The war is not going that well for Russia. Backed by NATO Ukraine has made substantial gains in the south, the SBU has blown up the critical Kerch Bridge between Russia and Crimea and the Germans have been all over the Russians in the propaganda war.

However, Russophobe Western politicians and the MSM are hugely exaggerating Russia’s problems. President Putin has appointed a new, no-nonsense commander, General Sergey Surovikin and Russian and Byelorussian troops are massing for an armored thrust on Kiev.

The Kerch Bridge has partially reopened to traffic, the situation in the south is fluid and Russia appears to be gaining control of the air.

Being effective, General Surovikin has attracted criticism for alleged war crimes. There is no reason however to take any of the allegations seriously. Human Rights Watch for example is pro-German and anti-Russian.

He may have shot a few demonstrators but he was only following orders. Motorists in London would probably welcome his appointment as Metropolitan Police Commissioner, given the problems the Stop Oil nutters are causing. (On October 12th poor Lord Fellowes was held up for two hours in Parliament Square by these loonies.)

The Kerch Bridge before the attack

The Russian-controlled Nordstream pipelines across the Baltic have also been blown up, very obviously by the CIA. The idea that they were blown up by the Russians themselves is absurd. The CIA of course is controlled by the Correa Group in Frankfurt and has the capability. I doubt that nuclear subs were involved – the Baltic is too shallow for covert nuclear submarine operations. Whilst the water might be deep enough to submerge it’s not generally deep enough not to leave a wake on the surface.

A large disturbance in the sea can be observed off the coast of the Danish island of Bornholm Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2022, following a series of unusual leaks on two natural gas pipelines running from Russia under the Baltic Sea to Germany have triggered concerns about possible sabotage. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen says she “cannot rule out” sabotage after three leaks were detected on Nord Stream 1 and 2. (Danish Defence Command via AP)

The CIA is more likely to have used divers from a surface vessel or mini-subs, again from a surface vessel. Satellite overheads of the fracture sites in the days leading up to the attack should prove instructive.

It’s unlikely that either Zelensky, a CIA asset, or Biden, a Chinese asset, no offense intended, knew in advance of the respective attacks upon the Kerch Bridge and the Nordstream pipelines. The SBU is clearly running the show in Kiev, Ukraine being a German client state. The DVD in turn controls the SBU. Biden is now so out of it that no professional intelligence officer would want to brief him in advance about a covert operation.

The Kerch Bridge attack inevitably invited retaliation against Kiev and there’s likely to be more. Using a grain truck will backfire on those countries in the Third World needing Ukrainian grain. Since they’re not getting it for free that will also impact Ukrainian export revenues.

The CIA’s attack on the pipelines was crazy. Whilst they are owned by Nord Stream AG, a private company, Gazprom, a Russian state company, has a significant stake. That’s pretty close to an armed US attack on Russia, something that was avoided even during the Cold War.

The pipeline attacks smack of desperation. Biden is desperate for the Ukrainians to win but unwilling to raise the defense budget to replace weapons stocks. In the UK the half-crazed new Chancellor, no offense intended, Jeremy ‘von’ Hunt, thinks that tax cuts have to be ‘funded’, by an equivalent amount of spending cuts or borrowing. Stirred up by the DVD’s Economics Section in Frankfurt, whose control over high-yield trading programs gives them enormous leverage over Western banks, the markets won’t let him borrow.

Almost certainly he’ll take aim at the defense budget, treating the NHS as a sacred cow. (One single EU directive, the Working Time Directive, costs the NHS around £10 billion a year.) This means that the UK will soon be running out of weapons.

President Putin, Russia’s very nice leader (he’s a lot nicer than Xi Jinping or Joe Biden, and unlike the Chinese or American dictators was actually elected) knows that Germany, France, the US, and the UK are not raising their defense budgets and are running out of smart weapons to give to Ukraine. If he hangs on till the spring he will win.

In fairness, he has offered generous peace terms. All that the Ukrainians have to agree to is the annexation of the four territories Russia has added to Crimea, populated mostly by ethnic Russians. Since these territories are to all intents and purposes lost anyway fighting on them doesn’t make much sense.

