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[ Editor’s Note: This is another cold, cruel world story here after those we have already seen of Kiev troops being quickly thrown into major combat positions where their officers immediately left to the rear areas so they could have a head start and undamaged vehicles to quickly retreat if their front lines were broken.

It historically takes officers on the scene to execute a retreat under fire, taking wounded and critical weapons and ammo with them. Retreating across open ground with tanks on your ass or a grad salvo raining down on you is no fun. You tend to travel light, and quickly.

Those who survive reaching their command post and finding it abandoned get a ‘welcome to Zelensky land, you are on your own’ greeting. Many Kiev military age men were aware of this and exited to the EU quickly, where most remain there.

Enter stage left, the Donbas version of a similar scenario, where reserve troops were mustered out of school, their jobs, and without fitness checks and were thrown into the offensive, this group into the Mariupol meat grinder.

Now they find themselves, after 40% casualties, which would make any unit combat ineffective, thrown into the NE Donbas fight with no rest, and are going public with their situation, protesting non-stop combat assignment.

It makes one wonder what happened after the announcement of the Russians calling up 50,000 combat veterans, which I read into would create an extra frontline force, and also a reserve to rotate combat troops out of the front lines for rest and refitting, starting with the Mariupol veterans.

In closing, we are seeing some of what the Pentagon had mentioned about sucking Russia into Ukraine with endless attacks on the Donbas people, and then grinding them down in attrition combat, which is exactly what is going on with both sides, while NATO cheers from the rear area… Jim W. Dean ]

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Ukraine troops have suffered heavy losses, with officers fighting in the rear

First published May 24, 2022

During the military conflict in Ukraine, dozens of videos were shared online showing Ukrainian servicemen claiming that they were thrown like cannon fodder to the front line without training and weapons.

In the videos, the entire Ukrainian battalions refuse to follow the orders of the Ukrainian command and leave their military positions. Most of the Ukrainian units were abandoned by their command.

A similar video, the authenticity of which does not arouse suspicion, was recorded by servicemen of the 3rd Rifle Battalion of the 105th Rifle Regiment of the Donetsk People’s Republic. In the video, the DPR fighters appealed to the supreme command of the republic, describing the grave condition of the unit, which was not properly prepared before being sent to the front.

Such an attitude of the military command of a state that has been at war for 8 years cannot be considered the usual practice of deployment of their troops on the battlefield.

At the same time, the video recorded the appeal of former students, citizens who are older than military age, who were drafted into the armed forces of the DPR without the necessary training. These people have never refused to comply with the order of the military command.

These guys fought on the front lines in Mariupol, where fierce street battles were taking place, withstanding counterattacks by Azov fighters and servicemen of other units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces trained by foreign instructors. They also conducted offensive actions to mop up the city. As a result, up to 40% of the battalion’s personnel were killed or wounded.

After the assault on Mariupol, they were immediately sent to another hot battlefield on the front in the Luhansk People’s Republic. At the same time, the battalion was not regrouped and did not have time to rest, as it was the case of the well-known battalion of the DPR Somalia for example.

The 3rd battalion fulfilled its combat mission and carried out the order. Now the servicemen continues to hold their military positions in the LPR, despite heavy losses and lack of rest. The officers did not abandon their soldiers, but stay with them in the trenches.

Apparently, the situation has become complicated to the extent that an organized strike by superior enemy forces can lead to the complete destruction of the battalion due to the fact that only every second serviceman from the battalion’s roster is still in the ranks, and even those who remained on the frontline suffer massively from diseases and accumulated fatigue.

The servicemen of the 3rd battalion of the 105th regiment of the DPR, who can be fully called real but not media heroes, were forced to record the appeal to the high command of the republic, the translation of which follows:


“To the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Vladimirovich Pushilin.

Dear Denis Vladimirovich!

The personnel of the 3rd Rifle Battalion of the 105th Rifle Regiment of the military unit 08818 addresses you with the following:

The servicemen of the 3rd Rifle Battalion of the 105th Rifle Regiment of the military unit 08818 were mobilized in the period from 02/23/2022 to the present.

Contrary to your public statements that the mobilized reservists will not directly participate in hostilities, but will participate in the restoration and preservation of law and order in the liberated territories of the DPR, as well as hold the third line of defense.

The personnel of the 3rd rifle battalion of the 105th rifle regiment, being untrained and inexperienced in conducting combat operations, were studying in universities until the moment of mobilization.

They worked at various enterprises and in various industries unrelated to military service, as well as did not pass mandatory medical examination. Many of the mobilized have acute chronic diseases. They had been on the front line in the city of Mariupol since 13.03.2022.

Please note that in the period from 13.03.2022 to the present day, bearing combat and other losses, as of 23.05.2022 only 60% of the personnel remained.

The personnel of the 3rd Rifle Battalion of the 105th Rifle Regiment completed the assigned combat tasks, namely the defense of their positions in the city of Mariupol, conducting offensive combat operations. At the moment, the personnel is located on the territory of another state, namely the Luhansk People’s Republic, of which the mobilized are not citizens.

