Recently Pope Franny the Fairy has been accused of saying ‘Jesus is Satan.’ (1) This very well may be the first time the semen swilling vamp in the Vatican has ever had a point besides the one on top of his ludicrous cap. Hanging there, limp on the stick he is nailed too, his pathetic face frozen in agony, his diaper soiled, blood dripping from his crown of thorns and the innumerable wounds inflicted on him by empire, this failed chimera of a pacifist sun god is the poison of freedom. He is a first-class Jewish ticket to the top of the economic dung heap, and he is the empires original prescription of estrogen that has facilitated the enslavement of western man.

The thousand-year reign of darkness of this womans god is finally ending but bible belt Americans, the only ones left who have both the means and the reason, to bring a bloody end to globalism still have not gotten the memo. Crosses like an obscene gesture to all that is sacred poke at the sky seemingly from every corner of every rural town in America. Jesus, his cowardice boosted by a modern media that even as they run cover for the genocidal practices of their masters, has convinced western man that it’s a transgression against what is holy to kill thine enemy. Unless of course, as in war, it is sanctioned by the state that you kill their enemy.

The overemphasis on the value of human life to the detriment of its quality is perhaps the most appalling of all the feminine tenets propounded by Christianity. “Thou shalt not kill,” in a place where it is necessary to kill even to eat, makes about as much sense as bikinis for Eskimos. It is a taboo that has enabled a handful of genetic defects, who could be dispatched with a sturdy stick, to push a transhuman, transexual brand of totalitarianism on the entire western world using nothing but economic leverage.

Led cancels out gold every time. But that is an immutable fact that has been lost by rural Americans who now stand at the periphery of a state sponsored collectivism that will take from them the generational farms that have sustained them and the urban populace for hundreds of years. Bill Gates, Monsanto, and the Chinese will own their land. In the name of a pseudoscientific brand of environmentalism espoused by the World Economic Forum they will toil under the directives of children with double digit IQ’s and a bad case of Asperger syndrome like Greta Thunberg. Every Sunday they will hunt, they will fish, they will even make love in the artificial reality provided by the internet. The service of Jesus will no longer be required…


1 – Pope Francis Declares ‘Jesus is Satan’, Vows To Usher in ‘One World Religion’ – News Punch


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  1. Don’t mess with US Christian Zionists, Jack. They expect Jesus to come riding in on an ICBM any day now to vanquish the enemies of G-O-D (Democrats, mostly) while they’re “raptured” up to Heaven. Pastor John Hagee put it this way, “Gravestones will be toppled over. Funeral homes from every region will report that those who were dead have resurrected and suddenly disappeared. Cars will be parked beside freeways, their engines left running, their passengers mysteriously missing. Airplanes will fall from the sky as pilots who are Believers are called home. The news centers report that churches around the world are flooded with people who are sobbing uncontrollably. They know. They have missed the rapture.”

  2. I’m Christian. You’re kind of right, Jack. I never closed that “turn the other cheek” thing. (while the Jews take over everything and everyone, up to 14,000 “Goi” slaves for each Jew, according to what eminent rabbis say and teach). But here we are… looking and feeling how “they put a smile on your back”. — We deserve it —.

  3. Francis is not pope. He’s not even a validly ordained priest. The homosexual NWO asset and antipope Paul VI (1963-78) invalidated the sacramental rite that ordains priests and that consecrates bishops. In fact the “Catholic Church” the world has seen since the 1960s is actually a newly created counterfeit church, the papacy having been usurped at the 1958 papal conclave, evidence pointing to a nuclear threat against the Vatican, if not more (see the article “Grave Reasons of State”).

    There are almost innumerable counterfeit forms of Christianity, but there is one authentic form, the traditional Catholic Church independent of apostate Rome.

    And if one reads any one of the 4 gospels, one doesn’t find the pathetic figure you describe, but either a megalomaniacal liar, a lunatic, or God who took on a human nature. Great minds like C.S. Lewis realized that only the 3rd is possible. G.K. Chesterton is another. The list goes on.

    As far as “Thou shall not kill,” it means “Thou shall not murder.” That includes abortion.

    My comment to John Kaminski’s great article yesterday has related info.

    • Did you know that 10% of current bishops have Jewish ancestry? And they are Freemasons, besides…
      They are infiltrated even in the “Boy scouts”.

    • The Roman Catholic Church floats on an ocean of blood, sure they have the keys to the secrets, but they will never let you in Darrell.

    • Plus XIi was the last one to operate like a Godfather. Which was what the “lay” people craved. Kiss the ring of the Black Hand and pretend.

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