by Mike Kay

There is little that can be said, of certain actions taken by mankind. The motives, justifications, and explanations for such actions are usually reduced to platitudes, arranged by professionals for mass consumption. Yet there are some actions, taken by some people that carry with them significance beyond that specific event.

Such is the case, of the murder of Darya Dugina.

Ms. Dugina was, of course, the daughter of famed Russian philosopher and mystic, Aleksander Dugin. The murder was carried out in a typical terrorist fashion, with cowardice and deception. We will not be covering the specific details of the crime. Such tasks are better handled by others. Instead, we will be examining the significance of this action, and for the cognizant, a commentary on what is now unfolding in the west.

Aleksander Dugin is perhaps most famous for his fourth political theory; a deep explanation of the events of the modern political world, and one which has largely proven prophetic. His work earned him a response of terror and censorship in America and the west, where he was branded as the most dangerous man in the world.

Darya Dugina alongside her father Aleksandr Dugin attended a traditional family festival in the Moscow region just hours before the tragedy, August 20, 2022.

Mr. Dugin quickly became a symbol and a most complex one at that. For the majority of the American public, he was a symbol of Russia, which their politicians, and their media, teach them to vilify. Yet for the decision-makers in the west, Mr. Dugin was something else. That something else made him very dangerous indeed. Mr. Dugin was a living example of the result of communism, and of the ability to recover from it, without any assistance from the west.

We all should know that Russia was ground zero for the communist test site and that communism, conveniently understood by its quaint title “Marxism” in every American university, was very much a creation of the west. Marxism currently informs the real revolutionaries, who as previously documented, are currently attacking their own western society to usher in a totalitarian transhuman state. Thus Mr. Dugin, with his intelligence, and deep analysis of the political world, exposes the primary fact of communism as fantasy; its myopic focus on economics.

Communism is, in reality, an economic model of society. Marx and Engels ignored the features that make mankind human, in favor of an externalized simplistic view of the measure of the man. The west, and especially America, has fully embraced this proposition to the point where it now informs every feature, operation, and condition in America today. Simply by revealing his fourth political theory, Mr. Dugin exposed this as shallow nonsense, and that was correctly seen as exposing the west for the fraud it truly has become.

All great liars respond in kind when their network is revealed for what it is. They first seek to reject the truth, to hide from it, and finally to utterly silence it. The west must hide its totalitarian objectives behind a screen of carefully managed lies, for the simple minds of its populace take in the lies like nectar, and they like what they hear, and they ally themselves with those lies. This feature keeps the populace of the west vulnerable, unable to mount an effective immune response. Mr. Dugin’s work disassembles the carefully constructed network of lies, and thus for the would-be gods of the west, it must remain unheard.

Thus, the motive of the west is fully obvious, in the carrying out of the murder. They seek to silence the voice that has exposed their world as a fraudulent fantasy. Through this act of terror, the west moves deeper into their insanity theory, one from which the west will never escape.

Yet the west has never learned that they do not control their own agency. Stories abound, of western leaders engaged in heinous and corrupt acts that feed depraved appetites. Inflamed by a history of meek acceptance by a passive public, unchallenged by any truth, shielded from all accountability, the decision makers of the west have pressed on toward the ultimate crime, one which will strip them of much of what their lies uphold.

The west moves forward with their gangrene initiative, a deeply cynical plan to replace real food with crickets, to make the absurd claim that spraying the stratosphere with toxic materials will save the planet from a climate crisis, to digital I.D., and vaccine “medicine” for the masses.

Meanwhile, the west has been sponsoring a new phase of biological warfare, nuclear terrorism, and economic devastation. Yet the dystopian future promised by western halls of power is neither fully determined nor fully realizable. The crisis model of governance relies upon a functional system to pervert since the crisis model itself is nothing close to functional.

The fourth political theory lays bare the intellectual poverty of the west in a dramatic fashion.

The movement of consciousness is neither recognized, nor understood in America, or the west. The Marxist economic model attracts an inherently stupid explanation for life, and all inquiry stops there. Yet consciousness is fundamental, as in the fact that all of existence is predicated upon it. The Dugina terrorist murder is currently echoing throughout the expanse of consciousness. This represents a fundamental turning point, one which is beginning to manifest as a certainty that the west, and the American empire, are a clear and present threat to life on planet Earth.

Carefully concocted lies will now affect fewer points of view. Embattled, the west will find its poisoned economic society rejected by an increasing number of people, both within and outside the political and geographic boundaries of the west. With the Dugina murder, America and the west position themselves as the enemy of the human will to achieve meaningful lives

It has now blatantly admitted that it cannot win a battle of ideas, and the implications of such are profound. It is now self-evident that the west has no further claim on genius, morality, or the concept of working law. The image, that the west holds the keys to human potential is dead. The west has lost all standing as having claim to any sense of spiritual awareness, and is now perceived as spiritually bankrupt, a dangerous, and frothing at the mouth beast only capable of inflicting great harm.

