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Global Economy Screams as US and EU Provincialize Euro-America in Asian...

As Cold War escalated in the Indian Ocean Region this year, Sri Lanka’s duel US Citizen , Finance Minister, Basil Rajapakse, hastily Staged a Default in April for the first time in its history-- enabling the Washington Consensus to make deep inroads into the strategic island’s policy process.

Strategic Alliances. Ukraine and Moldova towards EU. Iran and Argentina alongside...

European Union has expressed its intention to welcome Ukraine and Moldova, with all the development problems that these countries bring with them the BRICS alliance is ready to welcome two world powers such as Iran and Argentina.

BRICS+ Show Themselves as Alternative to Current Financial System, But Still...

Since the beginning of Operation Z in Ukraine, realpolitik has accelerated integration among economic blocs of emerging countries, with several speeches by BRICS regional leaders speaking openly about the weight of emerging economies in global economic development.