However, the Ukrainians, recklessly encouraged by NATO, will fight on. They are viciously anti-Russian, as is the Biden Administration. I still predict a Russian win but at the cost of a lot more casualties.

Peace feelers having been rebuffed, Russia and Belarus will probably now launch an offensive on the northwest front, in the direction of Kiev. In addition to the possibility of capturing the enemy capital, this should allow Russia to interdict the supply of arms from NATO via Poland.

Although NATO claims world support for its reckless policy of expansion to the east in practice the West is diplomatically isolated, as the OPEC/Russian agreement to cut back oil production demonstrated. Part of the problem is German control of the flow of intel to the White House and Downing St. So far as I know neither Liz Truss nor James Cleverly has any idea that the Ukrainians were planning an offensive of their own against the Donbas Republics or were developing DNA-specific bioweapons targeted against ethnic Russians.

James Cleverly, Britain’s desperately ill-informed Foreign Secretary, at least for this week.

I don’t believe that President Putin will sanction the use of nuclear weapons against Ukraine. Apart from anything else they have nukes themselves, although the jury is out as to how many and what types. I suspect they are modified SS-N-19 warheads. Kiev used to be Nuke’R’Us, don’t forget. Similarly, I can’t see the Ukrainians using their own nukes as that would mean the Russians nuking Kiev. It’s a Mexican standoff. That phrase by the way probably goes back to the Mexican-American War of 1846 – 1848, which you guys (in other words the Good Guys) won.

The Russo-Ukrainian War might actually last as long as the Mexican-American War, although given their casualty rates I expect the Ukrainians to be exhausted by the spring. It may take longer to wear them down, however. I expect total Ukrainian casualties to be over 100,000 dead, assuming they haven’t reached that number already.

Liz Truss resigns after just 44 days

A very German coup

The German coup attempt against Liz Truss finally succeeded on Thursday. She had already been forced to ditch her Chancellor, Kwasi Karteng, after the DVD’s Economics Section in Frankfurt organized a run on the pound and encouraged an increase in yields on British gilts.

Liz was forced to appoint the wettest of wet blankets, no offense intended, Remainer Jeremy ‘von’ Hunt, as Chancellor. He promptly reversed Kwasi Karteng’s sensible but poorly explained mini-budget on September 23rd. Hunt wants the UK economy to continue to be highly taxed, over-regulated, and under-performing.

Jeremy Hunt

Hunt’s main aim appears to be forcing the UK back into the single market. He wants to keep strangling the British economy in red tape, especially if it’s European. He’s also desperate to protect the banks from a reduction in the interest rate paid by the Bank of England on their compulsory deposits and to slash defense spending. Basically, he’ll only go after soft targets.

The excellent Home Secretary, Suella Braverman KC, was forced out by Cabinet Secretary on dubious grounds on Wednesday, October 19th after a blazing row with the Prime Minister over relaxing immigration controls in a desperate effort to go for short-term growth, at the expense of GDP per capita. At that point, Liz Truss lost the support of the Right.

I intend no offense when I say that the new Home Secretary, Grant Shapps, is an Albanian drug trafficker’s dream choice. They’ll be dancing on the beaches in northern France. (The Albanians, that is, not the French.) Shapps wants to keep the pull factors attracting Albanian drug traffickers and others crossing the Channel in place. It’s not clear what death toll he would regard as acceptable, but I imagine that if he remains in office it would take a lot more deaths before he started to take action.

Grant Shapps

The good news is that Shapps plans to use his real name as Home Secretary, no offense intended. Understandably he has sometimes been reluctant in the past to use his real name.

As explained, the coup was made possible by the leverage DVD enjoys over the banks. Since the banks make most of their profits offshore and don’t pay tax on them, and since access is controlled from Frankfurt, the banks are vulnerable to ‘requests’ from Jerry to destabilize target economies.

