Russia is a Woman in Labor

Empathizing with their men fighting for a just cause, Russians feel like they are part of a larger and amazingly powerful process. This is the purification and return of Russia to herself, with its constant search for higher meanings. And this is the beginning of the process of cleansing the world from fascism. Everyone understands the path will be long and difficult.

Marianna Vyshemirskaya outside Mariupol Maternity Hospital in aftermath of attack by Ukrainian forces

by Galima Galiullina, Ph.D. Washington Bureau Chief for VT

Having already sent all possible punitive sanctions on Russia from Hell and pushing forward a fratricidal war between Ukraine and Russia, western strategists are now wondering if the intended outcomes are still possible and how high the threshold of pain is for President Vladimir Putin and the Russian people.

It’s time for bloodthirsty haters of Russia to understand that the pain threshold for Russia as a woman in labor is unlimited. If the pain becomes unbearable, a painful shock sets in, and then Russia becomes unpredictable.

Why the West Should Stop Demonizing Putin

It must be noted that the West persists in repeating itself in efforts to interfere in the affairs of foreign countries but that is perhaps an intentional echo of past failed policies. We have not yet forgotten Gaddafi, torn to pieces by the crowd, and the insistent “Assad must go,” but now we hear: Putin is a tyrant and a murderer, he must be removed and judged. How do Russians really feel when their president is demonized in every vile and unthinkable way?

Firstly, in both major religions – Christian Orthodoxy and Islam – there is a belief that the ruler is sent to the nation from God. Therefore, initially, holiness is inherent in the image of the ruler, and in the hour of trials, the nation believes that together the Almighty and their ruler will protect the people and help achieve victory in the most difficult circumstances, even with a significant preponderance of an enemy’s power.

All these years, starting from 2007, when Putin clearly outlined his attitude towards the unipolar world, the Russian people unconditionally sided with the president, especially since during the years from 1991 to 2007 people knew all the humiliating pain and bitterness of suffering as a western colony. Since 2014, for 8 years, the Russians were worried about the genocide of the inhabitants of Donbass, and when Putin announced their recognition as sovereign republics, people rejoiced just as they celebrated the return of Crimea to their native harbor.

Marianna Vyshemirskaya, whose pictures were used as proof of Russia’s bombing hospital in Mariupol. Later she explained in her interview that it was not an airstrike in the hospital. Now she is the happy mother of a newborn baby daughter.

Now when a special military operation is underway in Ukraine, the Russians know that their sons are fighting for a just cause. Russians have their own account with the Nazis, we can say that this is an unsettled blood feud, every Russian had relatives in the family who died on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, and there is nothing in the world that Russians hate more than fascism.

The Russians realize now that a war of their extermination has been declared and is already being waged in modern hybrid warfare style. For the first time since World War II, Russia has been declared an enemy of the collective West. The West intends to destroy Russia as a country and Russians as a species of sub-humans. The executioners of the culture of cancellation have launched the operation “Liquidation of the Russians” in full scale with all their might on the military, economic, cultural, legal, and informational fronts.

In essence and cruelty, the western-inspired operation is very similar to a lobotomy.  Lobotomy – the cruelest and most destructive method of surgical intervention in the human brain, was invented in the USA in 1942. History has preserved only a few names and the number of victims of this method is unknown, but the method itself, or rather its ideology, has passed into western media advertising pushing discrete cultural values and their downstream effects on political science and the sphere of international relations. It is no longer worth surgically removing a part of the brain’s frontal lobes, if you can modify brain physiology through chemical or electronic modalities, you may achieve obedience and compliance from unwitting or the most recalcitrant person.

When the United States, after the disappearance of the USSR, hastened to declare itself the main and exclusive force ruling the world, entire states or the most recalcitrant leaders of countries were eliminated following mass manipulation of public opinion. Consider the war on terror a prime example of western exploitation in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. An effective technology was developed to influence the mindset of society in a particular country and in the whole world, allowing any atrocity. For example, the death of half a million Iraqi children from starvation because of war and the gutting of the economy of the country by the American military and global corporations, simply represents a boon necessary for progress and democracy.

Further, the psychological and physiological approach enabled experimental societal studies and a whole culture of cancellation was born.  When an individual, group, or nation is cut out from the public consciousness through the efforts of professionals in mass opinion management everything is possible.

