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How the CIA and MI 6 Built a Criminal Empire in...

The MI6 connection with Bandera. Today, neo-Nazi-Bandera recruits mercenaries from Canada, France, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, the USA, as well as cadets from the military academies of these countries.

Napolitano and Ritter on Ukraine and Biden’s Bullshit

Is the security framework of Europe after the Russo-Ukrainian war going to look like what President Biden thinks it is going to look like?

New Racak in Bucha, 23 years later

We saw it in Serbia, we saw it in Syria, in Libya, in fact everywhere America goes to war…first they begin killing civilians and blaming others…its the new American way (British too).

Lukashenko and Putin: British Intelligence/SAS Planned Bucha Massacre and INVESTIGATION

He added that the US will not win, and that Bucha was a “British job,” as accusations continue to flood in against Russian forces.

Talks with Kiev and provocation in Bucha: what Putin, Lukashenko discussed

April 12 /TASS/ Russia’s military operation in Ukraine is proceeding according to a plan and will continue until all its initial goals are achieved, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday, having arrived at the Vostochny spaceport together with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko.

A Nazi Pope’s Blood Feud with Russia

In climbing on the bandwagon against Russia, Jorge Mario Bergoglio took the path of a conscious rejection of Christian ideas, and chose the side of the “prince of this world”.

Zelensky Nazis Raping and Butchering Russian Speaking Kids: New Provocation Coming...

Murdered children under 10 years old with signs of violence and torture were found in Irpen and Bucha. Dogs shot, too.

“Massacre in Bucha”: who needs it and why

The Ukrainian authorities have accused Russia of war crimes and genocide of civilians. Russia initiated a discussion of the problem in the UN Security Council, but the British presidency blocked this process.

Phone Intercepts: Ukies Admit Bucha Slaughter While US/German Intel Feeds Media...

Ukraine's Territorial Defense force looted their own village for a false flag against Russia. Phone intercepts.

More Evidence, More Doubts About Bucha Massacre

A few days ago, the media were actively discussing the question of who arranged the mass murders in Bucha.

Alleged Russian army massacre in Bucha a fake news story

Our special envoy to Ukraine, Alexander Kirk, brings us an update on the world’s most controversial latest story about the alleged massacre committed by Russian armed forces in the city of Bucha. teleSUR

Bucha: British intelligence operative’s involvement in Ukraine crisis signals false flag...

“The ‘red line’ was an open invitation to a false-­flag operation.”

Youtube Censors Truth on Bucha

Alex Christoforou reports from Greece

Former US Ambassador to Russia: ‘No Evidence Russia to Blame in...

Censorship of this CNN interview, where the former US ambassador to the USSR, Jack Matlock, called for refraining from premature assessments of events in the settlements that the Russian military left.

Press Briefing by UN Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia on situation in...

Bucha was a staged provocation aimed at discrediting and dehumanizing the Russian military and levelling political pressure on Russia, says Vassily Nebenzia.