by William C. Treurniet

Summary. A comprehensive extraterrestrial cosmology grounded in consciousness accounts for well-known but inexplicable phenomena such as near-death and out-of-body experiences, telepathy, and remote viewing. It also accounts for the instantaneous materialization of matter and some puzzling behaviors of alleged extraterrestrial craft. Consciousness is said to be a potential that is instantiated in any form that is required. It has attributes that include a multidimensional vibration and intrinsic processes of creation and perception. The perceptual process transforms configurations of consciousness into potentials experienced as sensations. The sensations are commonly but incorrectly interpreted as matter that is separate from consciousness.

1. Introduction

Mysterious craft is seen in the sky from time to time that appears to be controlled by intelligent beings. Occasionally, non-human beings have been observed next to crafts on the ground, or they have contacted individual humans without crafts. An extensive survey found that most contact experiences have been positive (Hernandez et al., 2018). Detailed reports of craft sightings and contacts with humans indicate that there is a non-human intelligence on Earth.

Several such beings have spoken with groups of people through a human contactee who is also an experienced medium. When the medium enters a particular altered state of consciousness, a being can speak with the medium’s voice. They said they are extraterrestrial and called themselves the Zeta race. To come to our planet, they connect to an individual human telepathically or travel in a craft. The journey in craft takes time, and so they prefer to interact with the human consciousness while their bodies remain on their home planet.

Many people conversed with these Zetas over a number of years. The discussions were about the Zeta race, the human race, and humanity’s relationship with extraterrestrial races. The interactions were unscripted, and both the complexity of the information and its internal consistency support the claim that the sources of information were entities other than the medium. Transcripts of the recorded conversations were published in Hamden and Treurniet (2020). The information was analyzed from different perspectives in Treurniet and Hamden (2022a, 2022b).

Events experienced by the medium, including two close encounters with Zeta craft, were occasionally witnessed by acquaintances. The shared experiences established that the extraterrestrial contacts were not imagined. Also, extraordinary physical phenomena attributed to the Zeta’s presence were experienced by others in the absence of the medium. Some of this physical evidence is documented in the appendix of Treurniet and Hamden (2022a).

The Zetas spoke of a reality greater than our physical universe. A cosmology emerged in which experiences in a consensus reality are transformations of patterns in consciousness (Treurniet, 2019). As with any cosmology, there are initial conditions, and these are expressed as attributes of consciousness.

Cosmology accounts for various phenomena that cannot be explained by human science. It stands on its own merits, independent of the source of the information. The author’s role was to help pose questions to the Zetas, comprehend the received information, and present it in an accessible format. In the following discussions, quotes from the Zetas are written in italics.

2. A cosmology based on consciousness

The foundation of the Zeta understanding of reality is consciousness. Consciousness is a potential that has unlimited possibilities. All that exists, including our universe of matter and other states of existence not accessible to us, are configurations of the energy of consciousness.

For the Zetas, the ground of all being is a living entity of total consciousness, oligarchical in nature, and is partially living as an experience in separation, through illusion, of self through the vesture of matter.’ The being of total consciousness lives an ‘experience in separation.’ It consists of many apparently separate entities and environments, some of which are experienced as matter and others as non-matter.

Consciousness is all-inclusive. The things we consider to be inanimate are as many configurations of consciousness as the beings who are self-aware. A Zeta said, “These supposedly inanimate objects are conscious things, … the difference is in the level that you communicate with them, as you are only a construct of matter as they are a construct of matter.

Some of the energy of consciousness is configured to form entities that we call souls. In Zeta’s words, “The soul belongs to a class of energies which distinguishes it from all other conscious entities in the universe. It is self-aware and understands its distinctiveness. The soul is multifaceted and incarnates in many states of being in many realms while still remaining one entity.” The multifaceted energy allows consciousness to be in separation so that individual facets can have new and independent experiences.

2.1 Attributes of consciousness

The Zeta said of the energies of total consciousness, “Originally, all energies come from one place, one source energy; they long to be reunited with the whole.” The pressure to form a wholeness once again is an organizing principle acting on the many layers of separation in consciousness. Unity will eventually be achieved through the experiences of entities in these layers of separation. Experiences can be generated because consciousness has a number of fundamental attributes. These attributes are arranged in broad categories in Table 2.1.

Table 2.1. Essential attributes of consciousness.
General attributes Specific attributes Intrinsic processes
Existence Vibration Creation
Wholeness Resonance Perception
Malleability Potentials Intention

The general attributes column of the table says that consciousness is malleable and that all possible configurations exist simultaneously as potentials in a unitary concept.

The specific attributes column says that consciousness has properties analogous to those of an acoustic or electrical wave. The analogy of a single waveform was used by a Zeta to represent ‘all-that-is’. A part of the waveform having a particular vibrational state may or may not resonate with a different part. Beings may thus see themselves to be ‘in separation’, contrary to the conclusion drawn from the general attributes column. Total consciousness has attributes known as potentials. Instantiations of particular potentials are a being’s experience of sensations. Finally, a grid exists without form as an all-pervasive potential in consciousness. It is instantiated as needed by the creation process to support thought forms. In our universe, the grid ‘holds all space and time, indicating that spacetime was created from potentials in consciousness.

The intrinsic processes column lists operations that are fundamental to consciousness. These are the tools available to consciousness so beings can have experiences. These tools function in the context of the attributes of the first two columns. When a being has the proper intention, a relatively permanent representation of its thought, a creation, is placed in the grid at the being’s level of vibration. The representation is decoded by a matching perceptual process which instantiates specific potentials in consciousness. These are the sensations experienced by the being. Other beings at the same level of vibration or higher may also perceive the creation and share in that consensus reality.

The following list explains the table entries in more detail.

Existence – All that is possible already exists. A Zeta said, “Consciousness has all information, but how consciousness reveals it to itself is a different process, nothing is created.” That is, things not yet revealed via the creation process (see Creation) could be described as potentials in consciousness. A particular potential is the possibility of existence.

Wholeness – The total consciousness is a single entity containing all that exists. A Zeta said, “There is nothing that can be created that is outside of it.” There is an ‘energetic field that is and always is.’ The layers of separation are illusions experienced by individual facets of consciousness.

Malleability – Consciousness is configurable. Configurations may be realms defined by ‘definitive barriers and boundaries for what may exist and include the thought forms experienced as matter. Consciousness can be reconfigured to transfer information between processes or to effect change.

Vibration – Vibration is a multidimensional property of consciousness with an ordinal scale. That is, a given vibrational state is higher, the same, or lower than another, but there is no metric for measuring the distance between them. An entity has the highest possible vibration but may achieve higher vibrations by collaborating with others.

Resonance – To achieve resonance, two entities raise and lower their vibrations until they are in harmony together. A state-dependent boundary is experienced when an entity is unable to resonate with the particular energy of consciousness.

Potentials – A potential is the possibility of existence in consciousness such as a sensation. Sensations are instantiated by the perceptual process (see Perception).

Grid – The grid is a multidimensional construct in consciousness required by the creation process (see Creation). It is a mental substrate in which thought forms persist so they may be experienced by their creator and other beings of like vibrational state or higher. The grid has no form in its ‘true state’, suggesting that it is then potential in consciousness. It is instantiated to support newly formed creations.

Creation – Creation is the instantiation in the grid of a thought which already exists in total consciousness as a potential (see Existence). The creation process occurs at a vibrational state available to the creator being.

Perception – The perceptual process of a being transforms creations into consciousness potentials. The transformations may be experienced only by entities who have access to the vibrational state of the creation, and so share a consensus reality with the creator.

Intention – To have an intention is “to place a belief structure in thought that something will change.” An intention enables one configuration of consciousness to modulate another.

Can these attributes of consciousness help to understand the nature of consciousness itself? In the discussion of the attributes, the word ‘potential’ was employed several times. In particular, (a) all that could ever be already exists as potentials in consciousness, (b) the grid of consciousness is potential until it serves a purpose such as supporting new creations, and (c) the experience of a sensation results from the instantiation of an appropriate potential in consciousness. These attributes suggest that consciousness is a potential that is instantiated in any form that is required.

2.2 The creation and perceptual processes

The human race is restricted on a vibration dimension of consciousness to a range that defines our physical universe. This range of vibrations is known as the etheric realm. Realms also exist at higher vibrations that humans cannot sense in their waking state of awareness. As explained by a Zeta, “The frequency of the human race is based in a lower frequency and because consciousness exists in different forms and states of frequency, to access memories from a different frequency field, the human is negated from accessing that information.” Because the human race exists at the lower vibrations, we are unaware of much information that exists beyond our reach. But in all realms, beings create in order to gain experience.