But just as in a lobotomy of the brain, the operation leads to unpredictable and tragic consequences, So the removal of the Russians from the consciousness of modern civilization as a nation that gave the world great literature, music, history, ballet, and scientific achievements will lead to the collapse of Western civilization itself, which has chosen the method of lobotomy for social experiments.  We have already observed its catastrophic phenomena and processes of degradation. Therefore, for other civilizations of our time, the chances, and opportunities to flourish after decades of repression are growing. The myth of Western civilization as the only progressive and bringing great future for nations is dying before our eyes today

The Mysterious Phenomenon of Love

The psychological state of Russians can be felt through social networks and communication with relatives and friends living in Russia and other countries. This is the state of love, paradoxical as it may seem.

Empathizing with their men fighting for a just cause, Russians feel like they are part of a larger and amazingly powerful process. This is the purification and return of Russia to herself, with its constant search for higher meanings. And this is the beginning of the process of cleansing the world from fascism. The path will be long and difficult, everyone understands this. But fascism is the most terrible evil in the development of civilization.

Playing on base instincts, such as chauvinism, arming itself with terror as a weapon, and receiving powerful support from the financial capital of the reactionary forces, fascism has become a threat to the future of all mankind.

I remember the director of the US Library of Congress who flew to Moscow in August 1991, planning to give an address at an IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations) conference. The topic was “Russia in Search of Herself”, apparently, James Billington wanted to suggest the right directions for searching. But the moment was unsuccessful – Russia was already looking for herself with tanks on the streets. The speaker flew away without a speech, and Russia remained on the smoking barricades. Only 30 years after these events of August 1991, the Russians realized that they had now returned their country to themselves. And this makes Russians happy, despite all the pain of loss, falling living standards, and anxiety for the future.

Why Does Ukraine Hate Russia? War of Meanings

Is the news about the election by the National Association of the Defense Industry of Ukraine of ex-deputy Sergei Pashinsky shocking? Of course not. Pashinsky is a very organic part of the Kiev authorities.

Sergei Pashinsky in Ukrainian Rada

Culture is the process of filling life with meanings. In Ukraine, over the past 30 years, a culture of cancellation based on hatred of Russians has developed. The entire education system for the younger generation was permeated with the idea of hatred, history fell the first victim of the ideology of the destruction of family roots with Russians.

Crowds of jumping citizens on the streets of Kyiv and other cities calling for Muscovites to be hanged, the demolition of monuments to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, “cute” performances depicting eating “Russian baby soup”, a cake in the form of a Russian child’s calf, canned food with “separatists’ meat”, a giant monument to Bandera in Dnepropetrovsk. – all symptoms of ideological hate toward the Russian people.

A constant stream of “dirt” about Putin and Russia in the media, social networks, on stage, the murders of pro-Russian politicians and activists, poets, and journalists – this is the path to those terrible scenes that the shocking world today sees on television and the internet and people cannot believe their own eyes. How can you believe that a mentally healthy person can cut the throat of captured and wounded Russian soldiers and enjoy what he has done?

Who can record a video about how a Ukrainian punisher cuts out the eyes of a living Russian soldier and fills them with building foam and not die from the boundlessness of horror? The world will still shudder from the Ukrainian cruelty – the immeasurable, infernal cruelty of those who grew up on the glorification of Bandera, who left in history the memory of the same atrocities in Volyn and Western Ukraine.

But all those who are watching from afar, sitting in comfortable armchairs, watching blazing Ukraine, and dreaming of destroying all Russians, all Russian culture, all Russian children, and even the memory of Russians, will have to realize one great truth – among the Russians, the fury of the holy battle has reached the required degree.

Unfortunately, hatred for Russians, cultivated on a large scale in Ukraine, over the past month of hostilities has turned into an avalanche of dehumanizing Russians in many countries, and this will propagate with the growth of provocations such as the false flag in Bucha, where the fake is so obvious, nevertheless, through the efforts of the media, turned into a powerful propaganda pretext that destroys all efforts to switch to the language of diplomacy. It seems that all the media, inciting hatred of the Russians and thereby pouring gasoline on the fire of war, are hoping to sit out on the Moon or Mars and file their reports from outer space when a nuclear war breaks out on earth.

After all, the intensity of the battle and the degree of hatred between the parties to the conflict and the broad masses of the people, who learn daily in a new portion of news about Putin killing unborn babies in maternity hospitals, the Russian army leaving mountains of corpses in cities after their retreat, becomes explosive. Never in history has the scale of the dehumanization of one nation been so great. Goebbels’ propaganda was aimed at inflaming the spirit of the German nation more than directed at the enemy.

