The “Golden Age of Greece” was built upon the thought and behavior patterns that people had retained from the time when they had consciously upheld individual sovereignty without equivocation. The momentum of such thought and behavior patterns continues for several centuries, even when no conscious traditions perpetuate it; and it was the momentum of a morality based on individualism — not the form of the “state” — that resulted in the glory of Greece. — John Harland, Word Controlled Humans,  1981, p. 47

John Harland was a suspicious Christian who loved Jesus but mistrusted the church. He idolized those early German people who had not yet fallen under the sway of the Roman Empire, concealed as they were in the forests of the far north and supremely able to take care of themselves.

From Caesar and Tacitus, we learn that the Germans pushed back or killed off intruders, but had no thought patterns for “owning” land. In this respect, they were like the American Indians, but they carried their rejection of “ownership” still further.

The Germans made a point of having their chosen chiefs or “kings” as Caesar called them, reapportion the land they cultivated every year so they would not become attached to one place. They also did not want to become attached to houses. They built minimal houses which were never in sight of each other.

Harland claims to see deeply into the minds of the ancient Germans.

No king and no word-laws ruled the German people. Word control was not permitted to transgress against the holy spirit within each individual. Without being fully armed and ready to fight, the Germans never met for public discussions. No word-laws, handing “authority” to some “king” or “prime minister” or “Senate,” was made at a group meeting.

Contrast that level of freedom with the constraints imposed on everyone ever since by both religion and government.

Serpent makers try to frighten people with a picture of horror that would result if individuals were not held in check by restricting the use of all force to that ordered by group “authorities.” The horror would doubtless be true if restrictions were lifted suddenly on dense populations that have been word conditioned for centuries. But the horror would result from the word conditioning — not the nature of the human animal.

Harland makes no bones about his enthusiastic advocacy of the most famous character in human history. Or, let’s just say the walls of houses in much of the world are adorned with the symbol of his passage which teaches them at least how to cope with misery. Also, conversations with him are reportedly more frequent than with any other personality among airplane passengers worried about reaching their destinations.

The author paints a clear picture of those who love and those who don’t.

The god of Jesus was radically different from the god of the Jews; also the values of Jesus were diametrically opposed to Jewish values. There was no such thing as borrowing all the jewels from neighbors when one planned to poison their firstborn and run away with so many of their possessions that it would spoil them. There was no waging war on another group of people who had brought the land to high productivity — in order to feast on the milk and honey others had produced.

the cult of Mithras, a mystery religion that existed in the Roman Empire from the 1st to the 4th centuries AD.

Directions to the way back

Harland’s admiration for his messiah also emphasized the disturbing distinction between the sage sayings of Jesus and the oppressive embellishments of the organized bureaucratic church.

Instead, acting as if he were the most ordinary individual son of man, (Jesus) tried to show others the way back to the kingdom of heaven, the way that their communion with serpents had closed away from them.

The important thing that happened is this: As an integrated whole, the life, death, and teachings of Jesus offered salvation to the whole human species that, throughout all history, has been headed for damnation —because humans have been moving in a direction that opposes the manifest direction of the universal creative intelligence.

To escape damnation everyone who has become a “part” of a fictitious “group-whole” must reject the way of the serpent, must reject all group gods, of which the group-god of the Jews is the prime example, and must be “born again” as an integrated individual.

The blind 20th-century pop singer Steve Wonder once famously sang, “When you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer.”

By nature, humans are moral animals; that is to say, humans are conscious of the creative intelligence within them; they want to use their own discrete intelligence for creations that are in harmony with the creative intelligence of the total universe.

The pseudo-morality advocated by the serpent makers overrules those who disagree with it — and turns them in the opposite direction. This is easily done because a lone individual often lacks the moral courage to follow his own judgment when that means bucking the tide of public opinion. The individual feels insecure when faced with millions of his own species who obey an “authority” giving directions in words that millions press upon the lone individual with force-backed self-righteousness.

Jesus is not the church

I have long been aware that the organized church has tried to turn the thoughts ascribed to Jesus into something other than what was originally intended. Harland feels the same way. The simplicity of possibly the most important statements ever uttered is often obscured by the ostentatious rituals of an obscenely wealthy and pompous clergy preaching a religion of fear and retribution. Harland clarifies the intent of the ageless message.