Liz Truss made huge mistakes, I’m afraid. She should have appointed Sir John Redwood as Chancellor, with Kwasi Karteng as Chief Secretary to the Treasury. She left the very able Lord Frost and Sir Iain Duncan Smith out of the Cabinet, not to mention me! Without me, she had no one to warn her of what was happening and who was organizing it.

Like Donald Trump in 2020, she was maneuvered out of office without knowing why. I did reach out to her team but they were too rude to get back to me. Liz Truss is also very difficult to advise, with respect. She surrounded herself with yes men and women, all of whom were out of their depth. Moreover, she was a poor communicator. She embraced the Laffer Curve but never mentioned it!

Above all, she kept Simon Case, the Rejoiner Cabinet Secretary, who is desperate to get Sir Keir ‘von’ Starmer into Downing St and Britain back into the EU, in post. She was doomed from the beginning, poor girl.

NO conservative government can survive without high-level intelligence expertise and advice. Intelligence-illiterate governments like the Trump Administration and the Truss ministry will continue to be at the mercy of events, battered by unseen forces.

Dame Angela Lansbury (1925 – 2022) and Robbie Coltrane (1950 – 2022)

Since my last post, we have lost two giants of the cinema, Dame Angela Lansbury and Robbie Coltrane.

Dame Angela was the last survivor of Hollywood’s Golden Era. Born in Britain she was evacuated to the States in 1940 as a teenager to escape our community partner the Luftwaffe. She was the only Hollywood starlet to have been the granddaughter of a German spy, the pacifist George Lansbury, who officially believed in world disarmament. Actually of course he only believed in British disarmament. He was pretty sanguine about German rearmament.

Best known for her role as Jessica Fletcher in Murder, She Wrote, she enjoyed a wonderful and varied career over many decades. She will be much missed.

So will Robbie Coltrane, best known as Rubeus Hagrid in the Harry Potter films. He also played a mean ex-KGB officer in two Bond films, GoldenEye and The World Is Not Enough. He was a very talented and popular actor. He could also be very funny.

Robbie in GoldeneEye – brilliant!

I gather he wasn’t the easiest man to work with, but then really talented men and women often aren’t. It’s not easy to work with someone much less talented than yourself, and Robbie was sheer class. He was also fond of the occasional wee dram, which may have contributed to the sad decline in his health, although he was scarcely an alcoholic. (He never drank more than a bottle a day.) RIP, Robbie.

I still need financial support to do my work, many thanks to the readers who have been kind enough to donate! Please bear in mind that I have the DVD jumping over any source of finance – no company in the City dare offer me a directorship. Speaking organisers face similar threats. Washington Speakers Bureau for example were warned off me years ago.


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  1. Intel freebie, from Michael Shrimpton book Spyhunter, publ. Apr. 2014.
    Key German Double Agents Since 1900
    Prince Louis of Battenberg (Naval Intelligence Department);
    Admiral Sir Reginald Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax (Allied Control Commission Germany);
    Admiral Sir Hugh Sinclair (NID);
    Vernon Kell (MI5);
    Sir Stewart Menzies (MI6);
    Albert Einstein (Manhattan Project);
    Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (‘atom spies’);
    Robert Oppenheimer (Manhattan Project & Los Alamos);
    Lord Louis Mountbatten;
    Victor Rothschild (MI5);
    The Cambridge Ring (Philby, Burgess, Maclean, Cairncross, Blunt);
    Roscoe Hillenkoetter (ONI);
    Admiral Ernest King (ONI & US Navy);
    The Dulles brothers (OSS & CIA);
    General William Donovan (OSS);
    General Walter Bedell Smith (CIA);
    Sir Roger Hollis (MI5);
    Sir Maurice Oldfield (MI6);
    Richard Helms (OSS & CIA).

    • Since the publication date of April 2014, more spies have been uncovered, or have died since then. I think that an updated list should include George HW Bush (CIA), as well as Mathias F. Correa (Lt Col USMC & OSS). Plus a few more.

  2. The job of the PM is to BS while the Deep State goes about its business. Britain has been a terrorist state since the 1580s.

