In the cover image, Russian President Vladimir Putin in an Orthodox church and a MiG-31K/I Foxhund fighter armed with a deadly Kh-47 Kinzhal hypersonic missile

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


A Russian soldier who grew up in the former KGB of the Soviet Union has learned to love his homeland more than a Westerner. Because it was the only creed cultivated by the communist and atheistic culture. When the same man chooses to place the most authentic Christian values at the center of his life and that of his nation, he certainly does not do so out of habit or tradition.

The Christian Soul of the former KGB officer

He does so out of a profound conviction much stronger than that of many Catholics who go to Holy Mass without taking Communion, the fulcrum of the commemoration of the Last Supper with which Jesus Christ instituted the Sacrament of the Eucharist around which the rite was built. liturgical Sunday, or doing it without taking the time to repent and confess one’s sins against God and neighbor.

Like it or not, this is Russian President Vladimir Putin who has shown infinite patience and prudence towards Ukraine and the West not only for fear of reprisals against both the nation and its population, as he has repeated several times that the challenge over Eastern Europe is one in which Russia is playing the right to its geopolitical survival in the increasingly suffocating grip of diabolical cunning of NATO, but above all to prevent the bloodbath, ocharged to the pro-Nazi regime in Kiev since his first speech on February 22, 2022, can become an ocean.

Arrest warrant against Putin but not against the Azov Nazis

Despite this, the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague invented the scenario of issuing an arrest warrant against the new Tsar of Moscow despite knowing that Russia does not recognize his authority and despite having ignored since 2014 the complaints received about human rights violations and war crimes committed by the Ukrainian neo-Nazi paramilitaries of the Azov Battalion…

Why didn’t anything happen?

Because the Azov Battalion is one of the components of the Ukrainian National Guard (GNU) which depends directly on the Ministry of the Interior of Kiev and therefore any too in-depth investigations could bring the various rulers who have succeeded one another in this position into the dock and, perhaps , even the director of American CIA counterintelligence since everyone knows, even Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Apostolic Nuncio emeritus for the Catholic Church in the United States, that the ferocious paramilitaries were trained by the Ground Branch of US intelligence.

Furthermore, this International Tribunal was unable to convict the Bosnian commander Atif Dudaković arrested in 2018 but subjected to a show trial still in breakdown (due to the pandemic) in the city of Sarajevo where he is considered a hero.

We have already written an investigation into this scandalously politicized and Western-driven institution. This is why the news of Putin’s mandate deserves no more than two lines.

If as an Orthodox Christian the Russian president can justify to himself the fact that he launched a special military operation in Ukraine after 8 years of pro-Russian genocide in the Republics of Donbass, following the 2014 coup in which George Soros and the Atlantic Alliance sent their soulless puppets to power, as a believer in Jesus Christ he could not legitimize a holocaust even to himself, even before his faithful citizens who admire him as a beacon in the night of the Third Millennium obscured by a moral drift and social unprecedented in the West.

Kremlin Doubles Production of Precision Missiles

This is one of the main reasons why so far Russia has used only 6 Kinzhal hypersonic missiles despite an arsenal of dozens of these very powerful rockets with long range and speed such as to make them impossible to intercept for the current anti-missile batteries of Ukraine and probably also for the American MIM-104 Patriot systems that the USA is about to deliver to the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

A battery made up of 8 launchers (each capable of firing 4 bombs), the control station and the radar is expected.

In fact, a few of these rockets launched into the historic center of the populous main cities would be enough, as the US did with the atomic bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, to terrorize the population to the point of inducing Zelensky to resign or surrender.

Ukrainian and Western sources continue to maintain that in 12 months of war Russia has exhausted 40% of its arsenal of the most modern missiles: or 2,000 out of 5,000 as estimated by the Pentagon (but it could be many more).

But the same sources confirm that Moscow has stockpiled at least another 7,000 old rockets that would not have been used for the main reason that they are not of high precision and therefore can cause devastating effects on civilian residential areas.

Further, a few days ago Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu instructed Russia’s largest holding company producing various types of missiles, JSC Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV), to double its precision-guided munitions. This means that the current production of 120-140 per day would go to at least 200-250.

These are sufficient numbers to guarantee a long-term war without touching the nuclear arsenal which is the largest in the world with almost 2,000 more atomic warheads than the USA.

The Prudence of the Tsar of Moscow and the Kiev-Nato Provocations

Going back to Putin’s prudent strategy, an important media detail should be mentioned.

In spring 2022, the American magazine Newsweek published a very interesting article that made the Russophobic Atlantist fanatics around the world turn up their noses. He was the first media to notice, together with us who wrote it between the lines of the various reports on Ukraine, that Putin was using a war tactic absolutely controlled in terms of firepower and aimed at strategic military objectives.

This military approach underwent a gradual aggressive escalation as the vile terror strategy of the NATO secret servicesmaterialized in very serious and treacherous acts of sabotage. We summarize them briefly.

