It’s perfectly clear that last Monday’s raid by the Fibbies on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate near Palm Beach Florida was ordered by the White House. The Biden Administration’s denials have made it official. They usually only speak the opposite of the truth, no offense intended. The big issues are whether the CIA planted the documents so conveniently found by their partners in crime the FBI and if so whether they were caught on candid camera. It’s also possible of course that the FBI did the planting. They have experience of planting evidence!

The FBI obtained the search warrant from federal magistrate Bruce Reinhart, an Obama supporter. Given the corruption and politicisation of the federal judiciary, no offense intended, there seem to me to be five possibilities:

(1)    Judge Reinhart was blackmailed into approving the warrant.

(2)    An opponent of President Trump, Judge Reinhart made the decision on political grounds.

(3)     Judge Reinhart was paid off.

(4)     He was lied to, or

(5)     He carefully evaluated the evidence and issued the warrant in good faith.

Judge Bruce Reinhart

Whilst the fifth possibility may seem far-fetched, given that he is a federal judge, to misquote Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, when all other possibilities have been excluded, the remaining one, however unlikely, has to be the answer. With every respect to Judge Reinhart however, I don’t think the first four possibilities can be excluded.

Careful counter-intelligence checks will need to be made on Judge Reinhart’s bank accounts and private life. I am inclined to think that he was compromised, but we’ll have to wait and see what the investigation turns up.

The Attorney-General

Merrick Garland

The role of General Garland is also going to come in for close scrutiny. (As a US Solicitor-General once explained to me, US Law Officers are addressed as ‘General’, whereas we address them as Mr/Madam Attorney etc.) Law Officers are supposed to be above politics but sadly Merrick Garland isn’t. I think it’s pretty obvious that he was acting under orders from the White House, whose denials are sounding hollow.


The FBI are highly political. They backed Hillary Clinton in 2016, to the point where they spied on Donald Trump’s campaign, in the desperate hope of finding dirt on him which they could pass on to the Clinton Campaign. As the FBI’s role in illegally supporting that campaign comes under increasing scrutiny the Bureau have an obvious motive in smearing President Trump.

I know from bitter experience how willing the Fibbies are to take orders from a Democrat President. In order to secure my 2014 bomb hoax conviction, even with a tampered jury, it was necessary for the Crown Prosecution Service to mislead the court. One of those deceptions was the entirely false, hearsay claim that an un-named FBI agent, who was not called to give evidence, had described me to a Leicestershire Police detective as “a fantasist and borderline insane”.

The evidence was of course inadmissible but the learned trial judge let it in anyway. Clearly it was prejudicial. It is always a mistake however to believe your own propaganda. The CPS claimed that I had no intelligence connections, which was absurd, indeed the names and contact details of the only intelligence officers, serving or ‘retired’, who gave evidence for the prosecution came from the GCHQ intercepts of my incoming and outgoing telephone calls.

Had the CPS looked at the defense evidence more carefully they would have discovered the names and direct dial telephone numbers of several FBI counter-intelligence officers, including from the Arabian Peninsula Unit, tasked with finding the German agent Osama bin Laden.

I had of course briefed them in regarding bin Laden’s movements. They already knew that I had been talking to those nice people the NSA and had advised moving a bird overhead bin Laden’s safe house near Peshawar. (That was the first safe house – he was then moved by the ISI to a better protected one, near Abbotabad, the scene of the staged raid in 2011.)

After the trial ended in November 2014 and before my sentence in February 2015 (the delay was caused by the CPS’s desperate search for evidence of my supposed insanity, which given their belief in global warming was a bit of a cheek, frankly) I contacted FBI HQ in Washington. Obviously I didn’t go through the switchboard, which thankfully meant not having to listen to their canned muzak. (Never having had to ring the FBI switchboard I am assuming that they offer muzak to their trapped telephone audience!)

The FBI immediately launched an internal investigation, which swiftly concluded that the alleged conversation had never taken place. As a deputy general counsel explained to me it wasn’t the sort of language the FBI would ever use about an ally in any event, never mind a licensed attorney and former judge.

Since I had appealed my conviction both the Cabinet Office and the Obama White House were anxious lest the results of the FBI inquiry be introduced on appeal. Sadly however both the then A-G and the Fibbies caved in to political pressure from the White House, from which I concluded that the FBI are essentially the enforcement arm of the non-eponymous Democratic Party.

