Galima Galiullina, Ph.D.

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. – John Dahlberg-Acton, April 1887.

First published on VT, 21 October 2021

[ Editor’s note: Longer nights and shorter days give us a season of reflection. Many people want to know what is going on with American civilization, and part of the explanation is contained in Galima’s article. You can bookmark it, return to it and take it in over a couple sessions. Of particular interest was John Kerry’s congressional testimony about the experience of Nam and the aftermath of Nam, as he described the destructive idea of “fighting for nothing.” Perhaps what he wasn’t able to articuate as a younger man was that the US was in Nam to fight for the new world order’s chaos theory. And very little has changed in that regard. ]

Excerpt: The most dangerous destructive effect of… global imperial expansion is the idea of exclusivity by elites [leading to] the growing civic apathy of the masses. Ordinary people need a country, not a globe, to feel part of something great.

Students at most universities are deprived of the opportunity to study the history of their country… By the early 2000s, all fifty-five of the best colleges and universities rated by US News and World Report had abandoned their American history course. A direct consequence of the deconstruction of history is the erosion of the foundations of American patriotism and citizenship.

Joseph Borrell called the events in Afghanistan “a catastrophe that Western intelligence could not foresee.”  And what have Western intelligence services been doing in Afghanistan for 20 years? Most likely, they rested on the laurels of success, smoked opium or hashish and had fun writing horror stories about terrorist threats to the West from wild shepherds. Of course, there were reports that reflected the real situation in the occupied country, but in the process of passing up through the experts and specialists, they turned into a fine picture of correct policy, not bothering the main architects 8,000 miles from Afghanistan. The “black hole” eagerly devoured the streams of money, the lives of civilians, the hopes of Afghans for a peaceful life, but for 20 years the United States persevered in building democracy in the mountains and valleys of Afghanistan.

After the last American soldier left long-suffering Afghanistan, it is time to truly comprehend 20 years of war and the world after the war. So far, I see one main result: another myth about America’s existential enemy has dissipated.

Modern War as a War of Meanings

Samuel Huntington, at the end of the last century, foreshadowed those modern wars would be wars of civilizations, and Islamic civilization would become America’s most obvious enemy.

“Sometimes fault lines are struggles for control of a people. Much more often the struggle is for the possession of the territory. The goal of at least one of the parties to the conflict is the conquest of territory and its liberation from another people through exile or physical destruction, or both together, which constitutes “ethnic cleansing”. “

The clearest example of the reality of Huntington’s claim is Palestine. For Israel, it is just a land from which it is necessary to expel its indigenous population by any means.

The rift between Islam and the West has become a deep chasm over the past 20 years. Inspired by the ideas of democratic globalism, the West, having seized the territory of Afghanistan, set up a large-scale experiment on the Afghan people. It was necessary to make sure once again how seductive democracy and human rights in the Western interpretation are for the Muslim population of the country. Stubbornness in imposing liberal values was clearly manifested even in the last months of the colonial regime, when, instead of systematically preparing to leave the country, the US Embassy spent a month of LGBT pride. The experiment lasted 20 years and ended with the victory of the Afghan people.  None of those who inspired the West to start a war against Afghanistan apologized for the many sacrifices of innocent people and the transformation of an entire country into a drug laboratory.

It is extremely important to understand the importance of traditional consciousness for the preservation of civilization. Svetlana Lurie, a Russian anthropologist, explains that an ethnos can cognize the world through traditional consciousness. If an ethnic tradition is destroyed, then the ethnos ceases to understand what is happening to it, and it does not assimilate any new information.

Ethnicity loses itself in the surrounding space, in the past and present, and does not see the future. This tragedy manifests itself most vividly and in the most destructive form in the United States.

“Islam has bloody borders,” says Huntington, arguing that Muslims started the most military conflicts in the 20th century, especially in the 90s. Apparently Hitler was also a Muslim. This is how Huntington prepared the world for the great crusade of the West against Islam. At the same time, he operates with figures for the involvement of Muslims in conflicts. He does this deliberately fluently, without bothering to find out who attacked first – the Muslims or the other side of the conflict, and what caused the conflict.

