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Germany’s Lying Press and Thomas Roper of the ‘Anti-Spiegel’ (good stuff)

One sided and inversed coverage of the Ukraine conflict prompted an understanding that Spiegel's news had been a set of lies for most of his life.

My First Trip to the Conflict Area in Eastern Ukraine

Where we were, life was largely going about its normal course. What shocked me was the fear of the people supporting the Russian side.

Murders and the ban on any opposition is the terror regime...

Zelensky has banned four opposition parties from all activity, including the country’s largest opposition party, BUT NOT KIEV's NEONAZI AZOV PARTY.

Russia Leaves The Council of Europe, What does it mean?

Russia has announced that it is leaving the Council of Europe. In doing so, Russia is also turning its back on the European Court of Human Rights. What does this mean?

You allow Europe to be destroyed from across the ocean

The West has compounded economic stress of the post Covid era with sanctions that have already dealt them a crushing blow. Under these conditions, the situation in their countries will dramatically deteriorate. - Maria Zakharova

Putin Sounds Off to his Airline Industry Employees about his War...

Russian President Putin met with pilots and stewardesses to discuss the situation in the aviation industry. Of course, he was also asked about Ukraine.

Did Kiev Prepare Bioweapons Attack on Donbass?

There is evidence to support that Kiev planned to unleash a biological war against the Russian population in the independent republics of Donbas.