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How US and EU Press Work With Ukraine to Murder Civilians...

The Maidan regime change event in 2014 was the start of this NATO phase against the ethnic Russians in Ukraine.

Report: Biden Directly Funded by Azov/Zelensky Founder, Israeli Citizen Kolomoysky

The boss of Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden at Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings is Ihor Kolomoysky, who was part of the Ukrainian Government installed by the Obama Administration in 2014, in what the head of the “private CIA” firm Stratfor called “the most blatant coup in history.”

Vladimir Putin to Every Russian Soldier, ‘Why We are At War’

The residents of Donetsk and Lugansk took up arms to defend their home and their lives, after the horror and tragedy of 2 May 2014 in Odessa where Ukrainian neo-Nazis burned people alive making a new Khatyn out of it?

Ukrainian Agony, the Concealed War (full length video)

Since July 2014, our war correspondent team has been on site in southeast Ukraine, in the Donbas, and was the ONLY western and German team of journalists with the highest level of accreditation with access to this civil war. Our materials are now being used in a documentary.

Donbas War Documentary, What the West Has Withheld, Censored and Lied...

The film features burnt homes, people seeking for shelter, and victims of shelling from the airport. The film crew also met militia members, former miners, teachers, and plumbers, who had taken up arms to defend their home. Viewer discretion advised in videos.