Pope Francis reiterated his opposition to transgenderism on Friday, warning that it’s a “dangerous ideology” and arguing that its proponents are naïve if they believe they’re on the “path to progress.”

“Gender ideology, today, is one of the most dangerous ideological colonizations,” the pope said in an interview to Argentina’s La Nacionnewspaper. “Why is it dangerous? Because it blurs differences and the value of men and women.”

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The pontiff has repeatedly spoken out against gender theory over the years, even as he has emphasized the need to be welcoming and provide pastoral care for transgender people. For instance, he has likened gender ideology to nuclear arms and genetic manipulation, and he has warned that it’s part of a “global war” against marriage and the family.

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He has frequently used the term “ideological colonization” in reference to cases in which influential organizations and governments require developing countries to accept abortion, contraception and Western values before they can receive aid money. For example, he lamented to Catholic bishops in 2016 that schoolchildren were being taught that they can choose their gender. “Why are they teaching this? Because the books are provided by the people and institutions that give you money.”

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The pope told La Nacion that transgenderism ignores inescapable differences between men and women. “All humanity is the tension of differences,” he said. “It is to grow through the tension of differences. The question of gender is diluting the differences and making the world the same – all dull, all alike, and that is contrary to the human vocation.”

The Congregation for Catholic Education, the Vatican office that provides official guidance to Catholic schools, issued a document in June 2019 dismissing gender ideology as “nothing more than a confused concept of freedom in the realm of feelings and wants.” It added that such theories seek to “annihilate the concept of nature.”


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  1. What Bergoglio (stage name “Francis”) says is true, but it’s “controlled opposition” speak. He’s an antipope and Globalist NWO asset, like his 5 predecessors, ever since the 1958 Judeo-Masonic exiling under threat of a validly elected pope 2 days before the obese Freemason John XXIII appeared. The little known story is at whitesmoke1958. com, and more at novusordowatch. org. See also the Jonas Alexis interview here at VT with Gary Giuffre from March 1.

  2. What has been ‘unleashed’ on the American people since ‘9/11’, is the so far successful attempt to deflect, ignore ‘Smoke Screen’ an INVESTIGATION by the US Congress, who are/were the Demonic Creatures, Foreign and DOMESTIC responsible for the greatest crime EVER, on our own soil, in our history, so far, the Controlled Demolition, False Flag attack and the murder of some 3000 innocents, mostly American Citizens on ‘9/11/2001’ that dragged US into the HELLHLE of the Middle East, that the Zionist Apartheid Talmudic-Supremacist TERROR State of Israel has created there! For 2 decades now our Military Personnel are being used-abused as the Sacrificial Lambs on the barbaric-bloody Altar of Zionism on the World’s Stage! Why is it that OUR(?) Congress has Investigated everything ‘under the Sun’, in the past 2 decades, but not one Senator/Representative has asked to Investigate the Greatest Crime EVER against US on our own soil? Connections to an Inside Job? Let’s find out.

  3. “… he has likened gender ideology to nuclear arms and genetic manipulation, and he has warned that it’s part of a “global war” against marriage and the family.”
    This reminds me of France during the late 18th century when Voltaire used education, in his war against Altar and Throne, and cheap books to subvert the French populace leading up to the Revolution. It took him 50 years, but he got what he was after. So many similarities to today’s war on Church and family. They never stop.

  4. The evil unelected globalists plans is to destroy the natural family. They don’t want strong men that protects his family and community because they can’t control them. USA wants Africa to accept the gay agenda. African refuses. Good.

    One Leader stated that a family makes a strong nation and they have other issues that need addressing besides homosexuality. They want no part of it and I commend them for standing against it. I am thankful that the young beautiful children in my family are heterosexuals. They don’t encoursge that WOKE agenda in black schools.

    Overpopulation and climate change is a damn lie. God created a whole planet to sustain his living creations. C02 is needed to live on earth and unelected globalists wanna depopulate because too many people are harder to control. Only God decides who lives or not.
    Bill depopulation Gates has no medical authority to vaccinate people. I am unvaccinated for covid. I knew something wasn’t right because way too much pressure.

    The constitution 14th amendment means no government or anyone can force me to vaccinate. That vaccine bioweapon is a depopulation method. Less heterosexual people. Less children will be born especially if that vaccine sterilizes the younger ones. The homosexuals are God’s children too and he will figure it all out.

  5. Why? Because it’s the Legal fiction of Corporate “bodies”/Artificial Persons, “dead”, “earning a living” in the bankster matrix of Trusts, Foundations, Equity, Rights, Privileges and Sureties where money is the means to control “the fruits of the land”.
    The Userers inserted themselves between us and that which we need to live enslaving us in “debt” to a(n) (eternal) Principal.
    Born Sovereign, we engage with the world outside of ourselves.
    When you interact with others agreements are created which become a world of fiction. Legal fiction.
    We are born into non-agreement because you do not negotiate with nature. It is what it is. Water will drown you. Lack of air will suffocate you. It is absolute and you are one with it. You are a part of creation in which the Creator is the Principal. Nothing to do with some change agent in Tavistock. Nothing to do with Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism or any other religion. Religion is an expression of mans interaction with creation, a story made into an agreement with others to form a “belief” system. This is where the snake wriggled in.
    Snakes, staffs, sea monsters are commonly used religious motifs throughout history. Often it is the story of God battling with sea serpents.
    Gain of function/Gain of fiction.
    The WHO logo has a serpent entwined around a staff superimposed over a globe encased in what looks like prison bars which is surrounded by a wreath of laurels. With their symbols they tell you a story.

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