Best Types Of Percolator Bongs For Sale


Glass percolator bongs are amazing options for the bong user looking for smoother hits, filtered smoke, and a better smoking experience. Percolator bongs come in various styles and forms that can meet the needs of any smoker.

Get the most out of your cannabis flower or potent concentrates by filtering them through percolated bongs. Today we are going to take a look at one online smoke shop with the biggest inventory of perc bongs, and offer several types of percolator options. Keep reading to learn about each type of perc bong available and its features.

Dome Bongs

Dome-type bongs are gorgeous art pieces that incorporate elegant domes into their design. The orb-like shape near the bottom of the chamber allows the cannabis smoke to flower around it. The smoke is then filtered through percolation holes scattered on that dome. Create powerful clouds of smoke with dome percolators.

Tree Percolators

These bongs have branch-like percolators spread throughout. The narrow tubes of glass spread like roots to deliver smoke through the chambers and allow it to percolate into the bong water from above.

Be careful with these types of bongs. The dangling branch percolators are made from glass and can easily break off if shaken up and down. Once the percolator is broken, it can be extremely difficult to remove, making the bong unusable.

Double Tree Perc Spotted Bong

This awesome bong is a large piece with triple perc power. It features two tree percolators for amazing smoke filtration. This water pipe is aimed at the cannabis smoker seeking the smoothest and cooled-down bong hits possible.

Showerhead Percolators

The Showerhead percolator bongs get their name from the shower-like glass discs usually hoisted in the bong chamber. Usually, a vertical tube with a slotted glass perc disc that diffuses smoke. The smoke travels across the glass and slowly gets pulled through the percolator holes. These are some of the most common and popular percolator bongs available and are effective at providing a great cannabis smoking session.

11” Showerhead Gem Perc Bong

A standard beaker-style bong has a large shower head percolator that is efficient at filtering your bong rips.

Honeycomb Percolators

These are some of the most popular types of bongs with cannabis connoisseurs. Their honeycomb-like shape and pattern of the perc holes diffuse smoke evenly. The smoke is pulled evenly through the bong water for a consistent smoking experience. Honeycomb bongs contain many holes, allowing large amounts of smoke to accumulate. These dope pieces are often designed in eccentric colors and patterns.

8” Honeycomb Bent Neck Bong (Sold out)

This is a classic style bent neck bong that features a built-in honeycomb percolator at the bottom. This causes an upward pull of smoke through the honeycomb for a quality filtered experience.

The Fab Egg Percolator Bongs

Named after luxurious Faberge Eggs, these are some of the coolest glass bongs. Their avant-garde glass-on-glass design makes them super desirable to glass connoisseurs. They are created to effectively allow water and smoke to travel through the upper and lower chambers. The dual chamber designs allow vapor to build up for smoothly filtered and powerful hits. 

These super popular glass pieces are beautiful to have and look at but users must be careful. These are delicate pieces to use and maintain. Just a warning, they can be pricey! 

The Incline Percolator

This type of percolator diffuses smoke naturally through percolator channels directly on the stem of the bong. Incline percs are relatively simple devices and are great for optimal filtration. These are perfect for consumers looking for a simple yet effective piece in their glass collection.

Turbine Percolator:

These percolators use a special disc perc with angled holes etched in the glass. The angled holes created a vortex-like “turbine” that causes the smoke to spin within the bong. This effect of smoke creates a smooth whirlpool of smoke for users. 

Recycler Percolator

Recyclers feature two chamber percolators designed to filter smoke efficiently. These are common in bongs, bubblers, and dab rigs. These are awesome options that come in a variety of designs.

 7.5” Blue Balls Recycler Bong Rig with Banger

This crazy-looking bong features several artistic blue glass balls on the outside. It is designed for smooth hits that fill the piece with smoke. Cannabis users will enjoy milky hits every single time.

Matrix Percolators

Matrix perc bongs have holes in various directions, allowing the smoke to filter and circulate throughout the chamber. You can find these types of bongs with double and triple matrix percolators for even greater filtration. 

20” Double Matrix Perc Bong

Try this almost two-foot-long glass bong with double matrix percolators. This is a standard upright tube glass bong with a large bottom chamber. This bong is perfect for adding water and ice cubes for chilled hits.

Swiss Percolators

As the name suggests, the glass discs of swiss percolators contain numerous holes that help separate smoke as it passes through. This filtration method also cools down the smoke helping create an extra smooth smoking experience. Great for those seeking softer hits without the harshness.

Unique Percolators

World of Bongs features several unique percolator bongs that feature custom percolators crafted by glass artists. With all sorts of shapes and sizes of percs, these special types of bongs are great for all different kinds of cannabis consumers.

Rocket Recycler Multi-Perc Water Pipe (currently sold out)

With every hit, this crazy popular piece will have you blasting off to new heights. Its percolator system is like a fusion of a recycler and a tree percolator. Smoke is drawn through the suspended recycler and double-filtered through multiple dangling percolators. This nice-sized water pipe offers a premium smoking experience

Trapped Skull Perc Bong

This piece brings heavy metal vibes with its awesome skull-shaped percolator. 

Blue Pineapple Perc Bong

Try this simple yet fun pineapple percolator bong that filters smoke, like a traditional bong.

Football Tree Perc Straight Bong

Football lovers will be obsessed with this awesome pigskin-shaped bong. This features a large football-shaped chamber and standard tree percolators. 

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