Exclusive: The Critical Days of Civilization

Has American squandered or lost its edge in the 4 factors of power, outlined by Zbigniew Brzezinski - economics, culture, military and science technology? Remember the British geopolitician who foresaw back in 1904 that those who own the Heartland (Eurasia) would rule the world.


Galima Galiullina, PhD

For VT, First published 8 January 2022

Excerpt: “The hearts of Muslims were deeply wounded by the assassination of Gaddafi, how they gutted Iraq, destroyed Libya, and hanged Saddam Hussein, and no one forgot the murder of General Qassem Soleimani. Therefore, it is better for the new strategists of the West to forget playing with the Islamic factor with the Turkic peoples of Eurasia.”

The only plus side from the critical days of civilization is that in the bright light of flaming buildings, you can clearly see faces without masks.

And if we go higher, to the height of a soaring bird, we will see a huge continent called Eurasia, where the tectonic processes of the Heartland reconstruction began. Remember the British geopolitician who foresaw back in 1904 that those who own the Heartland would rule the world.
Zbigniew Brzezinski enthusiastically wrote after the collapse of the USSR that the United States had forever gained power over an entire continent, and therefore over the whole world, and now their main task is to keep the barbarians in the corral and prevent them from colluding.

A Bird’s Eye View of the Chessboard of Eurasia

After the US left Afghanistan, the Eurasian landscape began to change rapidly. Ukraine, feeling the US hegemon’s loss of interest in its confrontation with Russia, desperately screamed about the imminent invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army, forgetting that all the previous years after Maidan in 2014, the leitmotif of their geopolitical games was Russian aggression.

As a result, a bad game for Kiev led to the fact that their main hope for help, Germany, refused to provide weapons to Ukraine.

However, Turkey did not refuse the opportunity to start actively promoting the ideas of Great Turan (the Turkish Empire), more and more involving the Turkic peoples in the post-Soviet space in its sphere of influence.

Britain felt free to choose new strategies, and is trying its teeth on the potential fresh fat sheep of the Eurasian pasture. France may be the first to leave NATO.

The European Union has long ceased to grow with new members, and has noticeably grown decrepit, and has lost enthusiasm. This gives hope to the exhausted and bled members of the EU for an imminent natural decay, and redemption for their traditional sovereignty.

Red Lines and Knight’s Move

The red lines that Vladimir Putin warned about emerged brightly in the early days of 2022. While everyone was waiting tensely for the Russians to attack Ukraine, and the Ukrainian side even managed to dig trenches along the Russian border, Putin made a stunning knight’s move.

Someone wanted to check if Putin was bluffing by suddenly talking about red lines. Due to the unexpected semblance of a Maidan in Kazakhstan unfolding over a couple days, Nazarbayev not only handed over his life-long post as head of the Security Council to President Tokayev, but he also hastily left the country along with his family clan, threatening the stability of the ninth largest country in the world.

Found among the “peaceful protesters” were thugs who had beheaded three law enforcement officers. Administration buildings, police cars, airports were set on fire; and bank and store robberies began.

Reversing his anti-Russian stance, President Tokayev asked the Committee for Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) for help in restoring constitutional order. Kazakhs, like many of us, remember the experience of Syria, where a “moderate terrorist” and a “peaceful oppositionist” was eating the heart of a killed soldier with gusto on camera.

Now, citizens of Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan were found among the freedom fighters for Kazakhstan. It is obvious that the ISIS thugs, pursued by the Taliban until they “were destroyed,” came to “give freedom” to the Kazakh people.

After the start of anti-terrorist activities, the city’s hospitals began to receive wounded participants speaking Arabic. The incredible brutality of the killings of civilians by such “peaceful protesters” proves the participation of militants trained to kill civilians.

Russia, as you know, has already created a Union State with Belarus. Now the doors are wide open for Kazakhstan. Moreover, it was not Putin who opened these doors.

Rather, a whirlwind of wild violence and madness of the crowd opened these doors, and opened the eyes of those who, until recently, tried to force through their teeth the words about the “Russian invaders”. However, the instinct of self-preservation sometimes sharpens the mind rapidly.

Friendly Advice to the Spiritual Heirs of Brzezinski

Already in 2000, Brzezinski’s strategic calculation in relation to Russia was based on the Islamic factor, as he wrote: (The National Interest, Fall 2000):

“At the current birth rate, by 2025 the Islamic population living immediately south of Russia could reach 450 million (excluding the projected 85 million Turks). It is likely that most neighboring Muslim countries will be economically weak, which increases the likelihood of their political instability.

Their populations, composed mostly of a younger generation that are restless, increasingly nationally self-conscious and increasingly Islamic in self-determination, can prove highly susceptible to extremist calls. If their former imperial neighbor does not treat them with great skill and genuine moderation, their political awakening could take on a fierce anti-Russian flavor, and Russia’s ill-treatment of Chechnya may only be a harbinger. “

How he thought it all out – the Islamic factor together with the nationalist, many young people susceptible to extremist urges, and the painful wounds of the Chechen war.