  3. Regarding the DOD’s new Oct 27 Nuke policy… Where are we right now, exactly, on Herman Kahn’s 44-step nuclear escalation ladder? And does the DOD plan to hop-skip-and-jump over some of these steps, and go right to #44 asap? #44 is Spasm/Insensate War… Here is a copy of Kahn’s published 1965 44-step ladder, with Thresholds for each major level. It’s in his 1965 book, On Escalation, and is also featured in a later RAND report.

  4. Dept of Defense put out 3 new papers, with massive new Nuke Policy changes, on Oct 27. All this was just hours before the Paul Pelosi scripted drama occurred, to take the heat off the DOD. Summary of changes: Renouncing former No First Use nuke stance. Furthermore, they will for the first time ever, consider the use of nukes in response to Non-nuclear threats to the US, US forces abroad, and “our allies”. This opens the door to “nuke use anytime, anywhere, for any reason”. In sum, MADD no longer works. Biden admin is getting ready to use the new nuke doctrine, very shortly. The lunatics are running the asylum in DC.

  5. Shrimpton is a joke and so are his articles. Kerch bridge attack did nothing just like the Ukrainians big offensive which produced nothing but a worthless pawn Limon. If anything, things went bad for Ukraine as all their offensive fissiled in spite of huge shipments of NATO armaments and suicidal thrusts into Russian kill zones. Shrimpton shows he has little understanding of war tactics and should write about other topics but VT will always print an interesting article no matter how superficial it is. Headlines are what count.

    • Shrimpy is a barrister and by nature inclined to ramble on about topics on which he knows little or nothing. That’s his real “genius”.

  6. continue………….
    and i quote larry romanoff…
    “To accomplish this, it was necessary to replace the monarchs with a form of government that could be totally controlled from behind the scenes, and our multi-party power-struggle system was the result. It also occurred to them from the start that a politically-ambitious but impecunious, unintelligent, uninformed, and largely incapable man off the street would be much easier to buy, to control and to corrupt, than would have been the best and brightest in the land.”

    and…the bs about a “dirty bomb”….

    just close ur windows fr 24hrs…itsall jewish hype to revalue real estate.

    plan is that …with a gieiger counter…instructed to click….OMG!!

    high-end real estate will be devalued overnight….

    bit like the border areas in eireland….

    but then…ulster is actually scottish.

  7. shrimpton… last…
    u,ve written something decent…..(aberfan was ur last)

    U fail to mention Nuland/Kagan plus the famous laptop and the bio-labs.

    U also didnt explain the % of russian speakers in “ukraine”

    plus latvia/estonia/lithuania….

    I applaud your ridcule of kier starmer…the man who refused to prosecute saville.

    I would like to remind people (me included)…that the original concept of a united europe

    was sensible..the ludicrous currency exchange bs…the constant countin of alcohol/perfume,
    a level playing field for car prices… etc…visas…was why the british allowed thatcher et al
    to subvert british sovereignty.
    What they didnt expect wasa communist gravy train run out of Brussels dictating new absurd rules.
    All organised by rothschild incorporated and NATO is their army.

    It also amazes me that u never mention the jewish run house of lords/british parliament.

    I also suggest u name a new british PM plus cabinet and stop this multi-cultural bs that just creates ghettos throughout the uk.

    As for ur monarchy…wtf have they ever done for us except spend our money on whores…etc

    I kindly remind u of mountbottem/classiebawn in sligo.

    n by the way…the irish never blew him up…all bs

    CIA…the americans.

  8. I note that under the new PM Rishi Sunak, there has been very little reshuffling so far, even though there needs to be. Grant Shapps was moved from Home Secretary to Business and Energy. And Jeremy Hunt continues as Chancellor, presumably at least until the next budget comes out… On the surface, the new PM seems to have the proper Economics education. He read Economics as a part of PPE at Oxford, and got his MBA at Stanford. He must have tripped over the Laffer Curve in at least 1 of those institutions. Yet I don’t think that the Laffer Curve will inform his government’s thinking in the next budget.

