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I ran into the fortune-teller, who said
“Beware of lightnin’ that might strike”
I haven’t known peace and quiet for so long
I can’t remember what it’s like

There’s a lone soldier on the cross
Smoke pourin’ out of a boxcar door
You didn’t know it, you didn’t think it could be done
In the final end he won the war
After losin’ every battle

I woke up on the roadside
Daydreamin’ ’bout the way things sometimes are
Visions of your chestnut mare
Shoot through my head and are makin’ me see stars

You hurt the ones that I love best
And cover up the truth with lies
One day you’ll be in the ditch
Flies buzzin’ around your eyes
Blood on your saddle

Idiot wind, blowing through the flowers on your tomb
Blowing through the curtains in your room
Idiot wind, blowing every time you move your teeth
You’re an idiot babe
It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe

It was gravity which pulled us down
And destiny which broke us apart
You tamed the lion in my cage
But it just wasn’t enough to change my heart

Now everything’s a little upside down
As a matter of fact the wheels have stopped
What’s good is bad, what’s bad is good
You’ll find out when you reach the top
You’re on the bottom

Adolf Hitler, the greatest European and perhaps the greatest man ever to walk the earth, is bad. The psychopathic drunkard and habitual mass murderer Winston Churchill is good. Yahweh, whose real name back in Babylon before he drowned the world was Enlil, is the god of light and his demonically misshapen agents the Jews are chosen to lead all the nations.

Lucifer, whose very name means light bearer, and those who have righteously served him, are blamed for the plagues that Jews and their Christian servants have brought down upon the earth. One merely has to look at who has pushed the so said vaccines, diversity, transgenderism, transhumanism and the war in the Ukraine which promises to end civilization. They are all Jews and Christians, that worship the god of the Old Testament, Enlil, and the transient material wealth he has brought them.

So, who is this lone soldier on the cross impervious to all their depravations, this warrior able to wade through the surging tide of their lies and inevitably slay them? He certainly is not the effeminate Jewish Jesus of the pope and other such con artists like John Hagee or the dime store hustlers who emulate them, preaching from approved pulpits about things which they know nothing about.

Manley Hall was right there’s a secret tradition which spans back to time out of mind before the Ottonian dynasty inaugurated the thousand years of darkness celebrated by Judeo Christianity as “history.” Unfortunately for Hall, he was only a free mason, and not authorized to talk about the immortals who rule the night. When he did, he was ritually strangled. I might have strangled him myself, much like rural Americas dime store preachers he talked to much about things he knew nothing about…

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Otto Rahn

Otto Rahn the High Priest of National Socialism and the SS, whose suicide was most certainly staged to explain his redeployment to Neuschwabenland when the war began, did know what he was talking about. Or at least he did after he found the Grail hidden in the grottoes of the Sabarthes in France where once dwelled the Cathars before in what Judeo Christian history calls the Albigensian heresy they were exterminated by the papacy in order to perpetuate the lie of Jewish Jesus. Rahn pays homage to the secret meant to die with the Cathars in the book he wrote about his search for the Grail, The Court of Lucifer:

“Night fallen, we are sitting in front of the fireplace. The countess is knitting. I open a book, which tells of tombs from Albigensian times that had been discovered, just nearby, in the black Mountain. One of them was a communal pit. Twelve skeletons were found there, disposed in a manner as to mark out a sort of wheel: the heads represented the centre, and the bodies the spokes. The author, in all probability with good reason, thought that this practise was linked to a sun-worshipping cult. Now, we engage in conversation. My hostess [“The countess Pujol-Murat, a member of the Polaires group.” (Quoted from page 26)] has long been aware of the legend that has it that Montsegur was the Grail castle. If, as she is convinced, the Grail was really conserved in this castle, then her ancestors were the knights who lost their lives defending it, because many of them fell in the siege of Montsegur, and some were burnt there. She tells me:  

“I belong to the line of the great Esclarmonde. I am proud of this. I often see her in spirit on the platform of Montsegur’s dungeon, reading in the stars. The heretics loved the stars; they believed they could bring themselves closer to the divine state after death by orbiting gradually from star to star. In the morning, they would pray facing the rising sun; in the evening, in a state of total reverence, they would watch it disappear. At night, they would turn their gaze to the silvery moon, or towards the North because, for them, the North was sacred, the South, by contrast, was considered Satan’s abode. Satan is not Lucifer. Because Lucifer means ‘Bearer of Light’! The Cathars recognised him by another name as well: Lucibel. He was not the Devil! The Jews and papists wished to debase him by confounding him in this way.  

