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Blackmail/Espionage? EriKKK Prinz (Israel) Spied on Americans For Trumps KN

The New York Times reports that Erik Prince helped raise money for a private spying operation on Trump’s enemies.

Barr Sued for records of Trump DOJ deal with Russian mobsters,...

"Throughout his tenure, Barr consistently intervened in cases to the benefit of Trump's allies, including several Trump would later go on to pardon,"

NEO – Afghanistan’s fate decided by narcotics, not politics

Sources in Afghanistan have confirmed a “fact” that runs totally against what is reported, that a prominent CIA officer rumored to have died in a plane crash, is being held by Pakistan’s ISI. The individual involved, Mike D’Andre, according to sources, is responsible for the murder of General Soleimani, an Iranian diplomat, and of hundreds of Iraqis as well.