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US Cutting Back on F-35 Based on Poor Performance Compared to...

The conflict in Ukraine has clearly shown that the F-35 is clearly not the aircraft with which the Yankees can gain air supremacy and crush resistance on the ground.

Erdogan scrambles to maintain illusion of Turkish regional power

As Turkey’s economy continues to tumble, it no longer has the capabilities to operate on multiple fronts at the same time.

NEO – Israel to retain military supremacy in the Middle East

It is important for Israel not to sabotage the Abraham Accords through its opposition to US sale of F-35s to UAE.

NEO – Why Turkey can’t lobby its way to normalisation with...

Jim W. Dean - The game of 'liars poker' between the US and Turkey continues to roll on with no change in course despite all the hype.

UAE arms sale – “To be, or not to be, that...

Jim W. Dean - Whatever technology that we were to put into UAE hands that can be sold to others, will be.