Jesus made his whole being an unequivocal statement saying: An individual’s transgression against the holy spirit within him is the one unforgivable thing that will lead to eternal damnation. He taught, lived, and died as an individual. He asked all who would be saved from damnation to follow him, to recognize that an individual’s worth came from the creative intelligence of the universe — and was greater than the law and the prophets. His teachings gave all people the message of their worth as individuals, then told them to accept, as their continuing teacher, the holy spirit that would be with them after he was gone.

The church’s malicious interference with this message constructed a permanent barrier between the worshippers and the man with the message so many have responded to. It doesn’t matter whether you believe Jesus was a real person or not; the positive effects of his teaching have become a worldwide metaphor for “the good”, and benefited many who have yearned for freedom from worry. Not even the addled depredations of warped clergy could dim the brightness of what this belief offers.

The Church set out to control the innermost thoughts of every individual. The priests interpreted the holy spirit as a sort of vague third part of a three-part complex — god, son, and the holy spirit. The kingdom of god and the whole complex was presented as something external; nothing came from within the depths of one’s being.

Obedience to the holy spirit was presented to the people as obedience to words written in a book and interpreted by those having “authority” to interpret. Babies were required to be baptized as”parts” of the growing Church-serpent as soon as born. Church schools were set up to teach children what words must replace their innate thoughts. The spirit within any individual who questioned the words and thoughts “authorized” by the Church was branded “an evil spirit.”

The battle for peace among the warring herds of humans is a contest between the group gods and the aboriginal creative intelligence. As Harland put it, “The Jewish Bible was and is the world’s most comprehensive manual for serpent makers.”

The Pope arrogated to himself this unique word-controlling “authority” by means of his “official position.” He used this “position” to make his sect into the Catholic (or universal) Church and to wipe out all true Christians, who, of course, opposed serpent-making practices.

About a hundred years later, the Roman Emperor gave the Catholic Church “authority” to use force in wiping out any remaining Christians, who opposed the Church’s serpent-making practices. With this “authority ” the Catholic Church became a full-fledged serpent.

About two hundred years later, the Roman serpent had been so weakened by fighting other serpents, that the Church took control of what was left of the Roman Empire. The Church serpent then set out to become truly universal and to control the earth.

But meanwhile, another serpent had come along, that is to say, another source of word-control was making individuals into a slightly different semi-organism.

(Actually, Harland didn’t have much to say about Islam. “There is no evidence that Mohammed ever saw the salvation that Jesus was offering those who, throughout all known history, had listened to serpent-makers and had lost their individual souls to become ‘parts’ of serpents. Presumably, Mohammed had no conception of a world without serpents. That is not unusual. Today the great majority of people look only at the word-created serpent world and have the same word-conditioned blindness to the world of enduring reality.”)

Turning God into a monster

The Catholic Church evolved from one of the hundred or more sects calling themselves “Christian” — but its objective was not the kingdom of heaven that Jesus had pictured. It was the opposite. Its objective was the creation of a universal serpent. It did not advocate the holy spirit within an individual, as the one thing that must not be transgressed against. It advocated the opposite. It advocated obedience to the words of an “authority.”

Nothing in the life, death, and teachings of Jesus could support such a position, so the Church combined the “New Testament” life of Jesus and the “Old Testament” history, laws, and serpent-making practices of the Jews, into one inseparable “Holy” Bible.

This is what prevented the early Germans from voluntarily hooking up with the Roman church.

If the Germans were to be made a part of the universal serpent, it would have to be presented to them in a new masquerade that they would not recognize. Jesus, as presented in the kindly words of clever priests, was the form of the Church-serpent’s masquerade.

To create a serpent, the power over life and death had to be tied to a word trigger — killing had to order by an “authority.” It was on this point that the Germans balked at accepting the other side of the coin. When told that, not the holy spirit within them, but the voice of the Church speaking in words would decide who should live and who should die, they rejected a “Christianity” that had such a provision.

But throughout the Middle Ages, serpent-speak became the mandatory language of the whole world.

The hilt of every sword was made into a cross; Jesus was made into a group god. The fair fight was made into a ridiculous exhibition of two men dueling, while a priest stood by blessing the fight with a prayer “God protect the right.” Knights, appointed by an “authority,” became a special class, having conspicuous prestige by reason of words spoken by an “authority,” and wearing such elaborate armor that they required servants to attend them.

Still worse was to come.

Joan of Arc burned at the stake

Public burnings

After a few generations, most people dared not have a thought that had not come to them in “authorized” words. Other thoughts were called superstitious “heresy.”

Torture to gain confession was unbelievably cruel. Punishments were usually public burnings as warnings to others. But the most burning punishment was the confusion of tortured thoughts in the minds of the living — those who really believed the words of the priests.