As far as the Grail is concerned, it must be, as many believe, a stone fallen from Lucifer’s crown. This is why the Church vindicated it in their turn, to Christianise this Luciferian symbol. Montsegur’s pog was the mountain of the Grail, of which Esclarmonde was mistress. After her death, after the destruction of Montsegur and the extermination of the Cathars, the Grail and its castle were abandoned. The Church, perfectly aware with the Albigensian Crusade of leading, first of all, a war of the Cross against the Grail, let no opportunity slip of appropriating this new non-Christian religious symbol for itself and milking it for all it was worth. But this was not enough to explain that the Grail was the chalice that Jesus had shared with his disciples at the Last Supper and in which his blood had been gathered at Golgotha. No, the church had also to make believe that the Benedictine monastery of Montserrat, in the southern Pyrenees, was the Grail temple. After the Cathars — often referred to as ‘Luciferians’ by the inquisitors — had guarded the Luciferian Grail stone, in the northern Pyrenees, it was now the Catholic monks who claimed to be holding it, in the south of the same mountains, although by now they had turned it into a relic, conferred by Jesus, the conqueror of the Prince of Darkness, to his faithful.”  

We both remained silent. Then the Countess continued: “I don’t have to remind you that the Basque Ignatius of Loyola was the founder of the Society of Jesus. But did you know that is was at Montserrat, near Barcelona, that Ignatius conceived his Jesuit ‘ Spiritual Exercises’, the organisation of the Jesuit Order and, if I am not mistaken, the cult of the Sacred-Heart of Jesus? You should look into these points. . .” 

In the aftermath Rahn would make a pilgrimage to Iceland then return to Germany and wander the streets of Berlin at night in his SS officer’s uniform, dressing down other SS officers for their nocturnal activities and not living up to the standards required of the sacred order he had founded. He even once physically attacked a Wehrmacht officer, whom he considered beneath the SS, for daring to take a more prominent seat at a party wedding. Although a frail man he would undergo intense physical training by the SS in preparation for his mission to the Antarctic.

There, in another dimension he would take up the study of bacteria knowing full well that bacteria are the fingers through which god molds his creation. One must know their enemy. He wrote many books about bacteria and blinded by their own insolence Jewish academia never even noticed.

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What Miguel Serrano says in his book, Adolf Hitler the Ultimate Avatar, which neither I, Loki Hulgaard or for that matter professional historian of Nazi lore Orage ever heard of before 2016, is born out in the facts recorded in Black Sun Rising written in 2014 and in my own life which has been recorded in my book Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan written in 2012.

Very early on what the Cathers had believed to be the Stone from the crown of Lucifer had been “discovered in Montsegur, in the caves of Sabarthes, where Otto Rahn had been the first to find it.” (1) The Ahnenerbe “deciphered it; the science of Hyperborea has been reclaimed.” (2)

The SS, led by Rahn who at the end of his book uses metaphor, now had the technology to split the timeline the same as is done in a Fourier transform, where adjustments to the Time domain are made through the Frequency domain. The SS could now write their own history in blood, and it would never even touch them, safe and secure in another dimension:

“A small Empire clock beats quietly. It marks out the hours. With its exquisite chime. It was offered to me by an old lady* who is no longer of this world and who, now, is in possession of the supreme knowledge. She knows more than all of us.

My eyes consider the two piles of the Journal’s pages, those on the right and left. The two piles are equal. The pages on the left have been used. They have furnished the substance of this book. I shall put them away, but I shall reread them from time to time: they contain notes, which I took only for myself and which I must not forget.

