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Truman’s True Warning on the CIA

Arch-Establishment figure Allen Dulles had been offended when young President Kennedy had the temerity to ask questions about CIA plans before the Bay of Pigs debacle, which had been set in motion under President Dwight Eisenhower.

On the Edge of Armageddon? Why Ukraine conflict is dangerously similar...

Back then, cool heads – who had not yet forgotten the horrors of a real war – were able to prevent a catastrophe. Whether today's leaders will show the same restraint is far from certain.

On this Day in 1962, JFK’s address on Cuban Missile Crisis...

In a televised speech of extraordinary gravity, President John F. Kennedy announces on October 22, 1962 that U.S. spy planes have discovered Soviet missile bases in Cuba.

On this day in 1962, Cuban Missile Crisis begins

The Cuban Missile Crisis begins on October 14, 1962, bringing the United States and the Soviet Union to the brink of nuclear conflict.

The Curse, by Georg Stein

We are read in serious occult circles all over the world. The supernatural doesn't get any more serious than in Cuba. This one's from Cuba with love...

Tulsi Gabbard Gives Mitt Romney, Keith Olbermann One Week to Retract...

“When influential people make baseless accusations of treason in order to silence those who speak the truth, it has a chilling effect on our democracy, and cannot go unchecked,” Tulsi.