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Negative COVID-19 Certificate Needed for U.S.Travel To China

At present, only Covid-19 nucleic acid RT-PCR Test negative report is accepted, antibody test or serology test result is not accepted.

Swimming with High-Tech Sharks to Improve COVID-19 Testing

We have almost 60 projects that have entered or emerged from this shark-tank stage.

Improvements Needed for Antibody Tests in COVID-19 ResponseCOVID

Attendees also proposed strategies to expand the accuracy and capacity of these tests to distinguish between naturally acquired and vaccine-induced antibodies, which will be critical to evaluating COVID-19 vaccine candidates.

Wuhan: 6.5 Million Coronavirus Tests in 9 Days

In Wuhan, sampling booths were set up in neighborhoods across the city, with residents in face masks lining up to take their swab tests.

Those Who Recover From COVID-19 Make Coronavirus Antibodies

Antibodies are blood proteins produced by the immune system to fight foreign invaders like viruses, and may help to ward off future attacks by those same invaders.

COVID-19 Primer: Facts Not Fiction

Facts are greater than fiction