Early tomorrow, I will lift off this stone that I brought back from desert-like Iceland and will free the pages on my right. And I shall give speech to the first sheet, then the others, one by one. It is a new book which I wish to begin: the Journal of the continuance of my quest, which will follow on from the first work. I wrote the first page opposite the Icelandic North Cape, on the Arctic Polar Circle; the others, for the most part, in the heart of Europe: in my German fatherland. But some were written in the meantime in the sector of two volcanoes: Vesuvious and Etna, which were both known as Mount Bel in the Middle Ages.

Along with the pages of my Journal on my left, I will also put away the stone which acts as their paperweight. I brought it back, a long time ago now, from the ruins of the Pyrenean heretic fortress of Montsegur, the Grail castie. Then the left third of my desk shall be empty, ready for a new pile. Another stone will guard the order of the pages which will occupy this new free space: a block of amber, golden yellow.”

* The Countess of Pujol-Murat.

There is but one way to kill the tyrannical Jewish war god, and that is through the sacred union of the archetypical He and She, called Leviathan in Judeo Christian literature. The Talmud says that should ever the male and the female Leviathan consummate their love through sexual union all that Yahweh has created will be made barren. The Zohar says that should the male and female Leviathan ever mate the judgments against Yahweh and his chosen shall multiply, overwhelm and destroy them. The SS aimed to facilitate just that, and they did. Serrano gives it away in his book:

“And someone, an unknown being, will be left to await the return like on the edge of a fountain. Someone who in the adventures of those two (four), played the Destiny of the divine impossible existence, unimagined even by the greatest pilgrims of nostalgia. Who was this being, who seemed to have dreamed all this, who risked so much in the mystery of the He-She and She-He? Is it someone who is beyond the Archetypes and Demiurge, even of the archetypes used by Hyperborean Siddhas as instruments of their combats? Someone who wanted to destroy the universe of the Demiurge, to break the Cycle of Cycles, to break free the prisoners of the Eternal Return. Someone who permitted the He-She and the She-He to part as pairs of opposites in order to enter into the nightmare, into the corrupt world of the Demiurge, to search for each other, to find each other again, fighting to transmute this evil creation?” (3)

What’s good is bad and what’s bad is good in the upside-down world of the Frequency domain. Christians and Jews alike howl about the evil Qabalah, when in fact it is the last bastion of what is sacred in this accursed place. Qabalah, Yggdrasil and Tengrism are what is left of a universal religion in a world made barren by the pestilence of Judeo Christianity. All postulate a tree of life and multiple worlds. In the Qabalah the worlds are ended and god killed by Leviathan.

In the lore of the Yggdrasil Surtr, the mightiest of all the Jötunn warriors, leads an invincible army called the Sons of Muspelheim onto the battlefield in Ragnarök and slays the great god Frey in single combat. In his insatiable rage Surtr casts fire upon the entire Yggdrasil incinerating all the worlds. Surtr is invincible because he wields Lǽvateinn, given to him by the enigmatic Sinmara whom some believe to be his wife. It is the only weapon that can slay Víðófnir, the cock that sits crowing atop the Yggdrasil. So dangerous is Lǽvateinn that it is secured by nine locks that all must be opened before Lǽvateinn is free to do its work…

In the Yggdrasil the survivors of Ragnarök find sanctuary in the palace of light somewhere in Gimle. In the Qabalah Gimil is the direct path to the Crown of God. It is the wasteland that must be crossed by the elect to reach immortality. In the Yggdrasil there are nine worlds. In the Qabalah, called the Sepher Yetzirah proper, there are also nine worlds ascending in three triads, Telsa’s three, six and nine, to ten which is really zero in a closed loop that repeats itself at the ten.

Who copied from who is of little consequence here. The Qabalah has survived the thousand years of darkness intact and is far more coherent than what is left of the Yggdrasil. Spelling is of the utmost importance in Qabalah. Without the proper spelling one cannot bring to bear Temurah, Notariquon and Gematria to unlock its secrets. For this reason, Jews and their agents misspell it using the letter Caph instead of Qoph lest the goyim profane it.

