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DPR troops Protest Continuing Combat Duty after 40% Casualties and No...

The servicemen of the 3rd Rifle Battalion of the 105th Rifle Regiment are mentally and physically exhausted, which complicates the performance of combat missions.

War In Ukraine Day 55: ‘Tactical Pause’ Ended. Russian Forces Gain...

SouthFront: On April 18, the AFU General Staff claimed the beginning of the second phase of the Russia's military operation in Ukraine.

Mariupol Residents Expose War Crimes & Show Dead Ukraine Soldiers

Patrick talks with three civilians, including one who was shot at by Ukrainian soldiers while going to the store to barter, and reported it to the DPR and they came and dispersed the shooters. Gripping testimony of residents.

Day 44: Military Developments (Comprehensive)

Despite fierce resistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and their heavily fortified positions in the region, the DPR, LPR Armies supported by Russian forces continue to slowly advance in different directions, claiming victories on a daily basis. On April 7, the Russian MoD said that units of the Russian armed forces blockaded the town of Ugledar, where the mop-up operation was launched.

Ukraine Day Eight: Hammer and Anvil (reputed pro-Russia source)

Both Ukrainian servicemen and fighters of nationalist battalions in all eastern and southeastern parts of the front are surrendering