I do not exaggerate when I explain that the Dugina terrorist murder is the death knell of the west. We will now move into one of the most terrible winters imaginable. The suffering is going to be on a massive scale. On an individual level, what will be crucial will be to remember one’s humanity.

Alex Christoforou


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  1. Mike…as of this moment (8.18 am 24th Aug UK time) there are 6 articles by VT since 19th Aug…dedicated to this
    dugin story……saturation level….apparently they,ve caught the culprits….(yeah right)

    This story has obliterated and replaced across the world any other news. Essentially a news blackout.

    Any mention of Palestian kids being murdered by that disgusting pornographic crime state…called israel.
    No…thats common old news.
    So forgive me if i have little patience with editorial staff that hold hands and obviously sing praises to israel
    but yet pretend to be an independent arbiter of news.

    Gordon duff quote from wikispooks

    “I don’t know know any imaginable way you can get information… First of all… Because, about 30%, based on what I believe… and you know what? Who says I’m right? According to my belief, and I have as good of, uh access to information as anyone in the world, probably, anyone I know of. About 30% of what’s written on VT, is patently false. About 40% of what I write, is at least purposely, partially false, because if I didn’t write false information I wouldn’t be alive. I simply have to do that. I write… anything I write I write between the lines.”

    • 1) I am not Mr. Duff.
      2) I have never supported genocide.
      3) The focus of the world has changed. It is now upon the deplorable state of the European people.

      I don’t lie. Everything I wrote is the truth, and perhaps more precisely, a perspective on that which is much larger than any one person. You are free to dislike, unfriend, down vote, or whatever else. I already explained why I write, and I’m not going to repeat it ad infinitum. If you have a problem with the change in the world to a European focus, that is your problem. If you want to continue to focus on the madness of the middle east, just wait, because the attention will return to there soon enough.

  2. Anyone not accepting or doubting the post-WWII western narrative will get its nihilization spree from NATO United, even if there are entire nations.

  3. Mike kay…
    “Saudi Arabia Sentences Leeds University Researcher To 34 Years In Jail For Social Media Posts”
    Source…Blacklisted News…21 st august (2022)…..Zerohedge.
    “sentenced a doctoral student to 34 years in prison for spreading “rumors” and retweeting dissidents.”
    Notta word on the above from from VT….however….
    Suddenly comes the story of…. “daughter of famed Russian philosopher and mystic, Aleksander Dugin”
    And to quote (((Georg Stein)))…..
    ”crossed a rubicorn…..Daria, inher death, became the feminine incarnation acumen and beauty”
    And across UK tabloids more vomit…
    Only one organisation powerful enough to obliterate facts with the yellow violin, playing chassidic melody.
    U get in there mike and wear the kippa.

    • Well Kevin, why do you expect people to write about what you already believe you know? Could it be that your view of the world doesn’t arrive with a mighty prescience? I’ve already written about why the event of the Dugina murder is important. For you to ask this question suggests that you didn’t bother to read the piece. Maybe next time actually read what I wrote before talking about unrelated topics.

  4. I posted this already at Jack heart:

    I fact Mike, this time they crossed a Rubicon, though unwillingly. Their intention to kill Dugin —and to denigrate his philosophy by exposing his torn and banal flesh— failed and the daughter’s death elevated this conflict to the sacred. As Dugin himself stated full of pain and sorrow: Now more than ever this war has to be fought and has to be won.

    That murderous Ukrainian woman that placed the bomb became as much the manifestation of female evil as Daria, in her death, became the feminine incarnation of acumen and beauty. So now it is a spiritual war that reaches the realms of the divine in which the Russian soul won’t feel no compassion. This winter, in fact, will be interesting, to say the least.

    I tried to transmit these thoughts to convinced marxists, but in their simplified worldview there is no space for finer tunes and tones which makes it a tiresome endeavor to discuss such issues against the wall of materialistic dialectics (which always has the last saying derived from apparent logic).

    While abrahamic religions cut the west off from the divine a long, long time ago (though another brilliant Russian mind claims it has been for just one thousand years), I consider it futile to decide who exactly originated the Demiurge’s takeover – but the elitist structure of judaism will always be more efficient than the mass religions with their inert center of gravity.

    May all this be play out in a way that does justice to the victim.

  5. Maybe the west is trying to create a “Rasputin” type persona? I never heard of this guy and we know he has little to do with Putin, but I guess it is all about perception to the wests propagandists.

    • Average Americans have little access to Dugins work these days, by design. However, anyone who pays attention to philosophy is well acquainted with his work.

  6. After this wet job you can count on the Russians escalating their limited operation. Maybe that’s what NATO wants. The old saying be careful what you wish for comes to mind. You don’t piss off a nation that has unstoppable hypersonic nukes unless you are a suicidal psychopath.

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