According to the standard Ben-Yehuda’s pocket English-Hebrew Hebrew-English Dictionary Qabalah is spelled QBLH, Qoph, Beth, Lamed and Heh, and means “receipt; receiving, reception; tradition; cabals, mysticism.” Where there is a reception there must be a transmission, a source of the holographic simulation, what the Australian Aborigines who are the ghosts that haunt the Temple of the Dog called the Alcheringa. We call it Sīrius.

Lucifer means light bearer in Latin, Sīrius; the Morning Star. In Hebrew it is HYLL. There is no historical evidence to prove that Jesus ever really existed but there is much that proves Hillel (HYLL) the Elder did. He was born in Babylon in 110 BCE and supposedly died in Jerusalem in 10 CE. He was the greatest of all the Hebrew sages and quickly gained a following that rivaled the Pharisees of the Temple. A story is still told among the Rabbi’s about how when threatened by his teachings, which were diametrically opposed their own; the Pharisees summoned Hillel to the Temple.

It was in the Temple where the Shammai Pharisees, the high priests of the tyrant god challenged Hillel about his knowledge of the Torah. Hillel told them he could sum the entire Torah up while standing on one leg. When the Shammai Pharisees told him to go ahead and do so he stood on one leg, looked at them and said “do unto to others as you would have others do unto you.” He then walked out of the Temple followed by his entourage beginning an irreconcilable schism among the Babylonian priesthood.

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Gershom Scholem was perhaps the most brilliant Hebrew scholar of the twentieth century. He wrote that the greatest mystery of the Qabalah was concealed in the true name of Lucifer. He gives it in Hebrew as AYLTh HShCR NGH CVCB. which in translation means instrument that brings the light of the brilliant star, but many scriptural words in Hebrew are ambiguous if not paradoxical.

AYLTh besides meaning instrument can also mean gazelle and Jesus is referred to as a gazelle in various apocrypha and Gnostic Tracts. Even those who presumed to edit and change the words of the “Teacher of Righteousness [HTzDQ MVRH-HYLL]” in the synoptic gospels and the “Wicked Priest/Teller of Lies [HCHN HRShAy],” as Paul is repeatedly called in the fraudulent Dead Sea Scrolls, dared not spew the blaspheme that today passes as Christianity.

The Morning Star, or Lucifer, appears in the New Testament only twice. In fact, it only appears once in the synoptic gospels. In Peter 1:19 it is said “And so we have the prophetic word confirmed, which you do well to heed as a light that shines in a dark place, until the day dawns and the Morning Star rises in your hearts.” In Revelation 22:16 it is said “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright and Morning Star.”

Revelation makes other more cryptic references that Jesus is Lucifer when Jesus says in 22:13 “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.” This theme is repeated again in 1:8, 1:17, 2:8 and 21:6. It is an incantation woven into the symbolic tapestry that is Revelations. That is why it is repeated five times to conform to the five points on the pentagram.

Revelations is much much older than the bible and dates back to a time when the old ones worshiped in the Temple of the Dog…

Herein is Gershom Scholem’s mystery: ShCR is a word with a plurality of meanings. It can mean daybreak, but it can also mean nightfall or darkness. It is Sīrius the morning and the evening star in the firmament over Australia, a place that all but Time has forgotten. Within the Qabalistic name of Lucifer is contained the Alpha and the Omega of light, the same Alpha and Omega Jesus lays claim to in Revelations.

ShCR also has a third meaning and that is to search, and search Lucifer must. Because the tyrant god has taken Lucifer’s bride and concealed and imprisoned her within his creation. She is the life force that animates that creation as well as Yahweh himself. She is the Moon. She is the Star of Woman. She is the dreamer to which all that is is but her dream…

In the Zohar it is established that even god must dwell within the Shekinah (ShCYNH). In the Lesser Holy Assembly; chapter 21, it goes on to say “with this woman are connected all those things which are below, from her body do they receive their nourishment, and from her do they receive blessing.”

