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Ukrainian NeoNazi linked to Azov Battalion was Plotting Terrorist Attacks in...

young Ukrainian national who had in mind to find the weapons supplied to the Azov Battalion,

The Mystery on the Zelensky Photo with Guard Sporting Nazi Insignia...

A picture of one of Zelensky's armed guards wearing an SS-style patchhas been quietly removed from all platforms.

Russian War Crimes Tribunals a Vital Aspect of DeNazifying ‘Zelenskyland’

Military investigators found in a hospital in Mariupol dozens of bodies of civilians who died during shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

NATO soldiers captured during special operation in Ukraine – Klimov

“We already have prisoners among the military personnel of NATO countries, we will show all this when we conduct trials, and the whole world will see what really happened,” Andrey Klimov said.

Ramzan Kadyrov: From a regional leader to the main “foot soldier”...

The head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov has been playing an important role in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine as a key source regarding the events on the ground, sharing multiple videos and messages on his Telegram account.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced destruction of Training Center for...

According to the official representative of the military department, Igor Konashenkov, on the evening of Monday, April 4, a long-range sea-based cruise missile attack destroyed the Training Center for Ukrainian Special Operations Forces near the city of Ochakiv, which was used for basing foreign mercenaries.

Nazis in Ukraine: Seeing Through the Fog of the Information War

Any attempt to provide a sober and concrete analysis of the actual history of Nazism in Ukraine runs the risk of being disingenuously labeled and dismissed as “pro-Putin” because it does not support NATO and The West's war-mongering narrative.

New York: US Rally in Support of Russia and Donbass

In New York, a rally was held in support of Russia’s Special Operation to ‘De-Nazify’ Ukraine, which took the US authorities by surprise considering the blanket mainstream media support for the openly fascist Kiev regime.

Z for Victory: Russia Wraps Up Military Operation in Ukraine...

“Ukrainian negotiators have essentially agreed to Russia’s principal security demands of rejecting NATO membership and regarding the presence of foreign military bases on its territory,” the Kremlin’s chief negotiator Vladimir Medinsky told Sputnik News.