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Russia is a Woman in Labor

The Russians realize now that a war of their extermination has been declared and is already being waged in modern hybrid warfare style.

Russia’s Stonehenge: Arkaim Secret Portal, Source of Putin’s ‘Mystical Power’?

Is Arkaim a point of no return for some? Interview with Galima Galiullina, Ph.D. Author, Filmmaker, Philosopher.

Exclusive: The Critical Days of Civilization

The red lines that Vladimir Putin warned about emerged brightly in the early days of 2022. Resistance to Atlantism is assuming more and more confident forms. When the idea of linking international security to climate change was put forward for discussion at the UN Security Council, Russia and India, blocked the document.

100 seconds to the apocalypse: Philosophy of war and the war...

I hope, in America no sane person wants to embark on yet another war involving our troops. 

Exclusive: America and the Existential Enemy: Myths and Reality

Galima Galiullina, Ph.D. - Russians recognize the right of each nation to its own path and way of life.

Hidden History, Cemetery of Empires: Freedom after 20 Years of Slavery

In America, there is a repeat of the same strategic mistakes, or perhaps the organic flaw of the entire system that killed the Roman Empire.

The Last Seal of the Apocalypse

I think that any American who wants to get out of this madness alive has to have an important thought: I don't know how I'm going to win. I just know I'm not going to lose. " And this has nothing to do with the outcome of the elections.