Adam Delimkhanov, Deputy of State Duma from Chechnya, Commander of Chechen Military group in Special Military Operation, speaking to Ukrainian surrendered soldiers.

During the Caribbean crisis, politicians on both sides were aware of their responsibility to their peoples and the whole world, and they stopped in time and managed to reach an agreement. And in those days, there was neither Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, nor Google and their YouTube, where lies and truth are intricately intertwined, turning them into tools of manipulation and disinformation. The virtuoso possession of such tools for a person without honor and conscience allows him to uncontrollably administer justice and reprisals, commit sabotage, and create myths and legends that have nothing to do with the truth.

Chechen mother tells her son about going to Ukraine: If people and our motherland will need you, I’ll never try to restrain you and I’ll not regret

Lev Gumilyov wrote a book, Black Legend, about how Europe has supported and developed black lies about Russians for three hundred years. Now, this tradition is 400 years old, and the lies and hatred of the Russians have overwhelmed the patience of the Russians themselves.

Chechen mother tells her son about going to Ukraine: If people and our motherland will need you, I’ll never try to restrain you and I’ll not regret

“Sanctions from Hell” as a Unique Chance

The Russians are now overtaken by a state of awareness of who they are in this world, why they give birth and raise children, why so many began to hate them so much, and how to live in this boiling cauldron of loathing. The terrible experience of many trials, wars, revolutions, famines, betrayals, and treacherous partnerships did not give rise to fear of injustice or even war in this nation.  Not a single most terrible war could drive them from the vast and rich lands of their ancestors, never destroyed cities and burned villages plunged them into depression and apathy, never did someone else’s grief leave them indifferent. An inexplicable effect of sanctions for Western analysts: the more sanctions, the more devoted the Russians become on their way to liberation. Here is a statement by Olga Uskova, founder of the artificial intelligence company “Cognitive Technologies”:

“I know exactly the development strategy of my Motherland. Russia must become itself.  The last two months – around the clockwork. Lots, lots of things. But… I’m happy! It may sound terrible at a time like this, but it’s just like giving birth. Women will understand me. It hurts like hell, contractions, the threat of death, the uncertainty of the result, but there is a new life ahead, and light, and a miracle. And so, a new man was born. And you will forget all the hell and pain of contractions. And you will love and grow new life. So, now. We have a chance to build OUR COUNTRY, finally. It hasn’t been possible since the 1960s. And now the stars have risen. And we, probably, for the first time started talking and thinking about the NEW REALITY, about the strategy, about OUR WAY.

Everyone has now gathered and is working on their COUNTRY, their FATE. I think this is our unique chance.”

Perception of sanctions from hell as a unique opportunity – who else is capable of this, except for the Russians? The West has been looking for ways to punish the wayward and recalcitrant Russians for a long time and decided to bring down a whole range of the most painful blows:

  • Through economic warfare, destroy the ruble, deprive Russian companies of access to modern technologies, destroy ties with the global economy, isolate Russian scientists, sever scientific ties between Russian universities and academic institutions, deprive Russians of the opportunity to easily visit the countries of the “free world”, freeze Russian’s bank accounts, living in other countries, to bring down the standard of living of ordinary people to poverty and despair.
  • In the field of culture, cancel Russian literature, music, ballet, and cultural exchanges.
  • In the field of information, the most severe measures to create an information vacuum around Russia, at the same time creating a monstrous information bubble of lies and propaganda.
  • In the field of international relations, reduce the legitimacy of the Russian state to the level of non-negotiability, and minimize diplomatic ties with many countries in Europe and North America to the point of a complete rupture of diplomatic relations.
  • In the sphere of public diplomacy, destroy any possibility of human contact with Russians, turning the entire people into outcasts of humans.
  • In the geopolitical arena, destroy Russia as a center of power and turn it into a pariah state.

With all these measures to strangle Russia, the collective west is turning into a non-commissioned officer’s widow who flogged herself.  (In the play by the Ukrainian writer Gogol “The Inspector General”, Khlestakov asks the mayor about the flogging of a non-commissioned officer’s wife. To which the mayor replies: “The non-commissioned officer lied to you as if I had flogged her; she’s lying, by golly she’s lying. She flogged herself.”)

