The Russian-Ukraine of 2022-2023 is not an accident; it has been going on for over ten years, well planned and poorly executed. With the most corrupt leadership in Europe, if not the world. It is so ironic that an alliance of Zionists and Neo-Nazis can unite and successfully destroy Ukraine and weaken Russia, NATO, and the US.

However, the triggering point for the Russian Invasion of Ukraine was the plans by the US to revive an almost doormat NATO alliance that lost its purpose after the fall of the Soviet Union and the freeing of many countries of the former Wars Pact.

For the US and only God knows how she plans for these wars. We hardly got out of two big fraudulent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, only to see us engaged both financially and militarily in another conflict and another war. As if the $3 Trillion wars over 20 years were not enough for the poor American taxpayers.

The warmongers; Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, William Kristol, Robert Kagan, John Bolton, Paul Wolfowitz, Inderjeet Parmar, Donald Abelson, Dov Zakheim, and Richard Perle, among others, came up with the idea of America of the New Century, which set up a series of conflicts around the world after the fall of the Soviet Union.

The attack of 9/11 shifted the focus of war against Russia to the countries of the Middle East. According to retired General Wesley Clark, the “white house devised a five-year plan after 9/11 strikes to attack seven majority Muslim countries- Clark Critiques book.

In my view, US policymakers could not afford to see a peaceful thriving Europe as a big competing trading block, “European Union” which came about under the leadership of Horst Kohler, Helmut Kohl, and Francoise Mitterrand when they signed the Maastricht Treaty on 1 November 1993 which brought about a thriving, peaceful union after a long history of wars in Europe dating back to 500 BC.

Curiosities about the history of wars in Europe I Googled my search. To my surprise, I found a record of wars, conflicts, and uprisings dating back to Pagan Europe and stretching to the present-day Russian-Ukraine War.

I made it a point to count the wars dating back to Pre-500 BC (15 battles), 500-200 BC (21 wars), 200 BC (27 wars), 1st to 10th Century (80 wars) ,11th Century (39 Wars),, 12th century (20 fights) 13th Century (57 battles) 14th Century (57 Wars) 15th Century (63 Wars,) 16th Century (74 Wars) 17th Century (144 Wars) 18th Century (41 wars) 19th Century (57 wars)

The 20 Century was the most active in wars, conflicts, uprisings, armed conflict, and protests, with the year 1903 leading with 33 conflicts. 1917 led the pact with 74 conflicts, 1919 with 118 conflicts, and 1940-1945 with 68 conflicts with the 21st Century leading with 16 conflicts.

Now turning to the casualties of local conflicts and wars, The Russian Revolution 1917-1923 estimated casualties of 7-12 million, in addition to the estimated 35 million casualties during the Stalin years.

Outside of Russia and WWI, the conflicts between France, Germany, England, and other estimated casualties were 20 million dead and 21 million wounded, with the parties introducing mustard gas and flame throwers into the battlefield.

WWII was no different in casualties, totaling 35-60 million with 15-20 million in Europe alone.

The War to End All Wars was never realized with the Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia, the Uprising in Hungry, The Bosnia- Serbia-Croatia war, the Kosovo war, the Cyprus War, and let us not forget the bloody conflict in Northern Ireland. Of course, let us keep in mind the Century old Anti-Semitism in almost all of Europe, from the Russian Pogroms to the Holocaust of Germany and the long ugly, and criminal history of Colonial Europe in Africa and the Slave Trade with North America.

Unfortunately for Western Europe, jumping into the war on the side of Ukraine is ill-advised, especially after a devastating two years of Covit-19 with costs of trillions to the economies of Europe. This war comes at a time when the last thing Russia, Ukraine, NATO, and the US need is another war. Christian Europe is not so Christian. 

In conclusion, let us keep in mind the “civilized” West was never really civilized with an ugly history of wars, conflicts, uprisings, colonialism with a hundred million casualties, and an ugly history of Anti-Semitism that translates to total unconditional support for colonial settler pagan country of Israel.



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  1. The Demonic Powers That Be, have turned Christians against Christians, over the centuries with intermittent occasions of Christians against Muslims!

  2. Unfortunately, in the west it’s a mortal sin to analyze the causes of these wars, so of course, they go on and on; in fact there’s a little town in Indiana; Columbus were ex-VP Pence is from that has been training it’s citizens to say things like, ” Chink Lover”, for over 3 years now, also home of the famous Nazi Krupp family that provided that empire’s iron and steel.

  3. No, these ‘events’ are not an accident. And neither is the mocking of victims.
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