But he could not foresee the events of 2016, when the Russians saved Erdogan’s life, and all the Turkic peoples felt how the United States could easily decide on adventures such as an attempt on the physical elimination of an unwanted leader, and this chill of horror sits deep in them. Islamic motives in the mindsets of the Muslim peoples of Eurasia can turn into a double-edged dagger for the United States.

The hearts of Muslims (real, not fake) were deeply wounded by the assassinations of Gaddafi, how they gutted Iraq, destroyed Libya, and hanged Saddam Hussein, and no one forgot the murder of General Qassem Soleimani. Therefore, it is better for the new strategists of the West to forget playing with the Islamic factor with the Turkic peoples of Eurasia.

What Ukraine has become in 8 years after Maidan is unlikely to inspire the peoples of Eurasia for new color revolutions. Kiev seeks now to become the headquarters for organizing new Maidans in the post Soviet space, but the intellectual resources for such a large scale project are scarce.

Especially touching these days are the attempts of fugitive Kazakh oligarchs to orchestrate events in Kazakhstan, sitting in Paris and advocating calls to Kiev, where the headquarters for the coordination of the popular uprising is located! They lack intelligence to catch the absurdity in their attempts to coordinate spontaneous popular anger. A caricature of revolutionary heroes!

The curators of all this incitement of dispossessed people, after the disenfranchisement of these same masses, should contemplate whether they should continue the thankless task of instigating civil wars, and endlessly producing hyenas of chaos and devastation. After all, this strategy has brought nothing good, but for the insane enrichment of individual “fathers of democracy” for 30 years.

Difficult Days for Empire

Upon analyzing what happened in 30 years to the winner of the Cold War and what the position of hegemony gave to the American people, we cannot hide our disappointment at the result. If the USSR really were an empire of evil, then what prevented the empire of good, after the magical disappearance of the enemy, to start doing good within its own country and in the world?

After all, so many beautiful new cities, factories, hospitals and schools, libraries, and kindergartens in the poorest countries of the world could have been created.

The near trillion dollars that the United States spent in 20 years in Afghanistan alone would have been enough for projects to combat poverty. And how the world would admire benefactors! But this did not happen. Instead, an era of endless wars began, and after 9/11, when private companies began to dominate the outbreak of wars, international law and diplomacy became a rudiment in relations with the world.

As The Wall Street Journal points out, after the September 11, 2001 attacks, the Pentagon became increasingly dependent on private traders, in whose hands were contracts worth $ 14 trillion, most of which were taken by the giants of the US defense industry.  Many smaller companies also made billions of dollars in the war. They trained Afghan police officers, built roads and infrastructure, provided security for Western diplomats, and more.

The US government has used contractors in recent years in the US military presence in conflict zones as a way to reduce troop numbers and casualties, and to remove a degree of Congressional oversight in the bargain.

It seemed to me that at some point during the overheating of the militaristic meat grinder, intellectuals should step on the stage and express a widespread and resolute protest. Vain expectations!

“Throughout the long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, American diplomats were engaged in social engineering and nation-building, but these tasks were beyond the power of the United States (like any other foreign power, by the way).

Stabilization, counter-insurgency, countering extremism and other vague concepts that arose in this era have distorted the main mission of diplomacy: with a carrot or stick to persuade other governments and political leaders to pursue policies that meet the interests of the United States, and, if necessary, to push them to this with threats.
– William Burns. The Lost Art of American Diplomacy // Russia in Global Affairs, 2019, pp. 27-28.

In Burns quote above, appreciate the elegance of the style behind which millions of civilian victims in Iraq, in Afghanistan … And all this, it turns out, was social engineering and nation-building! Well, the guys did not succeed, because no one has succeeded before, the author consoles.

We naively thought that diplomacy is the art of negotiating on the basis of respect for the interests of each side.

Another burning quote:

“The more complex and confusing the situation in the world, the more Washington needs a clear understanding of its vital interests and foreign policy priorities. Above all, a successful US grand strategy must define the regions in which the country should prepare for war, and the goals that these military actions should pursue.
– Stephen Walt. The end of pride. And a new century of American restraint // Russia in global politics. 2019. # 3. S. 36-50.

Awesome! At that time, the almost 20-year-old war in Afghanistan was not over yet, the Americans are again bombarding Iraq and Syria with missiles, but the author sees the main task of the successful grand strategy of the United States in finding countries for new wars …. And this is written by a Harvard professor! If he calls this the end of pride, what was the pride in its prime?

Prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union, America dominated four critical areas of global power: in the military field, it had unmatched global deployment capabilities. 700 military bases and continuous wars on different continents have noticeably depleted this position of dominance. In the field of economics, it was the main driving force of world development – and now it has become the main inhibiting force with endless sanctions against unwanted economies and practically killing the productive forces.

Technologically, it possessed absolute leadership in the advanced fields of science and technology – but this leadership is also slowly melting due to the isolation policy in relation to intellectual resources, for example, Russian students and geniuses cannot come to America, they are not given visas, all US consulates in Russia stopped issuing visas.

In terms of culture, America was unmatched in its appeal, especially among young people around the world, but the fascination with extreme deviations in gender relations and gender experiments markedly reduced the attractiveness of the American lifestyle, including among young people.

Brzezinski was right: it was the combination of all these four factors that made America the only world superpower in the full sense of the word. But all this has been lost, possibly irrevocably.

Intoxicated by the feeling of infinity of power over the whole world, Brzezinski, the main ideologue of Eurasian geopolitics for the United States, perceptibly fell into a state of multiple orgasm:

“For the United States, Eurasian geostrategy includes the purposeful leadership of geostrategic states that are dynamic from a geostrategic point of view and careful handling of catalyst states in geopolitical terms, respecting two equal interests of America:
in the short term – the preservation of its exclusive global power, and
in the long term – its transformation into an increasingly institutionalized global cooperation.

To use the terminology of the more brutal times of ancient empires, the three great responsibilities of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion between vassals and keep them dependent on common security, keep subordinates submissive and protect them, and prevent barbarians from uniting. “

Barbarously, Brzezinski’s haughty style in those days was understandable and did not even shock most Americans. This is how one speaks to kneeling vassals and their savage peoples.

However, all three of the great responsibilities of imperial geostrategy have now failed.

The conspiracy between the vassals happened suddenly and irrevocably, and the unification of the barbarians will take place in the coming weeks. I think ordinary Americans can breathe a sigh of relief – there is a chance that politicians will finally be able to pay attention to pressing domestic problems.

What is Putin Hiding Behind the Smile of the Mona Lisa

A mysterious restraint appears more and more often in Putin’s smile, and it is impossible to understand what lies behind this smile. The game imposed on him with the leaders of the “free world” reached a risky intensity and at some point the world froze in anticipation – will we still live or will everyone be swept away by the tornado of a nuclear war?

The statement of the leaders of the Russian Federation, China, the United States, Britain, and France that appeared the other day: “There can be no winners in a nuclear war, and it should never be unleashed” allowed to take a breath. It seems that the leaders of the “nuclear five” passionately wanted to live on their own and decided to give the world a chance. And again, Putin is in the role of the savior of the world – after all, this was the idea of Russia.

The general rejection of a preemptive strike shows that the leaders of the “nuclear five” had a good dinner at the New Year’s table and somehow got sick of fighting. And champagne prompted the recognition of the need for “dialogue based on mutual respect and recognition of each other’s interests.” What Putin and Biden talked about in a telephone conversation, we will not find out, but the necessary mutual understanding was reached.

Russia, Putin said, has nowhere to retreat on international security. However, this does not mean at all that Russia is driven into a corner and only therefore decided on a desperate “Enough is enough!” The most dangerous thing for the West today is to confuse despair with determination.

Donbass and South Ossetia in Retrospect

Throughout the past week couch strategists have been blaming Putin for what they see in the past as indecisiveness. In 2014, Russia did not take the Donbass, and in 2008 they avoided the temptation to take Tbilisi. Although the capital of Georgia could have been taken without much bloodshed. But was it indecision? I think it was a sober calculation, a cold-blooded assessment of Russia’s strategic positions on the geopolitical battlefield at that time.

Suppose filled with noble anger over the murder of Russian peacekeepers and civilians in South Ossetia, Putin would have given the order to take the capital of Georgia, arrest Saakashvili and his henchmen, and arrest all military advisers. So, what is next? Why did Russia need Georgia, whose people would hate Russians forever? Sit on bayonets and feed the impoverished people?

And it was worth biding the time, and the Georgians themselves eventually arrested Saakashvili after his sojourn in Odessa. Are you clear? They began to see clearly.

With Donbass, the story turned out to be much more tragic and painful, but Russia needed time to get strong enough after the Yeltsin decade of systematic destruction and humiliation of the Russian economy and defense forces.

Perfectly understanding the inevitable course of events in Ukraine and in Europe, knowing the appetites of American “benefactors” and not doubting the resilience of Donbass residents for a moment, the President of Russia gave the millstones of time an opportunity to arrange pieces on the chessboard in a new order.

In this order, the eternal war horse of the West, Germany, took an active part in the Minsk negotiations, having become convinced of the true intentions of the parties to the conflict. Now, at the apogee of the conflict, Germany has resolutely refused to support Ukraine with the supply of weapons. What would have happened if in 2014 Russia had intervened in the Donbass tragedy and reached Kiev? The third world conflict would not have been avoided.