Knowing the history of the two Chechen wars, and even knowing why and how they involved Chechnya in the war against Russia, I consider it absurd to explain the reasons for the war by the conflicting nature of Muslims and their natural bloodthirstiness. The use of the Islamic factor in inciting the peoples of Russia against their historical unity within the borders of the USSR and the Russian Federation would be a fairer explanation.

But the West did it and continues to do it now to destroy another civilizational enemy – Russia.

The Cold War is not over; it has even intensified in the last 14 years, starting in 2007 after Vladimir Putin’s Munich speech, where he first declared that “for the modern world, a unipolar model is not only unacceptable, but generally impossible. The model itself is inoperative since there is no and cannot be a moral and ethical base of modern civilization in its basis. “

An accurately diagnosed fatal illness did not help the patient, the empire rushed to the abyss with leaps and bounds.

Today we are witnessing a paralysis of power throughout the trans-Atlantic empire, for power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  At the same time, for some reason, the idea never arises that it is the constant search for the existential enemy of America and the bloody wars following the appointment of another country or an entire civilization as an enemy that can be the main reason for the destruction of the empire. The cold-blooded destruction of millions of civilians in other countries for the sake of mythical ideals of freedom and democracy, but in fact for the sake of unprecedented enrichment of a handful of villains could not but lead to disaster. Globalization has led to a tragic result: the monstrously enriched two-legged can only be satisfied with monstrous power.

Let’s notice a strange paradox: the United States constantly declares that Russia is the existential enemy of America, which translated into simple language means:

We have no place on Earth together! Some of us must leave this earth. And since we are the most exceptional nation, you [Russia] must leave.

Russian fairytale the Snow Queen

But the Russians have never called and do not consider America an existential enemy. Not in the days of the USSR, not now. Simply because they recognize the right of each nation to its own path and way of life.

Therefore, even in those days when insane plans for bombing with atomic bombs were being developed against the USSR and in accordance with these plans more than 100 million Soviet people were to be killed, children in Soviet schools never jumped under their desks to escape from an imaginary American bomb.

But American children from the 60s of the twentieth century remember how they lay under their desks, fleeing imaginary Soviet bombs. For some reason, the USSR is still considered an empire of evil, and Russia inherited this label. The Empire was killed, but the Evil remained. This is the opinion of a Western man in the street who has never been to Russia and has never read the 1935 book “Great Civilization” by Beatrice and Sidney Webb. Huntington only slightly loosened the ground for a real attack on Islam.

After the collapse of the USSR, it was necessary to find a new existential enemy so as not to drain the flow of money for military orders to corporations and at the same time continue to keep their inhabitants in check with fear.

Preparing a Big War against Islam

The beginning of the new millennium in the United States stirred up a thirst for creative comprehension of the possibilities that opened for the American empire in the absence of the main deterrent factor – the USSR. According to analysts, Russia had reached its death throes and it was possible to prepare for the funeral. But the most important thing is to find a new enemy. It would seem, why? The whole world is already in the absolute power of the western hegemon.

It’s time to think about what to do with this absolute power, so as not to ruin your country with absolute debauchery. But the hunting excitement was already kindling blood, and a new target was found.

Islam, the number of those professing this religion has reached one and a half billion. Considering that the main values in it are justice, knowledge, and moral purity, one can easily foresee how many people around the world will try to find a way out of despair and the stench of unbelief and cynicism of a corrupt society in Islam. In addition, the main centers of Islamic influence are so unfortunately plased in the rich oil fields.

Charles Krauthammer defends the unipolar force and the evil it does

In 2004, on February 10, Charles Krauthammer gave the keynote speech “Democratic Realism”. Psychiatrist Krauthammer was the most convincing motivator and inspiration for the transformation of unipolar force into infernal evil. Speaking nearly daily on FOX News channels, he sparked dizzying dreams of complete dominance over the entire planet.

In 2006, the Financial Times named him America’s most influential political commentator.

But the first thesis is shocking: “Americans have a healthy aversion to foreign policy. This stems from a sense of frugality: who needs it? We are protected by two great oceans. We have this continent practically for ourselves. ”

An amazing conceit: we HAVE a whole continent! Krauthammer and everyone who considered him the smartest ideologue of the beginning of a new era for the United States did not understand the difference between HAVE and LIVE!