By the time America was discovered, the power of this sort of  “Christianity” was so great that no one even thought of listening to a holy spirit within. No one dared think of anything except how to interpret the words of the Bible — a Christian Bible and a Jewish Bible in diametrical opposition, all combined into one book — and present as words that overruled the holy spirit within.

The way of serpents had become the only way of life. All resistance to the serpent way had been fully destroyed.

You see them today on TV, lying through their teeth while dropping bombs.

Those in positions of “authority” had come to like the power and false prestige that went with simply using words to control a semi-organism. And the cell-like “parts,” called “citizens” in the state serpent, had come to look for an “authority” — for something outside themselves to “preserve order.” They had been brainwashed by priests to denounce the three billion-year-old order of the universe as immoral.

Among these brainwashed people, there was no revolt against the serpent pseudo-morality, no revolt against the false morality that the individual should be subordinated to the “good of the group.” There was no longer any thought of individual sovereignty. Speaking Biblical language, the serpent had been held up instead of the son of man. Speaking German traditions, no one now thought of fighting the dragon.

Even as words had taken over thought, new meanings for words had taken over old meanings and changed stories had taken over the old remembered stories. Some of the “authorized” interpretations often destroyed or completely reversed the meaning of ancient words.

The church that had decreed an individual’s reverence for the holy spirit within oneself was “heresy,” had also made the Jewish advocacy of the serpent a part of the “Christian” Bible and taught people that the ways of the serpent were “holy.”

Despite the lockstep conformity, real men pointed the way to the future.

Like the freedom of conscience declared by Roger Williams, and the freedom of action declared by Jefferson, the Constitution of the United States became a clear monument to individual sovereignty when the Bill of Rights was attached to it. The Bill of Rights protected individuals from the government, itself — from the serpent.

Roger Williams and Thomas Jefferson had set up the highest monuments to the worth of the individual since the life, death, and teachings of Jesus. The colonists had shown their understanding, they had accepted the monuments as marking the path they were groping for, and, by insisting that the Bill of Rights be attached to the Constitution, they had set up another monument — one that said to the serpent: “This far shall you go and no farther.” By doing this, they showed that their heritage from the Saxon forest was still not entirely destroyed; a trace of the word-mutilated thought and behavior pattern still persisted.

The resurfacing of these long-buried thought patterns enabled them to hear the word-overruled voice of the holy spirit within themselves clearly enough to choose the Jesus side of the coin the priests had passed on to them — and to become at least a little suspicious of the side with the serpent on it. Thomas Jefferson was so clear on his position that he wanted to go farther than cutting the Old Testament away from the teachings of Jesus; he saw the writings of Paul as a corrupting influence; he wanted to detach them and let the teachings of Jesus stand alone in their full, unconfused significance.

What he could have said

After realizing such a  bold thesis it would stand to reason that Harland believed he could improve on what Hitler actually said.

“We defeated the armies of Caesar. But then came the priests. They were kindly old men, who told us of Jesus. They said that Jesus had tried to tell others what we have always accepted as axiomatic. They quoted Jesus as saying, ‘You can disobey the gods people create and that may cause trouble, however gods made by men are something you can safely transgress against; but if you disobey the holy spirit within you, you are in danger of eternal damnation.’

The priests told us that Jesus was crucified by his own people, the Jews, for telling them this obvious truth, and that Jesus had died as a brave man should. We recognized that Jesus was more than a hero; we recognized that he was a god — he was expressing with his total being what we considered to be the one significant truth on which human salvation depends. We allowed the priests to tell the story of Jesus to our children.

“But the priests were underhanded schemers. When we were not there, they told our children about the miraculous ways of the outside world. Like pimps, making use of beautiful young women, they set up Catholic schools and charmed the children into believing that ‘authoritative’ words should overrule native perception —perception both of the inner voice and perception of external reality. Too late we discovered that it was not Jesus, but the very group-god of the Jews who had crucified Jesus, for whom our children were being taught reverence.

“Those children, conditioned by false words, grew up to become brainwashed leaders of brainwashed followers. On instructions from the Pope, they obeyed exactly the same orders given to the sons of Levi by Moses, when he said: ‘Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Put every man his sword by his side, and slay every man his brother, and every man his companion, and every man his neighbor.’ They killed individuals who would not accept ‘authority’ expressed in words. As soon as the priests had the protection of brainwashed men, they devised unbelievable tortures for all who obeyed the spirit within themselves.