First of all, let us recall that the civil war of Donbass became a national conflict on 22 September 2022 when Putin declared the independence and protection of the pro-Russian separatist republics of Donetzk and Lugansk following a rain of rockets launched by the Kiev aviation in retaliation of a fabricated fake act for the media: the disputed bombing of an asylum in the border Donbass area controlled by the Zelensky regime.

On February 24, 2022 Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed almost all military air bases of the Ukrainian Army and started invasion for de-militarization and de-nazification of the country

One attack too many against Peace

Putin only responded to these three acts with intense investigations to demonstrate the guilt of the West and of Ukraine, limiting himself to verbal condemnations and threats.

The point of no return in the provocations was “one too many attacks on peace”, as Gospa News put it, or the sabotage of the Kerch bridge which connects Crimea to the Russian region of Krasnodar. A meaningless attack for a weaker nation like Ukraine which should think about defending itself on its territory without triggering heavy reactions from the adversary.

But we well know that Zelensky is not answerable to his people but to NATO for which he is waging a proxy war at the instigation of the Weapons Lobby which is attracting billions of dollars and cannot keep up with the production of ammunition, bombs and military vehicles.

Putin’s reaction was furious with a hail of ordinary non-hypersonic ballistic missiles and therefore intercepted by anti-aircraft missiles launched precisely for intimidation rather than destructive purposes to limit collateral damage to civilian structures and populations. Various energy and strategic facilities were hit including the main office of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

On Thursday (March 2, 2023), Ukrainian saboteurs penetrated a border district in the Bryansk region. According to official data, two people were killed. According to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), its officers together with Russian Defense Ministry forces have taken “measures to neutralize armed Ukrainian nationalists who have violated the state border”. President Putin described the incident as a terrorist attack.

In response to this, on March 8, the Moscow army launched another massive attack with 81 missiles against critical infrastructure in Ukraine using for the first time 6 deadly Kinzhal hypersonic ballistic missiles.

It is reported that the Russians fired the missiles from ten Tu-95 strategic bombers, seven Tu-22M3 strategic bombers, eight Su-35 multi-role fighter planes, six MiG-31K fighters with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles and three naval units armed with the Kalibr missiles in the Black Sea.

What does all of this highlight? President Putin, now wanted by the International Criminal Court and therefore at risk of arrest if he visits one of the partner countries, has always acted with the utmost caution to avoid massacres despite possessing a very powerful arsenal with which Russia could destroy Ukraine in a few days without using nuclear warheads.

The Firepower of the Russian Arsenal

If he does not act as an exterminator, preferring the sacrifice of his own soldiers in artillery and trench battles rather than Ukrainian civilians, is it not out of fear of NATO that in the event of a reaction, European capitals would find themselves in the sights of devastating nuclear missiles such as Sarmat or Zircon, but precisely because even in a merciless war he knows how to make use of temperance, prudence, justice and mercy: the Christian virtues that animate his creed.

Here ends the geopolitical part of this brief historical reconstruction of the Ukrainian war. Now the military one begins in relation to the characteristics of Russian missiles. from Kinzhal to Iskander, since we have already written about nuclear ones in previous articles.

The texts are complete and partial extracts acquired by the Russian news agency TASS or Veterans Today. At the end there is more about the missile equipment of fighters and submarines.

A firepower capable of annihilating not only Ukraine but also enormously devastating Rome, Milan, Naples, Berlin, Paris and London before Washington decides whether to intervene or not, becoming itself the target of the nuclear Armageddon so feared by the Patriarch of Moscow as by the president of the Italian Episcopal Conference.

Do we Europeans, we Italians really want to risk being destroyed to give a gift to Biden, Gates, Rockefeller and Soroswho already dream of building a new gigantic Sodom in place of Europe born and survived only thanks to Christianity?

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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Ukraine also can’t intercept Russian Iskander-M, S-300 missiles, not just Kinzhal’s

The Ukrainian armed forces can’t shoot down Russian ballistic missiles such as the Iskander-M, S-300 air defense missiles and Smerch rockets, in addition to hypersonic Kinzhal and Kh-22 missiles, Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yury Ignat said in an interview aired on Thursday.

“We don’t shoot down ballistic missiles, for example Iskander-M,” he said in the interview with Ukraine’s 24 channel. “Also, unfortunately, we don’t have the capability to intercept rockets fired by multiple launch rocket systems such as Smerch.”

“All these missiles fly fast, along a ballistic trajectory and essentially swoop down on a target with a huge speed,” he continued. “It takes specialized air defense missile systems to shoot down something that’s already falling.”

“We also treat S-300 air defense guided missiles as ballistic ones,” the spokesman went on to say.

Ukraine also is unable to shoot down Oniks supersonic cruise missiles. “There’s also no capability to shoot down Kh-31P specialized air-borne anti-radar missiles and similar air-to-surface missiles with a shorter range,” Ignat went on to say.

