The International Criminal Court in The Hague (ICC) has recently issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

He stands accused of being responsible for, among other things, that a few hundred children have been brought safely into Russia from wartime Ukraine. This war that has been started by Barack Obama and then continued by his vice president Joe Biden has of course meant disaster and death for thousands of children in Ukraine.

Many fled to the countries, such as Poland and Germany, which themselves are co-responsible for the war, but many remained under a Zelenski regime that did not mind sacrificing both young and old on the altar of war. Anything rather than working for a peace agreement. For him, there was no choice either because the US had forbidden him to even mention the word peace. The situation is all too reminiscent of the one before the Second World War when President Roosevelt forbade his allies to consider any peace initiative from Hitler – the war effort was not to be stopped.

Back in Ukraine where the US had prevented every peace effort, the war would continue, and young and old would continue to be killed along with soldiers, who did not understand what they were fighting for. In that situation, Putin decided to save a number of children to join Russia with two million Russian families who themselves fled the hell created by the fighting.

The Australian analyst Tony Kevin comments on the ICC’s decision as follows: “The ICC is a redundant international institution in decay that has lost faith or pride in itself. The ICC has fallen victim to the West’s fanatical Russophobia.”

What does this say about the ICC’s status as a legal institution? They brand those who carry out rescue operations and praise the war entrepreneurs or in any case hide their atrocities.

In my country, such a procedure is described as: “protecting a criminal” and is described as criminal. This is not unique to disguised propaganda agencies like the ICC. The court also has a tradition of falsehood and lying to build on.

We can begin our retrospect in 1919 when the verdict on the atrocities of the First World War would fall.   In Versailles, the trial was to be held, but in fact, it became a drama-comedy in which the designated culprit, (Germany) had already been convicted before the trial and forbidden to plead.

Dignitaries gathered in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles, France, for the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, June 28, 1919.

The states which a few years ago worked hard to bring about a war of extermination against Germany, the Anglo-American states, were now sitting as prosecutors. What was arrived at and ratified after a few months was not a treaty but a dictate, imposed under strong threats with the intention of tearing Germany apart. The entire First World War, like the Versailles plot, was characterized by Germanophobia, and it was not Germany that wanted a war.

After the Second World War, a number of high-ranking German military and politicians are brought before a political court in Nuremberg. They had to answer for the war crimes committed during the war. Hitler was not included in the dock because he has already ended his life. However, together with the US diplomat Joseph Kennedy, he had done his best to avoid a war. But Franklin Roosevelt’s powerful message at the outbreak of war had a stronger volume than Kennedy’s: “No peace initiatives on the German side must be considered.” And so the scenario from Versailles was repeated – those who caused the war were now prosecutors.

Those who should have been sitting there were of course; Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Dwight Eisenhower. Roosevelt because he purposefully, from the time he took office as president, worked to have Germany crushed. Churchill because he took a job as Roosevelt’s running boy with such zeal that he 3 Sept. In 1939 could exclaim that: “this war is England’s war and the aim is to completely crush Germany.”

All three of them with Eisenhower took it upon themselves with delight to completely crush and burn down the German city of Dresden, which stood outside the arena of the war, thereby killing about 150,000 civilians. Eisenhower also took it upon himself to, after the end of the war and completely against all laws, liquidate approx; 9 million German citizens through the so-called Morgenthau plan. That mass liquidation was thus taking place at the same time as the trials in Nuremberg. Talk about satanic falsehood.

In 2013, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Obama ordered his Vice President Joe Biden to carry out a coup d’état in Ukraine with the intention of overthrowing the country’s popularly elected president and installing a Nazi-style government. This happened in accordance with Bzrezinski’s dogma:

“if you are a jihadist or a Nazi, it doesn’t matter as long as you hate Russia.”

The jihadists had done their bit when the US used Afghanistan to bring down the Soviet Union – now it was the Nazis’ turn to crush Russia.

The US only had use for Ukraine as a supposed slaughterhouse for the Russian army. That a country with 60 million people would be destroyed by this was unimportant to the White House. Now it has been 13 years since Obama gave his order for destruction and now it is apparently.


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    • that number stiks.. the toddlers were filmed and loaded out on busses – taken across the border.. the paents kno where they are residing…

      that ICC is simply a bait snatch to locate kids to parents… fake nasties… blackmail.. et. al.

    • These kids were from Donbas region and from Ukraine. And it was done during these years of conflict.

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