What America did during the Afghan war was a demonstration of fully mobilized, fiercely concentrated unipolar power at a distance of 8,000 miles, Krauthammer enthusiastically describes as “a manifestation of unlimited power in an unprecedented inequality of power.” This gives him a thrill of delight. But for any normal person, an attack on a foreign country with an unprecedented inequality of forces will cause disgust.

“Which makes us something unique in history, an anomaly, a hybrid: a commercial republic with overwhelming world power. The trading republic, which, by sheer coincidence of history, was appointed the custodian of the international system. The eyes of every petitioner from East Timor to Afghanistan, from Iraq to Liberia; Arabs and Israelis, Irish and British, North Koreans and South Koreans are on the way. “

The author is not embarrassed by the fact that he admits all other peoples of the world only as supplicants. Kneeling supplicants are appointed peoples with unique cultures, thousands of years of history. So, the power of the merchants reigned over the peoples of the world.

The apotheosis of revenge over Jesus Christ, who expelled the money changers and merchants from the temple.

Krauthammer considers the aggression against Haiti, Bosnia, and Kosovo as an example of high morality. These were humanitarian enterprises – a struggle for law and good, devoid of gross national interests. “And only humanitarian interventionism – disinterested interventionism devoid of national interests – is morally pure enough to justify the use of force.” – How do you like it? Just don’t show this to the parents of the thousands of children killed by the bombs in Yugoslavia.

The concept of national interests defined by a great power is clearly formulated: the formation of an international environment by projecting force abroad for providing economic, political, and strategic benefits. For whom? For yourself, exceptional ones.  “The most untamed, the most ambitious national interests on the planet are ours,” Krauthammer is clearly Napoleon’s delirium. But this nonsense was broadcast incessantly to American audiences. The “international community” is a fiction. This is not a community, it is a cacophony of intense ambition, incomparable values. ” So don’t give a damn about this community.

Where to interfere? Where to bring Democracy? Where to build a nation? Krauthammer offers a common criterion: where it matters. The axiom of democratic realism: we will support democracy everywhere, but we will sacrifice blood and treasures only in places where there is a strategic need, that is, taking center stage in a major war against an existential enemy, an enemy that poses a global mortal threat to freedom.

Krauthammer goes on to clearly identify America’s existential enemies: Fifty years ago, Germany and Japan were considered existential enemies. Why? Because they were the seeds of the greatest global threat to freedom in the middle of the century – fascism – and then, because of nation-building, they were turned into a bulwark against the next great threat to freedom, Soviet communism. –

At this passage, Krauthammer does not mention who defeated fascism, defeating the forces of Europe united under Nazi banners. Therefore, he considers it entirely permissible to appoint a new enemy of freedom – the USSR, the country that lost 27 million of its citizens in the struggle for its freedom and the freedom of Europe.

Back in the early and spring of 1945, the USSR, Great Britain, and the United States were allies, and suddenly, after the victory over fascism, the USSR was appointed the enemy of humanity. Incredible cynicism: in the bloodiest war of the twentieth century, the USSR defeated the greatest threat to freedom – fascism, and itself immediately turned into the greatest threat to freedom. But the collapse of the USSR magically opened absolute freedom of action for the absolute master of the planet. Only a new existential enemy – Arab-Islamic totalitarianism, which has been threatening the United States in both its secular and religious forms for the entire last quarter of a century since the Khomeini revolution in 1979, stands in the way.

The lessons of the Iranian revolution did not serve as a basis for American politicians to understand why Ayatollah Khomeini was able to raise millions of Iranians against the Shah’s regime by simply sending tape cassettes from exile. All the power of Islamic values was in his sermons. The word that contains the truth always wins.

“The creation of civilized, decent, non-belligerent, pro-Western states in Afghanistan and Iraq and ultimately their key neighbors, like the turn of Germany and Japan in the 1940s, will change the strategic balance in the fight against Arab-Islamic radicalism.” says Krauthammer with his typical arrogance.

And what did the civilized warriors do with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya? They destroyed, turned into dust the treasures of great civilizations. Will the peoples of these countries be pro-Western after this vivisection?