Qabalists call her Malkah (MLKH) or the Queen. Malkah is a derivative of the word Malkuth (MLKVTh) which means The Kingdom. Malkuth is the final Sephiroth (world), the one through which all the others are manifested. Malkuth encompasses the entire physical world a world that is projected through Yesod; the Moon…

Learned Rabbis call the Shekinah the bride of the Sabbath, but know she must dwell in exile until the messiah comes for her. The ancient magi called her Zoe. The Babylonians called her Ishtar and Christian shamans still loyal to Lucifer called her Sophia, dividing and concealing her within the three Mary’s of the New Testament. In corporeal form, she has been known as Baphomet to the Templers, Vril to the German National Socialists, and now electromagnetism to mad scientists who would profane her.

The most opulent church constructed in recorded history and perhaps the greatest expression of the architectural arts is Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (now called Istanbul). After its construction Hagia Sophia remained the largest building in the world until Islamic hordes overran it and turned it into a mosque.

Hagia Sophia means Holy Wisdom. Sophia in Greek means wisdom, skill in Magick. In the Nag Hammadi Library Sophia is revealed to the uninitiated after being hidden for over a thousand years. Prior to the Libraries revelation, what was known of Sophia came from scraps of manuscripts and Pistis (faith) Sophia; a text purported to be Gnostic.

Pistis Sophia was discovered back in the eighteenth century. It leans heavily on the teaching of Paul and his proscribed methods of overcoming the Archons through faith. Before the Council of Nicaea, most Christians/Gnostics believed Sophia was the mother of the tyrant god whom they called the demiurge.’ In the archetypical Oedipus complex, to them, she was also the rightful bride of Christ/Lucifer.

In The Thunder, Perfect Mind –a poem from the Nag Hammadi Library– a far more pagan than Christian Goddess brashly tells those who would know her to Understand “For I am the first and the last. I am the honored one and the scorned one. I am the whore and the holy one. I am the wife and the virgin.”

The consensus among the libraries manuscripts is that Sophia was one of eight original Ogdoads, four pairs of “Aeons” or emanations that before the advent of matter manifested God through their sexual relations. Sophia attempted to manifest God without her consort and her actions disturbed the balance. Matter subsequently came into existence along with the resulting god or demiurge and Sophia was trapped in their world.

(But some of the very first words I wrote as Jack Heart were a warning in putting too much store in moldy old manuscripts. You can practice something for all eternity but until you actually do it you don’t really Understand it. To a soldier there is nothing more relevant than combat experience. It was her that created man to be her companion and it was the tyrant that imprisoned them both in his blasphemous cube destined for dissolution when he finally meets his just reward… – Jack)

In order to glorify himself, the demiurge created man to worship him using as a template the distorted images of the angelic world from which Sophia fell. But he could not animate man without using the same life spark from Sophia that had begotten him. Because she dwells in him, Man has the ability to be god’s equal and he is able to see the difference between good and evil far more clearly than Ialdabaoth; the blind god born of the void.

In The Thunder, Perfect Mind the Goddess exhorts those who would seek her out not to be arrogant with her when she is cast out upon the earth, not to look upon her when she is in the dung-heap or “among those who are disgraced and in the least places.” She implores them not to laugh at her, to leave her cast out nor to cast her “out among those who are slain in violence.” She tells them that if they heed her words, they will find her “in the kingdoms” and “in those that are to come.” But she warns them to be on their guard because “I, I am compassionate and I am cruel.”

She is the Whore of Babylon, exiled with her people because she is their collective soul. According to Gnostic lore she is to undergo repeated incarnations as a whore. The bride of Jesus was Mary Magdalene, who through oral traditions Christians know as a loose woman, some say she was a prostitute. The Knights Templar, who are the guardians of the Grail, were told to gather in places frequented by woman of ill repute. Just like Richard Wagner’s Parzival the Savior quests for a Grail, a metaphor for his lover.

