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Inside Mariupol Drama Theatre Where 300+ People Were Killed

There are conflicting stories about what happened, so I have gone to this theatre to investigate for myself. Watch this report and see what you think.

In Bucha, the Armed Forces of Ukraine killed their own: why...

Russian troops left Bucha as part of a regrouping a few days before the “victims of the occupation” were discovered. The Armed Forces of Ukraine did not immediately realize this and for almost three more days they covered the city with artillery, under which civilians could well have fallen. Forensics can show that the civilian deaths occurred after the Russian forces left.

Was bombing of Mariupol theater staged by Ukrainian Azov extremists to...

This war crime and mass murder of women and children was carefully coordinated with NATO funded “fact checkers” and “disinformation fighters” from organizations across Europe. All of these organizations are run by right wing groups originally funded and trained through Washington “think tanks” and the Israel lobby.