Where is it written that Arabs are incapable of democracy? – asks Krauthammer. “You win by taking territory – and leaving something behind.”

Yes, leaving millions of Muslim corpses on the ruins of their cities and villages, plundered museums, burned down libraries. Still assuring the world that Islam has bloody borders.

“We are all friends (Krauthammer forgot that all the peoples of the world who are not Americans he appointed to be supplicants) but go ashore only where it really matters”. For the United States, from 2001 to 2021, it was the Islamic crescent, stretching from North Africa to Afghanistan.  All the power of propaganda by the best journalists and specialists in zombifying the mass consciousness was thrown into the creation of a frightening image of the enemy – a religious fanatic, a bloodthirsty savage from the caves who hates Western civilization. The created image of a Muslim was the opposite of those people who are actually Muslims.

Through the efforts of Western propagandists, the cornerstone – the attitude to knowledge – was removed from the concept of Islamic civilization. Islamic civilization is built on the knowledge given to humanity in the Koran, on key discoveries made by scientists and on admiration for the scientist, teacher, and knowledge. “There is no side of Muslim spiritual life, political and religious activities of Muslims, everyday life of an ordinary Muslim, which would not be affected by the all-encompassing attitude to “knowledge” as to some of the highest value of Muslim life” – such conclusion was made in his book “The Triumph of Knowledge” by Franz Rosenthal, who studied more than two thousand ancient sources in the libraries of the East.

“He who does not know the Koran knows nothing about the universe,” says the Russian scientist Viktor Efimov.  “The ink of a scientist is as precious as the blood of a martyr” – this is how the warrior and the intellectual were equated in Islam.

“During its heyday in the 9th-12th centuries, the civilization of the Muslim East was marked by a much greater spread of secular knowledge and scientific discoveries than the Western European culture of the same period. The successes of this civilization will become even more obvious if we remember that it was, she who helped the Western European scribes of the following centuries to gradually emancipate themselves from the dominance of theology and to promote from their midst the great geniuses of the Renaissance and modern times” writes academician A. Sagadeev in the preface to Rosenthal’s book.

Justice, moral purity, worship of knowledge, brotherly solidarity – these virtues of a true Muslim are known and appreciated by everyone who communicated and dealt with members of the Ummah without prejudice and aggression. Having declared an ancient civilization an existential enemy and killing millions of Muslims in 20 years, what has the United States achieved in this effort?  Krauthammer is no longer alive, but there is a new existential enemy – Russia.

US Undersecretary of Defense Colin Call warns that in the short term, Russia may become a more serious threat to the US and Europe than China.  Speaking at the Baltic Military Conference hosted by Lithuania, he said: “In the coming years, Russia may be the main security challenge facing the United States and, of course, Europe militarily.”

Russia is a determined enemy that remains committed to strengthening global influence and plays a destructive role in the world arena. In what the destructive role of Russia is manifested and why it is more terrible than what the United States has done in relation to the peoples of the world, Call did not elaborate.

You will Recognize them by their Fruits …

Two processes proceeded in parallel: the conquest and destruction of Islamic countries and the degradation of state thinking.

Degradation occurred rapidly and irreversibly, since the entire foreign policy was built on the stratagem of imperial power, subordinating the whole world to the monopoly of the America corporation, and no one wanted to delve into the intricacies of the collective consciousness of savages or allies.

Regarding the American people, statesmanship has quite successfully applied the carrot-and-stick policy. The fear generated from every iron was a whip, and the lure of freedoms served as the carrot.

Both processes – the war against Islam and the degradation of state thinking – led to the loss of the soft power of the American empire. Along with the degradation of state thinking, the corruption of the consciousness of statesmen took place and grew.

Whereas in 1971, John Kerry shrewdly remarked,

“The country does not know this yet, but it has created a monster, a monster in the form of millions of men who have been taught to trade and trade in violence, and who are given the chance to die for the greatest nothing in history; people who returned with a feeling of anger and a sense of betrayal, which no one yet understood.”

But no one tried to understand. Those who made decisions about the fate of America and the world, which she was sure she owned, had no time for anger or feelings of betrayal those returning from the war for the greatest nothing in history, driven by the feeling that the power they had gained had to be consolidated quickly and irreversibly.