2.2.1 Creation

The intrinsic process of creation enables a creator being to place a pattern in the grid that represents a thought form in its mind. The creation process is analogous to making a simple physical hologram. That is, light of a particular color from a laser is split into two beams. One beam, known as the reference beam, is directed to a photographic plate. The other beam, called the object beam, is reflected from the object to be recorded. The object beam interacts with the reference beam to form an interference pattern on the photographic plate. An image of the original object may then be constructed by illuminating the photographic plate with the light of the same color that created the interference pattern.

The creation of a thought form follows an analogous process. States of consciousness ordered according to their vibrational level are analogous to the spectrum of light. A being has the highest possible vibration analogous to the frequency of light used to make the hologram. When the being has the intention to create, the thought of the desired object typically modulates the highest possible vibration, although lower vibrations may be used if necessary. The modulated energy is combined with the unmodulated energy to produce an interference pattern. The interference pattern is preserved somewhere in the multidimensional grid, a mental construct analogous to the hologram’s photographic plate.

The Zeta referred to the holographic-like patterns in the grid as quanta. The quanta represent the experience of a thought as it was conceived in the creator’s consciousness. A created pattern is not a concatenation of less complex patterns unless that was the creator’s intention.

Although the creation process is intrinsic to consciousness, humans in the etheric realm are generally unable to bring the new matter into existence by thought alone. Small effects of the human mind over matter have been observed in experiments (e.g., Schmidt, 1977; Jahn, 1982; McTaggart, 2007; Radin, 1997), but only rarely is it reported that a human can materialize objects of matter (Talbot, 1991). The reason may become clear by analogy with the modulation of a radio frequency carrier wave. The carrier can be amplitude modulated by a voice or music signal to be transmitted. The modulated carrier contains frequencies higher than the unmodulated carrier. This is analogous to the modulation of a being’s highest possible vibration in the creation process. A Zeta explained that the modulation requires a space of expansion to accommodate vibrations beyond the highest possible vibration (Treurniet and Hamden, 2020). Humans typically lack the space for expansion so they are unable to create thought forms.

Consciousness without quanta would be a potential where all things are possible. According to Zeta, “Consciousness has all information, but how consciousness reveals it to itself is a different process, nothing is created.” That is, all possible thoughts exist as potentials in consciousness. Consciousness reveals a thought by instantiating it in the grid. By so doing, the thought is shared with other beings. Since all beings are facets of total consciousness, consciousness reveals the thought to itself with that process.

2.2.2 Perception

The creation is experienced anew when it is acted upon by a being’s perceptual process. Like creation, perception is an intrinsic function of consciousness. Perception transforms the information in the interference pattern into the thought from which it was created. Like the image of a physical hologram, the thought is recovered by ‘illuminating’ the interference pattern in the grid with the unmodulated vibration of consciousness that participated in the creation process. The thought then becomes part of the being’s experienced reality. Other beings who have access to that vibrational state, including those whose highest possible vibration is higher, can reconstruct the same thought. Things created in our universe are experienced when etheric patterns are transformed into sensations by the matching perceptual process.

The matter is inferred by an entity from the sensations that it experiences. A Zeta said, “Matter is an intermediary process. It is a development of consciousness … a conjoined process of smaller levels of potential. Potentials are used as the device mechanisms for experiential processes.” Consciousness potentials are the sensations elicited when the perceptual process transforms quanta representing an object. The sensations are irreducible properties of a being’s consciousness but are interpreted as properties of material objects separate from the body.

Like all matter, the human body is an object represented in the grid by vibrating quanta. A Zeta said, “It is able to on many frequencies understand emotions, energies, interchange of energy, and matter to energy.” The consciousness of the body is a facet of higher-vibration energy of consciousness known as the higher self. Sometime after conception, the facet merges with the etheric body at a lower vibration and becomes the body’s highest possible vibration. The Zeta explained, “Higher self moves to integrate with a physical container, the etheric body is the field which allows the blending, and once the body terminates, the etheric form is absorbed by the originating consciousness.

The etheric body enables the higher-self consciousness to experience matter in the etheric realm. The local consciousness filters sensory information sampled from the quanta of perceived objects. The information is passed to the higher self through a less structured, non-ego-driven, subconscious process. The perceptual process in the higher self then transforms the information to consciousness potentials which are experienced as sensations.

2.3 Multidimensional vibrations

Everything that exists has a vibration that distinguishes it from other things. The vibration dimension has an ordinal scale, meaning that a given vibrational state is higher, the same, or lower than another state, but the distance between them is not defined. A Zeta said, “No numerical values are able to be given to what frequencies exist between us and your realm.

They agreed that their use of ‘frequencies’ in this context was incorrect since the frequency is a function of time, and the dimension of time is not a basic attribute of consciousness. The intended meaning of frequency was ‘the level of consciousness that an entity holds, and so as you move from one frequency to the other, your consciousness is placed in an expected state.’ A more appropriate word with a similar meaning is vibration, a sensation that can be felt and compared in the ‘now’.

Zeta’s comments suggested that vibration is multidimensional (Treurniet and Hamden, 2022a). It can be represented by a matrix, V[i][j][k][…], that can be extended to as many dimensions as required. The existence of several dimensions was revealed in a discussion about the human etheric body. A Zeta said, “You have one frequency in the physical, multiple frequencies in the etheric body, and then the highest possible frequency that you are able to be determined by.

The ‘one frequency in the physical is a relatively constant vibration that is within the range defining the etheric realm. It is located on the ith dimension of the model. The Zeta said, “We would know who the human was by their prior frequency,” and so the vibration appears to identify each human individually. It is also instrumental in the process of self-healing (Section 4.2).

The Zeta mentioned multiple frequencies in the etheric body, and these would be represented in another dimension of vibration. The multiple frequencies encode the various etheric patterns of energy that represent the structure and function of the physical body. The Zeta said, “The cells exist in energy, they are resonating at certain frequencies which combine to form a physical human container.”

The Zeta also referred to a dimension of harmony, “Each time you act in a loving way towards each other, you are raising your vibration. … When you are in complete harmony with other beings, you are in a symbiotic level of consciousness with the entity, and there are no words to state and no emotional capacity to understand the silence, the peace.” Harmony is represented in the model by the jth dimension. It refers to the affective relationship one has with all that exists. Humans with a low vibration on this dimension may spend much time in fear, anger, or despair, whereas high-vibration humans have more positive feelings such as compassion, gratitude, and unconditional love.

Figure 2.1. A multidimensional model of vibration.

Figure 2.1 shows the i and j axes in a drawing of the model limited to three dimensions. The label on the ith axis is ‘Physical type of vibration.’ This axis shows a hypothetical being’s etheric vibration in that dimension. The bar extending from this vibration as a base shows that the being has developed a certain level of harmony on the jth axis.

As well as the etheric type of vibration on the ith dimension, a Zeta confirmed that other types of physicality also exist. They said, “There is a potential for beings of races to exist in the different forms of physical frequencies. … If we choose to exist in a finer level of physical frequency, then we would be not seen in the normal spectrum of a human.” Finer levels of physical vibration are found in the astral and spirit realms which typically cannot be experienced by awake humans. These realms are also shown in Figure 2.1 as base vibrations on the ith dimension. Like the etheric realm, they are identified as physical types of vibration, and so the ij plane is the physical plane.

A being’s vibration on the ‘Physical type of vibration’ dimension, combined with its vibration on the Harmony dimension, is ‘the highest possible frequency that you are able to be determined by’ in Zeta’s words. This resultant vibrational level is the highest possible vibration available to the creation process, and also limits what can be revealed to the being by the perceptual process. The highest possible vibration is represented in the model by a being’s location on the physical ij plane.

The Zeta revealed that there are also non-physical types of vibration. Beings with these vibrations ‘do not contain the frequencies that relate to being of matter.’ These might include alleged angelic beings, reptilian beings, and other entities mentioned in folklore and metaphysical literature. The kth dimension in Figure 2.1 represents a ‘Non-physical type of vibration’ and a kj plane is then a non-physical plane. A hypothetical non-physical being is represented by the bar extending from the kth axis.

The etheric, astral, and spirit ‘Physical type of vibrations’ are all existences accessible to humans. Other races such as the Zeta race have vibrations that are also of the physical type but do not resonate with human vibrations. The base vibrations of these races (not shown) are on the Ith axis as well, interspersed among the base vibrations of other physical types. Quanta everywhere on the ij plane is experienced as matter when transformed by a matching perceptual process.

3. The existence of realms

Realms are regions in the multidimensional energy of consciousness that differ in their vibrational states and, therefore, cannot be accessed by all beings. Recall that a thing placed in the grid by the creation process can be perceived only by beings having a state of vibration like that of the creator being or higher. This applies to realms as well.