Russia is the Center of the Fight Against Global Fascism

Remembering Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Prize winner in economics, who revealed the economic mechanisms of the formation of global fascism, we understand what financial capital did to Russia in the 1990s. For the opportunity to take IMF loans, Yeltsin allowed the signing of the Production Sharing Agreement. Only 7% of the profits from the sale of oil, gas, and other natural resources remained in Russia, 93% went to Western corporations. In those years, financial fraudster W. Browder boasted that he could buy all of Russia for $10 billion. Orgy of robbery of Russia in those years was unprecedented.

In parallel, the de-industrialization of Russia was carried out, the factories that were the pride of Soviet industry were destroyed. The Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant was sold for $2 million. Twenty million victims in peacetime – these are the fruits of the “democratization” of Russia. Human capital disintegrated and degraded, despair and unbelief killed the weakest. And only with the advent of Putin did a long road to freedom begin. The Russians have realized this, and therefore, the more the West demonizes Putin, the more people rally around their president.

Putin’s rating in March 2022 reached 83%, according to a poll by the independent Levada Center. There is nothing surprising in this figure because, in the most difficult times, Russians are aware of Russia as a mother, the Motherland is sacred for any Russian, and a person who has taken on a heavy cross to collect, inspire and lead the people to victory is perceived as the Father of the nation. The same was the awareness of the USSR and Stalin by the Soviet people during the Great Patriotic War.

All of Putin’s victories in the geopolitical arena over 20 years have shaped the pride and trust of Russians as the best president in the world, this is also the most powerful moral factor in the coming victory.  The hatred of Putin from his Western opponents is growing as they realize that the Russian president is always unpredictable in his decisions, but in an incomprehensible way, all his decisions lead to victories.

The cleansing storm of events in the spring of 2022 is a harbinger of powerful processes for the birth of new world order, and one unlike the World Economic Forum plan for control of the earth. In this sense, the ideal time is coming for the birth of a new Alliance of Civilizations. The world is changing, and the configurations of elite alliances and networks are changing. But deep processes take place in the form of rapprochement or divergence of civilizations.

The Alliance of Russian and Islamic civilizations is born, this process is organic since the main values of their peoples are similar – justice, equality, brotherhood. Both civilizations are experiencing the aggressive pressure of Western civilization, primarily through the intensification of Russophobia and Islamophobia and unprecedented forms of hybrid warfare.

Is Western civilization doomed to the ultimate transformation of the world? Yes, if forces do not appear that have realized the main internal causes of the death of the once-powerful and all-conquering civilization and can organize a movement of revival. Yes, if the West continues to oppose itself to the changing world and does not renounce violence and hypocrisy. Not if, as a result of the crisis of the Western style of thinking, new ideas of the Renaissance will inevitably be born.

The winter of our anxiety reluctantly leaves us. There is still cold and snow everywhere, which is strange for April. But spring is coming, and with it our hopes for peace on earth and the birth of a new Russia, free, sovereign, defender of the true values of mankind, flourish.


About Author: Galima Galiullina, Ph.D. is an author, filmmaker, and philosopher. Galima Galiullina has authored books about post-Soviet Russia in a global world and the new generation of Russian businessmen – “Leadership in the XXI century: An Outlook from Russia” and Success as a Lifestyle.


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  1. Russia is the center of the fight against global fascism. The collective West is really fascism, Galima. All masks are torn off. And we need to understand that the enemy is insidious, very strong and cruel. We should have no illusions, because the war is already going on openly, on the site of Ukraine. We have exhausted our diplomatic resources. It became impossible to tolerate openly Russophobic sites like the UN, OSCE, PACE – this is a gang of rabid monkeys baring their teeth. But I believe that we will win. As it was in 1945. It is only necessary, with the help of our real friends of Russia in the West, to close this trap for the world Nazis. I really liked Maria Zakharova’s criticism of the false Western media yesterday. She whipped them on their impudent faces. We should not stoop to the level of Western barbarians, but stop behaving like a gentleman with them. We faced fascism and Nazism. And the hatred of these phenomena is in our DNA, you’re right as always, Galima. My ancestors fought against the Nazi Germany 1941-1945.
    Russia is not a country that can be isolated. And let the West whip itself with the whip of sanctions. And we simply have to help them in this. I note that we have not yet imposed sensitive sanctions, and they have already started howling.
    Thank you for the article and good luck to you today, Galima! 📻🎙🎧
    p.s My congratulations on your promotion in the rating on our VT! 👍

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