The Last Seal of the Apocalypse


Galima Galiullina, Ph.D.

For VT

The United States is utopia embodied. You should not judge their crisis in the same way as we judge ours – the crisis of the old European countries. We have a crisis of historical ideals caused by the impossibility of realizing them. They have a crisis of a realized utopia as a consequence of its duration and continuity.

The idyllic conviction of Americans that they are the center of the world, a higher power and an absolute role model is not such a delusion.

It is based not so much on technological resources and military forces as on a miraculous belief in the existence of an embodied utopia – a society that, with what it may seem unbearable innocence, is based on the idea that it has achieved everything that others only dreamed of: justice, abundance, rights, wealth, freedom; America knows it, it believes it, and in the end, others also believe it.

J. Baudrillard. “America”.

The French postmodernists J. Baudrillard, J. Derrida, J. Lyotard and J. Deleuze warned the world about the dangers of the impending crisis of the postmodern world, but the country, which achieved the greatest success in the implementation of postmodern principles, did not hear them.

The quiet voices of philosophers have been drowned out by fanfare of tremendous successes in the creation of a global village entirely under US control, and by the jubilant voices of false philosophers such as Fukuyama and false geopoliticians like Brzezinski. Jean Baudrillard wrote about the phenomenon of implosion. Implosion is a crisis state of an object in which mutation processes are taking place, preparing an explosion directed inward. We are still seeing small explosions all around in American society, and these are the first detonators of the big bang and annihilation.

The huge hyperreal bubble of the American empire, inflated to incredible proportions, has reached its critical limit and even according to the most optimistic expectations, if they are possible at all, a big bang cannot be avoided.

Kali, Hindu Goddess of “Destruction”

The rejection of the natural laws of nature in the United States is particularly widespread and destructive.

Gender diversity, genetic mutations in agriculture, rejection of natural forces to heal (complete transition to chemistry or surgery), transhumanism in increasingly aggressive forms, forests that no one ever cares about, rivers and lakes, on the banks of which you will not see walking people, roads that no one walks on foot for a long time, people bloated to the size of Goliath by hormones in food, food that is more poison than medicine.

Communication has long been turned into a simulation, since there is no sincerity, there is no desire to open the soul, there is a fear of frankness. If in other societies it is spiritual communication that helps to overcome stress and life tragedies, here a person in mental anguish is doomed to a desert of loneliness in the fog of tranquilizers. In my first year in America, I heard from my husband that his colleague’s wife had committed suicide. I asked how old she was and how she passed away. At 50, she threw herself under a train.

Almost all the achievements of American civilization have turned into slow killers of itself due to implosive mutation.

If we talk about America’s soft power, which made it possible to hold captive the charm of millions and millions of those suffering a better life and associate the image of paradise with America, it melted long ago, the process began with the Vietnam War and reached its climax today, when the peoples of the world have already ceased to care what is going on there in America, going about their business and only sometimes amazed, looking at the leapfrog events in American cities.

The simulation of reality was most vividly manifested during the current election campaign. Through the efforts of political strategists and the media, a hyperreal space was created – the space of simulations. Both Trump and Biden are more vivid, viable, and more authentic simulators than their originals. But the tragedy is that the modern world, in which the winner will have to act, is far from an artificially created hyperreal space. Tragedy for America, but salvation for the world.

The survival instinct inherent in any living organism has practically been killed by the Americans by a long policy of tolerance. If you look in medical reference books, tolerance is suppression of the body’s ability to fight against foreign elements that have entered it. Under the guise of a struggle for democratic values, a tough policy of tolerance killed the society’s ability to fight and reject what brought death to society. The generation of simulacra in politics – political correctness, killed the ability of society to criticize and reject the most dangerous ideas and phenomena for public health.

The image of a country of great dreams and universal prosperity, created by all the forces of a gigantic propaganda machine, has become the greatest deception that has poisoned the minds of millions around the world, but above all the Americans themselves. Their consciousness is still in sweet captivity and this captivity turned out to be stronger than the survival instinct.

Not a single politician who has entered the political arena in the United States in recent years has dared to honestly call the state of American society a coma. Passive, inert, agonizing state, in which there is not even a glimpse of living thought, but at the same time there is a stormy pre-election campaign, and although the voter is deprived of real choice, he is emotionally involved in the simulation machine. But whoever wins this race, will this sweet poison of simulated welfare disappear?

Graves at Iwo Jima, 1945

The most catastrophic changes in the consciousness of American society have occurred in the past thirty years. Fanfare of the victory over the USSR (the Evil Empire, as Reagan called this country) intoxicated and turned their heads to those who had long dreamed of global control of the world. The plundering of a huge country went on under the simulacrum of assistance to democratic changes in Russia, the same process went on and still continues in all countries of the post-Soviet space.