In those years, Capitol Hill still bothered to hear the veterans of the Vietnam War and even allowed them to tell in detail about the crimes against civilians that they had to commit. Kerry described these crimes in the words: “These were not isolated incidents, but crimes committed day after day with the full knowledge of officers at all levels of command.”

But we don’t see any hearings about war crimes committed against Muslims in those wars. The monster for half a century only grew on the soil so richly sprinkled with blood.

The degradation of state thinking took place with the growth of freedoms, striving for the absolute. But absolute freedom corrupts in the same way as absolute power. When there is no moral law in the soul, everything is permitted. One of the freedoms turned out to be fatal for state thinking – freedom from the state itself, minimizing its role in the life of society. Politics as a competitive field of ideas and positions about the best structure of the country and its relations with other countries is paralyzed by the competition of corporations for the best way to use America’s brand and its military power in their own interests.

Information support for the government decision-making process is increasingly turning into fiction. Confidence in the imperial power and irresistibility of any decision suppresses the interest of decision-makers in carefully analyzing information. The quality of information is also declining, in particular, those analytical data that come from experts in those countries that are viewed as obedient vassals.  American experts studying such countries initially treat such subtle matters as the collective consciousness of a nation or individual tribes with arrogant disdain. What are the important features of the collective consciousness of these bloodthirsty savages?  Who needs a course of military ethnopolitics in training military experts today?

Destruction of History and Disintegration of the Nation

If we ask Americans what unites different ethnic groups into a single nation, can we hope to get a clear answer? The Roman Empire was united by a magnificent project of the future. The USSR became a great civilization, giving hope to everyone for a bright future and ensuring the basic human rights to education, health care, work, a roof over their heads, building a national policy of peaceful coexistence of 140 nationalities and ethnic groups.  In the United States, we are witnessing a restructuring associated with the history of the creation of the country.

“Project 1619”, which proposes to consider the real date of the founding of the United States the year when the first black slave was brought from Africa, is laying a bomb under the very future of the country. The concept of the birth of the United States as a purely racist project crosses out all the positive pages of American history and justifies the need to destroy all the foundations of statehood laid down by the founding fathers of the nation. Project 1619 ideologues argue that there is no reason for pride in American history, that white racial superiority was implanted through the principles of racism, intolerance, and oppression of minorities – whether African Americans, Indians, or Asians.

I remember that the disintegration of the USSR also began with a nation-wide repentance imposed on the nation and shame for the country’s past. These are very dangerous story-rewiring games. The only positive moment in this is that the foundation of the American nation is being removed from under the idea of the exclusiveness of the American nation. If America’s past is dark and shameful, how can it claim to teach others how to live?

The process of “deconstruction” of US history is taking place against the background of the current crisis of American statehood. The fragmented country now denies the foundations of the nation’s pride.

It is extremely important to understand the importance of traditional consciousness for the preservation of civilization. Svetlana Lurie, a Russian anthropologist, explains that an ethnos can cognize the world through traditional consciousness. If an ethnic tradition is destroyed, then the ethnos ceases to understand what is happening to it, and it does not assimilate any new information. Ethnicity loses itself in the surrounding space, in the past and present, and does not see the future.

This tragedy manifests itself most vividly and in the most destructive form in the United States. The mixing of races and peoples who came to the country from different cultures and who are representatives of different ethnic groups has led to a gradual erosion of the ethnic consciousness of each of the ethnic groups, and in the most critical period in the development of this process, the nation finds itself in moral paralysis.

Nobody noticed that for almost half a century the nation has been living in conditions of replacing the traditional consciousness with their ersatz, beautiful outwardly, but empty or radically dangerous slogans.

It all started with the idea of the exclusivity of the American nation. America’s inculcated right to impose on the world its idea of the best order of life and an unprecedented build-up of military power to suppress the will of disobedient nations gradually turned the country into a huge fist, filling the whole world with its military bases and populating them with gorillas without a drop of conscience and morality. Even if there were nice conscientious guys among the military, life in a war with civilians gradually killed their humanity.

For other nations, the slogan of the exclusiveness of the American nation turned into a loss of sovereignty, corruption of the elites, the decay of the morality of young people and the erosion of the constants of traditional consciousness.