Realms are different from one another because they vibrate at different levels, and the borders of a realm are defined by its vibration. The Zeta explained that a realm boundary exists for a being when the being does not have the ability to resonate with particular energies. The state of consciousness of the being may resonate with energies inside the realm but not at its perceived edge. The realm boundaries are important because they help the realm inhabitants define who they think they are.

Like matter, realms are perceptions created in the mind. A realm persists only while a being’s vibrational state continues to resonate with it. When a being manages to raise its state of vibration, it can become aware of previously hidden regions in the vibrations of consciousness. Beings that exist at the highest states of consciousness do not experience realm boundaries at all. These beings have moved ‘to a place of understanding that there are no barriers.’

3.1 Instances of realms

Realms are creations, and so an entity was responsible for creating the etheric realm which defines our familiar universe. The creation appears to have included whatever was required for the realm contents to evolve according to the natural laws we experience. For example, the attributes of quanta determine the detailed physical properties of matter such as electric charge. A Zeta concurred, “All matter is, at a subatomic level, based on particles, which means that matter is in a constant state of resonance with other matter to form what is classed as gross matter.” For clarification, they added, “All subatomic particles broken down to their finite level pass the energy as consciousness.” So, subatomic particles originated in consciousness when the etheric universe was created, and the quanta defining the particles interacted and combined according to their states of resonance as the universe evolved.

Some people in the etheric realm are able to achieve an altered state that enables them to experience the astral realm, another Physical type of vibration (Figure 2.1). The local consciousness separates from the etheric body and finds itself in a higher-vibration astral body. Our conversations with the Zetas revealed that “the astral realms are a collection of all thought, all creative processes, all dimensional aspects which come from the existence of thought. This concatenation of all thought forms is the collective mind of the human race.” Astral experiences are often reported to be similar to those in the familiar etheric realm. This should be expected since the experiences occur in a context created by human mental activity.

Another instance of a realm construct is what is commonly known as the spirit realm. This realm provides the infrastructure needed by spirit beings who wish to incarnate to the vibrational level of the etheric realm. A Zeta described the spirit realm using two levels of analysis (Treurniet and Hamden, 2022a). One was at the level of a being’s experience while the other described relationships among beings viewed as threads of information. When spirit beings are viewed as information threads, the threads may join with other threads. The joined threads form higher-vibration group minds. However, the threat level of analysis is not recognized by the beings in the spirit realm. They unknowingly use the information in the threads to create experiences and persist as individuals as long as desired. The spirit rediscovers its true self on returning from an incarnation and lives in a manner consistent with its mental processes or thoughts.

There are many spirit realms, each associated with a planet in the universe. The various spirit realms are vibrationally aligned but are distinguishable due to the different locations of the planets. Spirit beings may move from one spirit realm to another and can choose to incarnate on any of the associated planets. Humans might encounter beings from such planets when we or they become sufficiently advanced space-faring civilizations.

The Zetas inhabit Physical type of vibration realms like humans do, but these realms are not vibrationally aligned with the human realms. The difference in etheric vibration may cause humans to become ill after close contact with the Zeta beings (see Section 5). Also, the Zetas are careful not to intrude on the human spirit realm, as their incompatible vibrational states would interfere with spirit realm functionality. They said, “We are not to enter into the spirit realm, because that is to then redefine the parameters of the spirit realm container.” The prohibition on entering a spiritual realm is a core belief of the Zeta race that is always respected.

The Zeta and human realms are vibrationally incompatible, but there is a possible avenue for direct contact and information exchange. A Zeta referred to a ‘nexus of information, a high level of vibration common to both Zeta and human realms. The nexus state of consciousness is achievable by Zeta beings but was said to be well beyond the reach of spirit realm beings.

4. The heterodyning process in consciousness

Consciousness has information that is distinguished by its vibrational level. The flow of information can be controlled by a process known as heterodyning. Humans discovered how to apply the heterodyning process in electronic circuitry. A simple application creates an output signal that depends on the properties of two input signals. In particular, the frequency of the output is the difference between the frequencies of the inputs. The input signals must pass through a non-linear device such as a transistor.

A Zeta confirmed that this physical process is analogous to a process in consciousness (Treurniet and Hamden, 2022). For example, two beings with different vibrational states may interact to create a potential difference between them. The difference potential enables the beings to move more easily into that vibrational state. The non-linearity analogous to the transistor device is the intention of the participating beings.

Figure 4.1 is a schematic of the process. A and B are the respective high and low vibrational states, the intention is signified by X, and (A-B) is the difference potential.

Figure 4.1. Heterodyning vibrational states.

Heterodyning is a key function in a number of processes in consciousness. It enables one vibrational state to communicate information to another vibrational state in a controlled way. The following discusses how the heterodyning process can shift one’s vibrational state to a higher level and how it is part of the process of self-healing, and how the Zetas use it in technology for creating a separate realm environment.

4.1 Shifting consciousness to a higher vibration

Vibration is multidimensional as discussed in Section 2.3, so the heterodyning process is applied to the dimension chosen by a human’s intention. The Harmony and Physical type of vibration dimensions shown in the graphic of Figure 4.2 form the physical plane of vibration available to humans and other physical beings.

Figure 4.2. Positions in the physical plane of vibration.

A human may raise their vibration on the Harmony dimension by heterodyning with a higher-vibration being. The being might be part of the human’s spiritual belief system who, according to a Zeta, will happily participate since the heterodyning process is not a burden. The process begins with the human moving to the highest state of love that is already possible for them to achieve. The Zeta advised, “That strong emotion gives you the capacity to be in a different frequency.” That is, the feeling of love increases the human’s capacity to shift to the even higher state of love facilitated by the heterodyning process.

In Figure 4.2, a human in the etheric realm is represented by X and a higher-vibration being in the spirit realm is represented by Y. The input vibrations from the human and the higher-vibration being are held simultaneously in the human’s mind. The human intention is the non-linearity required to activate and maintain the heterodyning process. Consistent with the intention, a potential forms at the difference between the input vibrations on the Harmony dimension. The potential facilitates the shift of the human’s consciousness to that different vibration. The shift is felt as the onset of loving energy, a sign that the heterodyning process was successful.

Alternatively, the intention could apply the heterodyning process to the Physical type of vibration dimension. Some extraterrestrial beings such as the Zeta race exist at vibrations on this dimension that do not resonate with the human vibration. Nevertheless, a human medium might still connect with such a being by matching its vibration to the being’s vibration. This could be done with the cooperation of a higher-vibration spirit being. By heterodyning the medium’s vibration with an appropriately selected vibration of the spirit being, a different potential would be created at the vibration of the extraterrestrial being. The medium could then shift to a different vibration and resonate with the extraterrestrial being. The resonation would enable a connection for communication to be created if that were the intention.

4.2 The self-healing process

The human body, like all matter in the universe, is defined by quanta in the range of vibrations of the etheric realm. The quanta contain information that corresponds to the form and function of the physical body. The etheric body is experienced as the physical body when it is transformed by the perceptual process. Changes to the physical body are mirrored by the information in the quanta.

A ‘blueprint’ of the physical body is retained by the local consciousness in the form of consciousness potentials. The blueprint is derived from the generic template for a body of the human race, modified according to the characteristics of the particular individual.

A healthy, uninjured physical body conforms to the blueprint defining the body. The Zeta said, “The etheric body understands its potential. It seeks to continually keep the physical body to that potential.” When there is an injury, “the cellular reconstruction is aided by the potential of the etheric body’s blueprint that would denote the original form.” The etheric body is kept in the state specified by the blueprint information in consciousness so that the experienced physical body has the expected function and appearance.

The Zeta was asked how etheric information is communicated to the physical cells of the body. They responded, “Underneath the energy is consciousness. It is the quanta information of the cellular structure of a human body. That consciousness indicates what is the action of the re-creation of the cellular process, and of course, all other potentials then exist. The energy then is actively working towards healing the physical cellular disruption.” The etheric body has the information required to heal the body when it is injured.

With the intention of the local consciousness, a continuous heterodyning process monitors the state of the physical potential of the etheric body. The physical potential is the etheric base vibration of the ‘Physical type of vibration’ in the model of Figure 2.1. It is constant throughout a healthy body and is the lower-vibration input to the heterodyning process. The higher-vibration inputs are the consciousness potentials representing the body blueprint. These potentials vary according to the blueprint information. In the above quote, ‘all other potentials then exist’ refers to the heterodyning difference potentials.