    • Adrian, I know for a fact you are mistaken about Reagan admin’s policy. Here’s what happened: Reagan admin used the Laffer curve, which raised both growth and Revenues, phenomenally so. However, they also implemented an open-wallet spending policy regarding Defense. They spent money like there was no tomorrow. So the Revenue side was fine. It was the Spending that was out of control. The Spending, btw, was ably assisted by the Congress, which of course controls the purse strings, and there was seemingly no limit to the amount of Pork they would put in. Reagan begged (with a video of wheelbarrows, remember that?) for a Presidential Line Item Veto over the budget. But he didn’t get it. Congress finally gave President Clinton the Line Item Veto, but they made it sunset after 5 years. The main spending sins are always with the Congress!

  9. Continuation:
    The plan is generally clear – the contamination of the territory for the next 30 years, as in the case of Chernobyl, and about the same composition of radioactive materials. The goal: to depopulate these territories and prepare for a new attack in 30 years!

    Russian Defense Minister Shoigu is not an idiot! The intelligence worked correctly, and this is consistent with other analytical and historical data.

    This is the version until it is proved by the court!

    Literature on the topic:
    A.Kolmykov. Chernobyl is a terrorist act. Article for Special Services / 68th International Scientific Conference of the Eurasian Scientific Association (August 2020) Scientific aspects of current research // Collection of scientific articles of the 68th International Scientific Conference of the Eurasian Scientific Association (Moscow, October 2020)

    Kolmykov A.N. Khazars-Jews – falsification of history, extremism / “Eurasian Scientific Association”, No. 9 (79), September 2021, pp. 144-150.

  10. Continuation:
    In the US Congress, Chuck Schumer was engaged in promotion and is engaged in it. Someone decided that we were talking about the Sumerians when the Anglo-Saxons were talking to each other at the US Embassy and thought that the Sumerians were talking about Ukrainians – they were proud. No, not like that, it was specifically about Schumer and his people in Congress. Thus, Schumer also bored everyone in Congress because of the Trump case, and the Republicans will obviously win in a week. The days of the Khazaria project, its support in Congress, its funding are coming to an end.
    What to do? And the bomb remained! The Jewish project with Khazaria is failing, they did not meet the deadlines, so it is impossible to relocate Jews from Israel and the United States to a war zone? “So don’t get you to anyone,” – obviously, the Rothschild gang decided! So, it was Israel that brought the Netanyahu-Lieberman bomb to Ukraine and now, having loaded it with radioactive materials, they will detonate it in the Kharkiv-Dnepropetrovsk area in order to spray it in the South-East of Ukraine in accordance with the rose of the winds of this time of year. The scheme is known for sabotage in Chernobyl – for the same purposes – for the genocide of the population on the territory of Khazaria, invented by Jews.

    Netanyahu and Lieberman created a dirty atomic bomb to blow up Israel with a nuclear charge on their own. 20 tests were conducted in the desert, and the bomb is planned on the basis of a heavy-duty trailer.
    They planned to blow up Israel and blame everything on Iran, which would unleash a nuclear war in the Middle East with the radical extermination of Muslims.
    Rothschild planned to throw off this burden – Israel and relocate all radioactive Jews to Ukraine, to the Khazaria recreated by Jews. The same idea was supported in the USA. They are tired of financing Israel, plus it’s Israeli special forces, their sappers planted explosives in the towers of the World Trade Center WTC – 9/11, this is the stable opinion of officers in the United States.
    So all these Ashkenazi Jews, who are about 80-90% of all Jews in Israel, and in New York this is the basis of black hats and all Hasidim (Chabad and other extremists), have been calling all this motley Jewish public not Jews and not Ashkenazim (from the word Germany) for many years, but exclusively only as Khazars, meaning the territory of Khazaria, invented by Jews in Ukraine and Russia.
    In short, the Jews in the USA got tired of everyone and decided to get rid of them – to drive them to Ukraine and Russia, and therefore this whole project actively began in 2014.

    • It’s worse than you think. The “wedding cake” houses GO2, the DVD’s division in the UK. I understand that MI6 is still mostly clueless about the rats in their own house. It will be a good start when the UK gets rid of the Cabinet Secretary position. Not just the person in that job, Simon ‘von’ Case, but the position itself. Ditto over here in the US, with the DNI position, which needs to go.

