The Holy Land is Here in the USA where We Americans, The True Chosen People Live!

The rise of right-wing White Nationalist Christian fundi’s in the USA continues to assert to our U.S. people that the Jews are the “Chosen People” and that our billions upon billions of taxpayer money sent to the Zionist State of Israel each year in cash and contracts is just and right based on their hardline religious beliefs.

They often say that Jesus will come back when they go broke shipping all their hard-earned cash to Zionists in Israel.  Really?  Um?  Err!  Scam! There!  I said it!  Scam!.

Chosen People

So my neighbor, a right-wing Racist Christian, tells me he’s losing his house because his wife’s job at the coal mine is being cut by 20 hours per week.  Coal Mine?  What is she doing working at a 20th-century factory!  EV’s are coming!  What are you doing? Geez Us!

And then my right-wing Racist Christian friend from High School tells me that he lost his job making Fax Machines to some invisible illegal brown guy from a banana republic (no, not the USA, I think he said Mexico).  Fax Machines?  WTF! What year is this?  No matter, he is pissed and blames everyone.  He is now praying to Jesus to save him while his local preacher sends his cash to Israel!

People of different ages and nationalities having fun together in America, Our Holy Land, The Land of the Free

Chosen People? What is going on here?

Why are we Americans paying for a tribe that lives halfway across the globe in a land that’s smaller than Rhode Island while our children and their future children get the screw job here at home? This makes no cents at all.

And what do we get for our investment in Israel?

Um, err….the pleasure of knowing that we are funding the alleged chosen people? Are you kidding me? Who cares about these so-called “Chosen People”? Our people come first! Who made up this myth?

Americans! Go that way! Your home awaits you! Ye Chosen People Go Forth!

I mean, what kind of idiotic society must we be if we send our resources to a tribe that makes fun of us at the expense of our tribe? “Stupid” is the word that comes to mind…..

If the Jews wrote the old testament book back 8 trillion years ago calling themselves the chosen people, then be advised that I, the new American True Prophet of God, Johnny Punish, hereby declare in my new biblical book titled “Americans Come First: The True Chosen People” that;


Okay! How’s that followers? Work for you?

That’s right, we are the chosen people!

Now, doesn’t that feel right to you?

Believe me, it’s sane to put yourself and your tribe first. What is insane is to send our resources out to people that do NOT share our values, interests, or care one lick about the welfare of our children and families.

We are the USA. We are NOT Israel. Israel is NOT our country! Let’s get with this “We are the Chosen People” concept!

So if you are drinking the fundi zionist kool-aid that tells you Jesus will come back to save us when you go bankrupt sending Israel your money, then no worries, we have a cure outlined by me, your new prophet. It is very simple! Step outside your home, then;

Kiss the Holy Ground you Live on Because the USA is # 1, NOT Israel

As a US Citizen, you’re either Pro-USA or you’re not! Invest all of our monies at home for our interests!  Let the Israelis live within their own means!  It’s their issue, not ours!

In the USA, we are the Chosen People!  Period!

And for all other people, hey, you are the chosen people too!  So please care about your communities, your states, and your governments  Care for each other, and build your home sweet homes!

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  1. ‘Land of the Free’? That is an empty SLOGAN! A fake, fabricated ‘Patriotic Mirage’! Like ‘Spreading American Values’! Spreading Democracy around the World!

  2. @America, Our Holy Land, The Land of the Free
    Have never heard such funny and ironic comment probably in the last 30/40 years of my life. To quote David Icke: “America, the Land of the Free? What a joke!”

  3. Love yourself. It’s contagious. To be a chosen one (or people) there must be a chooser. As we are all truly one: that chooser is you! Let’s Go!…, …, …,
    (Brandon.). Sorry I find it easier to hide in jokes. I do miss Mr Steve Robertson. I should look up PPOE and see what has become of that.

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