On the cover image USAF personnel loading a B61 nuclear bomb trainer on an F-16 fighter-bomber at Aviano Air Base in Italy

NATO is set to launch its regular military drills on nuclear deterrence starting on October 17 and until October 30, the alliance’s press service said in a statement on Friday.

“Air forces from across NATO will exercise nuclear deterrence capabilities involving dozens of aircraft over north-western Europe starting on Monday [October 17, 2022],” the statement reads.

“The exercise, which runs until 30 October, is a routine, recurring training activity and it is not linked to any current world events,” according to the statement from NATO.

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“Exercise ‘Steadfast Noon’ involves 14 countries and up to 60 aircraft of various types, including fourth and fifth generation fighter jets, as well as surveillance and tanker aircraft,” according to NATO.

The statement also quoted NATO Spokesperson Oana Lungescu as saying that: “This exercise helps ensure that the Alliance’s nuclear deterrent remains safe, secure and effective.”

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced on October 11 that the military alliance intended to hold a long-planned nuclear deterrence exercise and that he did not believe that the drills should be cancelled over the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The NATO chief said that the annual exercise Steadfast Noon would be held next week.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told journalists earlier in the day that Moscow was keeping a close eye on all of NATO’s regular military exercises near Russia’s state borders.


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  1. The only reasonable explanation about the behavior of leaders of NATO and European countries is that they are possessed by the devil. There is no other way to understand it. Not even madness reaches such extremes, because madmen do not commit suicide.

    • That’s true. Many of them are Satanists and Pedophiles yet shills like Mike Rothschild and his chorus who occasionally comment here on VT say that is a “Qanon Conspiracy” “Conspiracy Theory”.

    • False-flag attacks never make any sense… except to the real perps, who in this case are the same Zionist scum that nuked the USA on 9/11 and got away with it. What may look suicidal is just that they have a hard-on for Armageddon and nothing short of WWIII will get them off.

  2. Our human value is owned by those who view us as commodities
    in a world of abstraction created by them. 
    In this world we are governed by fear.
    Corporate Military Intelligence creates the fear necessary for the
    Corporate Elites to entrap sovereign States into Global Politics for World Domination by preparing for the final false flag to unleash the Third and final World War, by creating the scapegoat that is Russia, in order that they themselves can begin to release the nuclear arsenal deep in the oceans from inside any nations territory aimed at all nations at their discretion.

    The actors play their part on this,
    The World Stage
    in this,
    The Theatre of War.

  3. Nothing to see here folks just routine. Propaganda is best mixed with some truth. True NATO countries participate in Nuclear Defense and Preparedness drills. Yet it is obvious that this one is purely a provocation. If the North Atlantic TERRORIST Organization had any sense they would have canceled the drills until the situation in Ukraine cooled down.

  4. “Steadfast Noon” may become ready to go – very convenient action in case of sudden “False Flag”
    (Western orchestrated) tactical nuke explosion in Ukra, without doubt blamed on Russia – enabling
    “justified” entry of vast NATO forces & equipment to enter Ukra ( & Belorussia ), to “diminish”
    after effects of such explosion. Therefore “Steadfast Noon” should be cancelled by EU! Hope Russia
    is following & registering every minute movements of any NATO/ US planes, trucks, ships during such
    exercise not that any fact would ever be decisive in Western blame of Russia.

  5. Reminds me of the “drills” that the US military were doing on 9/11. Are we really going to fall for another horrible false-flag event that will push the USA into a catastrophic war with Russia? Again, the real perps, the Zionist entity and all the f-ing neocon sayanim are licking their chops for Armageddon. That is a suicidal death cult if there ever was one.

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