Instead of democracy came the power of puppets, instead of the promised abundance of liberal capitalism – poverty and extinction for the majority of the population. In the process of plundering Russia, a criminal alliance of the criminal “new Russians” with the Wall Street robbers rapidly developed, and a careful outlook can even today see the legacy of this alliance.

Most of the Russians, who during the perestroika period believed that America wished us well and was ready to help us enter the brotherhood of developed countries, went through “shock therapy” and became sober after losing their illusions. Neither Putin nor Lavrov has any need to interfere in the elections or in the political life of America in general, the main conclusions about what happened to America and what awaits it were made by Vladimir Putin in Munich in 2007.

Globalization, which promised to turn the world into a single peaceful oasis, where technology will turn human life into a paradise on Earth, in fact turned out to be only a simulacrum, behind which the predatory plans of the more greedy than ever owners of corporations were hidden.

These plans and strategies took away from America the basis of real life for most ordinary men and women – plants and factories, small businesses that produce goods, not services.

Millions of people have lost the foundation for a normal life – a job that does not depend on fluctuations in stock prices and global trends.

Digitalization in all major spheres of the economy has created the foundation for simulation – capital, the labor process itself, education, culture.

What can a teacher who communicates with a dozen children using Zoom give children? Is it possible to replace live communication with the teacher and classmates?

The process of childbirth over the phone became the apogee of the simulation of progress in medicine. What, if not a simulation, the provision of an ambulance in emergency departments in the United States, when the patient waits 4 hours until his turn comes and then he will be asked questions: “Would you like to invite a priest?”, “Have you ever had time for thoughts of suicide? ” and a huge list of other questions that are absolutely unimportant at the moment when the patient writhes in pain and longs for help and sometimes the effort to endure goes on for minutes.

The simulation of the world’s most powerful and technologically-equipped health-care system is particularly evident during the months of critical growth in Corona-Virus patients. Medical staff in garbage bags, tents for patients instead of hospital wards, wealthy leaders of the best hospitals in New York, who abandoned their teams in the midst of the tragedy and went to rest in their luxurious villas in Florida, despair and death of those who were not admitted to hospitals due to for lack of insurance – all this is the payback for simulating well-being.

Bamberg Apocalypse Folio, Angels with 7 Trumpets

Culture in its true form is a process of filling Being with meanings. But the simulation of culture is an orgy of naked bodies on the screen and on the stage, ordinary sex in the cinema or theater no longer causes a surge of feelings in anyone, everyone wants more frankness and more perversions with general tolerance.

And no one notices that Hollywood is not a factory of stars any more, but the main producer of opium for the people.

In the 19th century, Britain put millions of Chinese people on opium, and in the 21st century, Hollywood gradually switched from soft drugs to increasingly hard drugs, simulating the introduction of the American Dream and American values ​​into families in America and throughout the accessible world.

Billions of people have become simply unnecessary for those who plan to further advance the plans of the globalists. To help them, concerned about the overpopulation of the planet, comes science and simulation. The only daredevil who questioned the need to foster gender diversity and expressed confidence that women need a responsible and strong man was brutally persecuted by angry feminists and now Professor Peterson is practically knocked out of the battlefield.

Mutations of the social organism occur with the relentlessness of cancer proliferation. For many American families, sports were an outlet from the frantic race of life, but today the stadiums are empty, matches can only be watched on TV.

This is how an entire ritual part of American life dies imperceptibly – a trip with your son or friends to a match of your favorite team, the euphoria of joint empathy for victory or bitterness of defeat, instead of a living element of feelings – a simuclear of the once most important part of life.  No more any perfect TV can replace the real life of a fan in the stadium or around the ring. The public has yet to realize what happened to him during the covid-19 pandemic.

Once the competition between the two parties was the real engine of the political process, but now this competition has turned into a farce. How can contenders for power compete if they are similar to each other as twin brothers? For the public, they masterfully play political battles, but if you look at the essence of these battles, they do not decide anything. The solution of the main problems of the country, the treatment of its terrible diseases are not the priority of politicians-simulators. This is the root of the American tragedy today.

Jean Baudrillard, who visited America, felt the madness of New York back in 1986, today he could say the same words about the whole country America on the eve of the 2020 elections:

“In New York, madmen are free. Put out on the streets, they’re not all that different from the punks, junk, junkies, alcoholics, beggars who fill it. It is unclear why a city, just as mad, would suddenly keep its madmen locked up, why should he deprive the movement of these samples of madness, if it, in one form or another, has already captured the entire city. “

I think that any American who wants to get out of this madness alive has to have an important thought: I don’t know how I’m going to win. I just know I’m not going to lose. ” And this has nothing to do with the outcome of the elections.



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