When the body is healthy and undamaged, the physical potential is constant, and so the different potentials follow the varying consciousness potentials of the blueprint. When the body is damaged, the physical potential at the site of the injury is distorted. The distortion causes the difference potentials to deviate from the consciousness potentials defining the healthy body. The deviation of the difference potential identifies a need for healing at the location where it occurred.

The local consciousness initiates the healing process when the difference potential indicates that it is required. When the body is healed, the physical potentials at the site of the injury are restored to the normal level, and the difference potential is brought back into line with the blueprint information.

4.3 Simulation of an environment

A Zeta confirmed rumors that humans had been given access to an extraterrestrial technology capable of creating a ‘synthetic quantum environment or SQE (Treurniet and Hamden, 2019). The SQE is a container in the energy of consciousness that is like a realm. It is populated with objects in the etheric universe transposed to the higher vibration of the SQE. They said, “There is a device that is used to create the enfolding of the special process, and then once the cavity is created, it is populated with the correct molecular image that will then represent the environment that was to be used for the exchange of energy and information.” They added that it exists for ‘the purpose of experience’ and ‘as a place of learning.’ The entry of a human into such a simulated environment would be similar to beginning an out-of-body astral experience – the movement of consciousness to a higher-vibration body.

When Zeta explained how the contents of the SQE are created, it was evident that the technology employed the heterodyning process. The lower-vibration input to the process is supplied by a matrix of reality, the etheric environment to be simulated. The other input is constant higher-vibration energy supplied by a Zeta operator who has the required intention. The resulting difference potential exactly follows the variations in the matrix of reality since the vibration supplied by the Zeta being is constant.

The heterodyning difference potential guides the process that creates the SQE contents. The infrastructure of the SQE is a mixture of technology and consciousness ‘that allows itself to be given input which then creates the internal form.’ The contents of the SQE are experienced as matter, so quanta are created from the information in the different potentials.

5. Illness from proximity to higher vibrations

People who have had close contact with extraterrestrial beings may report that they felt ill afterward. This phenomenon was confirmed by a Zeta who said, “When you are in our presence, our energy filters into your energy, and then there are changes that are temporary. There are changes to your body and consciousness. This is because humans are taken out of this corporeal three-dimensional realm and moved closer to their true self.”

When the Zeta’s higher-vibration energy interacts with the human body, the body’s vibrations are increased and it’s biological processes may malfunction. A Zeta craft also emits higher-vibration energy, and a Zeta is recommended that humans approach no closer to a craft than 30-50 meters.

Further, they said, “When the human is connected to us, the cells are excited as we are of a different frequency.” The change in vibration “allows the manifestation of what is an underlying unwellness in the human.” This suggests that the humans who became ill were already unwell before the encounter. The Zeta vibration disrupted the human body’s ability to manage the illness and so the illness became noticeable.

The Zeta’s vibration appears to affect the human’s Physical type of vibration involved in the self-healing process (Section 4.2). When the encounter interferes with self-healing, it may exacerbate an existing medical condition. As can be seen in Figure 2.1, an increase in the etheric type of vibration in this dimension would move the human closer to the spirit realm vibration. As Zeta put it, the human would be “moved closer to their true self.”

Physical contact between a Zeta and a human can create what appears to be a burn on the skin of the human. The Zeta explained, “You cannot touch us, you would be burnt. As you moved closer, your skin would become burnt because of frequency.” The higher-vibration energy of the superposed states of consciousness would affect the human’s physical cells so they appear burnt.

A survey of 50 contactees by Marden and Stoner (2011) found that 22% of respondents had suffered ‘burns, hair loss or conjunctivitis’ following the contact experience. Burn marks on the upper back and sunburn-like rashes were reported, sometimes on the entire body. Presumably, these burns were from exposure to the incompatible vibrational state of extraterrestrial energy.

Close proximity of a human to a Zeta could also have a deleterious effect on the mental health of the human. The Zeta said, “To look into the eyes of the race, you may lose your mind, your construct would disintegrate.” The container of the human’s local consciousness would be damaged by the nearness of the Zeta’s etheric body. When asked if the effect was caused by looking into the eyes or just being near, the Zeta replied, “The nearness to the body, because of the frequency that encompasses the physical container. Also, the consciousness which permeates all living organisms is a different state of existence.” To prevent such harm from their race, the Zeta said, “We do not allow the humans to look into our eyes. You may see an image of us, it is a projection.”

The Zeta was asked if the vibrational states of some races closer to the human state would be less likely to cause burns. They replied, “There is obviously potential for different beings that interact with humans.” That is, beings from various races would expose humans to different potentials or vibrational states. They continued, “It is the consciousness that causes the physical form to become burned. This is why most contact is a form where the human is asleep because the consciousness does not operate in its normal parameters.” The Zeta advised that humans are less likely to be harmed by physical proximity when they are asleep and therefore less aware.

In general, the likelihood of harm is minimized when contact is not resisted. They said, “The defense creates an energetic barrier around the physical body which provides a potential for the human to present the skin, or the epidermis, as being burned. … The stronger your resistance to contact situations, the more potential there is for you to be harmed.”

“If confirmed by further experiments, this discovery of a possible fifth force would completely change our understanding of the universe,” says UCI professor of physics & astronomy Jonathan Feng, including what holds together galaxies such as this spiral one, called NGC 6814. Image credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA; Acknowledgement: Judy Schmidt.

6. Applications of the cosmological framework

The Zeta cosmology has fundamental attributes and general processes that can help us to understand phenomena. A variety of human experiences cannot be explained by current science but can be understood in the context of cosmology. Phenomena that are hard to explain include near-death experiences (NDEs) and out-of-body experiences (OBEs), remote viewing, and telepathy. Even everyday sensory experiences are not understood since they are not a function of matter. Cosmology offers insight into these phenomena.

6.1 The experience of sensations

Sensory experiences are common but are hard to explain. They are often taken for granted and the need for an explanation is easily ignored. For example, the experience of a certain color of light is explained in terms of the associated physical parameters such as wavelength and intensity. These parameters predict the quality of an experience in words, but cannot explain the experience itself. According to the Zeta cosmology, quanta are transformed by the perceptual process and instantiated as higher-vibration consciousness potentials. These potentials are the experiences of sensations.

In higher-vibration realms, the quality of sensations should be enhanced when quanta are rendered and transformed with greater precision. Ziewe (2008) encountered sensory experiences in his out-of-body travels that were unknown to him in the lower-vibration etheric realm. Alexander (2012, pp. 38-40), in a report of his near-death experience, described another world that was ‘brilliant, vibrant, ecstatic, stunning.’ The color of people’s clothes ‘had the same kind of living warmth as the trees and the flowers. A girl’s outfit had an ‘overwhelming super-vivid aliveness’. He found himself riding on the wing of a butterfly, ‘alive with indescribable and vivid colors’. He experienced truly unusual perceptions, perhaps because of the realm’s higher vibrations.

6.2 Near-death and out-of-body experiences

The idea that a spirit consciousness persists after the failure of the body is becoming more accepted. Many people have reported an NDE when the body fails temporarily after a heart attack or other potentially life-ending events (e.g., Van Lommel, 2010, 2013; Long, 2010; Alexander, 2012). When an NDE occurs, the consciousness of the person separates from the distressed body and finds itself in a body that is invisible to other humans in the room. In this state, the consciousness may have various novel experiences including blissful meetings with deceased acquaintances and angelic entities. Eventually, the consciousness returns to the injured body to tell others about the experience.

Consciousness may also separate from an uninjured body. This tends to occur when it is not aware of the physical body. The consciousness finds itself in a similar body in another place which can seem more real than the familiar waking experience. This is known as an OBE (e.g., Buhlman, 1996; Ziewe, 2008, 2015; Peterson, 2013; Kirkpatrick, 2015; De Foe, 2016).

According to the Zeta cosmology, all objects of matter in our universe are configurations of consciousness. The configurations are holographic-like patterns, or quanta, existing in the etheric range of vibration. Since the human body is matter, it too is represented as etheric quanta. The body can be perceived only with perceptual processes tuned to the etheric vibration.

Although the body often heals itself, there inevitably comes a time when healing does not occur. An injury to the body may be too great or an illness may be too severe, and so the body ceases to function. When the local consciousness recognizes that the body may be beyond repair, it releases itself from the etheric body and moves to a body that is invisible to onlookers. The consciousness returns when the body is resuscitated, and the person may report an NDE.

A similar movement of consciousness to another body occurs at the beginning of an OBE. A Zeta described the transfer of conscious awareness to the astral realm, “Simply, as an act of will, you will drive the physical processes to a point where they do not exist. At that point, the consciousness will release itself from the physical body, and using the etheric template of the body, present itself within the astral realm.” The creation process intrinsic to consciousness brings a new body into existence that is patterned after the etheric body.

