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If she did not have a sub-Saharan IQ and a face like a constipated monkey one might mistake Joy Reid for being diabolically evil as she gushed on her show, primarily viewed by conservatives who are force fed clips of this breathtakingly vindictive woman by their own shows to stoke White resentment of Black people, how edgy Sam Smiths Grammy performance was.

Smith an obese homosexual who appears to be suffering from ataxia waddled onto the Grammy stage dressed like a pornographic Red Riding Hood replete with red plastic horns, accompanied by his equally repulsive transexual sidekick, they enthusiastically paid homage to what he and the others present at the Grammys conceive to be Satan.

Many in the media have tried to critique the ridiculously inept scene that ensued, pawned off as art by a bankrupt and clueless entertainment industry, but only Roman Polanski does justice for Satan in a scene called ‘mumbo jumbo’ from his iconic satanic movie, The Ninth Gate. No sooner had the degenerate red porker and its repugnant abomination of a partner finished what should have been an embarrassingly sophomoric dance routine when the advertising message broke in; “the Grammy Awards are sponsored by Pfizer.”

The Masquerade is Over! No sooner had we said it in Tuesday’s rant than it was proved on Sunday, using the favored conduit of communication, Hollywood. On Saturday, after digging through Hollywood’s archives for three days, trying to find the movie meant to be posted with the podcast rant, Phantoms was finally located by Phil.

The 1998 Dean Koontz movie is about a sentient shape-shifting oil that absorbs the life forms it devours and is able to replace them with replicants that act on its behalf through communal intelligence. Although responsible for extinction events as chronologically diverse as the death of the dinosaurs and the abrupt ending of Mayan civilization the oil is not a God it is an animal.

But it believes it is Satan because when it absorbs other lifeforms it also absorbs their consciousness and the humans it most recently consumed believed it was Satan. No doubt those in Hollywood who gave themselves over in orgiastic ecstasy to the Black Goo long before it was homogenized as a “vaccine” by Pfizer to be injected into every living thing, believed they were giving themselves over to Satan.

Now, look at them. Does Sam Smith look like Satan to you? How about Madonna? Poor Satan. Poor Madonna, a quick look at its woke celebrants and it should be clear to even Stevie Wonder that the pathogen badly disfigures those it infects.

Everyone under the influence of this oily would-be Satan is clinically insane, and everyone who has been vaccinated is under the influence at the very least if not just an outright replicant. Psychosis, not “mass formation psychosis,” but very real psychosis such as what afflicted monstrous villains like Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, and Ted Bundy is already being proven in scientific studies done in countries where people have learned the hard way not to trust their governments:

Picture sourced from “Acute Psychosis after COVID-19 Vaccination”. Croatian Study’s Alert relaunched by US MD McCullough | VT | Alternative Foreign Policy Media (

America is a nation led by a senile but still openly practicing child molester. Great Britain doesn’t even have a leader, it has a Prime Minister du jour.

Our militaries have proven themselves to be less than worthless in defense of their respective countries and are nothing now but the archaic tools of transnational corporations long ago gone mad through infection. It was bad enough when the only thing these corporations cared about was their profits but currently, they serve only as the apostles of Sam Smith. Academia, the media, and the police are no better, all must be considered enemies of the human race and treated accordingly if the human race is to survive.

At this point, there are only two races in the world, those who are infected and those who are not. The infected are not hard to spot, they wear masks and act out what they see in the media. They are incapable of thought independent of the hive and impervious to facts even as they are maimed or killed by their own injections and sodomized every time they purchase a commodity. They must be ostracized from any community which expects to survive the coming years.

In the movie Phantoms, the replicants are killed by Rhamnolipids, a secretion produced by such bacteria as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which it uses to digest oil.

In John Carpenter’s The Thing, a flame thrower is used, perhaps a far more utilitarian solution. In Phantoms, they wonder at the end whether by killing the oil they were able to free the souls of those it had consumed. The human race has no time for such noble sentiments, use the flame thrower…


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  1. At least Zelensky didnt make appearanc this time he would of fit in perfect following satanical theatre of Sam Smith and Jill Biden

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