Russia’s Stonehenge: Arkaim Secret Portal, Source of Putin’s ‘Mystical Power’?


Interview with Galima Galiullina, Ph.D. Author, Filmmaker, Philosopher.

Galima Galiullina has authored books about post-Soviet Russia in a global world and the new generation of Russian businessmen – “Leadership in the XXI century: An Outlook from Russia” and Success as a Lifestyle.

Metran – Russia’s leading brand of intelligent measuring instruments for all industries in Russia and SNGt. EMERSON AND METRAN – A Successful U.S.-Russia Joint Venture in Chelyabinsk, Siberia.

Arkaim: Russia’s Ancient City & the Arctic Origin of Civilization
Host Tamara Stuchlak
Producer Olga Sheymov

Arkaim Secret Portal?

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  1. This is a place similar to Kailash/Manasarovar in Tibet. Knowledge not able to transfer to others with the logic of language or through the 5 senses of experience is stored in an interdimensional library of sorts so it is not lost to the ages. It is accessible to sensitive and open individuals with high activity starting at 2:30 am and continuing for over an hour. Energy not of this world, it doesn’t have the same texture, smell, look, taste or ring.

    You can think of it as fiber optic cable to the interdimensional internet whose bandwidth intensifies during certain times of the day.

    It is proto Indo culture and extremely ancient.

    What information that has been made available to Putin and his religious mentor Kirill will not be disclosed. They couldn’t confine it within logic even if they tried. These things are almost never mentioned precisely because of this limitation.

    • Expeditions to Tibet: Elena Blavatskaya, Nikolai Roerich, modern traveler Ernst Muldashev. All of them brought knowledge about Tibet and its powers.

  2. Sonics moving huge slabs of stone.
    Vibration, liquefacation of soil, sand. Sinking, flood, mud, Atlantis, Tartaria.
    The illusion of our Technological Advancement by historians
    pimping for a Parasite Class that have built their NWO on the remnants a former Global Empire. Destruction of Ancient sites and artifacts.
    “From Spain’s Alhambra, to Bosnia’s Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque and Iran’s Hasht Behesht Palace, the interior domes of many of the striking mosques and palaces across the Middle East and beyond feature a “honeycomb-like vaulting”: this exclusive design has a name of its own – muqarnas”.
    5G, CERN,
    “Our physical space is observed to have three large spatial dimensions and, along with time, is a boundless 4-dimensional continuum known as spacetime. However, nothing prevents a theory from including more than 4 dimensions. In the case of string theory, consistency requires spacetime to have 10 dimensions (3D regular space + 1 time + 6D hyperspace).”
    “… purely honeycomb, graphene-like borophene, by using an Al(1 1 1) surface as the substrate and molecular beam epitaxy (MBE).
    … with intriguing electronic properties such as Dirac states”.
    Lattices abound in Nature
    Do lattices also play a role in how the brain represents information?
    Our brains have high-dimensional neuronal lattice codes maximize spatial resolution.

  3. Vladimir Putin is an Andromedan, real badasses not to mess with. I’ve personally met him 3 times in the dream state dimensional reality and he made quite an impression. We discussed strategy to take down these Lizards in the West and he was stone cold tough as nails. I’ve also met other political leaders such as Hafez Assad, a mild man with untold dignity. I was his bodyguard in that dream. Just protecting him. The funniest had to be my meeting with HW Bush Jr. There, I was part of a cabinet meeting with him and a certain point, fed up with his arrogant stupidity, felt compelled to blurt out to him that he was an absolute idiot. Bushie Jr. was more stupid than evil if anything. In short, we exist as multiple reality beings capable of communicating with others through various channels.

  4. After forever and a few days, it was finally presented recently to the scientific library that Stonehenge did follow the decans or ten day weeks. This is consistent with all other cultures.
    The first thing time keepers need for a place to study and teach is a calendar. These were built all over the world. There is a consensus that at one time the entire world had shared knowledge of many time keeping systems. Chief among these are the 20 days, and the 36 decans of the solar year. These are trackable without stars or planets and manifest in visible ways. The date of a persons birth is much more important than modern dialogue allows. The 20 days are the premier time keeping knowledge, and the 36 decans are critical for understanding our consciousness and reality.

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