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The Healer

Panem and Circus for the masses with a massive dose of fabrication helps keep VT's Mike Kay busy writing essays

Before Our Minds Were Hijacked (Part 2)

So you think the world's gone crazy eh? Well, it's always been this crazy. What's changed is that you've become more aware

Handbook to BE and Live Your Best Life, Help Heal Humanity...

By Steve Robertson, Founder EvolvingPlanet7.org/ProjectPeaceOnEarth.org Humanity is at a collective and critical crossroads. The global Covid-19 experience has offered to each of us, our world, the...

Antidote for the Cabal’s Coronavirus Psyops, Empowered Inner Peace and Spiritual...

By Steve Robertson, Founder of EvolvingPlanet7.org, SupportVeteransNow.org, and PeaceSongAwards.org The following series of linked articles are designed to provide empowering resources, a spiritual thrival kit...

Music of the Spheres and Superconsciousness

Since childhood, I’ve had a profound fascination with how music could give me and others goose bumps and bring tears of joy. This article and the videos within, represents my journey of discovery and my ten year process of writing about the effects of music on consciousness.