The servicemen of the 3rd Rifle Battalion of the 105th Rifle Regiment are mentally and physically exhausted, which complicates the performance of combat missions…”


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  1. Kissinger just upped the stakes on the Ukraine game…challenging the entire power structure like only a 99 year old man can. And of course the contrast between him and Zelensky is the Grand Canyon, or better, the huge canyon found on Mars, the length of the US and 5 miles deep. It took my mind a minute to grasp what standing at the rim would be like. Elon Musk will probably fly through it some can can bring video home.

  2. They posted a video along with a transcribed letter on South-Front. SF is a mystery , sometimes Pro-Russian sometimes not. Anyway a lot of post claim the video is a fake created by Ukraine propaganda.
    “Due to the quality of the video (which is highly suspicious since even the most basic phone can take much better quality video than this), it is impossible to recognise anyone or even equipment and uniforms.

    Whether it turns out to be genuine or not (I suspect not), it is ridiculous and somewhat incompetent of SF to base an article around this video, since it cannot be verified and could easily be fake, so therefore it should be treated as fake and propaganda.”

    • Yes, These are not the days of Charles Karault ‘reporting live from wherever’. Both sides have troops shooting stills and videos and uploading to various publib forums and describing them however they want. All the world’s intel agencies can do the same, and do so, through cut outs, when they want to. High School kids also participate. That is why as time goes by we keep looking for both confirmations of what was true, and what was not, so the historical version can bee more accurate. In real time we do the best we can with what we have in front of us. One of those items that MSM seems to have lost, is any mention of the 2014 coup having anything to do with the current mess, or the US and NATO training the NeoNazis, and then the 14,000 ethnic Ukraine civilians killed during the 8 years of shelling of Donbass.

  3. It seems to be that the only ones expanding are the USA, Israel and NATO. At least trying to since 2014, the orchestrated by them Maidan Revolution, where snipers shot civilians of both sides. Possibly Putin is just playing his part as a Free Mason, big buddy of israelian rabbis. But again it seems to me that the only way to communicate is to respect someone’s words and not to keep twisting them. Meanwhile for the commenters above research Fallujah and heinous birthdefects, Vietnam 4,5 million dead and counting etc. etc. Countless US invasions into sovereign nations with millions of victims. Perpetual war, Chris Hedges, filling the pockets of some elite with huge warprofits. Dick Cheney one of them. Ordinary people do not want or support these wars but a specific group keeps orchestrating them.

    • The US/NATO end goal is world enslavement. Human population reduction. Reduce population down to about 300,000,000, and those will all be tagged, and mostly used for carefully controlled breeding programs. Reptilians are very picky about choice-cut steaks and delicacies.

      Nobody wants to hear reality, especially all these Biden lovers at VT, but that is reality. All the different masonic groups were absorbed into the Scottish Rite, which is heavily into demon summoning and child consumption. Yes, consumption, like on a platter. The demon thing is interesting. According to occult practices, the earth is about 50 million years old and was transported here. I got 56 million myself through channeling. However, I have to clear constantly, which is frustrating and wrecks my data. The demon occult practitioners gain benefits by summoning deals, albeit at a cost.

      All the different intelligence groups in the west are ruled by Satanists, and the higher mason levels get directives from Reptilians factions and demons. I believe these are different groups, but the high-level demons take on reptilian forms and then use low vibrational humans to migrate to this dimension. The Draco reptilians with demon possession are the really dangerous ones. They run the show.

  4. I’m not so sure this bleed Russia strategy will actually do that. Fighting hot wars against weaker opponents is good training for fighting well. What doesn’t kill them will only make them stronger and more determined. This whole episode by the U.S. NATO seems like some Hillary Clinton and Victoria Nuland wet dream.. I read a comment that said, “U.S. NATO layed a bear trap for Russia, now Russia is making them eat it.” Where does this all go? is the question. Despite all the gifted weapons, and the professional propaganda, Ukraine is getting destroyed, and Russia is gaining more and more territory. All the bad press is only an annoyance and more and more it looks like Ukies are banging their heads against the wall

    • It seems like the classic ‘Streisand Effect’. The more the US government and their Smith-Mundt Modernization Act media tries to spin this the more the truth comes out.

  5. . Russia has a lot of cards to play, and none of those cards are drafting inexperienced senior citizens. Back to the reasons and the numbers. I read that Russia has suffered 25,000 casualties in Ukraine to date.. Its thrown out to make it sound like Russia is losing and may have miscalculated, BUT Russia lost 25 MILLION in WWII. 25,000 is 1/10 of 1% of 25 mil. so its a small price in comparison. I wonder how many Russia would lose if the U.S. NATO was on it’s border with Ukraine and made a decapitating first strike on Russia with scores of thermonuclear weapons…????? I think that getting off with 25million dead could be considered getting off not too badly. That Russia takes such risks to protect itself is testament to how seriously they take this “expansion”

  6. This is what I’ve been writing about here for a long time. The Donbass army was highly motivated in 2014. Then there were about 6 years of trench warfare, as in the First World War. But now there are few people left alive since 2014. The glorious commanders of Givi, Motorola, other professional commanders and fighters died. Not everyone needs to sit in the trenches, I understand. But to drive students, office plankton and old people into battle is reckless. Few of them will survive. And only those who will be able to survive will achieve professionalism.
    My resume is sad. And what they are wearing and what they are fighting with is generally a circus. Many have helmets from the Soviet era. I hope the management will make the right decision. There are a lot of desperate warriors in Russia who ask to go to Ukraine, but the military enlistment offices refuse them.

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