The most dangerous destructive effect of expanding the idea of exclusivity to the maximum, that is, global imperial expansion, is the gap between the narrow pragmatism of exploiting the idea of exclusivity by elites and the growing civic apathy of the masses. Ordinary people need a country, not a globe, to feel part of something great.

Students at most universities are deprived of the opportunity to study the history of their country. In the late 80s – early 90s. XX century at Stanford University, the previously obligatory course in the history of Western civilization was replaced by a course in the study of minorities, the peoples of the “third world”, the history of women. Changes in courses at Berkeley, the University of Southern California, the University of Minnesota, and other universities followed.

By the early 2000s, all fifty-five of the best colleges and universities rated by US News and World Report had abandoned their American history course. A direct consequence of the deconstruction of history is the erosion of the foundations of American patriotism and citizenship. In the first half of the 20th century, 90% of Americans considered America the greatest nation on the planet. At the turn of the century, only 58% of Americans and 51% of American women define the United States as “the best country in the world.”

Multiculturalism has led to a dual identity. In an August 2008 poll, 39% of African Americans indicated that they identify with their race first, and only then with the American nation. Among white Americans, this was only 5%.

Thus, it is not Russia and not the Muslim civilization that are America’s existential enemies, but her own idea of exclusivity, on which the desire to completely own the world is based. The crisis of statehood is a consequence of the overextension in the exploitation of the idea of exclusivity and imperial ambitions.

Monstrous Wealth and Monstrous Power

I wonder if any social philosophers or behaviorists tried to seriously study the impact of monstrous wealth on the psyche of the owner?

The masses know very little about these people, whose wealth has exceeded all imaginable dimensions. Often, this is just a position on the Forbes list. But nobody really tried to study the mental state and the degree of sanity of these people.

Glamorous interviews give only a glossy portrait, but we do not know anything about the real values and intentions of these people. Of course, coprological stories roam the Web, but neither these stories, nor the gloss of professionally lacquered portraits can give a significant impact on the understanding of those who stand behind trillions and billions of dollars.

Meanwhile, it is these people who hold the strings in their hands, with which they make legitimate politicians obediently dance.

One thing is clear: possessing monstrous wealth, these people can only be satisfied with unlimited power. How far they can go in their passion for unlimited power, we are already seeing today. No state authority has an antidote or sufficient defense against their plans. The old truth: power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely! – we are going through a period of initiation for life in a society where this has become a reality.

  • The experience of living under the monstrous power of the owners of monstrous wealth has shown the peoples of the world: No matter how monstrously great the wealth, the appetite of its owner from this never diminishes. Not because he will eat into three throats (on the contrary, they are very concerned about their health) or buy a million suits from Brioni. The more wealth he has, the more power he wants. The more politicians can be bought in all parts of the world. You can buy everything except God. Therefore, an alliance with Satan is often accepted and concluded.
  • In all countries where the interests of the monstrously rich two-legged have invaded, the role of the state, that is, the legitimate power, turns into a mirage. Therefore, do not be surprised at the invasion of “pygmies” into power, where in the old days there were worthy leaders.
  • Monstrously rich people need to keep the planet for themselves. Therefore, the agendas of green energy, population reduction, gender diversity will be hotter every day.
  • For these insanely rich nouveau riches, who created their wealth on the brutal robbery of defenseless peoples (for example, gutted during Operation Shock and Awe, Iraq – 6 trillion dollars in damage, according to Joseph Stiglitz’s calculations), the existential enemy is the whole of humanity that does not want to obey their cannibalistic plans.

I was surprised when, at the beginning of the pandemic, many said: we will never return to our former life. But today it is clear that yes, we can no longer, even if we really want to, return to the old world. The clash of monsters and humanity, who wants to live, just live, is already unfolding before our eyes. The battlefield is our souls, our children, our future.

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  1. Ever since Adam and Eve forfeited their position in the world over to Satan, he has been in the business of “stealing, killing and destroying.”
    He starts by enlisting willing souls into his scheme, by promising them things he cannot deliver, like eternal life.
    The dupes do his dirty work, but oh what a price they pay.
    Jesus Christ has their end in a very bad place.