The late Judge McCreath

As my appeal against conviction could not be lodged until after my sentence the timeline meant that the conclusions of the FBI inquiry would have been in time for the appeal. I did not appeal sentence, by the way. I should explain that the then Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, transmitted orders to the learned trial judge to sentence me to four years. In fairness the late Judge McCreath resisted that pressure and only sentenced me to a year. (His Honour very properly resigned from the Bench in 2017.)

Whilst a four-year sentence would have been way above tariff Sir Jeremy no doubt intended that any appeal would only be heard by tame judges, no offense to the Court of Appeal intended. His thinking, apparently, was that I wouldn’t survive the two years I would have been obliged to serve, especially if he could get me transferred to a Category A prison.

When it became clear that the learned judge was going to apply the sentencing tariff (one year), Sir Jeremy changed tack and tasked GO2 with arranging for my murder in a Category B prison on the Isle of Wight. They in turn lined up a tame ISIS nutter, with whom I was going to be forced to share a cell. He was allowed to smuggle a large knife into his cell (easy enough, given that the Prisons Service effectively reports to the Cabinet Office).

HMP Wandsworth

The plan was that the Islamic nutter would saw my head off, which would have been a bit irritating. (There’s nothing more irritating, frankly, than having your head sawn off.) No one would have responded to my alarm call of course, at least not until the officers were sure that my head was no longer attached to my body.

Happily the plan was leaked to MI5, who kindly arranged for the nutter’s cell to be raided and the knife seized, along with an ISIS flag, which, you will not be surprised to hear, prisoners in British prisons are not normally allowed to keep. I was sent to HMP Wandsworth, having spent several hours in a holding cell at Southwark Crown Court, wholly ignorant of the plan to send me to the Isle of Wight.

The documents

President Trump is alleged to have hung onto classified documents after leaving office, in breach of the Presidential Records Act 1978, passed in the wake of President Nixon’s resignation. There are several issues here. Firstly are the records in fact classified? Secondly were they dumped at Mar-a-Lago by the CIA before the raid, or taken along by the FBI?

The Fibbies prevented the search from being observed, in blissful ignorance that they were caught on CCTV. Their desire for secrecy of itself is suggestive of misconduct. The raid was clearly a set-up, undertaken in order to try and stop President Trump from running again in 2024, in circumstances where the Democrats cannot be sure of rigging the ballot as they did in 2020.

I incline to the view that the CIA burgled Mar-a-Lago beforehand and dropped some documents into President Trump’s safe, which was empty. Rumors are swirling that the CIA dump was caught on camera and that President Trump has the tapes. Boomps-a-daisy!

Franz Schlegelberger

The whole raid has blown up in the faces of Biden, Judge Reinhart, the Fibbies and the A-G. Joe Biden has contrived to make President Nixon look like President Lincoln, a not insignificant achievement. He hasn’t been in the Oval Office for two years and already Americans are longing for a return to the ethical standards of the Nixon Administration.

No offense, but General Garland is inviting comparisons with Fritz Schlegelberger, one of Germany’s wartime Ministers of Justice, whilst FBI Director Christopher Wray is inviting comparisons with our community partner Heinrich Himmler, albeit without the latter’s personality. (I am not suggesting of course that Himmler had a warm personality, but at least he had one.) Between them this lot have caused irreversible harm to the American justice system, now reduced, sadly, to a joke.

Heinrich Himmler

The attempted assassination of Sir Salman Rushdie

Sir Salman Rushdie

Thankfully, distinguished Bombay-born Anglo-American author Sir Salman Rushdie appears to have survived his attempted assassination by probable Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps agent Hadi Matar. The FBI have seized control of the investigation, which means that it will go nowhere. The Fibbies still haven’t solved the Lindbergh baby kidnap!

The local police in Chautauqua NY and the NY State Police are deferring to the FBI, sadly. One thing the FBI will not be investigating of course is whether Sir Salman’s State Police protection was reduced and if so on whose orders.

It is a reasonable inference that the disgraceful attack on Sir Salman was agreed in advance with Teheran as part of the negotiations over the Iran nuclear deal. The MSM of course, being unable to connect dots, are treating the two issues as separate. Given that Sir Salman is a British Citizen and Joe Biden is an Anglophobe it is legitimate to ask whether the Administration cleared the attack and if so at what level. I wish Sir Salman a speedy recovery and hope that his eyesight can be saved.