The created astral body also has a holographic-like representation in consciousness. However, it clearly differs from the etheric body in that it cannot be seen by human onlookers. Therefore, it must have a higher vibration than the etheric body. Any humans in the etheric realm cannot decode the information in the astral body because their perceptual processes are tuned to the lower etheric vibration. On the other hand, the consciousness in the astral body is still aware of the lower-vibration etheric body and its surroundings since any being can transform quanta at its vibrational level or lower.

The astral body that appears during an NDE or OBE is said to exist in an environment that initially appears similar to the familiar Earth environment. The perceptual process tuned to the astral vibration continues to transform quanta in either realm and so consciousness continues to experience matter. In the astral realm, experiencers may report that their body flew to another location or moved there at the speed of thought (Ziewe, 2008). The environment may change according to their expectations or intentions as if their thoughts were externalized.

View (2008, p. 129; 2015, p. 53) observed that thought occasionally influenced objects and events during his astral experiences, although not all thoughts were equally effective. Thinking spontaneously or allowing thoughts to arise naturally out of expectation was more powerful than merely having the intention to create. View (2008, pp. 138-139; 2015, p. 91) concluded that there were still ‘laws of nature influencing such higher-vibration experiences. A Zeta agreed that a higher-level construct of consciousness like a realm influences the belief structure of every inhabitant and so encourages a consensus reality.

6.3 Telepathic communication

What is telepathic communication? The medium explained, “Images are sent to us via telepathic communication from spirit and guides. We may see the images via our imagination or as a vision. We can see images, symbols, direct information, and colors, or just sense the energy emotionally” (Hamden, 2012, p. 110).

The Zeta said, “The grid is used by many races and planetary beings, somewhat like a communication process. Not only does it aid in telepathic communication between your beings on this planet, but we also use it as well. All conscious thought is placed into the grid, and it is used by many ET races as a medium for telepathic communication.” To communicate telepathically, a being creates a message in the form of quanta in the grid. The perceptual process of the receiver would need to be tuned to the message’s vibrational state or higher in order to transform the message quanta to sensations.

According to a Zeta, a being typically creates using its highest possible vibration. However, a message from a higher-vibration being must be created with the lower etheric vibrations in order to be read by a human. That this is possible was confirmed by a Zeta and supported by humans who say they have been contacted telepathically by extraterrestrial beings (Hernandez et al., 2018).

One reason why extraterrestrial races are helping to raise the vibrational state of the human collective consciousness is to facilitate telepathic communication. A Zeta said, “Your collective mind, in its undulating state, is being prepared for the transition to a telepathic process” and “Then, of course, the other races which view you on your daily basis, will actively interact with the collective mind of the human race.” The extraterrestrial races are watching and waiting for the human collective mind to evolve. Would a telepathic being recognize that someone was attempting to communicate an untruth? In answer to this question, Zeta indicated that telepathic communication reveals information about the sender as well as the intended message. An attempt to lie telepathically would be reflected in the quality of the potentials in the quanta that represent thoughts and intentions. So the receiver of the thoughts would feel whether or not the information was intended to deceive.

Telepathic contact with extraterrestrial races is undermined by the eagerness of many humans to experience such communication. A Zeta said, “And so we have found that telepathic communication is the best method but there are many pretenders. They present themselves as our race, and this has caused many problems for us, as we cannot stop a human who has free will from interacting with any entity they wish.” The comment emphasized again that humans should not ignore the intent accompanying the telepathic message.

Telepathy as an intuitive process also functions to circumvent the need for a system of time measurement. A Zeta said, “You could say that the amplitude of the telepathy removes the need for time. … The information is given that you must be somewhere. It is given as a point of reference. It is weak. As the telepathic signal builds its amplitude, when it reaches a certain level, then you know that you must be at that place.” A sense of anticipation or urgency builds as an event draws near.

The Zetas have designed some of their technology to have the telepathic ability. For example, they interact telepathically with their craft which is conscious beings. To communicate with the craft, “an astral form is needed or thought projection”, suggesting that humans in their current etheric vibrational state would be unable to do so. The Zeta continued, “But realize this, the thought must be of a very specific nature, and there are biological barriers around the craft, to stop certain energies from penetrating through the craft which we class as a being.” It appears they have dealt with some security issues concerning such communications.

Another technology is ‘the chair’, a telepathic device that extraterrestrial beings use to magnify their own thought processes. The chair is said to be “a hybrid system where there is an organic and metallic process. The organic integrates with the psychotropic processes. This allows the amplification of the psychic portion of the etheric field and thus you have a connection to a communication device.” The word psychotropic suggests that thoughts in the psychic portion of the etheric field are amplified by chemical substances that affect the nervous system.

The Zetas expect that humans will eventually master telepathic communication. In the near term, human technology is already being developed to enable a kind of mind-to-mind communication. They warned that there are dangers in this approach. When technology is required for telepathic communication, control of the communication is in someone else’s hands. They suggested that technologically assisted telepathy should be accepted temporarily, and that “ultimately you can move into connection with each other. The amplified state of thought that you will exist in will allow you to bypass the technological states.” Such natural telepathy awaits a fully functioning collective mind, and so it cannot happen until the human collective consciousness changes dramatically.

6.4 Remote viewing

When performing a remote viewing exercise, a viewer’s intention is to have sensory experiences of a particularly remote location (Puthoff, 1996). The property of consciousness that might help to distinguish locations is the grid. A Zeta said the grid was instantiated to support the creation of spacetime. With the grid as a frame of reference, quanta representing objects of matter would have particular locations in spacetime. A consciousness could ‘think’ to those locations to remote view the objects. It is important to note that the grid is a mental concept and not in itself an indication of spatial extent in consciousness.

Like a telepathic message, objects to be viewed remotely are encoded as quanta in the grid. A remote viewer’s perceptual process would transform quanta at a particular location as if they were a telepathic message. Both the remote object and the telepathic message would be transformed to higher-vibration consciousness potentials to be experienced as sensations.

A viewer’s perceptions of the remote object could be biased by expectations of what to find. To minimize such distractions, remote targets are sometimes identified to the viewer by arbitrary alphanumeric codes. Such blind identification of the remote site can be successful, suggesting that the remote viewer does indeed use the intuitive telepathic process. The intention to perform the task would focus on the end goal rather than the path taken to reach the goal. The focus on the end result appears to be a general principle for utilizing the energy of thought.

Novice remote viewers would have to overcome the learned bias to transform quanta at nearby locations. That strategy is inappropriate for accessing an unfamiliar remote scene. To become proficient, they would practice setting the intention to use the telepathic process instead. When the remote viewer’s intention is successful, the quanta at the remote site are transformed by the perceptual process to be experienced as sensations. Remote viewing is most successful when the focus is on the experience of the features rather than the interpretation of what they mean. The remote viewer is typically urged to report sensory features like color, smell, and texture. Reports of constructs such as particular buildings or other manufactured items are typically discouraged in favor of the sensations experienced.

6.5 The materialization of an apport

An apport is an object that suddenly appeared in mid-air, usually in the presence of a physical medium (Von Ludwiger and Nahm, 2016), but sometimes spontaneously (Roll, 1972). The object continues to exist like normal matter. The materialization is usually attributed to the actions of a spirit being.

Figure 6.1 shows an image of an apport that appeared during a physical mediumship séance with the German medium, Kai Muegge. The crystalline object shown in the left panel fell from the underside of the medium’s downturned palm into the author’s hand. The medium’s hand was easily visible in soft red light. The materialization of the object coincided with a brief twinkle of white light. The presumed spirit said with the medium’s voice, “It is the first time that we opened the crystalline structure and embedded certain portions of ectoplasmic substance to see afterward.” Remarkably, when the crystal was backlit in darkness and held at a certain orientation, clear representations of a male and a female human head appeared as shown in the middle panel of the figure. The right panel identifies the locations of the representations with the oval graphical overlays.

Figure 6.1. Left – Crystaline apport, Middle – Backlit interior, Right – graphic overlay.

Figure 6.2 shows an enlarged view of the interior of the crystal from a slightly different angle. Some features of the man’s body are more noticeable. The right hand is beside the head with the palm turned upwards, and the fingers and forearm can be distinguished. The left hand is cupped just behind the woman’s head. The two larger dark areas on the right side of the image might then be identified as the man’s left arm and leg, with the left foot extending to the floor.

Figure 6.2. Larger view of apport interior, slightly different orientation.

The probability of finding such detailed depictions of human heads and other body parts in natural objects of this kind would be very low. If by chance they were found, they might be attributed to pareidolia. However, the alleged spirit’s comment anticipated that something unusual would be found inside the apport. Such prior knowledge eliminates chance as an explanation.