Putin’s strategic genius allowed him to play a key role during truly tectonic upheavals in the life of the modern global community. The millstones of time slowly but inexorably grind the ambitions and heroic postures of the false creators of history, turn into dust the grandiose plans of the clowns of public politics, and the puppeteers themselves mercilessly tear off the masks and reveal the ugly faces of the world’s powerful, who are distorted by greed, lust, debauchery, and poverty of spirit.

It seems that it is time that works in accordance with the eternal law of justice, which is so thoughtlessly trampled in a world where the power of money has long replaced the rights, freedoms, and norms of human coexistence.

The year 2022 will be the beginning of a steady movement towards freedom – from the onset of reactionary forces, from plans to nullify and destroy states and the global elite plan to reduce population and remake humanity into compliant slaves.

There is another important feature of Putin as a politician. He realized in time the need to follow the historically established reality that for several Millennia, Eurasia was pulled together by nomads – intermediaries between disparate sedentary peoples.

After them, Russia became a unifying and reconciling historical force. Putin accepted the historically formed reality – the Russian world will always be a direct antithesis to Atlantism and its new found aspiration for a transformed global civilization.  

At present, the economic and geopolitical strategy of the Russian Federation is increasingly based on the laws of the inland attraction of the Eurasian countries. What we see today in dramatic events in Kazakhstan and other countries of the post-Soviet space and in general in Eurasia are nothing but tectonic shocks of a new stage of intracontinental attraction. Those who wish to hinder these processes will be like those who once stood in the way of a steam locomotive.

Resistance to Atlantism is assuming more and more confident forms. When the idea of linking international security to climate change was put forward for discussion at the UN Security Council, Russia, together with India, blocked the document.

From 1945 to 2001, 201 out of 248 armed conflicts in 153 regions of the world were initiated by the United States. After 2001, wars were unleashed in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, and Syria. Washington unleashes hostilities in other countries under the pretext of strengthening peace, protecting human rights and democracy, but practically the US had unleased World War Three in disguise.

So why is Putin invariably the main warmonger? According to The Wall Street Journal: “The most immediate threat right now is that Putin may attack Ukraine or other reckless and vicious actions.” American Thinker: Putin is playing against the United States by their own rules. And he wins.

Back in 1997, American diplomat George Kennan warned that NATO’s eastward expansion would be a “fatal mistake” for the West, remind the authors of American Thinker. But the alliance did not hear him, and now they are reaping the fruits of their own accomplishments.

We will never know how Putin felt at the November 2014 G20 summit in Australia in Brisbane. Then the leaders of the “free world” unanimously showed the Russian president their indignation and unwillingness to even share a common table with him. Perhaps it was then that the Russians rallied like a big family around their leader, because the word justice for Russians is not an empty phrase.

Blaming Putin and demanding that he must leave Ukraine was the height of cynicism, because they all knew who made the Ukrainian porridge [stew]. We will never know what he was thinking and what he decided on the long flight from Australia home, but it was then that he found the strength and determination of an invincible leader.

Conclusion – Peace to the World!

The return of Russia to the Eurasian geopolitical space in the role of a powerful integrating force gives rise to hopes for recreating balance in world architecture, which has practically collapsed over the past 30 years. All sane people are convinced that a unipolar world cannot exist without violating all the basic norms of peaceful coexistence.

Nature lives in harmony at two poles, and if humanity wants to live in harmony with nature, it will have to return to the bipolar world.

If you look into the past, you can find bright pages of mutual understanding and cooperation between America and Russia. Russia helped the young American republic with its navy in its struggle for independence, they sent the fleet again during the civil war when Britain and France were anxious to divide America once again. And, remember the American industrial architect Albert Kahn helped Stalin build powerful factories, without which we could not defeat Hitler.

During the Russian economic crisis, unemployed American engineers came to build Magnitka and other giants of the metallurgical industry and retained fond memories of Russia.

We are entering an era of balancing on the brink between the final death of mankind in the flame of a nuclear war or the depopulation plans of globalists, versus the flourishing of earthly civilization in conditions of peaceful coexistence.




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  2. A very bright and biting article, Galima! Thank you very much for the retrospective and perspectival analytics. In some way, a kind of new modern “Kuzkin’s mother” addressed to the West. Of course, 70% of Americans will not understand this article and will not even be able to comment on it. It is very important that all of this is clearly understood by those who make decisions. Realized, felt and agreed, in the end!
    And I will add on my own: the author of the article does not work in the Kremlin. Galima, as we say, is from the people. And as long as the land of Russia gives birth to such personalities as Galima, Putin and other educated people who are worried about the country and the world order, our multinational country will be morally, politically and spiritually the Backbone of the World!
    Thank you, dear Galima!

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