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Growing pattern of election deception inside Trump White House grows

Jim W. Dean - I have tried to kindle the use of the term 'Banana Republicans,' as it fits this situation perfectly.

‘Trump the document ripper’ emerges as another presidential historical first

Don the Ripper - Now we learn that the Presidential Archives Act has no enforcement provisions. It seems it was just generally assumed that all presidents would comply without the threat of penalties... until Trump came along.

Forever War on the Environment, Will Republicans Block a pragmatic American...

It is “time to put the partisan politics aside, stop calling every Democrat a ‘radical’ and get things moving in Interior,” North Dakotan Gerald Gray.

Schumer and McConnell agree to organizing resolution for 50-50 Senate

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer announced Wednesday that he and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have reached a deal on a power-sharing agreement for governing the upper chamber.

GA Sec of State’s brother Ron doesn’t exist even though Trump...

Jim W. Dean - Twitter seems to be the best that Trump's lazy followers can do for an information source.

Georgia battle continues to restore 198,000 voters illegally removed by Partisans

Jim W. Dean - Georgia is turning into a voter suppression reality TV show, with the Secretary of State's office having closed early to avoid being served legal notice papers.