Decadent, Corrupt, Self-Serving, Collaborative, and Servant of the Israeli Occupation; IDF and Israeli Colonial Settlers. Mahmoud Abbas and his PLO/PA continue to seek international useless recognition while they continue to provide active “security cooperation” with Israel, while Israel is on a murderous daily killing of Palestinians. 

Oslo Accord signed by Arafat and Abbas, with Rabin and Peres at the White House, was and will remain a crime against the Palestinians, past, present, and future.

If “Balfour Declaration” was a promise to the Zionists, then Oslo Accord legitimized it by giving and granting Israel’ Full and Unconditional Recognition” legitimacy to the State and its Occupation. 

“Oslo was the greatest idea Israel ever had, and it let them continue with the Occupation without paying the costs.” 
Mustafa Barghouti

Indeed, Oslo Accord is a crime of treason committed by Arafat, Abbas, the entire executive committee of the PLO, certainly Fatah, and all of its layers of leadership.

Oslo Accord gave Israeli full unconditional recognition of its sovereignty. At the same time, Israel never admitted to its illegality and Occupation of Historical Palestine, never admitted to its Occupation of the West Bank (continues to refer to the Occupied Territories as Judea and Samaria), and never even mentioned Palestine. It legally recognized the PLO, thus binding ALL Palestinians under Occupation and in the Diaspora to accept the legitimacy of Israel and its Occupation.

Over the years, I never understood why so many of the Palestinians continue to advocate for “reforming the PLO as representative of the Palestinians,” knowing fully the role of the PLO in recognizing Israel and serving the Occupation, providing total costs of the Occupation and having 100,000 Palestinian Security Forces at the service of the Israeli Occupation, 

The crimes of the PLO and its leadership started way before Oslo. It began in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. Under Arafat, fraud, arrogance, and stupidity put the Palestinian community at risk. 

When he took the boat, saving his ass and his fighters, he left behind the very people who gave him loyalty and their blood. Even after the Massacre of Sabra and Shatila, he never looked back or bothered to open an international board of inquiry into the massacre. He dropped the ball. In Oslo, Rabin and Peres selected the best and brightest of Israelis and Diaspora Jews to negotiate. Arafat and Abbas dispatched the most stupid, incompetent, and corrupt negotiators (Quran and Assfour) who agreed, without the benefits of legal and professional expertise, to break up the Occupied Territories into three areas, A, B, and C. 

Of course, the Israelis, fully prepared with well research studies, professional advice, and expertise from Israeli and international organizations, took full sovereignty over Area C, with its entire reservoirs of the aquifer and natural resources. According to a recent report by the World Bank, the Palestinians lose over $2.6 billion annually from being denied any benefits from Area C.

Unfortunately, and as it happens, no Palestinian organization or prominent personalities ever called for an official inquiry into the negotiations of Oslo, holding both Arafat and Abbas fully responsible for the disaster and putting them on trial for treason.

Since Oslo, Israel, irrespective of its ruling governments, has continued to expand its “colonial settlements” and remained steadfast in providing unconditional support for its ‘colonial settlers,” including infrastructure support, added security by the IDF, and unqualified use of firearms against Palestinians.

Since Israel’s evacuated its illegal settlers from Gaza on August 23, 2005, Israel laid a total blockade (land, air, and sea). The siege of 2 million residents continues today.

Since it evacuated Gaza, Israel has waged four major wars killing and murdering over 4,000 Palestinians, and small fractions are members of the militias.

 Tens of thousands of homes were destroyed, including residential buildings, schools, hospitals, and clinics, in “retaliation” for useless, stupid rockets fired by Hamas and Islamic Jihad that did not kill a single chicken.

More troublesome is the stranglehold that Fatah has over the issue of Palestine, including annulling national elections and setting up the “Palestinian Authority” with the sole purpose of managing and funding the Israeli Occupation.