“We have now had a thousand years of confusion, caused by those priests. We still have the slyly injected words of this Jewish group god permeating our thoughts. Confusion has become a part of our literature. It will be generations before we can return to natural relations between individuals, and to natural relations between each individual and the creative intelligence of the universe. That is our own problem; that is the problem of Germans, who have been duped. We know what has to be done. It is up to us to remove the obstruction from our own eyes.

“Jewish traditions promote the pseudo-morality that the welfare of the Jews as a group is the only valid objective. They teach that individuals within the group have value only to the extent that they contribute to the group’s welfare. They set forth no concept of sex but for the purpose of reproduction, for the formation of ties that promote Jewish traditions, and for sensual “lust.” They ignore the very reality of the sexual love that recognizes — and glories in — the wonder of the sexual balance devised by the universal creative intelligence.

Memories of the Saxon forest

When Hitler rose to point out the Jews as the world’s greatest enemy, his battle cry was not: We must regain and preserve the individual sovereignty lost to us when clever priests, passing off Jewish group-making commandments as the teachings of Jesus, infiltrated the Saxon forests.

Hitler was a brainwashed product of the very thing he professed to be fighting. He has raised a Catholic; he was enormously impressed by the serpent ceremonies of the Catholic Church; he seriously considered becoming a Catholic priest; the swastika was adopted from an engraving on the gate of a Catholic monastery that, as a child, he passed every day. He was committed to the flip side of the Catholic coin — the group serpent advocated by the Jews.

I was quite surprised by Harland’s deconstruction of Hitler. Like most people, it had not occurred to me that Hitler and his enemies were in pursuit of the same goal. It occurs to me now that Harland, for all his professed admiration for the ancient Germans, was not up to speed on the underlying causes of the post-WW2 rape of Germany.

Although his biological roots went back to the forests where the teachings of Jesus were accepted as axiomatic, Hitler was the opposite of Jesus. If he had been a Jew, he could have been cheered by the Jews as the sort of messiah for which — after crucifying Jesus — they still waited. He had been brainwashed into accepting Jewish traditions. Like Moses, he was holding up a serpent; he was saying that all who are bitten by other serpents and fail to look on this one, shall surely die. Like Moses, he cried out: We are a people chosen to dominate the rest of the world because of the ancestral blood in our veins.

There is no record of a voice by the River Rhine saying: Repent those words and be baptized into the human species. The admonition of Jesus to first remove the obstruction from one’s own eye, before trying to treat a brother, was rejected by Hitler, as it was by the Jews. It conflicts with the craft of serpent makers.

And yet Hitler as a national hero remains among the greatest of all time.

However, Hitler was sincere. It was the sincere voice of a confident leader, ready to fight and die for what he believed, that stirred memories of that long ago Saxon forest.

The memories of that almost forgotten Saxon forest still cry out for the attention of waking consciousness. Those memories cry out that we need to recognize, with our full consciousness, what was wrong with the situation signified by the life and death of Hitler. That conscious recognition is of vital importance to the future of the whole human species.

The ultimate question about our future is really not whether it will happen or not. It some fashion it will. How much damage will be done between now and then remains uncertain given the reckless nature of the people who run the world from behind the scenes.

Remember, Harland wrote this book in 1981. Events of the intervening years have authenticated many of his predictions.

The serpents or dragons of the world are now moving toward an all-out, worldwide contest. A total atomic war that destroys most of the people in the world appears almost inevitable. Whether it comes or not, the same question faces the human species — those now living or any few who survive.

The question is this: Will there continue to be nothing but group-semi-organisms, which can only result in ultimate human regression, a regression that removes humans from the advanced echelon of evolution?

Or will we humans recover from our brainwashing and choose the way that has been pointed to by the universal creative intelligence for three billion years — individual sovereignty?

Do organized governments sabotage human destiny?

As long as people do not see what they themselves are doing, yes, they do ruin humanity. Because of our shortsighted and unhealthy desires and habits, the fully developed wonder of the universe will continue to elude us, and our highest hopes will remain unfulfilled.

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  1. Adolph Hitler was a Spirit led Avatar and National Socialism in its very roots was pagan just like those Germans in that forest you wrote so eloquently about.
    Hitler will never be again and Germany will be an over run slave vaxxed state that it truly is now run by Jews.
    The only hope for humanity to get free of the jew is by the Spirit raising a people and perhaps after the bioweapon is finished then perhaps one shall arise.
    It is their world now and one must live in it but not be of it.

  2. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” Jesus never retracted that statement. So what else is there to argue about?

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