JEA: It appears that the New World Order and its offshoots continue to dig their own grave at the moment. Russia for years extended its gracious hands to the West, and the West refused. Now Russia is headed toward China. Not good for much of the West.

By Kyle Anzalone and Will Porter

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said his country would pivot its economic relationships away from the West and towards China, suggesting Moscow could even rebuff an offer to reopen trade with the US and its allies. 

Speaking with reporters in Moscow on Monday, the Russian diplomat said that while his country would consider rebuilding ties with Western states, it is inclined to stick with more dependable partners going forward.

“If they [the West] want to offer something in terms of resuming relations, then we will seriously consider whether we will need it or not,” he said, adding that Russia could rely on “only ourselves and on countries which have proved themselves reliable and do not ‘dance to some other piper’s music.’ If Western countries change their minds and propose some form of cooperation, we can then decide.”

If Moscow were to accept such an offer, Lavrov insisted that Russia would never again become reliant on Western goods, saying “We must cease being dependent in any way on supplies of absolutely everything from the West for ensuring the development of critically important sectors for security, the economy or our homeland’s social sphere.”

The foreign minister explained Russia could turn to Beijing for products it would no longer supply from the West. Technology from China is “in no way inferior to the West. A great deal here will ensure mutual benefits,” Lavrov said, also suggesting Chinese investments could create development opportunities in Russia’s Siberia region.

While Lavrov is contemplating the possibility of Western sanctions relief, Washington and several of its allies have shown no interest in normalizing trade ties or deescalating the war. Last month, the British prime minister told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that even if Kiev was ready to make a deal with Russia, the West was not, explicitly urging against any attempts to negotiate an end to the conflict.


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  1. Henry Kissinger actually came out of retirement today and said Ukraine should just give Russia part of the country.

    This is a very significant change in Rothschild/Soros strategy. They have spent about 300 Billion USD, or half the annual military budget so far arming Ukraine with US weapons.

    What these imbeciles did not realize is that the U.S. cannot simply replace weapons like stingers. It will not be until like 2024 that Raytheon can ever resume production. We now have none remaining. M777 howitzers? Gone. Javelins? Gone. We are depleting our current Arsenals.

    At the same time, the goal of Nathaniel Rothschild was to bring Russia back to slave status. The opposite happened. Russia demanded payments in Rubles for oil and the entire slave agenda backfired.

    The real show will begin when China launches its long-awaiting invasion of Taiwan and North Korea starts its bombardment of Seoul.

    What I can’t fathom is what they are waiting for? However, the insectoid hybrid Asian hive mind is beyond my comprehension.

    You see, what does America get from Ukraine? Nothing. What does America get from South Korea and Taiwan? Advanced electronics and chips to keep us functional. If they go, America goes. These idiots are just now figuring that out. Now, America has nothing left to send to Taiwan.

    • 300 Billion USD ? that’s a third only, even less of the real US war budget, but this is extra !

  2. With a worldwide monopoly on money, i.e ‘reserve currency’ status, the US can effectively boss any country on planet earth and order them to do this or that, whatever. This is obviously coming to an end and ‘reserve currency’ status for the Bretton Woods institutions days are numbered. SWIFT is becoming no longer a weapon in US sanctions arsenal, as they have no way to actually enforce it. Sanctions are also having blow-back in a boomerang effect, like reverse sanctions. The Western nations are getting hit harder than Russia with the very sanctions they imposed on Russia. These sanctions have failed – the ruble has recovered, and analysts also expect Moscow’s trade surplus to hit record highs in the coming months. When is the last time the US (the nation with reserve currency status) has had a trade surplus? American hegemony’s days are mirroring that of ancient Rome. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

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