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Hurricane Crisis: Reflections on the Breath of Nature and the Destruction...

The current climate of chaos has humanity by the neck and is about to deposit its self-destructive darlings into the phantasmagorical dustbin of history.

Dystopia Disguised as Democracy: All the Ways in Which Freedom Is...

We think we have property interests in our homes and our bodies, but there can be no such freedom when the government can seize your property, raid your home, and dictate what you do with your bodies.

NEO: The Sinister Convergence of Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset with Vatican...

Amid the 2020 global covid lockdowns and economic dislocations it has caused, Klaus Schwab, a previously low-profile founder of a Swiss-based business forum, emerged on the world stage calling for what he called a Great Reset of the entire world economy, using the pandemic as a driver.

NDAA Creates New Department of COVIDland Security (DCS)

DCS is tasked with “seizing and administering total and complete control of COVIDland”...

Engineering Global Dystopia: ISD Global Casts Anti-Oligarchs as “Extremists” and “Conspiracy...

"...these are the type of organisations being used to promote adherence to the “new normal” 4th Industrial Revolution that is being rolled out under cover of Corona!"