Lucifer is the original consort of Sophia. He is the Savior of scripture. But the only thing that he must save is Her. Through her redemption will come his redemption and through their reunification, the righteous wedding of the Bride and the Groom, the unification of the He and the She. Thus, will this whole blasphemous creation be rolled up and deposited back in the limitless light of the Supreme Being, to live forever in orgasmic ecstasy.

Lucifer did not fall from heaven nor was he cast out. He has no use for the counterfeit heaven of Abraham’s demon god. He comes of his own accord like a vengeful bolt of lightning cast down from unimaginable heights, aimed at the dark heart of an abomination that dares to think of itself as the Supreme Being. A being whose ‘creation’ consists of an endless series of organisms perpetually consuming each other.

The following poem was written in the aftermath of the events recorded in Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan:

From a gilded cage reigns the captured queen
Upon the eternal stage unfolds raptures dream
Two armies march on the dreams beginning
Their insolence sanctioned by easy wining
While at the waters source
In the shadow of the great rock
They search for the force
That will open damnations lock
And in the name of the queen
They guard well her dream
Tending to the fire in its pale white glow
On one side the yes the other the no
There is a stirring of the eye
Lightning leaps across the sky
And the divine paradox
Descends the trail of the ox
Like a wolf loping across frozen fields
He sweeps over the camels path
Blinding light provides his shield
In a wasteland scorched by wrath
He is the prince of hate
And he is the prince of love
He is the prisoner of fate
And the cutting edge of the dove
Forever cursed to travel alone
Guest of honor upon the great stone
The rattling sword reveals his pride
Beneath the scar that marks his side
Come again Lucifer son of the dawn
Come again Lucifer face the prophets scorn
Take no heed of the tyrant’s warnings
Come again Lucifer and bring the morning
The king is coming for his queen
Break the spell and end her dream


1 – Serrano, Miguel. Adolf Hitler the Ultimate Avatar, p 134. Hermitage Helm Corpus, 2014. Web.

2 – Ibid.

3 – Ibid, p167.


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  1. Jack. I have come to the conclusion that much more than I already know will only be revealed to me when I return home.i have learned much in 72 years and guess that’s why I chose this incarnation. Everything else is really beyond my ability to validate but I respect your attempts to connect the dots. I doubt Jesus has much interest in the affairs of earth during the last 2000 years unless he reincarnated. I really could care less about that.

    • ” I doubt Jesus has much interest in the affairs of earth during the last 2000 years unless he reincarnated”

      Exactly Ferdinand, and if he really did incarnate, he would be appalled that he is nailed dead and naked to a stick while supplicants sing “eat his body drink his blood” before this craven image

  2. 2006 My best friend Mit (Tim spelled backwards) died of mixing heroin and cocaine into a “speedball” (John Belushi’s last hit too)
    I had stopped taking his phone calls for a couple weeks, did not return calls and “shunned” him since I knew he had started doing black tar heroin alot (smoking it in aluminum foil pipes) and didnt want him to hang out with me while he was.
    Then he died unexpected.
    I know I could of helped him out, more than anyone, as he we were best friends and best friends dont come easily in your lifetime.
    I cried for days, really it was my fault no matter what anyone says.
    I prayed to Jesus (not Lucifer sorry!)
    And here is what I heard said plain as day:
    “Thank you for thinking of me”
    Dont know what it means (I guess just that) but is profound regardless of not understanding!

    • “I prayed to Jesus (not Lucifer sorry!)”
      So, what are you telling me? You prayed to a jew in a dress who got nailed to a stick after a lifetime of masochistic indulgence while praising the virtues of being slapped around by other men. I am convinced that Christian “men,” particularly protestants, are all latent homosexuals and directly responsible for what you see in front of you right now in the West. You’re a smart man Konehead, that was not a smart comment. This is a theologically unimpeachable argument, the Rabbi’s won’t touch it, and neither will the Jesuits, but I guess your drunken barnyard preacher knows better. Whites and Blacks, the ones that still have a pair are waking up all over the world but sweet dreams for you…

  3. A pagan/heathen who has no respect and does not consent to the absolute Oneness of the Almighty Creator is doomed to eternal damnation!

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