The PLO/PA dedicated over 100,000 security forces and an annual budget of One Billion Dollars failed to protect one single attack by armed Jewish Settlers on Palestinian villages and properties and to provide continuous intelligence and cooperation leading to the cold-blooded murders of hundreds of Palestinians over the last months. 

Meanwhile, Mahmoud Abbas sits in a secured, comfortable office enjoying perks such as private jets, private helicopters, and added security and protections by Israel while he and his cronies. Give Palestinians a dosage of “morphine” such as going to the international tribunal, knowing well that Israel and its main sponsor, the US, will never have any indictments of Israel.

In conclusion, Diaspora Palestinians and those under Occupation must abandon the idea and helpless cause of reforming the PLO. They must know that even if they are successfully reforming the PLO, all agreements bind them, total unconditional recognition of Israel, and waiving any rights of return, let alone ending the Occupation. 

Time for Diaspora Palestinians to rally around the idea of a “Palestine Agency” as a substitute for the PLO. Abandon the illusion of Two States and work for ONE STATE FOR ALL OF ITS PEOPLE. 


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  1. Huray, Huray, Huray. Now that the UN General Assembly Human Rights commission with 168 votes in favor voted for Palestinian Self Determination… TOZ, TOZ, TOZ. Abbas and his PLO can soak in cold water with the other thousand resolution and drink it… All this about nothing just to keep the PLO leadership busy pretending it is doing favor the Palestinians when in fact it could not will not do any thing to prevent one attack by a criminal Jewish settler. Mr. Abbas, disband your oeganization, take your private jet and two business hilcopters take your key staff and fly away. Let the people fend for themselves.

  2. The targetted premeditated extra-judicial killing of Palestinian activists and members of resistance to the Israeli Military and Settlers Occupation could not take place with active and supportive intelligence by Abbas security forces. Abbas been threatening to suspend his cooperation with the IDF for years, yet he meets with the Israeli defence minister several times, the man totally responsible for the deaths of Palestinians. Abbas is busy with his foreign minister trying to secure political support from international organizations like the UN knowing full well the UN is unable and unwilling under the threats of the US to give power and authority to implement such resolution. Only disbanding the PLO/PA will force Israel, the US and the world to take action and try to put an end to the longest military occupation in history.

  3. Even if the Palestinians form a new Palestinian Agency, the Jews will worm their way in just the way they have wormed their way into the PLO. I have said on other sites that there are far more Jews in this world than anyone realizes. Months ago my niece said, “I’m a Jew, aren’t you.” I told her “no and neither are you”. She thinks because her great grandfather was a Jew that she can make that claim. And if the Rabbis calls the Jews to make a Jihad, she will be right in there with them. I have also said before that the Jews are not a race. They are a Duke’s mixture the same as all the rest of us. It’s their way of thinking that makes them a Jew not some kind of blood thing. The Jews are playing games in their mind and so are the Masons and Christian Zionists.

  4. Never in the history of liberation movements been more corrupt, inept, self serving arrogant leadership than the PLO. When Arafat was evacuated from Lebanon under the US protection, he left behind hundreds of thousands who lived and died for him. When the Lebanese Forces with Israeli support entered Sabra and Shatila camps murdering on cold blood several thousands of Palestinian refugees he never looked back never even opened an international board of inquiry into the mass killing of people entrusted to the US to protect. This leadership failed to liberate while outside and serving and managing the Israeli Occupation since Oslo. Billions are looted by senior officials and never accounted for. Corruption is at the highest lever in every ministry and every department.

    • Sami, you simply can’t overestimate how much of what the European Ashkenazim are doing in Palestine is not only condoned but encouraged by 50 million US Christian Zionists who have a collective hard-on for Armageddon and nothing short of nuclear war with the Ruskies will get them off. These are the rapture-me-outta-here crowd that Netanyahu has wrapped around his little finger. The Palestinians, and the Ashkenazim, are pawns in their grand eschatological end game.

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