  2. Talk About Mythology!
    More irony (like I called out below)…

    US territories are about the same area as Palestine: 11,000 mi².

    So nevermind that USA proper is 345X larger, and its indigenous population 25X smaller!🤯…

    USA has likely “expelled” more % than Israel, just from it’s territories!

    RE: “The clearest example of the reality of Huntington’s claim is Palestine. For Israel, it is just a land from which it is necessary to expel its indigenous population by any means.”

    • When you talk about foundational myths, Hoops, America’s is just as disconnected from objective reality as Zionism’s is. Both are based on the notion that God has “chosen” certain Europeans to range around the planet, displacing and murdering the indigenous, and stealing their land. In short, Manifest Destiny equals Zionism equals racism, pure and simple.

    • Nope Tommy, look around: objective reality is that, again, USA’s is 345X + 25X worse.

      Nice try though.

  3. A very good, deep and informative article. Thank you, Galima.
    I am very sorry that in the modern world people have begun to degrade: a stream of misinformation is pouring from TV screens, young people are getting stupid for hours watching videos in tiktok and YouTube, they read few books, develop little spiritual thinking. This is what the financial elites use. There is really a struggle going on for the minds and souls of people. People are now called “new oil”, a resource…

    • Sadly, Andrew, it’s been in America’s DNA from the beginning “to overspread and to possess the whole of [North America] which Providence has given us.” (John O’Sullivan, 1845) That means, of course, that we were always the “chosen” ones who would range around the planet, displacing and murdering the indigenous, and stealing their land. I don’t think Russia has ever thought it had that God-given right, even in the days of the Russian Empire. This is also why Russia and China have been in the sights of the Anglo-Zionist Empire for centuries. How many times has Russia been attacked by the West? How many Crimean Wars were there? How long was China under the thumb of the West? This will only change when the Anglo-Zionist Empire is no more, which is coming right up, thankfully.

  4. I think the US policy towards Russian should go back to what it was between 1789 and 1917. Thankful for Czar Alexander’s contribution to the Union in the 1860s. Much of the Russian as the enemy meme is based on keeping up massive defense budgets. The war on terror gravy train is fizzling out.

    That being said, the US should not tolerate and should wipe out any Russian (including related factions and non-state groups) attempts to control the US government directly or through subversion. It is apparent that they are taking active measures and are being supported by malevolent forces from within the US and from other non-nation nation states. On the other hand, the US and NATO should refrain from their Barbarossa lite murmurings. US should not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy (Pres John Quincy Adams). The US has enough problems to deal with internally.

  5. “The clearest example of the reality of Huntington’s claim is Palestine. For Israel, it is just a land from which it is necessary to expel its indigenous population by any means.”


    Palestine: 11,000 mi²
    Palestinians: 50%+ population.

    USA: 3,800,000 mi²
    N̶a̶t̶i̶v̶e̶ Americans: <2% population.

    The clearest example is a land 0.29% the size, with population 2,500% higher?

    Talk about mythology!

  6. Are we in Debt for Everything that’s Ever Happened in The Universe?
    If so, Who Exactly has a right to speak on behalf of the Cosmos to tell us how that debt must be repaid?

    War and Slavery

    War-The Crime committed,
    Blood Honour

    We are born into debt, psychologically conditioned into thinking we owe something to someone, somewhere. Is the “something” that we owe to “society” then projected onto “god” or “the gods”. Who’s “god”? Who’s society? The one belonging to the Mercantile classes?
    Religion, State and The Market, inextricably intertwined.

    The same scientific management techniques of the sugar plantations were used in the factories of the Industrial Revolution.

    John Kerry’s real name is Kohn.
    The name Cohen is a boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning “priest”, someone who is the priest in a temple (Cohn, Coen, Koen, Cowan).
    In June 1959 a secret agreement between Israel-Norway providing for the sale of Norwegian heavy water to Israel (through the United Kingdom) was transmitted by Oslo Embassy political officer Richard Kerry (father of Secretary of State John Kerry).
    Kerry’s paternal grandmother, née Ida Loew, are descendants of the famous Kabbalist and Talmudist Rabbi Judah Loew (aka Loewe) (1518-1609), the Maharal of Prague and creator of the Golem.
    J. Robert Oppenheimer, “the father of the atomic bomb” was also a direct descendant of Rabbi Judah Loew.