The Zeta cosmology accounts for the appearance of the anomalous object. The object was perceived as matter, meaning that it was represented at that location by quanta in the etheric realm. The alleged higher-vibration spirit may have copied the etheric representation of the crystal from elsewhere, then altered it to create internal forms. The object was experienced as matter by human observers at the instant when the quanta became compatible with their perceptual process.

6.6 Unusual performance of the craft

The craft that apparently belongs to no earthly power has been seen in the sky for many years (Dolan, 2002; 2009). Their observed aerial performance is sometimes beyond human technological capabilities, and so they are often thought to be controlled by extraterrestrial visitors. The Zetas confirmed that a number of extraterrestrial races are indeed in the Earth’s environment and have occasionally allowed themselves and their craft to be seen by humans.

The Zetas discussed the design of their craft and methods of propulsion (Treurniet and Hamden, 2019). Their information supports the observations and tentative conclusions in Treurniet (2021) based on photographic evidence. In particular, a subtle toroidal optical distortion was often seen adjacent to craft in photographs. An example in Figure 6.3 was cropped from a photo taken in 1967 near Torrance, California.

The image in the left panel was cropped from the original photograph. The middle panel shows the torus near the craft after the image was enhanced with equalization. The right panel emphasizes the toroidal shape with a graphical overlay. The torus is in the frontal plane in this example, while other photographs show different perspectives as would be expected from three-dimensional objects that can rotate in space.

Figure 6.3. Left – Original photo, Middle – Enhanced, Right – graphic overlay.

The evidence discussed in Treurniet (2021) suggested that the toroidal distortion was created by localized magnetic and/or gravitational fields produced by a craft’s propulsion system. Such fields would organize matter in the atmosphere into visible contours. When a Zeta was asked to explain the toroidal shape seen near some craft, they replied, “Etheric representation of physical capacity of propulsion system. … The shape is a distortion in the energetic fabric of the environment. Because it is multidimensional, it is able to make craft move in all directions. … Part of the craft, yes” (Treurniet and Hamden, 2022a).

The craft can exhibit unusual behaviors. They have the ability to suddenly appear and disappear in the eyes of human onlookers. Merely becoming imperceptible is known as cloaking. The craft can also disappear by dematerializing so that they are no longer present in the space of human observers. They occasionally demonstrate acceleration that is impossible for objects of matter to achieve according to the science we know. A number of insights on craft performance were given in the conversations with the Zetas.

6.6.1 Cloaking

The Zetas’ method of cloaking a craft suggests we have little idea how prevalent they are in the Earth’s environment. They said, “The capacity of the human to see many different frequencies in the light spectrum is limited. We change the frequency of the light. … So we are able to camouflage, yes, by allowing the craft to change the way that it thinks about itself, and in doing so, it changes the patterns of light that are emitted from the craft, to be seen or not seen by the human eye.”

The craft is an organic sentient being, and the Zeta suggested the cloaking process is analogous to the way an octopus is able to camouflage itself. The octopus uses a combination of pigment, nerves, and muscles to change color very quickly to the color of the background. Finer details such as rocks, sand, or coral are mimicked by many small organs on the skin. A craft with such capabilities could easily hide in plain sight with a backdrop such as clouds in the sky.

6.6.2 Image projection

A Zeta said, “There is also potential to be shown something that does not hold a frequency, … the illusion.” A person may see what appears to be a craft, but when it is not seen by others, it is most likely an illusion given telepathically. The Zeta explained that an unusual light seen by a single person “can be an act of local consciousness, holographic representation… a thought.” The purpose of the illusion would be “to connect to a consciousness. … There may be an action that is to be performed, so there must be a thought instigated to make this happen.

6.6.3 Dematerialization

The state of materialization of a craft relative to an observer on Earth can be altered with Zeta technology. A change is made to a potential in consciousness that controls the vibrational alignment of the craft with the planet.

A Zeta said, “All planets have the requirement that there is a potential that provides the individual quanta that is the determining factor for what is able to exist within the physical structure of that planet.” All matter on the planet has the vibrational level given by a creator being. The matter consists of quanta that originated via the creation process from a potential in consciousness. Quanta at a particular vibrational level can be decoded by the perceptual process of a being on the planet.

The Zeta craft is a body of matter and so it is also defined by quanta in the grid. A technology external to the craft can send a signal to adjust the vibrational level of craft quanta. When the craft has the etheric vibration, it is aligned with the vibration of the Earth’s environment. It can be perceived via a human observer’s perceptual process.

The Zeta technology may instead specify a vibration different from the vibration of the planet. The craft quanta are then not aligned with the etheric vibration and cannot be transformed by the human perceptual process. In this state, the craft is not experienced as matter by human observers and it does not exist for them. The humans would say the craft has been dematerialized.

6.6.4 Electrical interference

Reports of close encounters with unidentified flying objects sometimes mention electrical interference when an alleged craft was nearby. For example, a car engine may have stalled during the encounter, or a compass needle may have reacted when held near the car body afterward. Treurniet (2021) concluded that a strong toroidal magnetic field is likely generated by an extraterrestrial craft’s propulsion system. Such a field could magnetize metal in car bodies and interfere with electrical components in car engines.

6.6.5 Control of inertia

Sighting reports of unidentified craft occasionally mention that the object executed movements that should be physically impossible. The most problematic is the high velocities achieved and the very rapid changes in direction that imply control over inertia. A Zeta explained that craft can influence the frequency of matter so as to eliminate gravitational attraction and inertia (Treurniet and Hamden, 2022a).

According to the Zeta, “Gravity pertains to matter – depending on the mass will determine the gravity body. The frequency of matter also determines the possibility of attraction, change of frequency negates matter, frequency determines to pull, cyclical action of frequency of matter causes other matter to be attracted to it as all matter is in pulse, all matter attracts.” The gravitational attraction of a ‘gravity body’ depends on the mass and frequency of matter.

The Zeta added, “Frequency is determined by the basic fundamentals of matter’s structure. … Basic frequency is a coalescence of harmony of combined matter frequencies.” When there is a mixture of chemical elements, the frequency of matter depends on the coalescence of harmony of combined matter frequencies. Elements can combine when their frequencies are in harmony.

Change of frequency negates matter, meaning that objects are not attracted to other objects when their respective frequencies are different. Further, they said, “Our craft are in disharmony with the physical frequency of matter so that the gravity does no longer affect us.” When the matter of the Zeta craft is not in harmony with the matter of the planet, there is no mutual gravitational attraction. Since gravitational mass is equivalent to inertial mass (e.g., Sears and Zemansky, 1963), inertia should be eliminated as well. Without gravitational attraction and inertia, the craft would not resist sudden changes in direction or speed.

Is our universe a hologram?

7. Connections to human science

How consciousness might maintain the existence of the matter universe was examined by Close (2000). He analyzed the implications of certain advances in physics that expanded on what is known as the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. This interpretation holds that at the quantum level there is no phenomenon until it registers as an observation or measurement. Close justified a logical argument that a primary consciousness presents the physical universe as a quantized ‘spectrum of potentialities’. The consciousness of an individual observer selects potentials from this spectrum and transmutes them to non-quantized elements of consciousness to be experienced.

In the Zeta cosmology, the matter is represented in consciousness by a quantized spectrum of potentials in the grid. The potentials in quanta are selected by a being’s perceptual process and transformed to higher-vibration potentials experienced in consciousness as sensations. All aspects of this process take place in consciousness, so the nature of matter as separate from the perceiver is an illusion created by consciousness.

Close (2000) and Zetas presented roughly comparable explanations for how the matter illusion is experienced. The explanation of the illusion is relatively easy to grasp. However, accepting it as the basis of physical reality can initially be counterintuitive. Nevertheless, a gradual shift is occurring in scientific thought, and institutional science may eventually accept the primacy of consciousness.

7.1 Prime focus

Empirical evidence suggests that knowledge of an experimental process can affect what is measured. That is, consciousness appears to play a role in how reality unfolds. A good example of such an experimenter effect in physics is the double-slit experiment (Horgan, 1992; Hillmer and Kwiat, 2007). Monochromatic laser light is directed toward two parallel slits in a screen. The light passes through both slits and forms an interference pattern visible on an adjacent screen. The interference pattern indicates that the light is behaving like a wave. However, when the path taken by the light can be known, the interference pattern is replaced by the pattern expected if the light were a particle passing through one slit or the other. Mere knowledge of the path of the light causes it to behave like a particle rather than a wave.

