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Blacklisted! The Premature AntiFascist Milt Felsen

"Too many will not get across [the Ebro River]," said Hemingway. "Too many will die because a superior cause is not a match for superior fire power."

Russia is a Woman in Labor

The Russians realize now that a war of their extermination has been declared and is already being waged in modern hybrid warfare style.

Fighting Fascism in ERA of Late Capitalism

Antifascism in the 21st century is about more than merely opposing the fascists in our streets: it is about envisioning and building an anti-capitalist project.

Fetzer and the Zio-Juggernaut from Sandy Hook

VT: Jim Fetzer has been sewn up in court for years now over his book on Sandy Hook.  For anyone but Fetzer, errors, real or imagined, in his book are certainly "absent malice," a typical affirmative defense in defamation cases like this.