    • JS, the one which needs to go in the first place is DHS created on the pretext of 911 big lie, DNI is just a bureaucratic office gathering papers

    • You are correct about DHS, and wrong about DNI. But none of that will matter soon, as new DOD nuke stance will likely be used in the Ukraine very soon.

  12. Liz Truss did exactly what her handlers in the City of London wanted her to do and that was to sign the pact for the U.K. to join the so-called Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) military mobility project. Pesco is a set of binding commitments between EU member states which is a part of wider EU Defence.
    A multi-billion pound package is the cost of membership.
    A bemused David Banks, of Defence Policy Research, said of it:
    “There is something like a 10 stage process of application, checking, negotiation and signing of binding commitments before the PESCO states even get to a vote.
    “How has it come this far between Whitehall and EU apparatuses (European Defence Agency and Political and Security Committee) and we didn’t even know. People saying that US is already in Military Mobility but they were only invited.
    “I’m not aware of any vote and deal of this kind.”
    She wasn’t voted in as Prime minister with a mandate so no such (messy) process was necessary. Once done, quick exit stage right.
    Boris’s role is as a Brexiteer so the script required that he leave centre stage until the deed is done, reappearing as Willy Wonetee from behind the stage curtain.

    • Euractiv reported on Oct 19, about the UK being the 4th non-EU country to apply to PESCO: “EU ambassadors on Wednesday (19 October) unanimously approved the UK’s application to join the EU’s project on military mobility, which aims at improving the rapidity of troops and equipment movement across Europe, should the need arise. With Wednesday’s green light from the EU’s Political and Security Committee (PSC), a draft text will be submitted Council experts (Relex) to be ratified by EU ambassadors. The expectation is that the decision will be formalised, without debate, in mid-November when EU foreign and defence ministers will meet in Brussels for their regular autumn session… After Canada, the US and Norway joined the Dutch-led project last year, the UK, a key NATO ally that after Brexit had been left out of the EU’s security frameworks, would be the fourth non-EU country to participate in the scheme…”

  13. spring he will win ?

    Zukov had a good deal of luck w gudarian.. that rostov dpnier is tuff country…

    if boris come across from minsk – it will not B the same/quite ‘ thing as cutting loose from kursk w 45,000 cannons/zukov-stalin (extra 20K 2 zuko’s sur’-prize’!)..

    i think boris will load – mother and the granny~ and come out of the east N2 the west.. kardive and his ‘ninjas w wagner’ are preparing rooms @ the new russian resorts (bakmute/soldar), for 400K (extra) fully conscripted and AK’ Pakin’ troopers.. –>> I am leading 2 a winter offensive then//and recruting mechaniks in the recent mobilization + no doctors under the age of 50yrs; suggest a 24/7 ‘gang bang.. the reds are setting up for large numbers of surge troops..

    • when zukov – not an expert here- hit guderian; i think he went full ON 3x and almost lost on the steps around kursk – recurring tank battles..

      earlier reports/Dima – rumors had the russians delivering 250 Helo’s/gears for a troop capacity of 15,000.. another 250 simply 4 air/ground activity.. about a 1000 Mig’s/// ???

      the other Opine ! The reds R bombing the electrical and Thermal Plants(village steam) N layers; watching the Interstate 80 traffic from chicago to san fran – soo 2 speak.. `?

      –> Dima (@ Mil Review) thinks the direction of the main blow (Typhoon) will B N march… i think boris is planning on Jan from the looks of the telegrph photos of the troops landing’ in belaruse.. they R getting off the lionel train sets N full winter

    • Nice discussion of WWII past, and present rumors – except for 2 mentions of “the reds”. When the Soviet Union broke up, the “red” banner got moved to America and the West. We are the Reds now! with the Commies controlling the Western MSM and the bureaucracies. And note that the DVD controls both the Red (Red China) and neo-Nazi (Ukraine) countries, as well as the extremes of both philosophies in the West.

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