Experiments by Radin et al. (2012, 2013, 2016) showed that the amplitude of the interference pattern was reduced in the double slit experiment when test subjects focused their attention on the pattern. The intention of the observers caused a significant shift to particle-like behavior. The experiments showed that the mind is a part of the measurement process.

The many variations of the double-slit experiment and the experiments by Radin et al. indicate that consciousness has a direct effect on causality. A Zeta was asked if an individual or local consciousness must be able to perceive the process in order for matter to interact with matter. The being replied by introducing the concept of prime focus. They said, “There is perception at all levels, even if the prime focus is not in existence.

How does this answer the question? ‘There is perception at all levels’ means that total consciousness is aware of all that exists. Further, total consciousness could not exclude a part of itself to make the prime focus non-existent as suggested in the quote. If it did, it would no longer be total consciousness. The prime focus must be a property of a facet of consciousness in separation, such as a being’s local consciousness.

The words, prime focus, suggest attention to what is most important. In the double-slit experiment, the prime focus is attention to what can possibly be known about the experiment when an observation is made. Without a prime focus, the photon behaves like a wave and an interference pattern is created. This means the possible quantum states (e.g., Harvey, 1962) of a photon are superposed so that the path taken includes both slits. Since the photon interacts with the apparatus, the existence of a prime focus is not a prerequisite for the matter to interact with matter. Alternatively, when a local consciousness has a prime focus, the superposed states of the photons are replaced by states chosen by the consciousness. The Zeta said, “… it is the consciousness that creates the state.” The photon still interacts with the apparatus but the path now includes only one of the slits. It behaves like a particle.

By mentioning the concept of prime focus, the Zeta showed it is aware that states of knowledge affect physical processes.

7.2 The holographic principle

Susskind (1995) and ‘t Hooft (1993) proposed that all things in the three-dimensional physical universe are virtual images of holographic information existing somewhere in a two-dimensional space. This became the holographic principle, that the physics in a certain region of space is described by the information on the surface area of its boundary, and that one bit of information is encoded by a Planck area. (The Planck length is 1.616229 x 10-33 cm.) Although the holographic principle was proposed for the analysis of black holes, it is now thought to have wider applicability.

The idea of a holographic representation of reality was suggested by ’t Hooft (1993), “Given any closed surface, we can represent all that happens inside it by degrees of freedom on this surface itself.” Susskind (1995) agreed, “The number of degrees of freedom should be no larger than that of a two-dimensional lattice with approximately one binary degree of freedom per Planck area. In other words, the world is in a certain sense a two-dimensional lattice of spins.” A binary spin was proposed to encode a bit of information. Bekenstein (2003) noted that the information capacity of such a two-dimensional boundary is less than 1/4 of that of the enclosed space. Further, two-dimensional physics defined on the boundary would completely describe the physics of the enclosed space.

The holographic principle does not specify how holograms representing matter would be formed or perceived. Susskind (1995) could only say, “In some way, the phenomena taking place in three-dimensional space can be projected onto a distant ‘viewing screen’ with no loss of information.”

The Zeta cosmology of consciousness and the holographic principle share the functionality of a grid construct to represent matter. Also, the ‘viewing screen’ mentioned by Susskind (1995) for experiencing the hologram’s image is analogous to the transformations of quanta in consciousness that give the experience of sensations. These functions in common suggest that the Zeta cosmology includes a realization of the holographic principle.

7.3 The Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness

The Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness (Mitchell and Staretz, 2011) proposed that the universe is a four-dimensional construct of space and time consisting of wave-like vibrations that make a holographic image. This was called a quantum hologram and was thought to be the basis for consciousness. All information was said to be represented in the hologram and it ‘evolves as a self-organizing, interconnected conscious holistic system.’ Objects are stored in the hologram at the subatomic scale and can be retrieved by a mind when it attends to the objects.

The theory proposed that everything is connected to everything else by quantum entanglement (e.g., Aspect et al., 1982). A being recognizes an object when an internal representation in its mind resonates with emissions of the external entangled object. The process was said to be analogous to the recognition of an object by a bat when the bat receives the echoes of its sonar emissions. The representations of all objects are stored holographically and non-locally in a physical substrate, able to resonate with any brain tuned to do so. The proposed substrate is the ‘zero-point field’, a continuous fluctuation of energy in empty space at absolute zero temperature (e.g., Haisch et al., 1997; Puthoff et al., 2002).

Treating consciousness as primarily a physical information classification and retrieval process obscures a difficulty with the theory. It cannot represent a phenomenon we all share; that is, the experience of sensations. The feelings of our internal sensory experiences are qualitatively distinct from the external physical information that would be emitted by an object. The internal phenomenal information would be so different from the external physical information that it would severely limit the resonation required for recognition to occur. The theory is unable to represent felt sensations such as colors and smells which obviously do contribute to recall or recognition.

The problem could be resolved simply by placing the external holographic representations in the non-physical energy of consciousness instead of the physical zero-point field. As in Zetas’ cosmological framework, the experience of a sensation would be the instantiation of potential in a being’s consciousness. This proposal would require that Mitchell and Staretz (2011) reject the materialism they prefer in favor of the philosophy of idealism. The theory would accept that objects of matter have a holographic-like representation in consciousness like the quanta of the Zeta cosmology.

7.4 The ‘Orch OR’ model of consciousness

The anesthesiologist, Stuart Hameroff, and the physicist, Roger Penrose, proposed a theory to explain how cellular processes in the brain communicate with consciousness (Hameroff, 1998; Hameroff and Penrose, 2014). The theory suggested that consciousness exists in the spacetime geometry of the universe at the smallest possible scale. Cells in the brain communicate with consciousness via a quantum process that Penrose calls ‘orchestrated objective reduction, or ‘Orch OR. This process is said to occur in microtubules which are part of a cytoskeleton structure present in some form in all cells of the body.

According to Hameroff, “precursors of consciousness, proto-conscious qualia, as well as precursors of mass, spin, electrical charge and other fundamental components” exist at the level of Planck scale geometry (Hameroff and Chopra, 2010). The experience of consciousness arises from communication between the microtubules and the precursors of consciousness via a sequence of quantum computations. The felt sensations, or qualia, receive special treatment in recognition of their status as non-matter. Qualia are felt when the ‘proto-consciousness’ is activated by the Orch OR quantum process. The precursors of consciousness and of matter are reminiscent of the consciousness potentials of Zetas’ cosmological framework.

Although the theory does not acknowledge a cosmology based on consciousness, it could evolve in that direction. The Orch OR quantum process may indeed communicate with a configuration of consciousness, but it could be the etheric body rather than Hameroff’s ‘precursors of consciousness.’ In a discussion of the nature of light, a Zeta revealed, “Light is also used as a mechanism for life stimulation, to excite the potential of a cellular structure. Without light, many would perish. The physical body is able to convert light to the necessary components required to survive.”

A mechanism for accumulating and distributing the energy of photons throughout the body was suggested in Treurniet and Hamden (2022b, Etheric energy from hemoglobin). The authors proposed that infrared energy is accumulated by deoxygenated hemoglobin in the red blood cells of the circulatory system. When the hemoglobin is re-oxygenated, the energy is radiated at a lower frequency to cellular processes in the body. The Zeta agreed, “Yes, hemoglobin is involved as an increase of oxygenated blood is cycled through an entity. In doing so, the energy of the human form is assimilated to the etheric body.” If the Orch OR quantum process does take place in the microtubules as proposed, it may excite the quanta of the etheric body in consciousness with the energy radiated from the hemoglobin in the red blood cells. Treurniet and Hamden (2022b) argued that the multidimensional vibration of consciousness is the medium for propagating electromagnetic radiation.

7.5 Morphogenetic fields

A proponent of a reality that goes beyond materialism is the biologist, Rupert Sheldrake. He is best known for his theory of formative causation, the idea that nature has memory (Sheldrake, 2009). Sheldrake proposed that the formation of objects like crystals and biological bodies is guided by non-physical morphogenetic fields. The shape of a body of matter resonates with a field representing that class of shapes. To affect a developing biological body, the morphogenetic field would work in concert with the available genetic material. The field is reminiscent of the body blueprint introduced earlier in the discussion of self-healing.

Sheldrake also proposed that a sequence of learned behaviors can be represented in a morphogenetic field, and so laboratory animals would learn a task more easily if it were previously learned by different animals of the same species.

In an earlier publication, Sheldrake (1988) conjectured that consciousness is “restricted to human beings and, perhaps, some of the higher order of animals.” He would not have accepted that a universal consciousness could be the foundation of cosmology. However, in more recent publications, he appeared open to the possibility (Sheldrake, 2009; 2013).