He said that the Ukrainian air defense system can counter only those missiles that its equipment has specifications for. “The main systems that we have in service are Buk-M1 and S-300,” he said, adding there is a “critical need” for more advanced air defense systems.

Ignat said Ukraine has been unable to shoot down a single Kh-22 supersonic cruise missile as its speed is so high that an S-300 is unable to fly quickly enough for interception.

“In order to shoot down the Kh-22 Ukraine need a missile system that can operate automatically, meaning it will make decisions itself, without any humans involved, utilizing the latest radar and an advanced missile,” he said.

But even that wouldn’t be enough.

Earlier, Ignat stated that the Ukrainian national air defense system is not capable of shooting down Russian Kinzhal and Kh-22 hypersonic missiles. According to the Washington Post, Russia’s use of Kinzhal hypersonic missiles in Ukraine has shown that the US and its allies do not possess similar weapons that are as hard to intercept, even with advanced missile defense systems.

According to some Russian and Western experts, there’s no guarantee that even advanced air defense systems can shoot down a missile fired by the latest Russian system.

Retaliatory with Kinzhal on Ukrainian Infrastructure in response to Kiev’s terror attack

The Ukrainian military command expects the arrival of American Patriot air defense systems but “they are also not a panacea” because quite a large number of these systems is needed, he added.

Russia’s Defense Ministry reported on Thursday (March, 8, 2023) that Russian forces had delivered a massive retaliatory strike on Ukrainian infrastructure facilities in response to Kiev’s terror attacks in the Bryansk Region. As the ministry specified, the strike was delivered by precision weapons, including Kinzhal hypersonic missiles, against “key Ukrainian military infrastructure sites,” defense enterprises and related energy facilities.

The Ukrainian side earlier reported a series of explosions in various regions and damage to critical infrastructure sites, including three thermal power stations.

The Kinzhal is the Russian state-of-the-art airborne system with hypersonic aero-ballistic missiles. Russian MiG-31K and MiG-31I fighter-interceptors have been chosen as the carriers of Kinzhal hypersonic missiles that feature radar stealth and high maneuverability and are designed to engage ground and naval targets.

The Kinzhal hypersonic missile can accelerate to ten times the speed of sound and strike targets at a range of over 2,000 km. The missile is capable of maneuvering along the entire flight path and breaching any air and anti-ballistic missile defenses. The missile can be outfitted with both conventional and nuclear warheads weighing 500 kg.

The Kinzhal airborne hypersonic missile systems have been on combat alert in the Russian Armed Forces since December 2017. Kinzhal hypersonic missiles underwent their baptism of fire in the special military operation in Ukraine on March 18, 2022.

New Russian Hypersonic Air To Air Missile Deployed in Ukraine Makes All US Bombers/AWACs Obsolete

The new Russian R-37M air-to-air missile has shown the highest combat effectiveness during its use as part of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, an informed source told Sputnik.

“The R-37M missile has demonstrated the greatest efficiency during the special military operation. When the missile was used, the probability of hitting targets close to one was recorded – that is, one missile is enough for one Ukrainian military aircraft,” the source said.

The source added that the R-37M has been used against various Ukrainian air targets and has been launched from Russian Su-35S multi-role fighters, the MiG-31BM interceptor aircraft, as well as the fifth generation Su-57 fighters.

“R-37M missiles have shot down Ukrainian Su-27 and MiG-29 fighters, Su-25 attack aircraft, Su-24M front-line bombers, low-flying helicopters and various drones, including Bayraktars,” the source told Sputnik.

“At the same time, the missile has demonstrated high efficiency in hitting targets, maneuvering with a large overload.”

The source emphasized that the new Russian R-37M missile has unique characteristics for an air-to-air missile in terms of range, speed, as well as the speed and altitude range of the targets being hit.

The maximum launch range of the R-37M is about 300 kilometers (186 miles); the altitude of potential targets is between 30 meters (98 feet) and 25 kilometers, while the missile’s maximum flight speed is six times the speed of sound, which basically makes it hypersonic.

All Russian subs can be fitted with Kalibr missiles — Russian navy commander

All Russian submarines, including strategic missile carriers, can be fitted with Kalilbr-PL cruise missiles, Russian Navy Commander Adm. Nikolay Yevmenov said in an interview, published on Friday.

“Second-generation submarines were used to test Kalibr cruise missiles. At present, practically all submarines in service, including strategic underwater cruisers, can be armed with them,” he told the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper in the run-up to the Day of the Submariner, marked on March 19.

In his words, the next logical step would be to equip all submarines with hypersonic missiles.

“Make it no mistake, we will do that,” the admiral added.

At present, non-nuclear submarines armed with Kalibr-PL cruise missiles are in service with Russia’s Black Sea and Pacific fleets. Those missiles are also installed on nuclear subs of various types.

Earlier, Russia’s Project 636.3 (Improved Kilo-class) submarines successfully used Kalibr missiles against ground targets in Ukraine and Syria on numerous occasions.



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