Anne Heche (1969 – 2022)

Anne Heche

Anne Heche’s life support, sadly, was switched off on Thursday, following a car wreck on August 5th. Her Mini Cooper car was seen being driven erratically and at high speed just before the accident. It seems that she was under the influence.

It’s a sad end to an illustrious career. Anne Heche was never an A-lister in Hollywood but she was a fine actress. She suffered appalling discrimination after announcing that she was in a lesbian relationship with the equally talented Ellen DeGeneres.

Anne was not entirely stable, I’m afraid, although in fairness there are no indications that she ever believed in global warming. She wasn’t as nutty as a New York Times leader writer. Given her messy upbringing it’s not perhaps surprising that she encountered difficulties in adulthood. There is widespread speculation in the media that the car wreck was an attempted suicide.

It might have been, but I would prefer to remember her for wonderful work on screen rather than her untimely and dramatic end. Hollywood won’t come out of this too well, I’m afraid. She was a nice person who was treated very badly and deserved a great deal better.


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  1. Yep, been there, done that. I spent 18 months as a guest of the FCC. I was Chairman of a group that aggravated the federal government with our seminars. The FBI placed two, or possibly three, “confidential informants”, snitches, in our group. Three of us were arrested in dramatic, filmed for TV, raids, and incarcerated. Interestingly, we were not charged for anything we were doing in our group, but for falling for the bait offered by the informants. The Southern Poverty Law Center came into town and filled the news outlets with descriptions of us as “a racist hate group”, and “paper terrorists.” The day of the arrests, the news people were notified, and had the cameras rolling, while the street filled with police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks. The nearby schools were locked down, and all that was missing were the popcorn and balloon merchants. My home was ransacked and several thousand dollars in damage was done by agents of FBI, IRS, etc. whose names were, of course, never revealed. Cash was taken from a desk drawer and never reported. Silver boullion was taken, but not gold coins. Too easily tracked, perhaps?

  2. Trump was/is the btch of Sheldon Adelson and Netanutjob.
    Trump had just as many if not more close ties to Epstein.
    Trump is the Jim Jones of our time & controlled by the same

    Rushdie is a CIA asset

  3. Such a sorted tale. We must sever all the tentacles of corruption. There is no defense for any “side”. Unfortunately when you have been laid low by one of those “sides” your enemies, enemy become your friend. Truth and light to you all who seek it.

  4. Thanks, Michael, you’re always good for a laugh. I always admire the way authors like to dis the FBI,CIA…rightfully so, but then there are the dots connected and dots ignored. It’s those kosher dots that keep getting ignored. I doubt the two mentioned, Garland and Wray, did any real damage to the US Just-us system…at least anything notable. The US Just-us system has been broken for over a couple centuries, at the very least. As they (Just-us) never caught the Lindbergh kidnappers, they never exposed the assassinations of other US presidents either…or FFs, or…. Just sayin’, this ain’t nothing new. Likely, moreso than not, this what it looks like, not what they are trying to sell. Another go nowhere-fabricated issue to burn the public with yet another wild goose chase that goes…nowhere. Hey, fools, look over here…not over there. When you have an asset that is really good at their job, you don’t just ditch them, you use them to the nth degree. Trump is possibly the best asset they’ve had in a while. He has many convinced that he is a victim of the FBI, CIA and ‘deep state’. That all the mentioned are heavily infiltrated, compromised, controlled or run by Mossad, their (Israeli) Trojan Horse shows no fear and the show goes on. Have people ever wondered where the idea of ‘reality shows’ came from…?

    • “It’s those kosher dots that keep getting ignored.”

      You’ll get no where fast with Shrimpton when you point to the Ashkenazim as being responsible for anything. Remember, this is a guy who still blames the Arabs for 9/11. When I said to him that Gordon Duff had proved beyond a doubt that Israel nuked us on that horrible day and got away with he responded with righteous scorn for my even thinking that Israel isn’t our bestous buddy in the Middle East.

  5. You forgot to mention that Judge Reinhardt is a close associate of Jeffery Epstein and a big supporter of Hillary Clinton. A connection so obvious that he was forced to recuse himself from Trump’s RICO lawsuit against her et al for propagating the Russia Hoax. Also that many of the SAs involved in the raid were involved in Crossfire Hurricane AKA FISAgate. The corruption at the bureau runs deep but it always has since the days that cross dressing pervert Hoover took over the Bureau of investigation and turned it into the American Gestapo.

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