made humanitarian disaster.”[1]

Gaza, Finkelstein writes in the preface of the book, “is a distinctly evil crime,” and “the documentary record bears it out.”[2]

Finkelstein takes all of Israel’s arguments with respect to its operation and Gaza and scholarly tears them to shred. Israel continues to act in ways that are incompatible with the moral and political order largely because Israel has been getting away with its evil deeds without any repercussions from the West.

For example, take the recent attack on Damascus. The Israelis attacked the capital of Syria overnight.

Russia Today has reported:

“Footage provided by Ruptly shows locals clearing the rubble from the streets in the western suburbs of Damascus, where the Israeli missiles landed overnight. Broken glass and pieces of concrete are seen scattered all over the place, along with several vehicles that have apparently burned out overnight.

Aside from the damage inflicted on the ground, the Israeli raid put at risk an Airbus A320, which was about to land in Damascus with 172 passengers on board. According to the Russian military, it was forced to divert to Russia’s Khmeimim Air Base as the Syrian military dealt with the attack.”[3]

  • What country will allow you to attack its area without repercussions?
  • What would the entire Western world say if Syria had attacked Israel and had done the same thing?
  • Would the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, and indeed the entire Zionist media go berserk?
  • Wouldn’t they ask Trump to retaliate?

Obviously Israel has been getting away with its crimes for so long because politicians in the West have been sissified.

People in the West should tell Israeli politicians that their crimes against humanity are over. If they continue to violate the moral law, then they need to be willing to face consequences.

First published in February 2020


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  1. The terrorist state of Israel is living on borrowed time as the ME is coming under BRICs with Iran becoming the dominant power in the region. It is doubtful that they’ll put up with Israel’s escapades for too long.

  2. Their time will come, the current virus sweeping the World has demonstrated the ineffectiveness of traditional military armament.
    They still have time,
    or Face the consequences, Their choice.

  3. Hitler and Mussolini were the only two in recent modern history who stood up to the Jewish Question and attempted to do anything serious about it. Any of you ever ask yourself why they are so vilified today??? Everything else is useless “bar chatter” as we say where I’m from.

    • i don’t care about jewish questions, but that two bastards got what they deserved. Let them burn in Hell forever.
      Hello from the USSR.

  4. Israel is getting away with these many crimes documented by this excellent article, for a single reason: They use Mafia gangster tactics to anyone who opposes them.
    What does this mean? First they use polite smiling face bribery to get Congress to do their bidding. If that fails, then everyone in Congress knows that some relatives may have accidents or disappear from the landscape or more. Israel is run by very evil criminal thugs who must be stopped.
    Who did 9/11/01 to our country with the aid of criminals Bush, Cheney and some four star generals? Israel again! It was improperly blamed on Muslim Patsies but Israel did it! Congress has been bribed and threatened to support this evil group of cowards as Jonas so well and courageously documents. Congress must all resign today or be voted out of office and replaced by other Americans who will reject the evil criminal activities of the despicable Al Capone Gang running Israel and aided by Donald Adolph Hitler our reprehensible coward so called President or orders murders of officials of other countries he hates like General Solemani of Iran.

    • They own Israel and the USA plus all Media of the west, Rothschilds money is corruping every body necesair !

  5. I love reading your articles Jonas. I know you know this but for the uninitiated the reason why western governments don’t protest or take stronger action against Israel is because of the power the Zionists have over western governments. Blackmail schemes that make many western leaders and other influential people are blackmailed by Israel’s intelligence services or agents of the intelligence agencies. Also as most of the world’s banking institutions are owned and run by wealthy and powerful Zionist families, most governments dare not speak out against Israel least that country would suffer some economic disaster or currency crisis. Money indeed makes the world go round… unfortunatly.

  6. IMHO, Israel particularly and Zionism in general has already suffered a catastrophic defeat.
    The attack by mercenaries, fanatics and special forces all framed as Jihadists should bring the rescue from endless misery and dependency on yearly US billions. However, the tides of war have turned and Syrian Arab Army and allies have become a Jihadist elimination force.

    Even when we reduce the observation to Hezbollah, which was a strong but small unit in Lebanon, now has become a fully equipped army, which alone is able to defeat the Israeli Defense Forces. If Hezbollah is the nightmare of the IDF, what is then the current Syrian Arab Army, what is the IRGC or only the Al-Quds-Force?

    Even the Israeli Air Force proves itself as a heap of cowards, who hide their fighter jets behind passenger jets and risk the lives of civilians to be shot by Syrian air defense. If the pilots of Israeli fighter jets are men with cojones and backbone, they must reject such operations. All generals and officers should resist such orders from politicians. The current conditions of all Israeli forces are so humiliating, desperate and dumb, that any Israeli should be ashamed of them.

    • I agree with all other excellent comments. Israel is run by cowards who seek to fool and deceive others. It is unspeakable cowardice to fire rockets in the presence of a civilian airliner. Observe the deafening silence from the cowards in Congress on this. Would any of these cowards evens speak up if their families had been killed if this plane had been blown up by Israeli criminals? Obviously something is very very very wrong with America today isn’t it? Congress is a bunch of bribed whores for Israel that is what is wrong. Sickening is far too polite a word to describe this massive obscenity in America today.

    • If he wanted to I am sure Donald Adolph could easily find out the full names every outlaw Israel Miiitary Force pilot of those planes which fired rockets in the presence of a civilian airliner. NAME and SHAME every one of these international criminals and their supervisor and publish their addresses too. Do something! Arrest and prosecute them. End all aid to this Cesspool evil country run by Mafia Gangsters. America is a shameful disgrace for supporting this outrageous uncivilized misconduct.


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