Since the creation of Israel, the US has been under a toxic spell. The influence of Israeli/Zionist over anything that has to do with the Arab and Muslim worlds.

Now Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman has taken the lead in making China, a key player in the economic, energy, not political players in the Middle East by hosting three summits in Riyadh.

Xi Jinping, President of China, and MBS are hosting these summits with a complete grand introduction of China into the Middle East and the signing of 34 treaties of partnership.

For the first time, there is a country that so far is not under the toxic influence of the Israeli/Zionist oriented policies like the US, Canada, and all countries of West Europe, even Russia.

The courageous decision by MBS to introduce China as now a regional player is noted for its importance. Eases dependence on the US and Israel as the key players in the Middle East.

While Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf countries will continue to depend on US protection introducing China at this critical time may have some positive effects and indirectly eases the influence of Israel and its agents in the US over the affairs in the Middle East.

We must admit to the success story over the last 35 years that China achieved not only in economic, financial, military, and industrial power but its aggressive outreach to Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Importantly and to the detriment of the US public, government, and economic and financial institutions, such policies influenced and directed by Israel did not serve the claimed and often fraudulent policy of promoting democracy, development, social, political, and economic development, and advertising and building credible, transparent governing institutions for the people in the region.

There is a whole list of actions and policies the US took against its interests and in deference to Israel. It is always protecting Israel and its aggressive and, most often, criminal procedures and actions, mainly in the Occupied Territories and Gaza.

Who would ever believe that the Commander in Chief, the President of the United States (Lyndon Johnson), succumbs to the blackmail and power of Israel and refuses to open a Naval Board of Inquiry into the deliberate attack on the USS Naval Ship Liberty on 8 June 1967?

Israel planes and torpedo boats attacked the Ship killing 34 sailors and injuring 171 others, and; he refused Admiral McCain, the father of the late senator John McCain even to send aid to the crippled Ship. How can anyone imagine the NSA to keeps the accounts of the attack secrete for fifty years? Should we ever doubt Israel’s power, influence, and control over the US and now protecting Israel and its war crimes in Gaza and the West Bank, even protecting Israel and the deliberate killing and murder of the American journalist, Shireen Abu-Akleh?

Let us remember these statements; Peter Beinart writes in Jewish Currents on December 6, 2022 ” For the Biden Administration, there are NO Redlines on Israel”

Donald Trump addressing American Jews” American Jews should be ashamed of themselves, I did more for Israel that any other president”.

Let us remember the many wars Israel and the US waged in the Middle East, the many coupes it sponsored, the many dictators it protected and the hundreds of thousands who died and the countries destroyed. 


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  1. Soon after the USS Liberty was almost sunk, I read that Preisdent L.B. Johnson said when negating rescue pleas for the ship: “I want that goddam ship on the bottom of the sea!” He was also reputed to have had nuclear bombers on their way to Egypt to punish Egypt for sinking the ship.

  2. Tommy, the US Congress should take full responsibilities for all the wars the US has engaged in from Vietnam, to Lebanon, to the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, to the Iraqi-Iran war certainly to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Congress is the one that authorizes funding for these wars. How many hundreds of billions are unaccounted for by our military commanders in Afghanistan? Congress can stop the war in Ukraine by simply stopping all the funding. Also Congress is the one responsible for funding US operation in the war in Yemen.

    • Congress is full of greedy people, bribed, blackmailed, extorted or simply in love with anti-Christ self professed Jews, and perpetual habitual wars of mass torture, maiming and murder. US foreign aide to fake Israel is used to bribe congress.

    • You are absolutely right, Sami. Congress and our illustrious Commander In Chief bear final responsibility for all of our warring since Vietnam. What we’re forgetting, though, is that Zionism is a suicidal death cult. Israel’s Samson Option is not just a last resort, but Zionism’s ultimate goal. It will end with the destruction of the USA, Russia, and Iran. May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the chosenites.

  3. Please let us not forget the most murderous regimes in the Middle East are the US and Israel. Israel/Zionism have at war with the Palestinians for more than 100 years and the US have been waging wars on the Middle East, with Israel/Zionists at the driver seat. True, the GCC was soley responsible for the aborting what BenOmar and his team of negotiators and falicitators been working on for over 10 months in reaching an agreement with all patties to the conflict in Yemen. Ali Saleh palyed all sides and looted the country to the tune of some $40 billions. The war on Yemen was a very tragic mistake on all parties including the Saudis.

  4. Meanwhile, the US Congress is finally considering a war powers resolution over the murderous Saudi regime’s attack on Yemen. It’s the ultimate irony that US support hinges on the price of oil, not the humanitarian disaster that has been unfolding in Yemen for many years. After the totally avoidable deaths of tens of thousands of children, we are now ready for a war powers resolution? How heartwarming is that!

    • PM Trudeau, the leader in human rights, wouldn’t cancel the Saudi military sales contracts, letting the Yemeni genocide continue, citing that “Canada takes its contracts seriously.”

      And then Iran is bad for helping stop the genocide.

      Western politicians are whores who’ll do anything for a few lousy shekels.

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