8. Suggestions for research

The Zeta cosmology offers a comprehensive basis for understanding reality. It accounts for human experience in the familiar physical universe as well as other realms. Cosmology has a set of properties and general processes and so can be said to be a theory. It offers explanations for phenomena and can make new predictions. For example, formal experiments could attempt to confirm the following predictions that would not be made by any human scientific theory. The first two phenomena have already been observed and two more are predicted.

The existence of a toroidal field of energy near an extraterrestrial craft. A toroidal optical distortion often appeared beside alleged extraterrestrial craft in photographs (see Figure 6.3). Several clues in the photos suggested the distortion is caused by localized magnetic and/or gravitational fields (Treurniet, 2021). Confirmation of the field’s existence would support the hypothesis that the distortion is caused by the propulsion system of an unidentified craft.

Energy discharge accompanying materialization of an apport. A flash of light was seen when an apport formed during a séance (Section 6.5). Also, Foy (2008) reported that effects like a discharge of static electricity were heard in séances when materialized objects contacted existing objects. Detecting an electrical potential difference when an apport materializes would support the hypothesis that materialization is an energetic process.

Conscious control of particle states. A Zeta observed, “Your scientists are now understanding the relationship between the subatomic particles, and that the state is determined by its relationship to other particles. But they do not understand that it is the consciousness that creates the state, and it is consciousness that has created the illusion of matter.” The Zeta attributed the assignment of a particle’s state to consciousness. More specifically, the reference to the illusion of matter implies that the state is assigned by the perceptual process of consciousness since perception creates the illusion. Zeta’s comment indicates that the intention of an observer can affect the quantum state of a particle.

The existence of such an effect can be tested in an experiment in which streams of entangled and non-entangled photons are generated (e.g., Kwiat et al., 1995; Catalano, 2014). An observer in the experiment would ‘intend’ that the photons are in a certain state of polarization. Significantly more photons are predicted to be in the target state, particularly when they are initially entangled and in a superposition of states.

A positive correlation between remote viewing and telepathy performance. The analysis of these skills suggested that remote viewing and reception of a telepathic message involve the same process – the transformation of quanta to give the experience of sensations. In an experiment, each subject’s remote viewing and telepathic abilities would be measured. Some variability is expected due to individual differences in skill levels and little experimental control over creating the telepathic message. A significant correlation would support the hypothesis that these skills have a common element.

9. Discussion

Subjective experience is more than information processing by a sufficiently complex physical system. The experience of color, for example, cannot emerge logically from a functional approach based on the matter (Chalmers, 1995). Chalmers suggested a solution to this problem that preserves the concept of matter existing separate from the mind. He pointed out that physical information such as the wavelength of light is accompanied by phenomenal information such as the redness of a color. He proposed a basic principle that information has the usual physical aspect but also has a phenomenal aspect. The phenomenal information combined with the physical information was thought to explain the emergence of experience. However, Chalmers’ solution does not say how phenomenal information would be represented.

A philosophical idea that resolves how to account for subjective experience is known as ‘ontological idealism’ (Guyer and Horstmann, 2015). According to this concept, “something mental (the mind, spirit, reason, will) is the ultimate foundation of all reality.” A theory based on idealism does not distinguish between physical and phenomenal information. This is Zetas’ view that all is consciousness, and consciousness is a potential that instantiates elements of itself as needed.

Another model of a mental universe was developed by Kastrup (2019a). He proposed that a unitary cosmic consciousness is dissociated into alters, analogous to the multiple personalities or alters in a dissociated human mind. A biological entity such as a human is one of these alters dissociated from the cosmic consciousness. The cosmic consciousness minus the alters was defined as ‘mind-at-large’. Configurations in mind-at-large are formed according to conditions of resonance in the vibrating cosmic consciousness.

The dissociative boundary between an alter and mind-at-large is created by the functioning of the alter’s senses and actuators. The boundary interacts with the energetic configurations of consciousness in mind-at-large. A configuration is then experienced as sensations, and the sensations are interpreted by the alter as matter. The matter is the ‘extrinsic appearance of conscious experience as perceived from across a dissociative boundary’ (Kastrup, 2019b, p. 93). Although the boundary is a mental construct, it is perceived by the alter as the physical world. As in the Zeta cosmology, matter does not exist independently of the being’s consciousness.

Kastrup (2019a) argued persuasively that a mental universe is the only logical foundation for understanding reality. However, his proposed model is not consistent with reports of NDEs. Kastrup (2019a, p. 180) suggested that an NDE is simply an expansion of awareness experienced by an alter when it is reintegrated with mind-at-large. Since the original purpose of the alter was to introduce individuality to the model, the reintegration should also extinguish the feeling of individuality that the alter represents. However, such a loss of personal identity is not evident in reports of NDEs.

According to accounts of NDEs or OBEs, a different externalized world is experienced by a consciousness during these episodes. The world is often similar to the Earth’s environment but may have different natural laws such as mental control of gravity (Ziewe, 2008, pp. 63,71; 2015, p. 61). Also, encounters with people known to be deceased are not unusual (Ziewe, 2008, pp. 60,80; 2015, pp. 54,66; Kirkpatrick, 2015). The experiences are not unlike the external physicality of mind-at-large sensed via the dissociative boundary of Kastrup’s model. But if that physicality could not persist in the absence of an altered boundary, neither should a different physicality during the NDE.

Further evidence that an NDE is more than a state of expanded awareness is the oft-reported superposition of a new reality over the usual consensus reality. The consciousness of a comatose person may find itself in another similar body hovering near the ceiling of a hospital room (Van Lommel, 2010). From that vantage point, medical personnel has been viewed attempting to resuscitate the original body. In one such case (Sharpe, 2017), the patient moved outside and discovered a tennis shoe on an inaccessible ledge on the third floor of the building. The existence of the shoe at that location was verified after the NDE. Also, an OBE often includes being in a new body while seeing the original body sleeping. Such reports show that two realities may be experienced simultaneously. This phenomenon is difficult to explain with Kastrup’s model but follows naturally from the multiple vibrational levels of the Zeta cosmology as discussed in Section 6.2.

Cosmic consciousness in Kastrup’s model has a unidimensional property of vibration. Thoughts are resonations of vibrations that form configurations in consciousness. The configurations are experienced as matter via a mechanism in the dissociative boundary of an alter. Similarly, the total consciousness of the Zeta cosmology has the property of vibration, and vibrating quanta in the grid are experienced as matter via the perceptual process.

But the Zeta cosmology differs in that vibration is multi-dimensional. The multiple dimensions offer much more latitude than a single dimension to account for phenomena. NDEs and OBEs were elegantly explained by virtue of the multiple levels of vibration in consciousness. Further, apports and the dematerialization of the craft were also understood as manipulations of states of vibration.

Matter in our universe is encoded in the vibrational states of the etheric realm. However, because of the multiple levels of vibration, the matter is not unique to our universe. A Zeta said, “Within frequency exists many versions of matter.” All that is required in a Physical type of vibration realm (Figure 2.1) are quanta which define creations at particular vibrational levels. Quanta at a given level are transformed to sensations by a being’s perceptual process tuned to that level. The resulting experience of matter takes place in the consciousness of the perceiver. Quanta that are not compatible with the perceptual process is simply not experienced.

The common understanding that the perceiver is separate from the perceived is an illusion. Nevertheless, the illusion is very powerful and is readily accepted by most people as objectively real. A Zeta observed, “The illusion is the physical life, but others seek to define the physical life as being the real reality, which it is not.” Even when the illusion is understood, it may be hard for people to accept that objects of matter do not exist in that form independent of the observer.

In the physical etheric realm, where the perceptual process gives the appearance of objective matter, human scientific theories have utility and daily affect our lives. This would remain true in the context of the Zeta cosmology. In addition, cosmology gives credence to experiences that are beyond the ability of current human science to explain. There is nothing to lose and much to gain from the greater explanatory power offered by cosmology.


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Sourced From: “A Greater Reality: The New Paradigm of Consciousness, the Paranormal, and the Contact Modalities – Vol. 1 ”, 2022


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    Jimi Hendrix good example…they love that guy in Zeta world….

  2. Wow a bit too esoteric for me Jack though I must say there’s been some good intel coming from Zetatalk. Have studied UFOs since I was a kid. Read hundreds maybe thousand of declased docs. Many of them now in Richard Dolan’s series on UFOs and the National Security State. Know it’s been a concern of the Military since the 40’s Foo Fighters and later JANAP 146 (E). Some intel about a Galactic Alliance unconfirmed. Also a race of Draconians in DUMBs from a friend who worked on the Farsight Project in the Pentagon and have known some Remote Viewers. Some pretty wild stuff. That’s so wild that it may be true.

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