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Australian refusal of cricketing with Afghans unjust

If you were to question an Afghan about Australia’s past in their country, they would almost certainly bring up the atrocities committed by Australian...

Australia Sanctions Media for Reporting about Ukrainian Nazis (Twitter Storm)

RT: Australia has brought new sanctions against Russians accused of spreading “disinformation” about the conflict in Ukraine, including claims about “Nazis” in the country and civilian deaths in the Donbass region.

Crocodiles Have Down-Sized Over the Last Few Million Years

Slender-nosed extinct reptile would have patrolled freshwater ecosystems between two and five million years ago

Hopefully Tasmanian Devils Are Making a Comeback to Mainland Australia

Seven infant devils born inside an enclosed nature preserve represent a conservation milestone

Put Platypuses on the Threatened Species List

Platypuses have lost 22% of their in the past 30 years.

Newly Discovered Aboriginal Rock Art: Missing Link

The ancient paintings depict close relationships between humans and animals

All Australians Need This!

New AI tool will help users identify venomous species

The Passing of Fredrick Toben: A Man of Principle

Fredrick Toben will surely be missed, but he will never be forgotten.

Protests against US police killing of George Floyd go global

Protesters across the world have staged rallies in solidarity with Americans against rampant police brutality and racial profiling, following the killing of unarmed George Floyd last week.

The Great Koala Rescue Operation

Raging bushfires. Devastated wildlife. And the compassionate souls who went to the rescue

Aussie SAS Faces War Crime Arrest for Murders in Afghanistan

Extraordinary footage captured on the helmet camera of an Australian soldier in Afghanistan could result in charges of war crimes.

Meet the Pink Inspector Clouseau

Researchers suspect a genetic mutation may have gifted the giant fish, named Inspector Clouseau, his rosy hue