Today’s Brief: German Insurrection Crushed by Massive Police State


Well, now there you have it. This is why the Magas are far more dangerous to what’s left of liberty in America than any vaxxed-up child molesting “liberal.” Twenty-five Germans wanted nothing more out of life than to take a hot shower and not have Germany’s foreign and internal policies dictated to them by the rabble impersonating a government in America.

Rounded up, in their homes, in their beds, and in their hunting lodges by thugs with badges pinned on them. But as Tucker Carlson likes to remind the Magas here in America, we support just this type of law and disorder.

The helpless Germans don’t have guns. They were trying to get the snake in the kremlin to supply them with arms, but it was probably Putin who dropped a dime on them. Putin has proven himself to be perfectly content to keep feeding the cream of Russian and Ukrainian youth into the Jewish meat grinder masquerading as a Ukrainian state, long as the Russian oligarchs who pay for his yachts and watch collection continue to make rubles by the truckload.

Of course, these vile war criminals impersonating newscasters in the above video linked the German resistance to the American Q, a CIA psy-op designed to neutralize sentient Americans with double-digit IQs. Many Q aficionados proudly sport their Maga hats like a grinning toddler who has smeared itself with its own feces as they chant mantras like “Blue Lives Matter.” Well, now their theory has been proven correct in Germany. The police certainly do matter, and no police state can ever have enough police…


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  1. If you have ever seen the movie
    you will know that Cheyenne asks Harmonica “can you only play or also shoot?”
    I now paraphrase Cheyenne by asking “can you only write or also read?”
    In the movie Harmonica could also shoot, but coming to you (and I refer to J. H. and Dr. K. B.) can you only write? J. H. replies to (and “I quote”).
    “I’m sure in the future one of VT’s very capable reporters on the scene in Europe, like Fabio or Shrimpton, will give you all the horrendous details…”
    Why only Fabio’s first name and the other’s last name? So: that Fabio is undoubtedly Carisio who is a Regime’s Lol (and do you know how many just LOL him, to which I add Regime, and he is on VT?).
    What did such LoL tell you that nothing will ever change?
    It will never change because I repeat to you as well, “I read boom!, boom! And Boom (boom, boom … because someone wrote that Russia and Putin are corrupt to the core). That is, by implication, Biden is right and yay for atomic war.
    But now go ahead and read this other boom and as in article you talk about censorship without knowing what censorship alter ego of propaganda is.”
    So look to your Golpes (from JFK), for which the World, even in Vs. say, will have to pay the consequences.
    You want to censor? You know you can’t for B. E. Hall’s “Friends Voltaire.” Beyond Dominus.

    • If you’re implying that Fabio and I play cards together in the basement of the Vatican, you are way off Beppe. To me Dr. Barrett is Dr. Barrett, Johnny is Johnny, Fabio is Fabio, and Shrimpton is Shrimpton, we have always called him Shrimpton, myself, Jim Dean and Gordon Duff, that’s all, no conspiracy here…

  2. Thomas Roper over on just did a good article on this “attempted coup in Germany” subject.
    A couple of others too.
    Sounds like the group was fully infiltrated as you would expect, the “heads” of the operation are a German judge lady who apparently wouldnt hurt a fly, and the other is someone who wants to be a German prince since he has lineage to nobility.
    Also the press was well informed before the raids, to make sure they gave it all good coverage.
    Seems a “clown show” to show German population to not try and overthrow the present German government “or else’ this might happen to you.

  3. .I am sorry for such a request but I am living in France where the censoring of daily information has reached a high level of falsified and subversive contents . So, when I read VT articles like the one concerning Germany police action against the German people , I get lots of troubles to understand what really happened (.Forinst.”.the dime from Poutine”) I could not print what it depicts ! Might I ask a writing in a much more direct style , sticking closely to the plain sens of actions , dates , and actors . .. Who has performed what , against whom and under what pretended accusation . At this point of difficulties in understanding – between one language and another – , the use of metaphor or style effects locutions , or usual sum up expressions in some realms , are making very unclear the facts exposed in this text ! And if we can’t check with other medias as honest as VT , the reader ( myself) is staying in the middle of doubts ! And all those topics of war , lies and crimes all needs a precise knowledge ,only to spread this knowledge & discuss the facts .
    Anyway , with lots of gratefull thanks , I appreciate already much what is done , but I just dare asking for more direct style to explain facts , and precise datas ( like time & place of events )

    • I’m sure in the future one of VT’s very capable reporters on the scene in Europe, like Fabio or Shrimpton, will give you all the horrendous details KARB, this is breaking news right now, no one has what you are asking for, only what the German police state has told us…

  4. It is rediculous, the established media had already the planned dates for police action 1 week before. Now Porn-Faeser, our secretary for internal affairs, educated in the party red-light back-chambers, talked about terrorists and danger from the far-right Reichsbürger-movement, which are mostly redundand people without weapons. Some weeks before, when someone blew eminent pipelines up, nobody heared any tone from the government. Our DC-vasalls in Berlin are really miserable amateurs, a boneheaded puppet show.

  5. just reposted yah…on MoA/ukraine

    VT aint up to it…too long on permissions and interferes with opinion.

    kinda carry my doll ….or else.

    • All Briefs are a public service announcement by the Jack Heart organization, accordingly Kevin we care not how and where they are distributed, the more people in our global community who read them the more the public gets served…

  6. “I wonder how legit it all is, were they really planning a coup? Could be an operation to smear the “right wing nationalists”

    In Belgium they shot and killed a man in his bed. He was a “free thinker” promoted decentralized governing, a silver and gold dealer who in the middle of the night was raided by French speaking stormtroopers that flash banged him out of bed. Probably thought he was getting robbed as police enforcement in that part of Belgium by law has to communicate in native language, grabbed for his gun under his pillow then got executed.

    Article in Dutch is here, can use google translate.” – anwn

    • The Germany’s Prosecution Service depends on the political will of the government, it is a non-democratic heritage received from the cowboys after the war. This German official prosecution is covered in silence. It seems they found nothing as an evidence for terror-plannings. Better the Germans kill also those islands-apes & cowboys who had blown up the northstream pipelines, they are real terrorists.

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