    Predatory lending.
    Primordial debts to the gods.

  7. #4-“The Counter-Revolution of 1776: Slave Resistance and the Origins of the United States of America” by Dr. Gerald Horne offers compelling evidence that the “American” Revolution was fought against the British primarily in order to MAINTAIN slavery,.

  8. #3-Here’s a challenge, Dr. Galiullina: stand in front of any non-political party affiliated group of Black people (i.e., remove from the group the Red-party Nocturnal Mammals and the Blue-party Nocturnal Mammals), take the 400+ years of this country’s history of its treatment of Black people, let it stand ON ITS OWN, and THEN tell us that “America” was/is NOT built on White Supremacy! If a country’s history is 98% white supremacist, and 2% non-white supremacist, It’s a white supremacist country! It’s really amazing to see how white supremacists contort themselves using all kinds of mental gymnastics explaining how the Founding Slaveholders “hated” slavery. It’s like I lived my life and died as a big-time Meth Dealer, I’ve written documents attempting to cover up my evil Meth dealing so history doesn’t see me for what I really was – a big-time Meth dealer, and my descendants are running around trying to convince the victims of Meth that I was always AGAINST Meth dealing – because of a few self-serving quotes! Malcolm X, when contemplating why Black communities are more heavily policed, asked “How can you have MORE police and MORE crime?! Unless the Police are in cahoots with the Criminals.”

  9. #2-First of all, Dr. Galiullina, isn’t it amazing that you seek to cleverly use “Project 1619 ideologues” as a Stand-In for ALL Black people, “ideologues” who apparently are more dangerous to “America”, “Democracy” and “Freedom” than Open White Supremacists, such as the Proud Boys, Oath-Keepers, Three Percenters, QAnon, and VDARE. As I stated before, the majority of Black people do NOT support “critical race theory”, because Black people KNOW that it’s just a Red Herring to demonize us when we insist on our children learning the REAL history of “America.” In the days of Master Teacher Dr. John Henrik Clarke, the white supremacist term was “revisionist” history. “(Black people) don’t want any ‘Revisionist’ history’, but we DO want some TRUE and CORRECT history!” Secondly, as a popular YouTube host stated, since no one by its nefarious design can offer a definitive definition of what “critical race theory” IS, this allows white supremacists great propaganda value at these choreographed “school board meetings” to label anything that has to do with showing this country founding on white supremacy, and educating Black children of such, as “critical race theory.” The bottom line of history is: either it happened, or it didn’t.

  10. #1-This article is targeted “…and the EXISTENTIAL ENEMY.” And just WHO is the “existential” enemy? Why, BLACK people! The author waits until she believes it’s time to get to the MAIN point (and people) she wants to blame and espouse. Under the sub-heading “Destruction of History and Disintegration of the Nation”, “…’Project 1619’…is laying a bomb under the very future of the country. The concept of the birth of the United States as a purely racist project crosses out all the positive pages of American history and justifies the need to destroy all the foundations of statehood laid down by the founding fathers of the nation. Project 1619 ideologues argue that there is no reason for pride in American history, that white racial superiority was implanted through the principles of racism, intolerance, and oppression of ‘minorities’ – whether African Americans, Indians, or Asians.” She throws in “Indians” and “Asians” to try to hide her focus on just us black people. Native Americans (I guess that’s what she means by “Indians”) have been a protected class for over 100 years, and Asians become a protected class the first of 2021 through a 95% Senate “yea” vote.

  11. “300 million online personas atomized into virtual self-reflectors.” Or something like that.
    Jim Dean favors a song about “same as it ever was.”
    Only now “it” has been technologically time warped into an exponential monstrosity of its formerly unpretentious self.
    “In the latter days men shall be lovers of themselves.”
    Not quite the same as it ever was.

  12. Seldom are commentators able to understand and apply critical thinking to Galima’s articles. You have a deep knowledge of the meta issues and can express yourself in simple, but profound terms. As things progress and unfold in the US it is likely more damage will ensue and the unknown question is how will the American people respond. So far the evidence is not good and as the economy implodes the time for introspection will have passed for this turning of the cycle.

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