The Brahmans, Thakurs, and the extremist Hindu parties are dancing with joy over the dismal internal situation of Pakistan, which had never gone through such multiple crises in the shape of political, social, and economic instability, insecurity and its overall economy is at the brink of collapse. The extremist Hindu leaders aspiring for Mahabharata find their dreams coming true.

Without political stability, Pakistan’s economy cannot be stabilized. Uncertainty discourages foreign investors from investing and disheartens the business class.

The PTI is the major driving force behind political destabilization and it has made it its major plank to win the next elections.

Not only has the PTI created extreme political polarization, but it also refuses to hold talks with the ruling regime to achieve unity and stability. It dubs the ruling regime as illegal and imported. It has been instrumental in creating fissures within the rank and file of the army for the first time.

Never before has the army chief and senior army generals been insulted as Imran Khan (IK) has been doing since April last year. He caused severe damage to the reputation of the army by declaring former army chief Gen Qamar Bajwa a traitor and responsible for his ouster from power. Even now he is in his firing line.

Imran Khan

IK and his party did what RAW couldn’t achieve in the five decades.

Three foreign-based veterans and social media added fuel to fire to discredit the army and to create a wedge between the people and the army.

Indian media has been glorifying IK and offering him funds to make his propaganda campaign more pungent.

The traditional adversaries of Pakistan, the US, Israel, and India, which are averse to the Pakistan nuclear program, are finding the internal political imbroglio in Pakistan, further compounded by economic and dollar crises ideal to fish in troubled waters.

The IMF is being brutally used by the US to make Pakistan economically weak, and make it permanently dependent upon the IMF.

With the help of PTI and other anti-state segments in Pakistan, chaos and anarchy is being fomented and conditions are created for a civil war.

IK and other PTI leaders never miss an opportunity to portray Pakistan as a failed state and that very soon its situation would be similar to Sri Lanka.

A stage has come as can be deciphered from this video clip in which Indian media is cleverly sympathizing with the frail internal situation of Pakistan and the sorry plight of Pakistanis groaning under the weight of soaring prices.

Indian media has once again begun to portray India as Shining, where everything is good and Indian people are basking in the sunshine of peace, happiness, and prosperity. A comparison of prices of daily commodities is made to sprinkle salt on our injuries.

India forgets about the BJP-led ruling regime’s fascism, racism, and crimes against the minorities in India including the Hindu Dalits and the Kashmiris in IOK. It is breaking all records of tyranny and human rights and has surpassed the cruelties of Halaku, Changez khan and the Nazis.

India has become a living hell for minorities, especially Muslims. IOK has been turned into the biggest military garrison and an open prison where the Muslim Kashmiris have been denied their basic rights and are treated like animals. Rape is used as a coercive tool and the demography of the state is being changed.

Modi after coming to power in June 2014, tore apart the so-called farce of secularism in India and is bent on converting India into a Hindu state based on the conception of RSS Hindutva. In all the BJP-ruled states of the Indian Union, Hindutva laws have been implemented. Minorities are treated as 2nd rated citizens.

37 separatist movements and insurgencies are raging in various parts of India, of which the Naxalites, the Sikhs, and the Kashmiris movements have become existential threats. 15 Lacs Indian forces are employed in India to quell the insurgencies and a similar number is deployed in the small valley of Kashmir.

With such a black record, it is paradoxical that India is gloating over its achievements and trying to create an impression that the poor classes in India are living a comfortable life and are being given equal opportunities of social growth and fair justice is dispensed to them. How can fair justice be delivered when in greater parts of India, Draconian black laws have been enforced, and the deprived class is forced to commit suicides?

India also forgets that till as late as 1992, Pakistan was far ahead of India in GDP, per capita income, and all economic indicators, and the Pak rupee was much stronger than the Indian rupee.

India made an economic turnaround in the early 1990s due to all-out the support of the USA, West, and Israel. It didn’t have to worry about subversion and external meddling from neighbors as well as external threats to its security, as in the case of Pakistan.

After 1962, for the first time, China posed a threat to India in the northern Himalayas. To meet the Chinese threat, the western world is providing the latest war munitions and is upgrading its nuclear capability so as to become a bulwark against China. On the ground, 70% of Indian forces are poised against Pakistan.

Once Pakistan acquired nuclear capability, the entire western world led by the USA, Israel, and India ganged up to pull down Pakistan.

Pakistan was subjected to a 20-year war on terror in which it suffered 80,000 human losses and 150 billion dollars in financial losses.

India played a lead role in debilitating Pakistan and earned maximum benefits from the US and Israel.

The latest sympathetic posturing of India is in no way meant to help Pakistan in its hour of distress. Indian media is trying to sympathize with the people of Pakistan, asserting that they cannot be blamed for the wrongful division of India.

It is once again playing the old themes, that partition of India was a big mistake, and that Hindus and Muslims lived in complete harmony in united India until the British created divisions in the two communities under its divide-and-rule policy. As usual, Indian media is distorting historical facts and realities and is instigating the Pakistanis by saying that had Pakistan not separated, the economy of united India would have been stronger than China.

Indian psy operators have begun to sell the old merchandise that would have been highly beneficial for the Indian Muslims had they stayed within the Indian Union rather than opting for Pakistan.

The Indian leaders are past masters in deceit, intrigue, and falsehood and they change colors like a chameleon. Until very recently, the BJP leaders were expressing their wish to annex AJK-GB. They say that other than these two regions, which in their view are part of the Indian Union, India is not interested in other parts of Pakistan which are radical, out of control, and full of problems.

The idea is to stir up the feelings of the segment which was deadly against the creation of Pakistan. They are now trying to win over disgruntled segments in Pakistan.

They ignore the fact that today the Pakistanis have seen the ugly face of India and its dangerous designs, and are thanking Quaid e Azam for having gifted Pakistan to them where they could live freely and practice their religion freely.

Subversion has been the age-old practice of India and it has achieved much of its objectives against Pakistan with the help of sabotage and subversion. War in former East Pakistan was won on the platform of psychological operations.

From Nov 2008 onwards, India’s successive regimes have parroted the theme of terrorism, blamed Pakistan that it is the epicenter of terrorism, and falsely projected India is the victim.

India has stalled talks with Pakistan because of this fraudulent claim. The world has begun to know that India is the chief instigator and abettor of cross-border terrorism and uses armed proxies to achieve its sinister objectives.

India has pushed the Kashmir issue in the background, which is the bone of contention between the two arch-rivals on the plea of terrorism.

There can be no peace with India without the resolution of the Kashmir dispute based on the UN resolutions, lying in the pending tray of the UN since 1949. If India is genuinely interested in peace, it has to first restore the special status of the disputed IOK which was callously snatched in Aug 2019. It must give up its expansionist and hegemonic designs and opt for peace and friendship for the overall development of South Asia


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